Dirty Yoga

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Carly sat in rush hour traffic drumming her fingers on the steering wheel, eager to get home and decompress from the most stressful day she had had in a long time. Her phone rang, it was Peter. She answered and put him on speaker phone.

“Hi baby.”

“Hey you. I was getting worried, you’re usually home by now. You OK?”

She sighed heavily and audibly. “Yeah. Tough day at work and now I’m stuck on 71. It’s a parking lot.”

“Sorry, baby. I picked up chinese on the way home so you don’t have to worry about dinner tonight.”

She hoped he could hear her smile as she said “Thank you. I can’t wait to get home.”

“I can’t wait to see you. I thought about you a lot today.” Now she heard the smile in his voice. She knew that tone of voice and what it meant.

“Dirty little thoughts my dear?”

“Oh yes.”

“You’ll have to tell me all about it when I get home.”

“I’d love to.”

Traffic started creeping. “I’m gonna let you go. Looks like we might be moving here. See you soon.”

“OK, baby. Be safe.”

“I will. Bye.”


Fifteen minutes later she walked through the front door. She kicked off her shoes and headed for the kitchen where Peter greeted her with a glass of wine. He motioned toward the den. “Let’s go relax a little. You sounded like you needed it.” They went to the den and he turned on the classical music station on the radio. Carly smiled at him.

“Thank you. You’re so good to me.”

They both sat on the couch, he motioned for her to lean back against him and she did. They sipped their wine and talked for a few minutes until she leaned her head back against his shoulder and closed her eyes.

“Want me to go get the chinese? I put it in the oven to keep it hot.”

She sat up and looked at him. “Actually, you know what I want to do? I’d love a few minutes of yoga before I eat.” When she started having problems with her blood pressure a few years ago the doctor suggested yoga. She was hooked from the very first time she did it.

“Go for it, baby. We’ll eat when you’re done.”

“Thank you, you’re the best.” She kissed him and went up the stairs to their bedroom with her glass of wine.


Taking off her work clothes reduced her stress a little bursa escort all by itself. She peeled off the clothes that held all the frustrations of the day and felt free already. She opened her drawer to put on her yoga pants and a tshirt but changed her mind. She wanted the freeing, refreshing feeling of the air against her skin as she stretched out the day’s tensions. She took out the yoga mat and turned on the same classical station Peter had on downstairs.

With Bach playing in the background she assumed her first pose. She was no expert but Carly had been doing yoga long enough that she knew what felt good and except for the occasional class she made up her own routines on the fly.

Today she started with one of the most basic, but so effective, poses – the child’s pose. She bent her legs under herself, her butt on her heels. She closed her eyes and focused on the music and how her body felt as she folded forward, stretching her arms straight out on the floor, her forehead on the floor. The tension in her back faded a bit as she lay in that position and took some deep breaths. With each exhale she tried to reach her hands a little further, making the stretch even more effective.

She sat up and flowed right into the next position. She brought the heels of her feet together and sat up straight, eyes closed. She stayed there for a moment then leaned forward as far as her lower back would allow. She paused there for a bit then on an exhale she fell forward a bit more. She repeated the cycle of holding the position, then pushing a bit more, until her chest was almost laying on her feet. She felt the cool air against the damp sweat of tension leaving her body as she rose. She had left her glass of wine within arm’s reach and opened her eyes to take a sip. Out of the corner of her eye she saw Peter in the doorway watching her. She glanced at him, drank a bit of wine and closed her eyes again.

She took a few deep breaths and then moved into a half-pigeon pose. She kept her right leg bent exactly as it was but placed her hands on the floor in front of her and straightened her left leg straight out behind her. She fell forward, her chest and face on the floor, her arms stretched out in front of her. The release in her hip was immediate and deep. As she opened her eyes again to put her hands on the floor and switch leg bursa escort bayan positions she saw that Peter had moved. He sat in a chair in front of her now.

