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I switched off the SUV’s engine, reaching round and unlatching my seatbelt, letting it snap back into its holster. I breathed in for a moment, letting the stress of the working day just melt off me. I always made sure that I felt relaxed by the time I came home, because I didn’t want my family greeted by “cranky dad” as Alfie, my 10 year old boy, used to call me before I started practising this small act everyday.

I smiled at these memories. He was such a wonderful boy, so cute and full of life. He was never hyper, but he always seemed brimming with energy. I don’t think I ever wanted that boy to grow up; I loved him just as he was. He was so different from his sister.

Abigail. She was a beautiful young woman, having just turned 18 and about ready to leave high school. She was so excited, or as far I could tell, she was. She tended to keep to herself, seeming so sullen at times. But even though she was she so secretive, she would always sit around with Alfie and me. She never, or at least rarely spoke to us, but she still sat with us. I suppose that was one step up from the teenager who spent all their time in their room.

I figured it was since their mom left us, she had runaway with another man, both children had seemingly never gotten over this, they never forgave her, which is why she didn’t get custody with them, they spent all the time with me, for which I was eternally grateful. Then again that had been over 4 years ago, Abigail had only started being like this only 3 years ago, which I thought was a while for her to start brooding over her mother, I couldn’t figure it out.

I took another breath, leaving this thought behind in my car and unlatched the front door to the house. I heard the TV on in the living room; it was playing heavy metal music, which meant that Abigail was home. She always arrived home soonest. She didn’t seem to have, or want, any friends, and it wasn’t like she couldn’t get any friends, she was beautiful!

Her long dark brown hair, and piercing blue eyes, which were a lot darker than my own blue eyes; a wonderful figure, which was not hard to see in the hugging clothes she always wore. I would have said that she was into the “goth scene” that a lot of teenagers were into, but she wasn’t ever depressed, just a bit broody. She never wore jewellery or dark make-up and her clothes usually consisted of a long sleeved shirt and pleated skirt, which under normal circumstances would make me think that she was very popular with boys.

But she always spent her time at home. I know she didn’t sneak out because she spent all her time in the lounge with either me and Alfie or just me, either watching TV or reading a book.

I walked into the lounge and saw Abigail sitting on one side on the sofa, her knees up against her ample chest, hugging them to her as though she was cold. As I closed the door her head snapped towards me, she smiled, I think, it was such a confused expression, almost as though she was happy to see me, but also unhappy that I was in the room with her.

“How was your day Abby?” I asked earnestly

“S’ok.” She mumbled turning back to the TV, illegal bahis though I could see that she wasn’t paying attention, her eyes were still looking at me through the corners of her eyes.

“It’s getting close to the end of school. Are you excited?” This actually seemed to make her mood darken; she shrugged as a way of giving her answer. I tried to think of what would make her open up a bit more, and then I remembered that Alfie was spending tonight and the weekend at one of his friend’s houses.

“I have an idea, Abby, since Alfie is spending the weekend away, why don’t we rent some movies, get some pizza, even a little…wine.” I said this in a roguish way, as though wine was being totally out of place. Even though Abigail was actually 18 now, and allowed to drink, she hadn’t ever had any alcohol to drink. She turned towards me slowly, her mood lightening up, at what I don’t know, I guessed it could have been the suggestion of wine, I didn’t know what, but the fact she had lightened up encouraged me.

“Really? That sounds… cool. Thanks dad, that would be really nice.” She gave a hint of a smile.

Later that evening there was a large pizza sitting in its box on the table, with a bottle of wine sitting uncorked next to it, red of course, it was the best to go with pizza, plus it was the favourable of both Abigail and I. The lights were turned down low, leaving the room dark except for the glow of the TV.

We were sitting on either side of the couch, sipping our wine, watching the movie, watching some new comedy, which wasn’t great, and I was feeling a bit sleepy, as was, or so it seemed, was Abigail. Although she had barely drunk a glass of wine, she kept on looking at me with a sleepy expression on her face, another hint of her smile on her pretty face, it was the first time I had seen her smile like this in a long time. She took another sip of wine and then leaned forward placing her wine glass deliberately on the table, and then she turned towards me.

“Daddy, I’m cold, do you mind?” She nodded towards the spot next to me. I was a bit confused, since hadn’t called me daddy in a long time. It sounded like she was trying to act like a little girl again, to sound irresistibly cute again. I nodded back and moved my arms so she could crawl into the crook in my arm, she moved over and snuggled into me, wrapping her arms around herself, I draped my arm over her shoulder and drew her in closer. I heard her sigh with relief, I shrugged this off and smiles, turning back to watch the TV.

We sat there for another half hour, Abigail just snuggling into me, she almost seemed like she was sleeping now. I yawned silently and tried to continue watching the movie, but it wasn’t interesting enough to keep my attention. I closed my eyes, for what seemed like a couple of seconds, but must have been a couple of minutes.

Suddenly, I felt a pressure on my lips. My eyes flickered open and I saw Abigail’s face touching mine. As I focused, I knew it was her lips against mine, she was kissing me, it was definitely not the kiss of anyone who was drunk, it was the kiss who was getting something that illegal bahis siteleri she had wanted for a long time, she was sitting in my lap now, her arms wrapped around my neck, holding me close, her kissing getting more passionate, her tongue probing my lips gently, as though she didn’t care if I was asleep anymore.

