Doing My Brothers

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All the characters in this story are age 18 or older.


“Hi, Sally, come right on in. I was expecting you,” said Lisa.

“You were?” said Sally with a surprised look on her face.

“Yes, Billy told me that you would come by to talk with me.”

“What else did Billy tell you, Lisa?”

“He said you two wanted to fuck and he wanted you to talk with me first about it.”

“Wow! That just blows me away. I would never talk to MY brother about sex.”

“Look, Sally, I have a very unique relationship with all three of my brothers, and that’s why Billy wants me to talk with you.”

“So, you talk with all your brothers about sex?”

“I not only TALK with them, but we DO it.”

Sally got very silent. The look on her face showed that she was thinking, ‘Is she kidding? Is she just pulling my leg? I don’t know whether to take her seriously or not.’

Lisa could see Sally’s confusion, so she broke the silence, “Don’t be so surprised, Sally. It is the most natural thing. I’ve been fucking them for years, several times each day. And you can’t imagine how it has improved our relationship. Maybe you’ve noticed how nice they treat me.”

“Yeah, I have. Everyone in school notices that you all don’t fight like most brothers and sisters.”

“They treat me like a queen, because I treat them like kings. I keep them totally sexually satisfied, and they love me for it.”

“But they’re your brothers! Isn’t that like taboo or something? Does your dad know?”

“Dad doesn’t know anything. Since mama died, he stays drunk all the time, so he doesn’t have a clue. As for it being taboo, that’s what they want you to think. But the way I look at it, my brothers have cocks that fit perfectly into my pussy. Cocks and pussies were made to go together. And the ‘going together’ feels SO-O-O-O good! So, about four years ago, we found out how good they fit together, and how good it feels and we’ve been fucking ever since. And we’ve gotten really good at it, too. You know: practice makes perfect. I dare say that I am the best fuck in the county; maybe in the whole state. Billy has had four years of a Cadillac, and he doesn’t want to downgrade to a VW. Don’t take this the wrong way, but he knows that you are a virgin and he’s afraid that he might be disappointed in fucking you. He doesn’t want that to happen. Billy really loves you and he wants to make sure that nothing spoils that relationship. So he wants me to help you become as good a fuck as me. “

“I’m glad to know Billy feels that way about me, and I really want to be a good fuck for him. But, the truth is, Lisa, this still seems really weird to me. How did you all ever start fucking in the first place?”

“Well, as you can see, with dad’s drinking, there isn’t much money. That’s why we live in such a small house. My brothers and I have always shared a bedroom. In fact, we all share one king size bed. We have done that since we were toddlers, and we never thought it was at all unusual. And we share a bathroom, too, so I have seen their stuff for as long as I can remember. We often go naked around each other. It’s normal for us. Then, one morning about four years ago, Billy was in the shower while I was washing up at the sink, and he started jerking off as he did every morning. I was feeling a little naughty so I said, ‘Billy, you must really like doing that because you do it every morning.’ And he said, ‘Yeah, I do. It feels great. But I know something that feels better than my hand.’ He had a twinkle in his eye, so I kinda knew where this was going. So I gave him a little smile and said, ‘Oh, yeah? What feels better than your hand?’ And he said, ‘YOUR hand.’ This flirting went back and forth for a couple of minutes and pretty soon, I had my hand on his cock and was jacking him off. Then, he reached down and cupped my pussy with his hand and started rubbing. I pretended to be upset with him, but I really liked it and I was getting VERY wet. We continued rubbing and then he came all over my hand. He cums a lot. Even more now that I take care of his health, but even then he could cum a bucket. So I made a big issue about what a big mess he made that I had to clean up. But we were both smiling, and we both knew that that wouldn’t be the last time.

“Sure enough, next morning he was in the shower and I was at the sink. I looked at him in the mirror and he was looking at me. Or more exactly, he was looking at my ass. ‘Hey, Lisa,’ he said, ‘are you going to help me again this morning?’ We both know I was, but we continued the flirting because it was so much fun. So I answered him, ‘I don’t think so. You came all over my hand yesterday and it was a bitch to clean up.’ By this time he had come out of the shower and was standing behind me. I started rubbing my pussy again with his free hand and said, ‘Well, I know a place to put the cum where it won’t make so much of a mess.’ ‘But Billy, I’m a virgin,’ I said. ‘I know how to fix that,’ bahis firmaları he said and we both laughed. So I just leaned forward over the sink, and he took that as an invitation—which it was—and slid his cock in.”

