Doing The Doctor’s Daughter Ch. 03

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This is the last of a three chapter series. It brings together characters from previous stories. For good continuity, Chapters 1 and 2 should be read first. For full effect, also read FLASH MOB ORGY, especially Ch. 2, which introduces the sexy voyeur Dr. Erica. Just click on my name and go to the link for these background episodes, and please don’t forget to vote.

My neighbor Erica, a stunning, 26-year-old East Indian resident physician at a nearby hospital, dropped by my office late in the week and offered to take me to a picnic lunch. I hadn’t seen her for a month, since we’d spent an amazingly hot night together. By chance, she’d met and talked with Cindy, a horny, 18-year-old ice skater that I’d taken to bed, then later discovered was having an incestuous relationship with her wealthy doctor father. Erica was quite open with me about her desire to meet privately with the insatiable Cindy and me, since she was gathering material for a project on human sexuality as part of her Ph.D. in psychiatry. Of course, Erica’s interest went much beyond the academic. She was a phenomenally sensuous and beautiful woman, as well as a shameless voyeur.

So, we adjourned to a nearby, sunny park to plan an upcoming Saturday meeting with Cindy. As always, Erica was dressed breathtakingly. She wore a short, rust-colored skirt that accented her smooth, caramel-colored legs and a tank top of the same color that highlighted dusky brown shoulders and stretched over her full, 36-C breasts. On her feet were a pair of black sandals with straps that caressed her ankles from instep to calf. Her long black hair cascaded down her back and glinted in the sunlight. As we sat on a blanket in the midst of several acres of green grass, the sights and sounds of mothers with trams and barking dogs chasing frisbees provided an easy backdrop for our serious conversation.

“I have spoken with Cindy several times this week, Jay,” she said in her elegant, accented English. “She appears to be quite taken with you,” apparently aware of much that had transpired between the girl and me.

“You know me, Erica,” I responded lightly. “Always willing to please!”

“Do not be coy, Jay. You forget,” she said, “I have been a willing recipient of your charms,” referring to an earlier tryst we’d had. “Please tell me what you know of her.”

“Well. For one, she’s one of the most physically appealing young women I’ve met,” I said. “She has a very lurid sexual imagination, and is willing to act on it. And, she’s a compulsive liar.”

“Mm-hmm,” she acknowledged. “Is there anything else?”

“Uuh, how to put this?” I hedged, not wanting to gossip, but realizing that Erica’s quest for information had at least some professional basis. “She tried to blackmail me last Sunday if I didn’t…didn’t ‘bed’ her. And…,” I hesitated for the longest time, “I’ve caught her performing an incestuous act with her father.”

“Mmm,” Erica said, as she handed me a pita bread sandwich from her basket, filled with some exotic lamb and vegetable mixture. “I have done some quiet inquiry into the life of her father, who in the past has been a very successful plastic surgeon.”

“Aren’t they all successful?” I asked, cynically.

“The fact is, Jay, that he has had a lot of personal troubles,” she responded. “His son, Cindy’s elder brother, was killed while driving drunk and all of his attention has gone to Cindy. To make it worse, his wife has nearly abandoned him because of his doting on his daughter and – with the added burden of his heavy drinking – this has assisted in a hideous breakdown of the family.”

“So that’s why Cindy said she could do no wrong with her father,” I said, suddenly aware of the depth of the pathetic story.

“Exactly!” Erica said. “She has taken the place of his wife in all respects and, though she feels guilty about the prurient details, she dictates his life,” she continued, handing me an unopened bottle of Pinot Noir and a corkscrew to open it.

“Poor kid,” I said, genuinely sorry for the twisted circumstances of Cindy’s development.

“The damage is done, Jay. Only with lifelong therapy will Cindy be able to function as anything but a Jezebel,” exclaimed Erica. “And, she sees you as a very strong man – somewhat above her – who is only occasionally affected by her wiles…in the bedroom. You challenge her and she wants to conquer you. She will not stop trying to force you to do her bidding, so long as you allow it.”

“Sounds as if I should cut off all contact…and immediately,” I said, handing Erica a glass of wine and pouring one for myself. I decided not to tell her about my physical discipline of the girl the previous weekend.

“There is one more thing,” she said. “An immediate termination might make her psychotic, like the woman in that movie…Fatal Attraction. She just got a contract with Holiday on Ice, skating for a year, and will be leaving soon. After that, she plans to go away to college, mostly to escape her incestuous family environment. When she leaves for her tour, you must kurtköy escort wish her all the best in her life and offer to be her friend and confidant. But, never again be her lover, if you know what is good for you.”

