Divine Goddess

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John knocked on the door feeling just a bit nervous for his first online date. The profile pictures showed a very attractive blonde, nicely tanned with a flawless looking athletic figure. There were pictures of her in tight fitting exercise clothes posing in what appeared to be vacation pictures under the title ‘DGJessica’. Normally it took some time for responses of a profile like hers as she was likely inundated with messages from other men on the website, but for once he got a quick response and an even quicker response for a phone conversation which led to him asking her out for a drink.

Another oddity was her asking him to come pick her up for the date. Most women liked to meet at a neutral location before giving away too much personal information, and quite frankly who would blame them. With all the whackos out there you never could be too careful.

He heard the bolt throw on the door and was confronted with the girl from the pictures only she was wearing a black silk robe that came down to about mid thigh,” Hey there,” she said looking him up and down,” okay so you are dressed nice. I forgot to ask what I should wear so just come in and wait for a second while I throw something on. Okay?” she asked.

“Um yeah, sounds good,” he said stepping inside. She turned and ran up the stairs John not helping but notice her shapely tanned legs before turning to look around her living room. She had a nice townhouse that was well furnished. There were quite a few pictures on the walls. John started looking at them and noticed they were mostly what seemed to be taken in different locations. He wandered around her living room taking in all the pictures, some places he recognized and some he did not.

He suddenly heard footsteps on the stair and looked up she walked down in a short black dress, black stockings and heels. She was what someone might refer to as ‘smoking hot’. John never thought of himself as a great looking guy but he knew he was tall with dark hair and eyes and had a decent sense of humor which was usually enough. For some reason this time he felt like he was just a little out of his league but tried not think about it.

“You look great,” he said taking her in,” and why bahis firmaları wouldn’t seeing how often you get to travel,” he waved his hand indicating all the pictures.

She laughed,” Yes I like to travel.”

“I guess work leaves you pretty flexible if you can travel so much,” he intimated.

“Well in a way,” she evaded.

“What do you mean in a way? What do you do for a living?”

“Maybe we can talk about this a little later,” she suggested,” don’t you want to take me out for a drink?” she questioned in a way that said ‘who wouldn’t want to have a drink with me?’.

John suddenly felt a little strange, and all his paranoia at the out of the ordinary circumstances made him start to think twice about this date. “Listen Jessica, you are very attractive but internet dating can sometimes get a little…well sketchy. If there is something you are ashamed of…or that you feel uncomfortable sharing with me…then at least tell me why?”

She looked at him for a few seconds contemplating what to say next. He could see her weighing things in her mind,” John you seem like a good guy…why don’t we just go have a drink?”

John was thinking maybe he should just go, “Sounds good Jessica…but maybe I should just call it an early night.” He started to walk towards the door as he looked at her,” thanks but something feels off here and it would be better this way I think.”

As he walked past her she lightly grabbed his arm, “Wait,” she said looking up at him. She was likely only 5’3″ or 5’4″ but the heels added a little height. He stood over six feet so she still had to look up at him. “I was going to wait until we got to know each other a little bit but if you must know John…I am a divine goddess,” she said it in a matter of fact manner that made John pause where he normally would have laughed.

“You’re serious?” he asked with incredulity.

“I don’t have a job John. Men are happy to pay to send me on all those trips,” she said motioning toward all the pictures.

“And I’m here because?” he left the question hanging.

“To be honest John you are just another candidate.”

“Perhaps you missed the point of this…to meet someone…get to know them…have kaçak iddaa a relationship,” he said a bit in disbelief at the conversation he was having.

“John,” she said taking on a sultry look,” can you honestly say that if we went out and had a drink together tonight and you got to get a good look at me,” she ran her hands down her hips and over her thighs as she spoke,” that you would not have gone home tonight and had a good jerk with visions of me in your head?”

John did not respond immediately and she continued,” Maybe a picture of me in my robe as I walked up the stairs,” John was a bit taken aback that she knew he was watching her go up the stairs. “It’s okay John,” she said as he felt her getting closer to him,” you can’t help it. I am hot and I know it.”

John was not sure where this was going but she was hot and the way she was talking was starting to turn him on. She was standing right in front of him. Invading his personal space,” Let’s be honest John,” she titled her head as she looked up into his eyes,” I turn you on.”

John was floored…and turned on. “You’ve never had a woman speak to you like this yet you probably have fantasized about it,” she broke eye contact with him for a moment and a smile came over her face. “Getting excited are we?” she laughed softly. She turned and walked away from him sitting in a chair that was in the corner.

“Why don’t we begin?” she said from her chair with a look of confidence on her face.

“Begin…what?” John said slowly still trying to process what was going on.

“Your worship of me of course,” she said pulling at her dress just a bit so John could see the tops of her stockings. She slowly ran her red painted fingernails over her stocking tops,” See anything you like John?” she asked. “It is a shame you cannot have me John but you can worship you know?”

“I…um…I don’t understand,” he said still dumbfounded.

“Stop playing coy John. I can see the lust in your eyes. Just give in to the lust and sate your desires John,” his eyes kept staring at her legs as her fingers traced them up and down. “Oh I think you are a stocking lover.”

John did not move,” You want to rub your cock don’t you kaçak bahis Johnnie? Let out all that lust building up down there. Give me your cum in worship sweetie.”

He could not believe he was thinking about doing it. He just came over to pick a girl up for a date and before they even got out the door he was thinking about rubbing one out in front of this strange woman.

“Johnnie I can see how hard your cock has gotten,” her voice tantalizing him almost as much as her hand was as it drew attention to her legs,” just give it a rub and see how it feels.”

His hand slid down and he started sliding it up and down over the front of his pants as he watched her.

“Pull your zipper down,” she coaxed.

His hand slowly pulled down his zipper,” now take out your cock,” she insisted.

He did not bother pulling his pants down but reached inside the pee hole on his boxer briefs and pulled his cock through.

“Oh that’s better johnnie, now rub it for your goddess,” her voice was getting huskier the more he did what she said. The thought occurred to John that maybe she was turned on too but he could not keep any thoughts in his head at the moment other than stroking to the vision of beauty in front of him.

“Oh that’s good johnnie. You’re gonna shoot your load soon and that’s okay. You’re doing this for me johnnie,” his hand was starting to move faster on his cock. “Yes baby your cock is going to get used to making you do what I want you to. Rub it and tell me you don’t love this johnnie,” he only let out a soft moan.

“Oh feel how I have gotten to you so quickly. You thought you were safe but I am breaking you down. Making you mine,” her dress moved all the way up her thighs so her legs were exposed and John could see her black laced panties and garter belt. He moaned again.

“Yessss,” she hissed,” you like that don’t you? Oh this is so hot johnnie, I didn’t know it would be this easy but you have some dirty secrets don’t you?”

His legs started to tighten as he felt the orgasm building. “Oh give Goddess Jessica her due johnnie. Tell me who all that yummy cummy belongs to,” Johns hips bucked as rope after rope of cum shot from his cock. “Who does it belong to johnnie?”

“You,” he gasped.

“And who am I johnnie?”

“Goddess Jessica,” he breathed out.

“Oh that’s good baby. We are going to do this again real soon, but first, you need to clean up your mess.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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