Doing the Neighbor

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The sun was beating down on Sherry’s car as she pulled into her driveway. She would have rather stayed at the cottage, but she had errands to do in town and laundry to do at home before heading back to the shore.

She carried the bag of laundry into the house and set it down beside the washing machine. She opened the cover, dumped in all the dirty clothes and turned on the water. When she picked up the bottle of laundry detergent, Sherry suddenly realized that buying more detergent was one of the things on her list.

‘Damn!’, she thought and resigned herself to go to the store now. As she turned, she looked out the window and saw her neighbour Luke’s truck in his driveway.

“I’ll just go over and borrow some from him. He’s always helpful”.

Sherry went out her back door and across the back yards towards Luke’s house. As she was starting up the steps, she was startled by Luke’s naked body on a blanket on his deck.

“Oh!’ I didn’t know you were out here.” He was lying on his stomach and her eyes wandered down his tanned body. He had a firm, sexy ass that was the same color as the rest of him.

He lifted his head and looked towards her.

“Oh hi, Sherry. Just catching some rays.”

“No tan lines, I see. Good thing you’ve got that hedge there. That cute ass would distract me when I hang out my laundry.” She laughed and Luke did too. “Speaking of laundry, said cute ass almost made me forget why I came over. Can I borrow some detergent? I’m all out”.

“Um, sure, but as you can see, I don’t have a pair of shorts or anything out here.”

“Hey, I’ve seen your ass already, and I am a nurse. Not much I haven’t seen over the years.”

“True, I guess. Okay. Hang on and I’ll get you the detergent. You want a cold beer while I’m in there?”

“Sounds great, Luke”.

As he rose to his hands and knees, Sherry couldn’t help looking down Luke’s nicely shaped stomach. Then she glanced farther down and gasped. His cock was huge! It was very thick and brown as his ass. The foreskin was partly covering the huge purple head. Long thick veins ran down the side, and Sherry saw he had no pubic hair and his large swollen balls were smooth as well.

As he stood, Luke looked over at Sherry, her mouth open. He dropped his hand to cover his cock, but it was a futile move. He only covered a small portion of the shaft. The end was below the tips of his fingers.

“I thought you said you’ve seen it all?”, he asked her.

“Um, yeah, but, but I haven’t seen a guy totally shaved,” she stammered.

He moved a little closer.

“Guess again. It’s all waxed.” He ran his hand over his pubic area, then lifted the massive shaft to show her his balls.

“You don’t see any stubble, do you?”

“um, er,”… Luke grabbed her hand and ran it over the smooth skin just above his cock. He let go of her hand and it slid down the shaft. She pulled her hand quickly back.

“Sorry”, she said quietly, staring with awe at his enormous cock.

“It’s okay. Girls tend to stare at it the first time they see it. I’ll get you that detergent. And your beer”.

He turned away from her and headed into the house. Sherry watched his tanned ass and could feel her pussy moisten. She was glad she had black shorts on, the white ones she had on earlier would have shown a wet spot.

‘Fuck me!’, she thought. ‘Luke is hung like a freaking horse! I wonder if I could get all of that in my pussy…or my mouth?’ With that thought, she felt her clit hardening.

A minute later he came out with two bottles of beer, the brown glass glistening with moisture, and a bottle of laundry detergent. She was staring at his cock again, wondering if he was enjoying this. The foreskin was pulled back completely off the purple knob. Was he getting hard? He handed Sherry the beer and set the detergent on the table beside her. He pulled up a chair and sat facing her. His massive penis drooped over the front edge of the chair, the large piss slot gaping at her like a one-eyed snake.

“I figure there’s no point in covering it up now that you’ve seen it.”

“True. I have to say, Luke, that is one impressive cock.”

“Oh? Don’t nurses say penis?”

“Um, no, not when you’re hung like a horse. Aren’t you a little worried about sunburn on it?”

“Hmm, maybe I should put some sunscreen on it. Hand me that bottle beside bakırköy escort you, please.”

She turned and saw a bottle of sunscreen sitting next to her beer, She had been so mesmerized by Luke’s organ that she sat down, not noticing her surroundings. She picked up the bottle, popped open the top and smelled it. The sweet aroma rose up to her nose.

“mmm, mango, my favourite”, she said, pouring a little into her hand and handing him the bottle. Luke noticed her doing this.

“Oh, did you want to put it on?” he laughed.

“No, smartass, do it yourself.” She laughed and rubbed it into her hands, wiping some on her face and turning toward the sun. “this sun feels heavenly”, she purred.

She sat quietly facing the sun and a few minutes later snuck a peek at Luke. His hands were slick with the lotion and sliding up his huge shaft. It looked like he was getting hard and his cock was actually longer. It was lifting off the chair and moving upwards toward his flat stomach.

“Better not forget these big fellas”, Luke said as he poured some sunscreen onto the bald pubic area above his cock. It ran down the side of his now totally hard cock, onto his smooth balls. They were the size and shape of large eggs, the brown color reminding Sherry of brown hen’s eggs. As he rubbed the sunscreen into them, his swollen shaft was riding up his stomach. He bent over slightly and the swollen knob brushed his nipple.

