Dirty MMF Play

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This is another swinging experience of mine and describes a very intense play session with a lovely couple. I’m a 53yo bi-sexual male and my favorite form of sexplay is with MF couples who enjoy the company of a bi-male. I’ve played with many couples over the past 2 years and have had my eyes opened wide to the wonderful pleasures that 3 filthy-minded people can enjoy in a nice comfy bed. It works best when both males are bi and are therefore completely comfortable in close quarters when pleasuring a woman or indeed each other. It also works best when all parties are confident and relaxed and have no hang-ups with each other.

I have played with quite a few women and MF couples, enabling me to determine my particular likes and kinks. I started out being quite vanilla and although I love intimate GFE style sex with a lovely woman, when I’m with a couple I like things to be more raunchy. So over time I have become more adventurous, to the extent that I now get very turned on by dirty talk and fantasizing, and also by messy sex. By that I mean cum and pussy goo, I’m not into food sex or anything else more extreme. Messy sex is just so natural but it does require great trust in order to stay free of unwanted ailments. My rules are that I only engage in bareback vaginal sex and only then if I trust the couple and know them well. I do not have unprotected sex with a man, and I only take another man’s cum in my mouth if I know and trust him. I also get myself tested regularly.

In my experience it is rare to meet a couple that tick all my boxes ? I look for the following: couples where the male is bi; where the woman is happy to take me bareback if all parties are happy; where all parties are happy to swap cum orally; and where the couple enjoy filthy talk. The last point is an interesting one .. many couples tell me that it is rare for men they’ve met to want to talk dirty and that many men are quite silent during sex, apart from a grunt or a groan. I love talking and the filthier the better when having sex. I have met just 3 or 4 couples who tick all these boxes, including Penny & James.

We exchanged emails, texts and pictures and swapped several emails over several weeks before meeting. We spoke a couple of times on the phone and planned our date in a mutually convenient hotel, a Travelodge near Birmingham, UK. There is something very horny about turning up at a hotel in the middle of a weekday for the purposes of sex. I checked in just before Penny & James, made sure the room was warm enough and got myself ready. Freshly showered I went down to the reception as they texted from the carpark to announce their arrival. We greeted each other easily, striking up conversation naturally and without any awkwardness shown by anyone. Those first few minutes are so important in my experience ? do your homework, prepare well, and the tone you set at the outset pays dividends.

Penny was in her 30’s, strikingly good looking with dark hair and gorgeous legs, her smouldering sluttiness just beneath the surface. James was a 40-something, a lovely guy who I warmed to immediately and the three of us made towards the stairs. But first we first had to log their car registration into the system so we couldn’t just sneak past reception. We were all comfortable about talking to the young female receptionist butI’m sure she had seen it all before and knew exactly what we were going to be doing all afternoon. I’ll just break off from the story at this point to mention my fantasy that one day the receptionist will be a mature slut-wife herself who will recognize the signs, flirt with us in reception, and with a twinkle in her eye wishusfun as we go upstairs. Later in the afternoon there’ll be a gentle knock on our bedroom door while we’re in the middle of fucking ….

I’ll go to the door with just a towel around my waist but Penny & James are so into their fuck that they carry on regardless. It will be Sue, the receptionist, whomentions in a quiet voice that one of the other guests heard loud groaning from our room and was concerned in case anyone was unwell. It’s clear from the sultry look on her face that this is just an excuse to check us out. She knows full well what’s going on, which is confirmed as she looks over my shoulder to see Penny & James in the full throes of a hard fuck but trying (unsuccessfully) to be quiet. Sue’s eyes are wide, she discretely informs me that she’s just finished her shift and asks if we need any help. I instinctively take her hand and close the door as I lead her into the bedroom. I guess she’s in her late-40’s or early-50’s, a lovely full-figured motherly type with short blonde hair and that Ôdirty-as-fuck’ look to her – she’s clearly been around the block a couple of times. I draw her to me, feel her lovely rounded tummy against my stiffening cock and we snog deeply while my companions are fucking just a few feet away. Her tits are huge and she has a lovely full bottom that looks good in her tailored work trousers ? no visible panty line either. Her mouth tastes fresh and minty and she has one hand on the back of my head and the other grasping my erection as we snog hungrily.