She switched her legs to stretch the other hip, then simply lay face down on the floor, her arms at her side. She stretched them out in front of her again, then moved them down in front of her shoulders so she could push herself up into half cobra – a sort of lying back bend. She arched her back as she supported her upper body with her hands. She leaned her head back and closed her eyes. She smiled in anticipation of the next pose.

She slowly came out of the backbend and put her weight on her hands as she used them to push herself into down dog – feet hip width apart, her arms and legs completing a triangle shape with the floor, her butt in the air. She hung her head in this position and opened her eyes to find exactly what she expected to find – Peter behind her with a dirty smile on his face.

She shifted her legs a bit and lowered into a plank, then down to a half cobra again and back up to down dog. When she looked this time Peter was standing. She stayed in down dog for a minute then repeated the flow again – plank, half cobra, down dog. Her body was warm and relaxed now. She felt Peter’s hands on her hips as he pressed his groin against her butt and she felt his hard cock through his pants. She ground against him a bit.

“Let me finish Peter,” she whispered. “Then we’ll finish.”

He ran his hand up her back and then down to her butt. “OK. But I’m going to watch.”

He stepped away and Carly lowered into plank and then half cobra one more time. Excitement bubbled up inside her as she pictured Peter watching her as she got on all fours. She moved into the cow pose, arching her back, leaning her head back, butt pushed up in the air; then the cat pose, head hanging as her back curved up and she pushed her butt toward the floor. She repeated this a couple of times then turned her head to find Peter mesmerized. She smiled at him and nodded, staying on all fours.

He caressed her butt through her panties and slapped it lightly. “Peter, come stand in front of me. She worked her butt in the air as she told him to take off his pants and underwear. Once his stiff cock was free she moved her knees forward so she was on her knees in front of him.

He escort bursa put his hand on the back of her head as she slid her wet, warm mouth down on him. “Oh my God, Carly.”

She pressed her tongue against his cock as she slid it in and out of her mouth and sucked it. She put her hands on his butt and pushed him deeper into her throat. He pulled his cock out of her mouth.”All fours again.”

He went behind her once she did as she was told and gently slid her panties off her butt and then completely off. He slid a finger in her butt. She rotated her hips to feel it stroking her inside. He slid in another and started slowly fucking her butt with his fingers. She moaned and he pulled out his fingers.

He put his hands on her hips and slowly pushed the tip of his dick inside her butt. She gasped and adjusted to the feeling and he slowly pushed the rest of it inside her. Her hole gripped his stiff dick and he started slowly fucking her ass.

Their breathing became heavier. Peter reached a hand around to the front of Carly and started rubbing her swollen clit. She fell forward so her ass was in the air and her shoulders and head were on the floor. She reached for his hand and put it back on her hip. “Fuck my ass, baby,” she said as her own hand went to her clit.

He thrust harder and slapped her hips as grunts accompanied each thrust. Her hand went crazy on her clit every time she heard and felt his hand slap her skin and every time she heard her ass slam against his body. She screamed. “Oh God, Peter. I’ve gotta cum baby. Come on. Cum in my ass!”

Her pussy walls spasmed as Peter shoved his dick deep inside her. “Mmm. Mmm. Mmm,” he said with each thrust. Carly’s screams reached higher and higher pitches as she got closer. “Come on, Carly. Come on, baby. Pour your sweet juices. Damn baby, come on.”

Her pussy walls spasmed again and her pussy gushed as he drove deep in her eyes and let his load go. She felt his dick pumping his cum into her. “Oh yes, give me your cum,” she said as she rode the wave of her own orgasm. When he stopped coming she collapsed onto the floor and heard him panting, trying to catch his breath.

She rolled over onto her back and reached her hand out for his. “Lay with me, Peter.” He took her hand and lay next to her.

“So uh, yoga is good for reducing stress huh? I’m convinced,” he commented and laid his head on her right breast.

She laughed. “Yep, just what the doctor ordered.’ She stroked the back of his head as they both closed their eyes and drifted off for a nap.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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