Dinner @ Keith’s

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Heading to Keith’s house was a treat for me. I wanted this man. As I drove down interstate 64, listening to the Quiet Storm and day dreaming about making love to Keith. At this time that’s all I could do. Keith Taylor was a fellow co-worker of mine and we have been working long hours on the Hope VI grant. This was the biggest grant I had worked on and we had a deadline to submit. Back to Keith, he was fine, smart and I could only imagine from the way his pants hung, he was definitely swinging.

Keith was everyone’s fantasy. Our whole office was a buzz whenever he walked in. His cologne lingered whenever he entered a room. I knew when we were paired oversee the grant that we would have to work long hours together. I was the envy of all the other hoes who wanted a piece of this brick of a man.

“Ladies, its going to be a stormy night, hope you have someone to hold you tight this evening,” the DJ expressed. How I wished Keith and I could be holding each other tonight. As the night air whipped, I could feel the effects of Jaime Foxx whispering, “Hey DJ play this girl a love song.” Damn I wanted this man so bad.

As I pulled into Kempsville Lake, the anticipation of seeing Keith grew higher. He was such a hard nugget to crack. I couldn’t tell if he was attracted to me or not. How could he deny all of this? I was a dime. Keith was my temptation.

I reached my destination, maltepe escort 522 Crescent Drive. His porch light was brightly lit for me. I got out of my car with my work tote, ready to see my temptation. Keith was at the door, holding wine glasses. I was curious.

“Hey there,” he said. As he open the door. I got right up on him, I wanted to kiss him but instead my body brushed up against his man piece. Mmh, I thought it felt nice.

“Hope your hungry? I made Chicken Marsala,” he said.

“Wow, you cooked? I love Chicken Marsala,” I replied. He could of said he made hot piss, I would have said I love it. As he closed and locked the door behind me, he ushered me straight to the dining room. Keith had place setting for two. There was wine, bread and Chicken Marsala waiting for me.

“Keith everything looks so good, what’s the occasion?” I asked.

“Well since we’re finishing up the grant, I thought we could have a nice dinner,” he replied. Tonight was definitely going to be our night.

You know before we started this process, I didn’t give you enough credit, Misha,” Keith expressed as he fixed my plate.

“Oh really,” I said. I was wondering where he was going with this.

“Don’t be upset, you are really a smart lady. We make a good team,” He said. I began to get all warm inside; my pussy was jumping for joy. I hope mecidiyeköy escort I wasn’t smiling too hard; yes I probably was. Our eyes met, and the glances became lusting. I was loving the intimate dinner but every fiber was yelling “Fuck me.”

“After dinner, we tried to finish the grant but we kept getting off the subject of stats and guidelines. There was so much I didn’t know about him; like he rode a motorcycle and he belong to NAACP. We had been hard at work for at least three hours and the sexual tension was high as hell. I didn’t want to leave, but I began to get sleepy. Keith was at tentative and offered me his bed, so I wouldn’t fall asleep while driving. At first, I refused, all the while wanting to say yes, but he was so persuasive, so I agreed. By the time I laid my body down it was one thirty in the morning.

His bed was cool and inviting. I excused myself and admired his taste. His bedroom was huge and exotic. Keith’s king size bed was soft and made me feel like I was on a cloud. He gave me a t-shirt of his to sleep in.

I tried to go to sleep, but I kept wondering why was Keith single? I closed my eyes, I was interrupted by his alarm clock, the music came on, scaring me to death. I shut the clock off, and close my eyes.

“My body is on fire, I want you girl,” a deep voice said.

“I want you too, I want you merter escort so bad baby,’ I replied. I felt hands on my breast and neck. A wave of warm feelings came over me. I felt his tongue licking me on my lips, down to my nipples. Keith’s hands cupped my breast. I moaned begging him not to stop. He said he wouldn’t until I was satisfied.

Our lips became one as we found ourselves naked under his caramel colored duvet. I had not felt my shirt come off or how we ended up in bed together. Keith’s physique was amazing. The hardness of his muscular chest and back was a comfort to my aching soul. I have wanted this man from the first time I laid eyes on him. He began licking all my parts; my forehead, ears, my neck, my shoulders, down to my stomach, then to my coochie. He kissed it as if it was a baby, his baby. He was so gentle. I lay motionless as he took his time eating my pussy. He licked my clit, my sweet lips and my walls. I came three times in a row. He asked me to sit on top of his face which sent me into a tailspin.

Keith begged me to squeeze my walls and shoot my cum into his mouth. I obliged him. I looked behind me to see his big pipe, rock hard and needing some attention. I leaned back to stroke his dick. I massaged his meat between my fingers watching its wonderment. It seemed to grow larger. I wanted him to feel the way I did; explosive. I devoured his man piece in my mouth. Keith squirmed and called me the “B” word and told me not to stop. I used my tongue to draw his cum to me. He pulled me on top of him, to finish the job of making love to my pussy.

Our 69 action lasted till the break of dawn. When I awoke I was still wearing his t-shirt, I love dreams.

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