I ask her if she’d like to join us, she groans canlı bahis şirketleri and replies “God yes, I badly need fucking and haven’t had cock for weeks”. I warn her that we’re into raunchy filthy sex, but she kicks off her heelsand says “good, I hoped you would be, my cunt started dripping as soon as I saw the 3 of you go upstairs and I knew what was going on, it was written all over your faces and I couldn’t wait for my shift to end so I could try to join you.”. I told her she had come to the right place for some intense sex and asked her if there wasanything she’d prefer not to do but she shakes her head, assures us she’s unshockable and up for anything. She adds that she is a swinger herself but hasn’t played for several months and is gagging as aresult. By now she’s peeled off her Travelodge poloshirt and dropped her black trousers, revealing lacy white bra and matching thong that has a wet patch on the front. God she looks lovely, a full size 14/16 and a couple of dirty-bitchtattoos, one on her foot and one on her left boob. I guide her onto the bed, strip off her wet pants and go down on her. She smells very rich down there, her gash hairy & dripping wet, and cries out loudly as I plant my mouth overher lovely big cunt. With that the four of us put our Travelodge bed through its paces, enjoying every combination of MMFF play.

Sorry for that diversion, hope it happens one day, but back to what actually took place. Once in the room James & I undressed while Penny went to the bathroom to get ready. While she was out of the way James asked if I was happy to fuck Penny bareback and asked me to talk with them as filthily as possible as they really got off on it. I was happy to agree to both requests and James and I were starting to get more closely acquainted on the bed when Penny appeared, dressed for sex in just a lacy black party dress and fuck-me heels. She had thoughtfully pinned her hair up so as to give us a lovely clear view when she sucked cock, but what I spotted to my delight was her very raunchy tattoo on the lower part of her left leg. I’m a leg-man so any sort of decoration on a leg or a foot always turns me on even more. Although Penny’s tattoo was a tasteful little design around her calf, it still screamed “slut-wife” to my wicked mind and I knew we’d be in for an afternoon of pure filth.

She groaned at the sight of us wanking each other to hardness and said she couldn’t wait for us both to fuck her brains out and splatter her insides with cum. Hearing her filthy language was so horny and it encouraged me to talk in the same way. I told her we were going to each give her a monumental seeing-to and would treat her like a dirty little cum-slut. I added that I had refrained from ejaculating for several days and would be making an awful mess in her cunt. She groaned again and said James was a heavy cummer,that they both loved cum play, and that she wanted to be used as a cum-dump. James and I explained to Penny that while she had been in the bathroom we had agreed that the first cum for each of us guys would be in her cunt and that we’d each eat the other’s creampie in turn, and then snowball them with her. She lay on the bed and played with herself while we told her in graphic terms what would happen to her and how we wanted her to be a complete whore wife for James.

Penny was in her element now, rubbing her clit and watching her two men wank their hard cocks in preparation for her onslaught. She told us that she wanted to be used really hard, that we were to each give her a good pounding, in positions that afforded really deep penetration, and that she wanted her cervix completely coated with cum. She said we should clean her out properly after using her and that if possible our second cums should be over her face or tits. She added that she wanted her face to be a mask of jism that we could lick off and feed to her. I couldn’t help wondering which I’d prefer when that moment arrived, either to glaze her face or to cum over her lovely feet and toes ? I love seeing a pretty pair of feminine feet, nails painted dark red or black and coated with cum strings, ideally with an anklet and maybe a toe-ring getting messed up with semen. It struck me that Penny’s leg tattoo was a lovely substitute for a slut-wife anklet and that maybe I’d want to add to her leg decoration later.

Right now though it was time to move things on and I decided to take the initiative and asked Penny to kneel at my feet and suck my cock subserviently. She was eager, commented on my girth, which was lovely of her, and proceeded to feast on my erection. She was clearly a fan of Ôwet’ fellatio and she simply worshipped my cock, getting it in a right old mess. Having taken me deep for a few strokes she drew away, peeled my foreskin back gently, dribbled over my helmet and then worked her saliva back & forth along the shaft. I love a sloppy blow job and this was exquisite. She was soon clasping her lips gently but firmly around my glans and using her hands to wank me and cup my balls. The sight of her dark nails against the root of my penis was a lovely sight. She told me she loved the taste of my pre-cum and asked James if he was enjoying his whore canlı kaçak iddaa wife sucking another man’s cock. I held her hair with one hand and started to fuck her mouth, telling James what a gorgeous little cock-slut his wife was.

