Denny?s Breakfast Treat – 2

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“Promise me you will be here in the morning.”
I looked down into her pleading eyes and said “You can count on it.”
“I promise I will be here in the morning. In fact why don’t you keep the jacket with you, you’ll need it in the morning.”
She hugged me tighter and said “I’ll be waiting and ready.” She emphasized the ‘Ready’. She stepped back and turned towards the doors. I got back on the bike and I heard her holler “HEY”. I turned to look at her and she was holding the jacket open with her tank top pulled up above her breasts.
“Something to look forward to.” She pulled down her top, waved and went inside. I rode to work with the image of her 34D breast in my head. What was tomorrow going to bring.

Denny’s Breakfast Treat – 2

Just before I was supposed to leave work one of the temps ran a fork on his forklift thru a pallet of a customer owned sport drink, by the time I did the paperwork and told him I did not need him to come back it was 7pm. It was only 15 minutes to the Denny’s where Mercedes worked but I was worried what she would think when I was late. It was almost 7:20 when I pulled in the lot. She wasn’t outside so I went in to look for her. The woman at the cash register went in back to look and soon Mercedes came rushing out. She threw her arms around me and kissed me like she hadn’t seen me in weeks.

“When I went out the back door my heart sunk. I thought you were just another of those guys that says ‘I’ll call you’ and doesn’t. The longer I sat back there waiting the worse I felt. When sandy came back and said some guy on a bike was out front looking for me I realized how stupid I was being.”

“Not stupid, just worried. We need to make sure we swap numbers so when one of us is let or has a problem we can call and avoid this. Now let’s go. We’re spending the morning in your bed so we can go shopping for you at noon.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll find out when we get there.”

We got to her apartment and she literally dragged me up the stairs. When she got the door open she pulled me inside and started working on getting my pants off without even closing the door. I threw my jacket in corner and shoved the door closed with a bang as put her hands on my hips and pulled me all the way into her throat. I put my hands on her head but she was already stroking my shaft in her throat pulling hard with her hands to get it all in.

“Well, welcome home the horney couple.”

I opened my eyes and there was Rose in a, to short night shirt and no panties, leaning on the hall wall. Mercedes did not slow and I just closed my eyes and went back to enjoying the blow job she was giving me. She was fucking me into her throat so fast I thought she might hurt herself when she took one hand and started rubbing my balls. I was just about ready to cum when I opened my eyes and saw Rose with her shirt pulled up over her tits with one hand tweaking her nipples and the other on plunging two fingers into her cunt.

Oh damn, I’m gonna cum,” Mercedes pulled me deep and held me there as I blasted cum down her throat while I was watching Rose have her own orgasm. She would have fallen if she wasn’t already leaning against the wall. From where I was I could see juices dripping from the fingers in her. When my dick stopped pumping out cum Mercedes pulled off it and stood up to kiss me then turned to Rose.

“Did you enjoy the show?”

“Fuck yes. You two are so hot.”

Mercedes helped me get my pants the rest of the way off and took off my shirt. I pulled her tank top over her head exposing her braless breasts. I nibbled and suckled each one than pulled her to where I could sit on the edge of the couch. I slowly unbuttoned her jeans and put a kiss on the exposed flesh after each button. When the buttons were done I slid her jeans to her ankles and helped her step out of them and replace her heels. The 4” heels made her legs look great and put her pussy at the height I wanted. I stood her straddling my right leg and raised her foot and put it on the couch to spread her thighs. She put her hands on my shoulders to steady herself as I spread her outer lips with one hand. I put two fingers in her pussy that was already wet from anticipation.

I was stroking her hole and listening to her moan, as I leaned forward to kiss her slit. When my lips torched her she jumped like she had been shocked.

“Oh baby, that feels so good. Do it some more.”