‘Holy fuck!’, she thought, ‘it looks like he could suck that cock himself.’

As if reading her mind, Luke lowered his head in the pretext of looking closely at his balls. The huge round end of his massive erection brushed against his cheek, a long trail of precum sticking to the side of his face as he leaned back in the chair.

“You look kind of warm, Sherry. Why not slip out of those clothes? It’s not like we’re being modest here”.

As if in a trance, Sherry stood up and unzipped her shorts. She slid them down her tanned thighs, leaving only a thin white thong covering her now-soaking pussy. Luke could easily see how wet she was, the thin brown strip of pubic hair stuck to the front of her sheer wet panties.

She slid her tank top off, no bra underneath. Her firm breasts, not huge, but looked to be a respectable 34C were slightly lighter in color that the rest of her skin, capped with large pink puffy nipples. Her face was flushed and not just from the sun.

“Come on, fair’s fair. Take that little thong off, it’s all wet anyway”.

She slid it down her shapely ass and stepped out of it, dropping it on the pile of the rest of her clothes.

“Turn around, Sherry. You saw my ass. I want to see yours”.

Sherry did a little pirouette and Luke quietly applauded.

“Nice. Very nice”.

She sat down in the chair and picked up her beer. She sat with her legs slightly parted, figuring she could tease just as good as he. Her pussy was bald below the little strip of hair, her cunt lips puffy and her clit throbbing. It pushed out through the little fold of skin like a miniature penis. Luke could see how very wet she was, and Sherry could feel a trickle of her moisture dripping down towards her anus.

“Looks like someone else is getting a little hard-on”, Luke said, staring between her legs.

“I think I might need to take care of this problem soon.” He closed his fist around the base of his massive cock, his fingertips not quite touching. As he slid his hand slowly up the long shaft, Sherry felt her legs opening more. Her breathing had increased and her chest was flushed a rosy color. She felt like sliding her hand down her stomach and finger her swollen lips.

“How were you planning on..uh, taking care of it?” Sherry asked, stumbling over her words. A big drop of precum flowed out the tip of his erection and down over his fist.

“Well, I might keep stroking like this”, and slid his hand down the shaft. His other hand caressed his huge smooth balls. “Or I could drive you crazy, like this.”

He bent over and slid his tongue slowly out his mouth and over the huge swollen purple head of his cock. As he did, Sherry moaned loudly and slid her fingers into her dripping cunt.

“Oh fuck, Luke, that is so fucking hot. I’ve never seen a guy who could lick his own cock!”

“Well, keep watching.” He opened his mouth and took 3 or 4 inches beşiktaş escort into his mouth. Sherry couldn’t believe her eyes and as she slid the wet fingers in and out of her pussy, she rubbed her swollen clit with her thumb. She was so wet and horny, she rubbed the middle finger of her other hand over her anus and then slid the finger in. The two of them were sitting there, masturbating in front of each other, if you could call Luke sucking his own cock masturbating.

Sherry stood up and walked over to Luke’s chair. She was still rubbing her clit and reached over with her other hand, sliding her fingers up his monstrous shaft. She could feel his precum and saliva coating his cock and slid her fingers over it and pushed against his mouth. He let his cock slide out of his mouth and slowly sucked her fingers into his mouth, tasting her juices on them.

“Fuck, you taste good, baby. Want to try this?” He held his horse cock out to her. She said nothing, but reached over, grabbing the shaft and pulling his swollen penis towards her stomach. She backed up a bit so she could pull it towards her starving cunt. Sherry pulled the fingers out of her wetness and slid the huge knob over her swollen lips. She then pushed his massive length into the dripping opening. Luke pushed up a bit, and the head pushed inside her. She moaned and rocked back and forth, letting three or four inches fuck her.

“Luke, you feel so good inside me. You’re so big. This beast won’t all go inside me.”

“No, but you can probably get at least half of it inside you.” He started to stand up, driving another four inches inside her. Sherry felt like she was sitting on a fence post. She reached down and fondled his smooth balls, moaning softly.

“Do you wax these things yourself?”

“No, a girl name Michelle does it for me. She has a salon in town.”

“She must have got quite a shock the first time she saw this big fucker”. She pulled his cock out of her pussy and waved it in his face.

“Yeah, she looked pretty shocked. She handed me a face cloth to cover it while I still had my pants on. When I was naked and holding the cloth in front of me, I thought she was going to faint!” He chuckled and pushed his cock back between her lips.

“You want to try sitting down on me?”, he asked.

Sherry straddled his legs, letting his cock’s huge knob slide back inside her. She started to lower herself down, amazed at how slippery they both were. His horse cock was sliding easily inside her. That is until she had about six wonderful inches inside her swollen cunt. It felt like his penis was bumping her cervix. She pushed down a little harder but that was all that would go in.

“Fuck! I want it all inside me.”

“Just take your time, babe. There’s no rush. You need to get used to my thickness. Once you do, I can go a little deeper into you.” As he said that, he leaned over and took one of her puffy nipples into his mouth. He gently nibbled on it as she rose and fell on his huge manhood. Sherry moaned as they slowly fucked. She had never felt so full in her pussy. As she rode the massive cock, she wondered if she could ever get even the massive knob in her ass. She had only done anal a few times, but found she really liked the feeling. Maybe they could try it another time.