James meanwhile was enjoying himself taking photographs and wanking at the sight of us. I suggested he get closer so Penny could take it in turns to suck us, which she did, but she then delighted us both by rubbing our helmets together and wrapping her lips around the pair of us, wanking us both at the same time. I could feel my sap rising, the sight and feel was pure filth, and I reluctantly pulled way to re-position Penny for a good hard fuck on the bed.

She got onto her back, spread her legs wide and I asked if I could prepare her cunt for penetration by James, it seemed right for James to go first and anyway I wanted to recover a bit. They both groaned in agreement and I knelt on the floor and took in the sight and smell of her genitalia at close quarters. Penny’s pussy was utterly delightful and was already showing clear signs of arousal, even without much attention from me. This was one very responsive lady. I started to lick her out, slowly but firmly, peeling her labia apart and enjoying her grinding her vagina into my face. She soon became very liquid and started to moan as James chewed on her nipples and I massaged her G-spot with two fingers and rasped my tongue over her swollen clitoris. She placed her hands on my head and pressed me into her as her first orgasm came hard and fast. As she calmed a little, James slid his cock into her mouth and I heard him say “oh baby, get my cock lovely and hard so I can fuck you as soon as Tim has finished licking you out”.

I beckoned James to come and enter his lovely slut and guided his hard cock towards Penny’s wet and very open cunt. I enjoyed stroking his cock along the length of her gash and over her clit, controlling the moment for James to penetrate the little whore. I parted her with the fingers of my left hand and guided James’s cock with my right hand and encouraged him to enter her. He did so smoothly and proceeded to ream her pussy, gradually building the pace and lengthening his stroke. Very soon his cock had a lovely tide-ring of pussy goo around the root, indicating just how slick Penny’s cunt had become. James was clearly close to cumming and I urged him to pull out and turn Penny over so he could fuck her doggy style.

I had a hidden motive for this, I wanted to 69 with Penny while James was fucking her and we quickly re-positioned ourselves to enable this complete coupling of the three of us. I love getting close-up & personal with a couple when they fuck. Penny lay on top of me and sank her lips onto my cock, her warmth sheathing my erection beautifully. I resumed my oral attack on her pussy thus giving James a chance to recover briefly, but the sight of his wife being used in this way was too much and he was soon guiding his helmet into her open cunt again. I couldn’t blame him, she was so ready for him and the sight of James’s erect penis so close to my face was a huge turn-on. James got into a lovely rhythm of giving Penny some very deep strokes, then pulling out and changing angle slightly in order to pop his cock into my mouth, then back into his wife’s cunt again. The taste of her cunt cream on his cock, mixed with pre-cum was a lovely cocktail.

James couldn’t continue for long and warned us that he was close to cumming. I encouraged him to “fuck the dirty bitch deep and hard” and he proceeded to pound her thoroughly. The sight of his balls bouncing right next to me and the sound of his tummy slapping against her full bottom was utterly amazing. With a loud cry and some well-chosen obscenities, James gave her one final deep thrust and emptied himself into his wife. Penny had thankfully pulled away from blowing me, and begged James to fill her with his thick cream. The sound of them both climaxing in this way very nearly caused my own explosion but I managed to hold on. James began pulling his still-hard cock slowly out of Penny, it was a complete pleasure to be so close to their coupling, and as his helmet emerged with a soft “plop” sound, the dam burst and out came a stream of warm semen, thick and very white. I was taken aback at the quantity and set about catching it in my mouth, trying my best not to waste any. God, he had dumped inside her.

James knew I might be inundated with it and quickly came to my rescue by licking off the excess from my face and feeding it straight to Penny for her to taste. Between us we managed to clean her up as best we could but I couldn’t believe the amount of cum James had deposited in her and as I parted her swollen labia I could see the walls of her cunt flecked with seed, despite my cleaning efforts.