Her eyes opened now, and then widened as she saw me staring straight back at her, she broke the kiss and tried to pull away, but she had wrapped herself too tightly around me. She settled for just taking her arms from around my neck and sitting back, resting on my knees, she was babbling; tears almost in her eyes.

“Oh daddy I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you…I mean I didn’t mean to…you know…oh daddy I’m sorry. Please don’t angry. I just wanted to do that for so long, even before she left I’ve wanted you for myself.” She stopped and just looked at me meekly now, her eyes downcast as she mumble, “M’sorry daddy”

I looked at her astonished, looking at how sad, but yet so happy, that she had gotten to do what she had always wanted. I reached forwarded and took her around the waist and pulled her in close again; she looked at me with bated breath as though something was happening that she hadn’t dared to dream, her eyes were open wide again.

“Daddy, I love you.” She whispered

“Are you sure this is not the wine speaking?” I asked carefully. She nodded dumbly and looked at me with her puppy dog eyes.

“I love you too Abby, so much.” She smiled widely, overjoyed by my words, she wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me passionately, her lips full and pouty and hungry now, she opened my lips with her tongue and sucked my tongue into her mouth, she moaned softly as she did, pressing her whole body up against me. We shared the kiss for what seemed an eternity; it was wonderful, holding my beautiful girl up against me, feeling the heat emanating from her body as she ground her hips into mine. Eventually, all too soon for my liking, she pulled back from the kiss, pressing her forehead against mine.

“Thank you daddy, I never want this to end, you keep me so safe.” All I could do was nod and hug her as she said this, stroking her smooth skin.

“Daddy…I have never…I’ve never actually had sex before…I want you to be my first, I want to be joined with you.” She spoke quietly, rubbing her body up against me, sighing softly.

I nodded again as she looked at me for confirmation. She smiled at me, her face turned from her normal moody expression into an expression of overwhelming happiness. She climbed off me and crossed her arms over her stomach, taking hold of her shirt and pulling it off,

I gasped as she tossed it away. She hadn’t been wearing a bra! Her round perfect breasts were free.

‘Had she been planning this all along,’ I wondered.

She then reached down and unzipped her skirt and slid it down her long legs. Then, she was there, standing before me, completely naked, my beautiful girl. She then knelt before me, undoing my pants.

I got the idea and reached down, taking off my shirt as she slid down my pants and then canlı bahis siteleri my boxer shorts, showing off my now hard penis. She looked at it with wide innocent eyes. Moving closer tentatively, she touched it with one finger, watching as it twitched. She smiled, then began stroking it with her finger, watching it with fascination as it grew longer and thicker and harder.

She silently stood up then laid down opposite me on the couch, her legs spread. Her pussy was completely shaved. I could see it was already lined with wetness and so tight, she had planned this, I was sure. I moved over, when she held out her hand.

“Please daddy, please don’t let it hurt.” I nodded

“I won’t let anything ever hurt you my baby.” She smiled and spread her legs even further apart, inviting me inside her. I moved in, kneeling between her legs, placing the head of my cock against her sweet tight lips. She sighed and reached round, taking my ass in her hands and tried to pull me in.

I resisted, moving slowly inside her, watching and feeling her lips spreading themselves around me. She was so tight, yet so wonderful, she was breathing deeper and faster as I slid deep inside her tight pussy

“Oh daddy, it stings, but it’s so wonderful. Please daddy; more, please!” I complied, still sliding slowly inside her, eventually the head of my cock pressing against a barrier, her hymen

“Take a deep breath my baby,” I said softly.

She complied with me this time, breathing in deep. I pulled back a bit and then thrust in, feeling the barrier break from my erection. Her eyes closed shut and she pulled me down, hugging me close, as she whimpered softly. I stopped for a moment as she adjusted to me. Eventually, she opened her eyes and gazed up into mine.

“Please daddy, continue. I need you,” she said softly.

I nodded again and began rolling my hips, feeling her pussy becoming more lubricated as she became more excited with this prospect. Soon I was moving smoothly in and out of her, as I reached down and began rubbing her clit with my fingers. She gave a loud moan as I did this, her eyes rolling back in my head.

“OOOOHH DADDDDYYYY!” She cried out loudly as the pleasure hit me.

I continued to slide in and out of her, pushing in deep now, still moving slowly and smoothly. We carried on, her body writhing and bucking underneath me as her pleasure grew. She was bucking her hips, crying out loud, and whimpering for more and more from me.

Then, with a loud cry that seemed to shake the whole room, her muscles clenched around my cock, trying to milk me as she reached her orgasm. Shaking with pleasure, juices gushing out from her, it spilled out onto the couch, covering both of us.

This just made me groan with pleasure and I suddenly went over the edge, shooting wave after wave of cum into her pussy. She whimpered and sighed with pleasure, holding me close, as I slowed down.

Eventually reaching a halt and lying gently on top of her, she smiled contentedly up at me and kissed me tenderly on the lips.

“I love you daddy, and want to be with you always.”

“I love you Abby, and you shall.”

With that we went to sleep on the couch, lying naked and still entangled in each other. Her head rested on my chest as I lovingly stroked her hair. I sighed happily, looking down at my beautiful daughter, sleeping peacefully.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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