Rose sat down on my left side. With her left hade she was squeezing one of Mercedes breasts and she started stroking my shaft with the other. She was taking the pre-cum that was leaking out and rubbing it all over my shaft. She looked up at Mercedes and said “Can I suck his cock, please. Please let me taste him.” She did this as I sucked Mercedes clit between my lips.
“Oh fuck, oh fuck. Yes, suck his cock while he sucks my clit. Oh god please don’t stop.” She held my head as she hunched herself on my lips and fingers. Rose put her lips on the head of my cock and pushed down. I felt her lips stretch aroung the head. It popped in with about 2” of my shaft. She stopped a moment and groaned. I was sucking and biting Mercedes clit as I took my left hand and pushed Roses head farther down on my cock. With just over 6” in her mouth I hit the back of her mouth. I pushed harder and she gagged. I let her up a couple of inches and after she took a breath I pushed her down again. This time when I her bottom I could feel her trying to swallow the head but was not getting it down. As she gagged again I let her up again but when I pushed her down I used as much pressure as I could and when she started trying to swallow the head of my cock slid down her throat and only stopped when her nose was buried in my pubes.

The feeling of my cock sliding down started me blasting cum down into her stomach. I bit Mercedes clit as I did. She started shaking and flooded the fingers in her pussy with juices.

“Oh god I’m ccuummiinng. Suck my clit harder”. Rose pulled my cock from her throat and was taking deep breaths as Mercedes came down from her orgasm and collapsed into my lap, laying her head on my shoulder. Rose moved up on the couch and snuggled into me facing Mercedes.

“You taste so good on his cock.” She looked at me with tears in her eyes and said “I didn’t think I could get that big piece on meat down. Thank you for making it go.” We sat there together for several minutes until Rose said “where did you to disappear to yesterday?”

Mercedes told her “He took me to his house, we swam in the pool, we had sex, he fucked my ass and we slept, all outside in the sun. The best part was when he asked me to move in to his house.” Rose was stunned.

“What about me? I can’t afford to live her alone and your the only roommate I have ever really liked.” She looked at me. “Can I move in to please? I’ll do anything you want, just don’t take Mercedes away, please?”


“Yes anything. I’ll suck your dick anytime or anywhere. I’ll kiss your ass and let you use me as your slut. Please, please, please. I want more of your cock.”

Ok let’s do a test. Go in your bedroom strip naked, put on your tallest heels and come back out here with all your bras and panties in a bag. Now go.”

As soon as she was out of the room Mercedes said “You sure figured her out fast. She loves to be told what to do. When I figured it out I took her to a club one night. When we met a couple of guys we liked I told her to stand next to the table, take off her thong and hand it to one of them. I told her to lift the front of her dress and let them see her bald pussy. She told me the next day she had juices running down her legs before we left the club.” Just then Rose returned and stood in front of me with a black trash bag in her hands.

“Ok here is what I want you to do now. Take that bag and go down to the trash dumpster and throw it in.” Her eyes got big and her mouth opened as if to say something. “Before you say anything here are your choices. Do as I instructed, and move in with me and Mercedes, or refuse, and stay here in this apartment. Choose now.” Her face looked like she wanted to cry but she turned, opened the door and walked out.

Mercedes said “Why the hi-heels?”

“How fast can you run or climb stairs in the heels she’s wearing?”

“When your mean you’re real mean. I hope I never get on your mean side.” Then she started laughing. It took about 5 minutes for Rose to return. She came thru the door closed it and leaned back against it.

“Did you get caught?”


Come here, stand in front of me with your back to me, bend at the waist and grab your ankles.” Watching her stand there with her ass in the air teetering on the 5” heels she had on was fun.

“From now on this will be ‘The Position’. When I say assume the position you will do this within 1’ of me. Do you understand?”

“Yes.” I slapped her ass. She yelled and almost fell over.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, sir?”

“Sweetie see if she got wet being naked in public?” Mercedes put two fingers in Roses pussy and Rose moaned.

“She’s so wet her juices are running over my hand.” I put my index finger in her pussy with Mercedes fingers and Rose shuddered and moaned louder.

“Do you like that?”

“Yes.” I slapped her ass again

“Yes sir.” I took my finger from her pussy and rubbed it on her asshole then pushed it in.

“Oh damn, Oh damn. Finger my holes. Make me cum.”
Her asshole clinched down on my finger as her legs gave away and Mercedes said “My god look at the juices coming from her pussy.”