“Didn’t it hurt when he popped your cherry?” asked Sally.

“I don’t know because I never felt it. When he got to my cherry, he reached his hands around me and onto my breasts and he pinched my nipples at the same time he pushed through my cherry. So the deed was done before I knew it. That’s when I realized his cock was totally buried in my pussy. And I started focusing on the feeling that it gave me. That’s when I got hooked. I knew that my pussy had never felt so good. It was made to be filled with a cock and I just stood there and enjoyed the first fuck of my life.”

“Then, just as Billy started cumming in my pussy, Davey walked into the bathroom. It was not unusual for us all to be in the bathroom together, but it WAS unusual for some of us to be fucking in there. Davey stood there for a few seconds as he comprehended what was happening. Then he laughed right out loud, ‘Far out, Billy. You are nailing Lisa! Hey Lisa, can I have sloppy seconds?’ Well, what could I do? I love all my brothers, and it wasn’t fair to show favoritism. I glanced over and saw that Davey still had his morning wood, so just as Billy finished, Davey stepped up and nailed me, too. Meanwhile, Billy went to get Sam and he got his jollies, too. Turns out we were all virgins and we all lost our cherries the same day.”

“Let me get this straight,” said Sally. “You are saying that your first time, you got fucked three times?”

“Actually, six times. By the time Sam was done, Billy was up for his second cum of the morning, and then Davey and Sam got their seconds, too.”

“And you’ve been doing this for four years?”


“Six times a day?”

“Well, we have gotten better with time, and now I have taken control of the guys’ sexual health, so now we are up to a minimum of 12 times a day—four cums for each of them—minimun.”

“How have you take control of their sexual health?”

“Well, first off, I have read everything I can get my hands on about both male and female sex organs. You might say I am now an expert. With the guys, I make sure that every day they get plenty of herbs and minerals that are needed to keep their plumbing in top working order. I have been able to more than double the amount of cum they shoot with each load, and I have improved the time it takes them to recover and be ready to shoot another load. And, of course, the plumbing is stronger just by getting plenty of use. Any muscle gets stronger with use, and four cums a day keeps their plumbing open and in top working order. We have a little joke among us. I told them that it is their job to keep their balls full, and it is MY job to keep them empty. I think I am winning.”

Sally chuckled at that, but then got a concerned expression on her face.

“What’s the matter, Sally?”

“Well, if you are telling me the truth—and part of me still thinks it might just be a story—if you are telling me the truth, I don’t know if I can match up. Maybe Billy was right to be worried about being disappointed in sex with me.”

“That’s why you’re here, Sal. I am going to make sure that you are good enough that Billy won’t be disappointed. Remember, I’m an expert on female sex organs, too. I can make you a sexual powerhouse, just like me.”

“Well, I am a little intimidated. I am a virgin and you have had sex lots of times.”

“14,659, to be exact.”

“How do you know that?”

“Because I record it in my diary every day. Always have.”

“So, doesn’t all that fucking make your pussy sore?”

“No way. More is better. I told you, I am addicted to having my pussy filled with a cock. When it is empty, it doesn’t feel right. In fact, right now, I have a dildo in to give me that ‘full’ feeling, and also to do my Kegels.”

“Your what?”

“Kegels. Special exercises that strengthen your pussy muscles. I do them constantly. The whole time we have been talking, I have been doing Kegels. I suggest that you learn to do them, too. They are the foundation of female sexual health. Just google it and the internet will tell you how to do it. Kegels are what give me control over my own orgasms, and also over the orgasm of any man who fucks me. Men think they are in control, but with Kegels, YOU are in control. Depending on how much time is available, I can make the guys fuck me for a long time, or, if time is short, I can make them cum quickly. I do it all with Kegels. Also, I take a lot of herbs and minerals, too, just like I give to the guys. I will give you a list so you can start taking them, too. With my help, and with lots of practice, you will be a queen of fucking just like me.”

“OK, tell me what to do first.”

“Well, since you are a virgin, I suggest that you let Billy pop your cherry. Even if kaçak iddaa it isn’t a great first fuck, still, it sends a message to him that he is first, and for you he is special.”

“OK, I can do that, but where am I going to get all this ‘practice’ that you are talking about. As I see it, the idea is to be ‘great’ before I starting fucking Billy regularly.”

