Diary of a Fellatrix Ch. 01

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I rush right home from the gym at 2:00pm, snarling at traffic and weather delays on the road. I only have an hour before my first date arrives! I tap my fingers in impatient time to the same-old music playing on the radio as I wait at the last light before the turn off for my apartment building. I squeal my tires slightly on the wet pavement as I take the corner into my parking lot a little too fast, and then smoothly pull into my space. In my rush I fumble with my keys and in frustration, decide to simply leave my gym bag in the car to be retrieved later. I jog to the door and let myself in, deciding to take the stairs to my 4th floor apartment rather than wait for the ancient elevator.

As I hurry through the door of my place, a quick glace reveals that the traffic has taken its toll, and at 2:34 I haven’t got much time to prepare. Tossing my keys down on the table by the door, I rush to my bedroom, stripping off my sweaty tank top and sports bra as I go. I glance in the mirror as I pass on my way to the bathroom, and catch myself in profile; my nipples harden as I think about the cock I’ll soon suck, and I shiver with anticipation.

I bend over, pulling off my spandex shorts, tossing them in the hamper as I step into the shower. Working quickly, I give my hair a quick rinse, and lather myself all over. I dare not dally to rub my tingling clit, and I actually slap my own hand away as it unconsciously migrates to my crotch. I rinse and turn off the shower, grabbing a big luxuriously thick towel and start drying off. With no clock in the bathroom, I rushed to pet myself dry, and wring out my hair as much as possible. Realizing I needed to pee, I quickly tossed the towel to the side and sat.

Of course, that was the moment my apartment buzzer rang. In a panic, I quickly finished and wiped, and grabbed the towel as I ran to buzz him in. As soon as I did, I wrapped the towel tightly around my body, and rushed to the mirror to see if I could salvage my looks in the few moments I had before he reached my door. Just as I started to brush my wet hair back behind my ears, he knocked on my door. The man must be “The beşiktaş escort Flash” I thought to myself as I pondered my reflection a moment longer. Far from perfect, but good enough for the task at hand, I thought.

I opened the door and affected my biggest, warmest grin. “Hello John hunny, come in.” I said in a sultry tone.

John smiled nervously and come inside, his eyes on the floor, darting up for only the briefest of glances at me. John was a quiet, sensitive soul; a nerd by most modern definitions. He was soft, but not really overweight, and had a patchy chin-strap beard that ended up making him look younger, rather than older.

“Sorry I didn’t have time to finish getting ready,” I said with a mock pout. “I got stuck in traffic. But don’t worry, I promise I’ll make it up to you.” I added with a wink.

John on blushed in response and stammered an attempted compliment, saying I looked perfect.

“Really?” I asked, tongue in cheek as I twirled to show him my backside, only half covered by my towel. “Its just a towel John.”

As I said “its just a towel”, I let used one hand to untuck it from my chest. The towel fell to the floor while I looked back over my shoulder, my bare behind facing an awestruck John. “Oops.” I said in my best approximation of a ditzy blonde’s voice.

John stood, hands at his sides, looking like a statue frozen into a look of utter amazement. To avoid his becoming a brain aneurism casualty before my eyes, I gently took him by the hand and led him behind me to the bedroom. Turning around, I pushed him softly till he was seated on the edge of my bed, and then, grabbing a pillow to kneel on, sank down between his legs.

“I’ve been waiting all day for this hunny.” I said huskily. “I’ll bet you have too.”

“You’re so beautiful.” John said, barely above a whisper. “I think about this all day, every day.”

“You’re such a sweetheart.” I said honestly, looking into his eyes as my fingers undid his button and fly, before pulling his shorts down to his ankles. “And have such a hard cock.” I added with a wink.

John blushed, and smiled beşiktaş eve gelen escort to himself. I had met him only a month before, when I struck up conversation while sitting next to him on the bus one day. I had been able to tell he was checking me out, but also that he was far too nervous to even speak to me, so I tried to embarrass him into coming out of his shell. The best part of the mostly one-sided conversation was when I reached out and pressed the palm of my hand against the obvious raging erection in his pants that day, simply from speaking with me. He hadn’t known how to react; I suspected I may have been the first to even touch him. Later that day I was definitely the first to ever swallow his cum, and I had met him twice since to service his inexperienced cock.

I heard John moan softly and glanced up to see him, eyes closed, head back, biting his lip from simply the feeling of my breath on his cock. I smiled to myself, knowing what fun it was to tease his sensitive and hair-trigger cock and balls. Slowly, I went to work, with my mouth only, licking and sucking his balls. They were already tight in his sack, and he let out a long, low, groan as I pampered them. Being the insatiable tease that I am, I kept it up for several minutes, licking, kissing, and sucking his balls gently.

Still using only my mouth, my hands resting on my knees, I slathered the underside of his cock with my tongue, moving up to its head. John was average in length, and a little bigger than average in girth, with a nice fat uncircumcised head. I ran my tongue around the crown of his cock over and over, flicking it and circling it, causing him to squirm and moan. I smiled to myself as I teased and tortured him, thinking to myself that I would make an excellent interrogator.

Finally, after about 10 minutes, I took him into my mouth. The sound he made as a result almost made me laugh out loud, so I covered it up with an approving moan of my own. Ever so slowly, I sank my mouth onto him, taking him to the hilt and back again in smooth slow motions. I already felt his cock beginning to beşiktaş grup yapan escort pulse, and backed off to watch it bob up and down in front of my face as he cooled down. When it stopped I went right back down again, agonizingly slowly, slithering my tongue out to lash his balls when I had his head at the opening to my throat. I gagged lightly once, and then withdrew, again backing off to let him cool down.

John’s chest was heaving now, and he gently stroked my hair and shoulders with his hands. I moaned softly in appreciation, and ran my own hands up and down his thighs, letting my fingernails lightly scratch his skin. I licked his cock head as it began to pulse and bounce again.

“I’m gonna cum…” John grunted out in desperation.

“Mmmm yes baby, cum all over my face.” I replied, smiling up at him while he watched his cock begin to spurt sticky white cum onto my lower lip.

Using no hands, I began to move my face around, rubbing every part of it against his cock as it shot and leaked copious cum onto my cheeks, lips, nose, eyebrows, and forehead. Reaching up one hand at last, I gently tickled his balls, coaxing just a little more cum out as I wantonly smeared my face into his dripping cock.

“I’m sorry,” John began to mutter as he stroked my hair lovingly. “I tried to hold out and last longer to make you happy.”

I felt John’s thick cum sticking to my lips as they parted, causing a small bubble of cum to pop as I replied. “The load I’m wearing on my face right now makes me the happiest girl alive.” I reassured him, stroking his knee.

Using a soft cloth I keep by my bedside for such occasions, I gently cleaned off first John’s cock, and then my face. He watched in silence, gently touching me with his fingertips, tickling my shoulders and arms. “Thank you so much Lucia.” he said. “You really are incredible.”

“You’re a really special guy John. I love taking care of you.” I reply with an honest smile.

Feeling embarrassed and awkward, John hung around for only a few more minutes, making odd small talk until he finally invented some excuse to leave. I smiled to myself at his nervousness, knowing he was trying to work up the courage to ask me to dinner some time. I may have done all the work for him to get me into bed, but I was going to make him do that part himself. I wished him a fond farewell at the door, wrapped up once again in my towel.

Friday night’s continued antics to be continued in chapter two!

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