We took our fingers from her and eased her down to the floor. After several minutes she rolled over and smiled up at me and Mercedes.

“Did I pass? Do I get to move to, sir?”

“Yes dear, you passed?” she jumped up on the couch, kissing and hugging both of us.

“What do you want me to do now, sir?”

“We are going to bed, sleep 3-4 hours then I am taking Mercedes shopping.”

“Can I go to?”

“There’s only room for two on my bike.”

“I have a car, please?”

“What is it?”

“It’s a 2005 Expedition. My folks helped me buy it.”

“What do you think, Mercedes?”

“Don’t ask me I got no clue where we’re going.”

“Ok we’ll all go. Let go get some sleep.”

“Can I sleep with you and Mercedes, sir?”

“I think we can all fit in one bed.” We all crawled into Mercedes bed. I was in antalya escort bayan the middle on my back with both girls lying with arms and legs across me and their heads on my chest. As we lay there their hands moved down until they both had a hold of my shaft. That’s the way I feel asleep.

It was 1pm when I woke up. I slept a little later than I planned so I shook the girls awake. They wanted to stay in bed snuggling. So I said the magic words, ‘Let’s go shopping’. I got out of bed and found a shower. As the water got warm and I stepped in, Mercedes showed up and said wait for me. We started soaping each other and Rose asked if there was room for one more and joined us. After a few minutes of soaping and groping we got out and dried off. I asked Mercedes to dress like she was yesterday in a tank top and jeans then I turned to Rose.

“Starting today you cannot wear bras, panties, pants or shorts unless it is required at work or I say it is ok. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” she said with a smile.
Your skirts will be no longer than 6” below your crotch and away from our house you will only wear 4” or higher heels with no platforms. When at home you will wear only heels, do you understand?

Yes sir,” and the smile grew.

I will never abuse you but you will be punished if you disobey. That includes hesitation at starting when you are told to do something. You said you will do anything I say, anything I want. You said you would be my slut. If you still want that and agree to my rules, look me in the eyes and say ‘I want to serve you and be your slut. Please make me yours.’

“I want to serve you and be your slut. Please make me yours, sir. May I speak sir?”

“Go ahead.”

“Thank you for saying ‘Our house’. I feel like I belong.”

“Ok, get dressed so we can go. By the way you forgot sir.” She turned around and stuck out her butt to me.

“It’s yours.” After a quick swat she ran off to get dressed. Mercedes came out in her ultra low cut Levis, tank top, 4” heels and her dark hair in a pony tail. Rose came out after her wearing a very short skirt. 5” heels and a top that was v-cut to a point just above her navel with the back open to her waist. In their heels Rose was about 3” shorter than my 6’ and 3” taller than Mercedes. She spun around and stopped when she saw I was staring at the top.

“I know you are wondering. It’s held in place with tape. Do you approve, sir?”

“I do. Are you following my rules?” With that she slowly lifted her skirt to show me her bald mound with her glistening lips peeking out. “What kind of seats do you have in the suv?”

Leather, why sir?”

“Get a towel to sit on so your leaky pussy will not leave a spot on the seat. Also make sure you do not sit on you skirt or you will have a wet spot on it.” Mercedes laughed as Rose took off to get the towel. When we went out the door Rose asked if she could hold my arm as we went down the stairs. She said she needed more practice in the heels before she would be able to keep up. When we got to her expedition she tried to give me the keys and I told her she was today’s chauffeur. When we got going I told Rose which mall to head for and sat back in the back seat with Mercedes on my lap. I pulled her top up above her breasts. I locked my lips on nipple and she moaned. As I moved to the other breast I caught Rose moving the rear view mirror so she could watch.

That’s so unfair sir. Can I play with myself sir?”

“Only if you put both front windows down, move your top so your tits can be seen and pull your skirt above your waist. You have to leave them that way until I say you can cover up. Do you still want to play with yourself?”

“Yes”. The windows went down as I leaned forward to watch her re-arrange her clothes the way I instructed. Soon she was driving down the road and anyone next to us could look in and see her tits and if they were high enough they could see her hand working in her crotch. I think having an exhibitionist around was going to be fun. We made it to the mall with no mishaps and I had Rose park on the end opposite from the store we were going to. When she was parked Mercedes and I got out and waited for Rose.