“What about your brothers? How many do you have?”

“Oh, no. No way! I have two brothers, but they are both dorks. No way can I fuck them.”

“Let me clue you in! They have cocks and they want to fuck. Guys will fuck anything with a hole. That’s what guys do. If you start fucking them, they will stop being dorks, and they will start to treat you like a queen. My brothers used to be dorks, too. Now look at how they treat me. Take my advice and fuck them soon and often.”

“Is your bedroom close to theirs? How is your house arranged?”

“Mom and dad have their own bathroom, but the boys share a bedroom and there is a bathroom between their bedroom and mine. We each have entrance to the bathroom from inside the bedroom without having to go out into the hallway.”

“Perfect. You can fuck them at the sink just as I did my brothers. It is my favorite position, although we have tried them all.”

“How many are there?”

“Oh, I don’t know. We got a book that showed hundreds of positions and we tried them all. But we settled in to a few favorites. For instance, I am always the first one to wake up in the morning, so it is my ‘job’ to given them a ‘wake up fuck.'”

“What’s that?”

“Guys always wake up with a hardon. It’s called a morning wood. So I sleep on the end of the bed with Billy beside me. I wake up, see his woody standing up, and I straddle him cowgirl style. His orgasm wakes him up and he gets out of bed and heads to the bathroom. Then, Davey sleeps next to him, so I get on him corgirl, and fuck him awake. Then he goes to the bathroom. Last I do Sam. By the time Sam is fucked awake, Billy is back from the bathroom and he is ready to fuck me missionary. When he is done, Davey is ready, and then Sam. We have a very regular routine and everyone gets two fucks before getting dressed for school. Except me, of course. They get two each, but I get six in the morning. Then after school and practice, I get six more in the evening.”

“Missionary style again?”

“Depends. If I have homework to do, I put my computer on the floor, then I lean over an ottoman to support my upper body and I can easily type on the keyboard while they do me doggy style. Since I am focused on my homework, I make them keep a record of how many times they fuck me so I can keep accurate records in my diary.”

“What about all that cum? You said they all cum larger amounts than normal—doesn’t all that cum run out of you and make a sloppy mess?”

“Well, it did in the beginning. But my Kegel exercises help me to keep all that cum in. I think it must have also strengthened my cervix because it seems like all the cum gets immediately sucked into my uterus. Almost nothing runs out.”

“I don’t know about these Kegel exercises. It sounds like a waste of time to me. Besides, how do you know how much cum is a normal amount? Have you fucked other guys, too, to compare?”

“Only the basketball, soccer and wrestling teams. Did you notice that all those teams are county champs? Billy is on the basketball team, Davey on soccer, and Sam on wrestling. The teams weren’t doing too well, so the guys asked me if I would motivate their teams. So they smuggled me into the boys’ locker room after practice. They kept the coach busy as I stripped down. The team members were all naked, of course, as they were about to take a shower. I caused them all to get an immediate erection. So I said, ‘If you guys become county champs, I will give you the greatest fuck of your life.’ It worked. Our school has filled their trophy display case.”

“Wait a minute. My brother John is on the soccer team, and my brother Phil is on the wrestling team. Are you saying that you fucked both of them?”

“I guess so. I did the whole team. I didn’t ask their names. So, I fucked your brothers, and now you’re going to fuck mine. Quid pro quo.”

“You know, a lot of people were wondering about why our teams were doing so good this year. They never won trophies before.”

“The experience also gave me a chance to compare cocks, and cum quantity. There is a lot of variation from guy to guy. One guy is longer, another shorter. One has a fat cock, another a skinny thing. One shoots huge ropes and gobs of cum, and another only dribbles out. And I’ll tell you, you are getting a fuck KING when you get Billy. Not a fucking but a fuck KING. His cock is barely more than average size—a little more than six inches—but it is full and thick thanks to the minerals and herbs I give him. It stays rock hard and he knows how to use it. Size really isn’t everything. He was trained by the best—ME!”

Lisa kaçak bahis and Sally both laughed at Lisa’s joke.

“Still, I don’t know if I can fuck my brothers.”

“Look, Sal, how about this. You invite me for a sleepover. I know John and Phil will want to fuck me again. Then we can have a four-way to break the ice. After they’ve done you once, it’ll be easier to continue doing it.”