By now I was aching for release and wanted to enter Penny myself. She had her own thoughts on this, pushing me back on the bed onto my back and coming over me to snog me deeply. I could taste James’s cum in her mouth as we mashed our tongues together. Penny broke off from snogging, looked at me and said in a breathy voice “I hope you’re ready to fuck me now, Ôcos I want your thick cock canlı kaçak bahis deep inside my fuck-hole, and you can squirt your cum in me as deep as you like you horny bastard”. She straddled my hips, crouched over me and guided my cock into her pussy, taking it to its full length without hesitation. God, I knew I was in her. Her cunt felt gorgeous, it had already been opened up by James and I prefer a comfy fit when it comes to being inside a woman ? odd I know, but I don’t like a cunt that’s too tight. Penny’s vagina and my penis coupled together perfectly and I loved how deep she could take it. Penny looked so horny impaled on my cock and leaned forward to drape her lovely hanging boobs in my face and have them man-handled. Her nipples were so swollen and I sucked on them hard as she slid her vagina up and down my shaft. Her control was amazing and she could trap the tip of my cock just inside her entrance and squeeze my glans. The sensation was unbelievable.

I wanted her to take it even deeper and after a few minutes persuaded her onto her back, drawing her bum to the edge of the bed and placing a pillow underneath her ass. I parted her legs wide and got her to place her feet on my shoulders while I stood and guided my cock back into her pussy. I love this position and find Travelodge beds are just the right height for it. I’m really into deep penetration and this is a perfect position? in fact it’s the position in which I got my wife pregnant on both occasions all those years ago. I like to think it gave our two children a good start in life, they’ve turned out to be two rounded adults and I’m sure a satisfyingly easy conception helped in each case! The pillow raises the angle of the vagina backwards and helps more sperm to swim into the cervix. Penny clearly loved it this way and James was in the clouds at the sight of his wife being used so heavily. I even got him to stand on the bed so I could suck his cock at the same time, which turned Penny on even more.

My cock was really slick with pussy goo by now so it was time to change positions again and get Penny onto her knees. James spread the cheeks of her ass and guided my cock between her distended labia. I had wiped some of the goo off my cock while changing positions and re-entered her to enjoy getting it re-coated. James loved the sight of me penetrating his wife like this and took photos again of my cock stroking in and out steadily. I’d pull out until I just had the swollen glans nestling between her labia, James would dribble saliva onto my helmet and then I’d push deep into her cunt. I’d gently rub his saliva into the little puckered rose of Penny’s anus and enjoy hearing her groan, though I knew she wouldn’t want any deeper anal penetration. We repeated this action several times and it was so horny that I just had to go for the finishing line. I held Penny’s left shoulder with one hand and pulled her hair back with the other, then thrust my erection into her deep and hard. James took his erection to her mouth and we proceeded to spit-roast her heavily. She was a bitch in heat and we loved treating her in such a sub-slut way.Her cunt was taking such a battering from my erection and she was leaking pussy cream all over the base of my cock and onto my balls. The sounds were amazing ? the rythmic slapping of our bodies, Penny’s groans and cries muffled by James’s cock in her mouth and – my favorite – loud wet fanny farts as my thick cock expelled air from Penny’s cunt. James and I were talking filth again, me telling him how gorgeous his wife’s cunt felt and how I was going to splatter her cervix with warm semen, him telling me to fuck the dirty bitch hard and treat her like the little cum-slut she is. This took me over the edge and I thrust Penny hard onto James, felt the tip of my cock graze the neck of her womb and emptied 4 days of cum up into her cervix. Her cunt wentinto spasm and milked me as she reached her own intense climax, shouting out what depraved bastards we were.

Exhausted, I pulled out and was pleased to find my semen had mostly stayed inside her. James was eager to clean up the creampie I’d left behind and got Penny to lie on her back. I spread her puffy labia and James popped two fingers inside her to scoop out my cum. James was soon feeding my seed to Penny which she and I then snowballed, swapping it between our mouths until James had finished his cleaning and could join us in a 3-way cum-swap. Very horny indeed.

We relaxed on the bed, talked about our swinging experiences and fantasies and other things we’d like to do when we met next time. Penny was soon rubbing a growing itch between her legs and James asked if I could raise another load. I needed a bit of recovery time and suggested they go ahead and fuck while I watched. With Penny on her back, James entered her in the missionary position and I grasped her feet and brought them back until her knees were by her ears. I love watching a couple fuck in this position and soon my cock was hardening again at the sight and sound of intense sex. James gestured for me to slip my cock into his mouth and his lovely technique soon had me rock hard. Penny clearly got very aroused at the sight of two guys enjoying each other although I think James’s hard pounding was hitting her spot too. This was never going to last long, the intensity was too much and with almost perfect timing we managed to re-position ourselves so as to cum all over Penny’s face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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