“Are you coming with us?”

“You haven’t said I could fix my clothes, sir.” I walked up to the driver door and pulled it open.

“Get out.” She slid out, standing in front of me, with her top pulled to the sides exposing her tits and her skirt above her waist. I reached down and pushed two fingers into her wet pussy. She gasped and collapsed onto me. I held her until her rubber legs would hold her again. When she stood back up I pulled the fingers from her, soaked in her juices, placed them in her mouth and watched her suck them greedily.

“Did my little slut enjoy driving exposed and playing with herself?”

Oh yes sir. Will you make me do it again sir, please?

“We will see. We will see. Now fix yourself so we can go.” When Rose had composed herself and straightened her clothes we went in and walked thru the mall.

“Watch for a store where we can get a see thru top for Rose. It will be outer wear with a bikini top underneath.” They went in several twenty-something stores before they found one. It looked like it was made from fish net but it would do nicely. Our next stop was Victoria’s Secret. Before we went in I gave them instructions for what to look for.

Rose I want you first to look for a very small bikini you like and buy it in the smallest size they have. If anyone asks it’s for your sister. Then pick out three of the shortest skirts they have and tops that tie under your breast that go with them. Last get 3 nightie’s that you know I will like. Mercedes I want you to find a hot strapless dress for tonight, 3 or 4 bra and panty sets, a couple of mid-thigh skirts with tops to match. I want you to pick out several teddies just for me and two bikinis you think I will like. Now go, we have about three hours for you to shop.

2 ½ hours later I paid for everything and we headed back thru the mall. Loaded with their purchases they looked like those rich girls you see in the movies loaded with packages. I was walking behind them and watching Roses skirt be pulled higher and higher by one of the packages it was caught on. Half way thru the mall her butt was fully exposed and several people pulled out their phones and took pictures. Once we were outside I had Mercedes stop and told Rose to go ahead and unlock the truck. When Rose got ahead of Mercedes I pointed at her and she started laughing.

Rose said “What’s so funny back there?”

Mercedes was still laughing as she pointed and said “Your back is what’s funny. Your skirt is above your bare ass.”

“Oh my god why didn’t you say something……sir?” she dropped her bags and pulled down the skirt. That was the most embarrassed I had seen her. Even her nude trip to the trash hadn’t embarrassed her like this. They thru their bags in the back and we headed back to their apartment. When we got there I told them to pack anything else they would need for the next three days, don’t forget heels, and meet me at the house in one hour. I got on my bike and headed home. I needed to make a quick stop on the way.

They arrived about 5pm. That gave us a little less than 2hrs to get ready and drive 30 minutes to get to The Oasis for sunset. They had to make several trips to unload the Expedition. When they had everything in I showed Rose which room was hers so she could put her things away later.

“Will I sleep here, Sir?”

“Sometimes, but not often, Come with me.” That brought a smile to her face. I took her to the master bedroom where Mercedes was already putting stuff away. “This is our bedroom. Before you ask, yes you to.” She jumped into my arms and held me tight. “Ok let’s hit the showers and get dressed for dinner. We don’t have a lot of time.” Rose’s two pieces of clothing were gone before I finished the sentence and she was starting on mine. She pulled off my shirt and dropped to her knees to work on my pants. When she had them to my ankles she stopped long enough to put half my dick in her mouth. She was swabbing the head with her tongue as she finished removing my pants. When they were off she put her hands on my hips and pulled my shaft all the way into her throat. She stroked it down her throat about a dozen times then pulled it out and stood up.

“Was that better, sir? I would gladly do more but we don’t have time now sir, do we?” Then she smiled big and batted her eyes at me. I knew what I was having for dessert on the way home. I got everybody in the shower for a quick clean and then Rose went to her room to dress while Mercedes and I dressed here. Mercedes grabbed her make and stuff and disappeared into the bathroom. I put on slacks and sports shirt combed my hair and sat down on the bed to wait. After waiting an eternity, actually about 20 minutes, Mercedes came out. With her makeup done and her dark hair brushed out she was a naked goddess. Clothes would only spoil what I saw now.