“I agree. That’s kind of how she rationalized our first fling two weeks ago,” I said.

“She has no intention of ending the relationship, Jay. She is obsessed with you. If she is encouraged by you beyond Saturday – after she leaves – she might do anything to stay in physical contact with you…returning in a year to make your life unbearable,” Erica concluded. “Another pita?” she asked, handing me one, for which I thanked her.

“Other than professional curiosity, what’s your interest, Erica?” I queried.

“Well, Jay,” she looked down, embarrassed, “I am not normally attracted to women but, like you, I find her extremely beautiful…so fresh…so inviting. And, I have selfish reasons…very naughty ones…for wanting to remain your…friend.” Hesitating, she said, “You know my interest in watching people make love, no…have sex. I want to observe you two on Saturday. I also want to help her have a final sexual experience with you that embeds in her mind that she doesn’t need power over a man to love him.”

“She doesn’t know what ‘love’ is,” I asserted.

“True. But I suspect that you do not either,” she said. “Otherwise, why would you be such a roue…such a rake?”

“You’ve got me there,” I admitted. “More wine?” I asked, which she declined with a shake of her head. I poured myself another glass.

“I have a question, Jay. Not really off the subject,” she said. “Do you like my skirt, or merely what’s underneath it?” she smiled. “Your hot eyes have been looking my crotch so long you have made me wet!” she stated, devilishly, opening her legs lustily so that I could see a moist spot on her orange, silk thong. “I so enjoy the earnest, hurt expression on your face when you glimpse my private parts. I can hardly wait until Saturday!”

Busted! I thought. “Okay, what are we gonna’ do then?” I asked.

“Make your studio, its video and digital cameras available, and I will bring snacks…and my equipment,” she said. “Cindy knows of my research interest and is fully aware that we will be recording intimate activities. Some may be rather…kinky. You will know what to do. Oh, and bring some wine…some of this nice Pinot. But we must not allow her to get drunk.”

I glanced at my watch and Erica noticed it. “You have to get back to your office,” she said.

“I really should,” I said. “What time on Saturday?” I asked, rising to stow the picnic trash and fold the blanket.

“About noon. Cindy will come to my place earlier, and I will prepare her,” she said, carefully.

“Noon it is,” I agreed, thinking that Erica’s therapy might be a bit too intrusive to be professionally clinical.

As we walked back to the office, Erica linked an arm through mine and said, “You know, Jay, we are much alike. Both have intellective turns of mind, yet are extremely devoted to sensual pleasures. I feel fortunate in knowing you, and want it to continue,” she murmured, looking up at me.

“Likewise, I’m sure, Doctor,” I said, somewhat discomfited by her compliment, since she, herself, was becoming a bit possessive of me.

As I left her at her door to enter my nearby office, she said, “Until Saturday, my dear,” and gave me her characteristic finger-wagging wave. My heart beat rapidly as her jasmine scent wafted past my nose.


I arrived at the studio Saturday an hour early to set up. In the center of the room, I replaced the dirty spread on the 8’x8’ futon-covered platform and linked several video cameras, each focused on the futon from a different distance, to VCRs with four hours of blank tape. I also loaded one handheld videocam. Spider mikes, plus one omni-directional suspended overhead, were placed discreetly in plants and on equipment cases to make them unobtrusive. I did a volume check on each. Digital cameras with spare batteries were at the ready. I’d never before done anything resembling a pornographic production, so was a bit out of my element.

I set the thermostat at 70°, made a pot of coffee and poured a cup, opened a bottle of wine to let it breathe, and – growing restless – stepped outside for a cigarette. It was about 12:20 when Erica and Cindy walked under the overhanging trees toward the studio. Each carried a small duffel bag. Erica also had her picnic basket, and – but for their racial difference – the women looked as familiar as sisters, engaged in lively conversation. They spied me, smiled and waved, and Erica said something I couldn’t hear to Cindy, which caused the girl to giggle. We embraced, with Erica issuing a muffled sigh. Cindy whispered, “Mmm, God, you feel so good…,” letting her arms linger too long around me. I invited them in, locking the door behind us.