“Sherry, why don’t you climb off for a moment? I’d like you to take me in your mouth.”

“Mmm,” she complained. “I want to keep fucking.”

But, hesitating slightly, she obeyed. She backed up a bit and lifted her hips. Luke’s monster cock popped out of her tight wet cunt and slapped against his belly.

“Fuck, that is one huge cock”, she said, as she dropped to her knees. She grabbed the huge base and pushed his cock back towards her mouth. It was dripping wet with all his precum and her pussy juice. She stuck her tongue out and licked the end of the swollen purple knob. She opened her mouth as wide as she could and just barely got the huge head in. She swirled her tongue around the knob, teasing his piss-slit with the tip of his tongue.

She slid her other hand down the huge wet shaft and under his big meaty balls. His anus had no hair on it either, obviously a chore Michelle added to her list. She wondered if the esthetician had a wet pussy working on this amazing man. She wet the tip of her finger inside her pussy and then rubbed it beylikdüzü escort around Luke’s hole. He moaned slightly and she slid her finger up his ass.

“Fuck, Sherry, that feels so good!”

She slid her finger back and forth, gently fucking his ass while she sucked the huge knob. She pushed another inch into her mouth until she could take no more. She pulled her mouth off the enormous penis and gasped for air.

“Fuck! That is one big cock, too big for me to suck on. I want it back inside me.”

“Kneel down on the blanket and I’ll put the head in your pussy. Just push back as you feel comfortable with it. You might be surprised how much will go inside you.”

Sherry turned and knelt down on the blanket, sticking her cute round ass up in the air. Luke kneeled down behind her and bent further down, teasing her open pussy lips with his tongue. She moaned as he parted her swollen labia and sucked her hard clit into his mouth. Then he pulled back a bit and slid his tongue over her bum. She jumped a bit as he pushed the tip into her anus.

“You don’t like that?”, he asked.

“I love it, but no one’s done that to me before. Just don’t get the idea that you’re gonna slide that tree into my ass!”.

Luke laughed and renewed his oral attack on her bum. He pushed his tongue about half an inch inside her. She moaned and pushed back against his mouth. He figured it was time to start fucking her again. He straightened up and grabbed his enormous cock by the base. A large drop of precum oozed out the tip and he pushed forward, letting it drip onto her bum. He slid the swollen head over her anus and parted her lips. She groaned with lust and pushed back until about four inches of thick hard cock was inside her. They started a slow rhythm with half of his cock, she felt she couldn’t take any more for now. Her pussy was burning with lust for this man’s huge thick penis.

He pulled the massive prick out of Sherry’s pussy until just the huge purple head was still inside her, than he let her pull him back in. He didn’t want to push too far and scare her with his massive size. Luke really wanted to fuck her gorgeous ass and scaring her by feeding too much cock into her pussy would definitely keep him out of her bum. He figured he would leave it for another day. Once a woman got a taste of his cock, she always came back for more.

Sherry was moaning loudly and pushing back a little harder against him. Her cunt was soaking wet with the mixture of their juices and she was really tight. He could feel the start of a huge orgasm building in his large ball sac. He reached down and slid a finger into her ass.

“Fuck, Luke! You’re gonna make me cum like that!.

“That’s the idea, babe, I can feel my cum starting to build, I want us to cum together.”

Sherry groaned and started moving a little faster. She reached under her and started fingering her swollen clit. It had never felt this hard before and she knew she was seconds away from a massive orgasm. She pushed back a little harder and drove even more of Luke’s horse cock inside her tortured pussy. She knew they were on the verge.

“Here it comes, babe, I’m gonna fill your cunt!”

Sherry groaned loudly as she felt herself going over the edge.

“Fuck, Luke, you feel so good, I’m cumming!!”

Just then she felt Luke swell up even more inside her and a gush of hot liquid hit the end of her cervix. More and more cum was squirting inside her from this huge man, this man-horse. She felt like she would never stop cumming. Finally the hose slowed to a drip and her stomach muscles were aching from all the contractions. What an orgasm! She hoped they could repeat this and soon.

Luke slowly pulled out of Sherry and there was a loud plop as the still-swollen knob came out of her. A steady stream of cum ran out of her pussy and dripped down onto the blanket. Sherry reached under her and caught a handful and brought it up to her mouth. She licked at it for a second, then scooped it all into her mouth.

“Mmm. Babe, that tastes so good.”

“It does, doesn’t it?”

She looked back and saw Luke grab his softening cock and bring it to his face. He lowered his head and took the knob into his mouth and licked their juices off it. Sherry felt a slight jolt of her electricity in her pussy and moaned.

“Fuck, Luke. Keep doing that, and we’ll have to start all over again.”

“Tomorrow, babe. Laura will be home from school soon and you have laundry to do, remember?”

She nodded and reached for her clothes. Neither of them saw a small hand pull the curtain back in the kitchen window. Laura saw the two naked lovers and slid her hand under her skirt….

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