Deputy Dawg Ch. 01

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I remember a time when the thought of cheating on my husband was not only unthinkable but laughable.

That thick, lovely cock & kinky mind had always been more than enough to satisfy any craving I had. But, there’s always that but isn’t there?, the last few months our sex life had gone to hell. We went from kink, creative, fun, etc… to damned boring! It was like he forgot how to wind me up & make my legs quake at the thought of fucking him. Sex had become no more than getting him off. His dick gets sucked, he turns me around, grabs a tit & fucks me. Oh, the occasional ‘get on top and get yourself off dear’ offer was so tempting (Note the sarcasm dripping off that. Granted, I still took him up on the offers, but it tended to take longer than it should have to get off.). Hell I could have been a blow up doll for all the attention he paid to any needs I might have.

Then the blow out of our life happened. All it took was a neighbour to hear us having our first honest to goodness screaming match & in went that call to the cops. With all the severe cases of domestic violence in our community lately (Not to mention the bad press the cops were getting about handling it.), the police tend to arrest fast & let the rest get sorted out later by the D.A.’s. You can see where that evening headed, me crying alone & my husband cooling his heels in jail.

Just when I thought life couldn’t get any worse, it got downright outrageously funny. I do have a twisted and sick sense of humor but even this surprised me. The officer that had arrested my husband was flirting with me & had given me his cell phone number. At the time, I didn’t know it was his private number but I should have guessed. Any cop that lets you know he thinks you have porno lips has most likely been having a few carnal thoughts about you pinging through his grey matter. Did I mention this one is married & his wife is about to give birth to their second child? Screw icing on the cake, I was onto candles, sparklers, sprinkles and candy bars topping mine!

A couple days go by & I call the station to find out how to get the report about the case. They handily supplied me with a wrong number to call. Of course. Fate has a little giggle at my expense & I remember the other number the officer had given me. I finally dig it out & give him a call. No answer so I leave a message. A couple hours later I get a call back. It’s not hard sınırsız escort to tell he’s very happy to have heard from me. We talk about the paperwork I’d like, a bit about the case (which I tell him I think is ridiculous, but anyways…), & a little more chit chat. He says he’ll do what he can to help & will get back to me soon. 30 minutes later the phone rings again. Johnny Law calling! Has some lame excuse about something he might have forgot to tell me, & promptly forgets to tell me what it was anyhow. Just a brief call. Enough of one to know the man is likely hooked.

It was the third call that night clinched it though. Even if I had been unsure after phone call number one or two, this one would have assuaged any lingering doubts I had. He managed a lame excuse about returning my call & OOPS! he must have forgot to erase my original message.

I’ll inject a few tidbits about myself at this time. I’ve been told I’m cute even if I am chubby. I get hit on enough that I know chubby doesn’t bother all men, that’s for damned sure. I’ve got light auburn hair, pale green eyes, great gams & killer lips. On top of that I have a nicely curvy, lush body that’s topped off with a 38G (FF for you lovely Europeans) rack. I’m also fairly short at 5’4″. It’s a package that fat or thinner gets more than enough attention from both sexes.

Now back to our tale of Deputy Dawg. The next night I get another phone call. This time there’s no pretense that it’s about the case. He called to talk to me. He flirted, I flirted back. Hell, it had been awhile & I was having fun. Then I asked him straight out what was really up. It always makes me laugh at how a straight up question usually gets you a onslaught of honest gut spilling. He told me about his fantasies & what he wanted to do to me. While being on the tame side, they did sound deliciously fun!

The audible groan when I told him that the bra I was wearing was way better than the one he had seen when he was here for the case, was worth the tease. All this serious flirting, while stroking my bruised ego & self image, was fun but a big no no when you’re in the middle of feeling like shit about your life & marriage.

The Long Arm suggested that he come over to talk after his shift that night. Oh shit I thought & said ok.

