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As I walk back to my office, having just finished teaching my year 13 A-level physics group, I think about how tempting some of the girls are starting to look. I muse over the ways in which I could corrupt their inexperienced minds, and the trouble I’d get in if caught. No harm in let your mind run away with you every once in a while.

I get to my office and open the door, dropping my notes as I take in the sight in front of me; one of the older girls — at least 18, sitting on the edge of my desk slowly rubbing her fingers across her clit, dressed in a impossibly short skirt, white blouse and tie — standard uniform — and white stockings and suspenders which are clearly not endorsed by the guidelines!

She stares me in the eye and licks her lips as she pushes two fingers into a pussy that is clearly eager to receive them. As I stand there looking she says “Close the door, Sir, you don’t want everyone to see do you?”

Still struggling to comprehend the delightful scene in front of me — though the erection that is growing in front of me makes a lie of this — I swing the door shut behind me and step towards the girl. “Who are you?” I demand and as reply I receive a giggle and simply “Natasha.”

“Do you realise that you’re breaking some of the most serious school rules here young lady?” she nods and starts to caress her breast through her blouse. I think that I may as well make the most of the situation, and turn to lock the door.

I turn back and pull her from the desk, spinning and bending her so that before she realises it she’s bent over the desk. I lift her short grey skirt and swipe my hand across her arse with a resounding ‘slap’. She lets out a little groan and looks over her shoulder at me as she bites on her lip “Have I been a bad girl?” she pouts.

“You’ve been incredibly bad” I tell her and land another hand full on her buttock.

“I’m sorry, Sir, I thought you’d like to see my tight, moist pussy as you came back to your office after a hard day teaching…”

“I do like to see it, but there illegal bahis are ways and means, and you’ve show them total disregard, so as a teacher, I have no alternative other than to punish you.”

I turn her to face me, putting my hand up her skirt and ripping her tiny thong from her legs. I push my own fingers into her warm opening until I can move them no further. Again Natasha is biting her lip, and moaning softly. I slide them in and out of her for a few minutes until she questions: “Is this my punishment?”

“No,” I reply pushing her to her knees in front of me, “This is just me taking from you what I want. When I’ve finished that, THEN your punishment begins.”

She reaches for the zip on my trousers and very quickly has it undone along with the button and my belt. As she slides my trousers to the floor she reaches for my cock and slides her hand up and down its length, smiling to herself.

She leans forward and flickers her tongue across its tip, and moves closer in to push it between her lips. I reach to the back of her head and grab one of her pigtails in each hand, using them to control the speed with which I fuck her mouth. She looks up at me with a glint in her eye that suggests this is exactly what she wanted me to do to her, like she’s enjoying me taking advantage of her.

With this I pull her hair, bringing to her feet. I push her back against the desk until she’s sat on its edge once more. As with the first time, she had her legs separated and a look of sexual appetite across her face. I step out of my trousers and unbutton my shirt.

I move towards her and tell her to give me her tie. She makes a show out of taking it off, and makes sure her ample cleavage catches my attention in the process. I put my hand out for her tie and as soon as it’s in my hand I reach behind her and grab both of her wrists, binding them together. A mixed look of panic and desire spreads across her face as I unbutton her blouse to reveal the breasts that she so badly wanted to show me.

I push her shirt down off her shoulders illegal bahis siteleri and unfasten the white, strapless bra, dropping it beside me on the floor. I take a breast in each hand, and gently knead them, feeling their perfect form and texture filling my hands. I continue this with my left hand as I stoop to administer to her other breast; licking; kissing; sucking; enjoying. She gasps and moans several times, but I’m not concerned by this — I’m still just taking what I want.

I move across to the, as yet, unattended breast and apply the same treatments, adding a few nips with my teeth just to make sure she doesn’t get any ideas about a predictable routine.

I straighten up after a few more moments, and push my cock against her soaking wet pussy — she really seemed to be enjoying what I was doing to her breasts! I slid in so easily and bottomed out to a grunt from Natasha as she could take no more, and I had no more to offer. I started a slow rhythm, sliding the full length of my cock in and out of her pussy, building speed as the time passed and the momentum built.

I pulled out of her pussy and rolled her over so she was bent over my desk again. I rubbed the tip of my dick against her clit, and then her pussy, dipping it in and out a few times before moving on. As I rested my cock at the entrance to her arse, she shot a glance over her shoulder: “This is the start of your punishment,” I tell her as I gently push against her.

She begs me not to do it, to let her suck my cock instead, anything but that. The pleas fall on deaf ears because I can tell they are not genuine, and that she wants me to violate her here as well. The look in her eyes, the tone of her voice; neither belonged to a girl who was trying to prevent penetration.

I continued to push gently against her as I felt her relax beneath me, granting me easier access to her tightest of places. After each advance, I paused, allowing her to get used to the feeling. Within a few minutes we had a steady rhythm between us and I felt the periodic canlı bahis siteleri clenches she was using, milking my cock, adding another sensation. I pulled out of her and sat in my chair, pulling her up with me.

“Sit on my cock and ride me,” I command. As she lowers herself down I can feel her take hold of my dick in her bound hands and guide it back to the place it had just vacated. Then came the sweet feeling of her lowering herself onto it; eye contact was not broken from this moment. As she started to ride like a woman possessed I sat back and watched as her pert breasts bobbed up and down; as she bit her lip and groaned; as she longed for contact for her desperate pussy.

On this I conceded. I reached forward and laid my fingers against her clit. “Is this what you want, Natasha?” she could manage nought but a nod, which I took to be my cue to move my fingers slowly up and down against her. As she moved more frantically, so did I, matching her stroke for stroke.

I lifted her from my cock, only enough to allow me to enter her cunt again. She rode me even harder until she started to flag, running out of energy. When this happened, I stood up and pushed her to the floor.

She sat there looking up at me, looking all the more attractive for the vulnerable state she was in. That was all I needed to finish me off.

Taking hold of her pigtails once more, I guided my cock into her mouth again and thrust, maybe half a dozen times, maybe more, until I could feel my impending release build to the point of no return.

When I came she attempted to swallow all that she had been given, but was unable; a few rivulets trickled down her chin and began to drip onto the exposed flesh of her cleavage. I pulled my dick from her mouth and she showed me all that she had in there, before gulping it down and opening her mouth again. I pushed my cock into it and let her suck on it for a few moments before I stepped back and started to dress.

“Unfortunately, due to the severity of your actions, you’ll be required to spend the rest of the week in my personal detention,” I untied her wrists and handed her bra back, “so I’ll be expecting to see you here at 4pm tomorrow too!”

“Yes, sir.” She replied with a grin as she buttoned up her blouse and left, straightening her tie.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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