“OK, maybe I can do that. But first, I need to fuck Billy so he can pop my cherry.”

“I think I heard him come in while we were talking. I’ll go get him.”

“Hey Sal,” said Billy. “Have you and Lisa been having a good talk? Is everything alright?”

“Yeah, it’s been interesting. I learned some incredible things. Is it all true?” asked Sally.

“Well, I didn’t hear what Lisa said, but if she told you we fuck like rabbits, then, yes, it’s all true.”

“We have a suggestion, Billy,” said Lisa. “Sally needs a lot of practice before she can fuck like me, but she wants to give her cherry to you because you are so special to her. So, how about we all strip down and start fucking?”

“Great,” said Billy.

“Whoa!” said Sally. “I didn’t know you meant right this minute.”

“Why not? What are you waiting for?”

Well, OK. I guess I’m just a little nervous.”

“Understandable,” said Lisa and Billy together and they both started to undress.

“What the fuck!” said Sally and she started to undress, too.

“Stand in front of the sink, Sally, and lean forward. Use the sink to support yourself so Billy can enter you from behind. And, Billy, I want you to cum inside her. You’re not on the pill yet, are you Sally?”


“OK, but I want you to feel his full load of cum in you anyway. But just this one time, and you can start the pill tomorrow.”

Lisa stood beside Sally leaning into the sink while Billy fucked Sally. Then, having shot his load, he pulled out.

“Now do me,” said Lisa. “And cum inside me, too.”

“In only a few seconds, Billy shot his second load into Lisa, thanks to Lisa’s Kegel control.

“OK, Sally. Billy just shot as much cum into me as he did into you. Look at your thighs. Cum is running out of you like a waterfall. Now look at me. Not a drop got out. THAT’S the value of Kegels. You choose.”

“OK, I get the point.”

“Billy, tomorrow night I’m going to sleep over at Sally’s house and we’re going to fuck her brothers so that she can start practicing the lessons I’ve been giving her. In no time, you’ll see that she’ll be as good a fuck as me.”

“Cool!” said Billy. “Fuck away.”

“I also suggest, Sally, that you fuck Billy once or twice a week so that he can gauge the progress you are making. In fact, if you want extra practice, you could have a sleepover with me and fuck all my brothers. I’m sure they wouldn’t mind.”

Sally seemed to be deep in thought, then looked up, smiled and suggested, “Maybe all seven of us could go on a picnic, and you and I could fuck all five boys.” Then she paused and added, “And you know, we have state championships coming up. Maybe if you and I both offered to fuck them all if they won, that would be enough motivation.”

“Oh, Sally, you’re too much! You were a virgin until a couple of minutes ago. Now suddenly you are slut queen!”

All three of them broke up at that.

“Well, you did say I should get lots of practice! I’m just trying to comply!”

Just then Davey and Sam got home from practice. They heard voices and came to the bathroom. “Hey guys, what’s going on? Why is everybody naked? Is it a fuck party?”

“Yes, Davey. We just popped Sally’s cherry. I think you both know Sally. Her brothers are on your teams.” Together, Davey and Sam said, “Hey, Sally.”

“Guys, Billy just fucked her and now she wants some fucking practice. Anyone want to help her out—that is, if you are ready for more, Sally.”

“Sure, I’m good to go. I just need something to wipe up some of this cum.” Lisa handed her a towel. As Sally dried off her thighs, she turned to the sink and asked, “OK, who’s first?”

Half an hour and five cums later, Sally wiped off her thighs for the fifth time, handed the towel back to Lisa and said, “Lisa, I see that you are so right about Kegels. If I could hold this cum inside, it would be so much better. This towel is saturated with cum. It is going to need some serious laundering.” Then, turning to Billy she asked, “Billy are you sure you’re OK with me fucking your brothers and my brothers, and maybe even the teams?”

“Sally, I love you and I want our sex life to be top shelf. I understand that means you need to practice to get good. After all, I’m a pretty good fuck, myself, thanks to all the practice I’ve had with Lisa. So, YES, fuck, fuck, fuck, and fuck some more. Then when we are both happy with your skill, we can focus on mainly fucking each other.”

Sally threw her arms around Billy’s neck and gave him a deep kiss. After a long time she pulled away and said, “Billy, you’re the greatest. And I notice that kiss has gotten a ‘rise’ out of you. What are you going to do about it?”

“Wanna try missionary?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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