I didn’t want to piss this guy off, he was the one that could say whatever he taksim escort wanted to get my husband convicted & tossed in the clink for a bit. Flattered (& admittedly very turned on) as I was, I figured it would be easy enough to get him to make the decision for himself that he didn’t want to cheat on his pregnant wife. It’s one of the best mind fuck games I know, plus you usually end up with a grateful new male friend out of the deal. Just a few pointed questions & my problems would be over. I was nervous but knew this possible disaster would soon be averted.

I swear I thought I was over the man in uniform to wet pussy in 10 nanoseconds faze of my life, but apparently one can relapse back into that stage after having a couple drinks. I forgot to mention earlier that when he had called I had been imbibing just a tad. The mere fact that Officer Bubba was tall & cute didn’t help matters any. You can do the math on the impending doom. Oh man, if only I had known how fucked I was!

Johnny Law arrives at the house shortly after his shift ends. He laughs about never having done his paperwork so fast. Why is it cops always look so damned cute in their uniforms? We talk for a bit. I start in on him with my little mind fuck. To my great surprise & dismay, a trick that has worked 100% of the time, it isn’t working on this man!! Oh shit! He wants me & there’s no talking him out of it.

My mind is racing at this point. What am I going to do now?!? I know physically I could whip off my panties & hop on this man’s cock in a heartbeat, but mentally I was struggling with my options & emotions.

I really love & adore my husband. My husband & I have had threesomes, but neither of us consider that cheating since we’re together when it happens. I always thought of cheating as selfish & stupid. In fact I’ve always had attached men on my “do not touch or drop immediately & ignore list”. Unfortunately this man’s lust mixed with my anger, sexual frustration, loneliness & inebriation were threatening to bust a hole in my very moral fiber. Bugger!!

I was showing surprising strength in the face of this dilemma. He was sitting across from me for over an hour just talking. Finally he must have figured there was no way he was getting into my panties & said he had to go. It was on his way out to the door that he finally touched me. He had just held my hand but it was tesettürlü escort like an electric current rushing through me.

Damnit less than 10 nano’s to wet. My vibrator was practically screaming at from its spot in my dresser drawer. I had to get this man out of my house now! I stuttered a goodbye & apology while trying to unlock the door for him to leave.

Then he kissed me. It was a kiss full of raw lust & it felt so fucking good! You might have guessed it, now I was total putty in his hands. He knew it too.

He pressed me up against the wall by the door & continued to kiss me. His hands made their way up my sides dragging my tank top off. A mixture of a gasp & groan issued from his lips when he saw my creamy breasts nestled into my low cut black bra.

His hands desperately sought out my breasts. Hands hefting their weight, relishing with unsuppressed glee their size. Then his fingers found their prize, & began stroking my hard, sensitive nipples. His lips all the while burning a trail down my throat. He was grinding his hips into mine, his hard on fully apparent. I almost came twice just from his touch.

I was trying like hell to win what was becoming a losing battle between my brain & body. I had almost regained my sensibilities, when he stumbled onto my most suppressed turn on. He started telling me what he was going to do to me. KO!

Dirty talk gets to me every time. It’s like the ultimate teaser for me. Telling me what you’re to do & making me wait for you to actually do it. Just the thought of it makes me tingle. A very bad experience with it when I was a teenager stopped me from opening up to anyone, including my husband, about being very turned on by it.

Deputy Dawg had won. He could have me do anything he wanted.

His mouth hotly sought out my nipples while his hands undid my jeans and pushed them off me. I was writhing against the wall from his ministrations. On the verge of cumming so many times by now, I was begging him to help me with release.

He slid his fingers beneath the elastic of my panties, creeping down past pubic hair to my soaking pussy. His cock jumped in his pants when he touched that wetness for the first time. His finger lightly grazed & teased my clit. I was almost ready to cum when he noticed the clock on the wall. His hands & lips immediately left my body with his surprise at the time.

FUCK!!! We both managed to say at the same time. He had to leave & get home to the wife, now. He kissed me & got in a good grope one last time before adjusting himself so he could leave.

He grinned wickedly before closing the front door & told me he’d see me tomorrow night to finish what he’d started.

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