I’d dressed very simply: a navy sport shirt and khakis with topsiders. Cindy wore a pleated, plaid micro-mini skirt in blue-gray tones that aydıntepe escort showed her fine, muscular legs almost to her crotch. On top she wore a sleeveless, gray, ribbed sweater that stretched over her bosom so that the ribs over her breasts were twice as wide as those, say, across her tummy. She wore black dancing slippers on her small feet. Her makeup made her look more mature than her years, yet still young. Her eyes were lightly done with blue shadow and her lipstick was a dark pink. In her ears were small, gold hoops. She didn’t look like a Jezebel…or a porn star, I mused.

Erica was a bit more exotic. She wore a very tight, light green, silk blouse with billowy long sleeves. It fit snugly over her ample breasts, torso and hips, and a pair of skin-tight black satin pants hugged her legs most attractively. On her slender feet were black sandals. She’d pulled back her long hair on the sides and fastened it with a bow clip at the back of her head that matched her top. Green shadow and black liner enhanced her eyes. Diamond studs pierced her ears.

I offered coffee and both declined, seeming anxious to get down to business. I quickly stifled my cigarette breath with some spray before proceeding.

Mostly to Erica, I pointed out the equipment and how to operate it. I was especially solicitous of Cindy though, since she was the primary research subject. Erica quickly understood the simple instructions and we made ourselves comfortable on the futon, eager to follow her direction. She asked for music and, at her request, I turned on a classical station to very soft volume. She then asked Cindy to just be comfortable. Cindy sat, butt-on-heels, on her knees, rather stiffly, and said, “I’m a little nervous…ya’ know…with the cameras and stuff.”

“Why?” Erica asked. “Because Jay is here? You and I have talked at length about your life, Cindy. Jay is your friend. You have nothing to hide from him,” she said, convincingly. Turning to me, she said, “Jay, see if you can help make Cindy comfortable, please.”

I leaned back, almost reclining, and took Cindy’s hand and opened it, bringing it to my lips to kiss her damp palm. I licked it slightly and moved my lips across her wrist, tickling it, to which she shivered, whimpered, and closed her eyes. I moved further up her pale arm, slowly to the inside of her elbow, where I softly kissed a pulsing vein. I brushed it with my moustache hair, and she shivered again, emitting a slight moan as goose bumps formed. I then pulled her off her knees, toward me, and she unfolded her body against me, looked down and, opening her mouth slightly, kissed me most gently. I felt the futon move slightly as Erica rose to switch on the fixed cameras and linked mikes. Cindy then took the initiative and molded her body to me, breathing heavily and probing my mouth with her tongue. I pulled her rigid little form on top of me and she clamped her legs around one of mine to hunch her vulva against me as she moved her head back and forth to kiss me more deeply and fill my mouth with her sweet saliva. She was heating up very quickly.

I stroked down to her waist, over her hips, and pulled up her short skirt to reveal a black thong. She moaned as I caressed her silken butt, pulling her cheeks apart slightly to feather her crack with an exploring finger. She clenched her rectum as my digit touched it and once again hunched her mound against me. I pulled the front of her skirt up to her waist so that her thong-covered pussy was in contact with my pants and felt hot moisture through the material. I pulled the thong to her knees and felt her oozing juice already, though we’d just begun. Conscious of our being taped, I knew that any rapid disrobing might disrupt the continuity, so I proceeded slowly.

But Cindy was following a different program. She wanted to cum, and she wanted it soon. She commandeered my mouth again, this time roughly as she panted, and her muscular hips began thrashing against my clothed groin, which had swollen with my first prominent erection of the day. She began grunting into my mouth, drooling all over it with her feverish tongue lashings, and squealed as she reached a touching, girlish orgasm, much like one I’d experienced with a virgin dacades before. Her little body stiffened as she peaked, and she broke contact with my mouth, wailing, “Ahh-aah! Ahh-aah! Ahh-aah! Ohhhh, ohhhh, oooh, oooh, mmm, mmm, mmm…Jaaay,” and collapsed on my chest, with spittle running from one corner of her mouth. She clutched at me, holding me by the shoulders, and it felt as if she were trying to burrow inside me for protection. She lay on me, moaning, for quite a few minutes.

It was Erica who broke the silence. Coming to the futon, she whispered, “That was beautiful, darlings. Now, please undress…slowly.”

I kicked off my shoes and slowly removed my pants, now soaked in front by Cindy’s effusions. She peeled off her sweater, showing her flushed, post-orgasmic upper chest, and her fulsome tits bounced as they struggled to stay bound by their black bra. tuzla içmeler escort I reached to unclasp its front and she groped for my erection through the fly in my boxers, grabbing it quickly. As she dropped to my crotch, I stripped off the shorts and she took me in her mouth. I spun her around, with her still on top, and unzipped her skirt, pulling it and her thong off her thrashing legs to render her naked. In a flash I’d unbuttoned my shirt but had to leave it on as she rapidly pushed her yawning pussy down onto my face. Sometime since I’d last seen her the girl had shaved her pubic “landing strip” to leave just a small “V” of short, black hair above her slit. Most attractive, I thought, as I regarded her baby-smooth quim, its pink lips dribbling clear, girlish nectar. I clamped my mouth over her small, swollen opening and slowly sucked teaspoons full of her succulent juice into my mouth as she deliberately moved her velvety lips up and down my rigid cock with agonizing slowness.

Erica was tripping around us, capturing close-ups with a digital camera. She was like a dark, playful sprite, murmuring encouragement to us as she focused first on Cindy’s artful fellating of me, then on my tonguing of the girl’s cunt, which now flexed open to reveal her erect clit and flowery inner lips. Her smelly juices flushed out to cover my face, encouraging me to probe ever more deeply into her clasping hole. Erica moved so closely to my head, snapping away at my licking of Cindy’s snatch, that I was distracted. But it made no difference to Cindy, whose crescendo of moans was no doubt pushing the sensitivity meters on the microphones into the red overload zone. I moved my head up and began poking my tongue at the girl’s tight pink anus, which tasted slightly of mint, and caused her to squeak abruptly in her throat and pull off of me. Of course! Erica had given her an enema before they’d arrived and then used some of her medicated, nerve-enhancing gel on her rectum! I glanced quickly at Erica and she smiled and whispered to me, diabolically, “Yes, Jay! She is very clean…and very ready!” snapping another shot at my surprised look.

At that point, Cindy began hunching her clit against my chin, grinding it hard enough that her lips opened to me and immediately allowed insertion of two fingers into her cunt. I pulled them apart as she ground against me, peering into her vagina to witness her internal muscles begin pre-orgasmic spasms. She then lifted her mouth off me and strained her head and neck upward to groan peals of rapture, which prompted Erica to leap around to the girl’s face and capture her look of joy as she ascended. “Oh-aah!” she screamed. “Oh-aaah! Hahhh! Oooh-ah! Mmm-aah! Mmm-aah! Ohh…ohhh…ohhhh…oooh…ooohmmm…oohmmm…mmmm…mmmmnn…mmnn,” she continued, pounding her tender flesh down on my chin, driven by the substantial muscles in her ass. Erica then stood back to photographically capture Cindy’s rapidly twitching loins as they gradually lessened their spastic fusings with my sucking mouth.

“Beautiful, Cindy!” she said, “But, look at Jay! He has helped you…not because you demanded it, just because he wanted to!” Tenderly moving Cindy off of me, Erica put the camera aside and slowly slid her mouth down on my erect, red member, looking at me with taunting black eyes as she did so. Pulling off to wank me, she murmured, “Let us be nice to him!” at which Cindy moved her head forward and, still panting, began to lick at my balls and trade long, wet mouths full of me with her lascivious East Indian ally. I groaned as they placed their lips on each side of my cock and began coordinating their movements, sliding them up and down its length with tongues lashing at its pulsing head. Until now I’d thought that the good doctor was merely going to observe.

Erica knew exactly what she was doing. Her therapy session notwithstanding, she was preparing my imagination for a supervised afternoon debauch in concert with this compliant nymphet and wanted to capture all of the images electronically. She knew now that I would cum, and handed me the digital camera as I approached my orgasm, knowing that I’d assist her in her record-keeping. All four of their gentle hands covered my genitals, everywhere that their dribbling mouths were not. The soft, fluttery touches of their fingers and slurping tongues stroked my bloated balls, my taint, my full, erect member and lingered to lightly squeeze the palpitating head, eager to coax the steamy harvest of seed from me. It was all I could do to keep my eyes open and point the camera as, suddenly, the ropes of thick cum rocketed from my prick to cover both of their faces. Crying joyously, they competed with one another for each shot as I grunted loudly and snapped away, spattering hot strings of spunk into their hair until, finally, Erica took me in her throat and would not be dislodged by Cindy’s whining entreaties. She looked into my eyes and I watched the muscles in her throat milk me of the last few drops, as if making a point with her stare that she would not be denied sensual sustenance by a mere teenage girl…a wanton, young pretender. She was in control, and wanted to indicate as much. I shuddered a few times and groaned the end of my orgasm, stretching my taut limbs to relax, which prompted Cindy to do groan disappointedly.

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