“You can close your mouth now. But you can watch me dress.” She reached into one of her shopping bags and pulled out a pair of blue panties she said were called Cheekies because they were like boy short but cut so more butt cheek was exposed. She stepped into them and slowly worked them up her legs rocking her but to the left and right. She reached in again and came out with a matching blue lace bra that covered nothing and only served as a shelf to support her breasts. Next was a pair of black lace thigh-high stockings. She walked over to where I was sitting and made a show of putting one foot on the bed between my legs and slowly pulling the stocking up her leg then stroking her leg to straighten them. She stepped into a pair of 4” heels and sensuously walked over to me. She stood in front of me, bent until she could touch her ankles the reached back and rubbed her hands from her pantied ass to the back of her calves before standing back up.

She looked at me with a pout and said “Do I look good enough for you dear?” I was so close to blowing a load from watching her get dressed. I didn’t think it was possible. She took a box out of one of the bags and opened it pulling out a blue dress. She stepped into it and pulled it up just above her nipples. She turned her back to me, zip me up dear. I took the zipper that started just above her butt crack and slid it up her back. It took all my will power escort antalya not to tear her clothes off, throw her on the bed and fuck her. She turned to me, took my face in her hands and softly kissed my lips.

“Thank you dear. I’ll make you feel better when we get back home.” She took my hand and we went out to the living room. Just then Rose was coming out of her room. She had on a black mini-skirt that that could not have been more than 12” wide, the mesh top we had bought today with a tiny black bikini top under it and the required 5” heels.

Are you ready?”

With a wicked smile she said “Yes sir”.

Come here.” She walked over and stood in front of me. “Assume the position.” she turned away, bent over and grabbed her ankles. I pulled her skirt up over her ass and made sure she wasn’t wearing underwear. I unzipped my slack and pulled out my dick. “Mercedes help me.” She stood next to me and rubbed the head of my dick in Roses slit as Rose moaned. I told her to put it in. She lined it up with Roses pussy hole and pulled her back until several inches were inside. I fucked her for several minute and pulled out.

Don’t stop now please.”

Be patient love.” I reached in my pocket ant took out a little present I had picked up for her on my way home. It was a sliver egg vibrator with a wireless remote. I pushed the egg into her pussy and told Mercedes to put me in her ass. She rubbed my pussy slick dick across Roses asshole several times then lined the tip up to it and pulled her back until my dick was in her. As I penetrated her bowel I hit the power button on the egg. It was set on number three of seven. Rose started shuddering.

Oh….damn….what….have ….you…..done………to me? I turned the vibrator off and stayed still a moment so she could catch her breath. Once she was breathing normal again I pushed all 8” into her ass and continued making long hard strokes into her ass.

“Fuck my ass. Fill me with your cock, fill your slut with your cock.” I was so close I was ready to coat her bowels with my cum.

I’m cumming. Milk my cock with your ass.” I pushed the power button on the vibrator as the first blast of cum hit her bowels. I was holding my cock deep inside as I blasted ropes of com into her and listened to her yell.

Fuck, fuck, fuck I can’t take any more. Please stop I need it to sstttoooooppppp.” Her body spasmed and then went limp. All that was holding her up was my dick in her ass and my hand on hips holding her to me.

Mercedes, help m lay her on the floor.” She grabbed her shoulders as I pulled out of her ass with a pop while supporting her by her hips. We laid her on the floor and stood over her looking at the smile on her face. Mercedes took my dick in her hand, bent over and cleaned it with her tongue. As she finished and rose up, Rose moaned and stretched on the floor.

“Wow, I feel so good now. You can fuck my ass anytime, sir.” I helped her up and pulled her skirt down.

“Go clean up and wipe my cum off your thighs so we can go to dinner.” She raised her skirt and wiped a glob of cum off her thigh with a finger and put it in her mouth.

“That’s yummy. Can we stay here and let me eat more, sir? I slapped her butt and she yelped.

“No, we all need some real food.” She ran off to her bathroom and when she reappeared a few minutes later you would never have known she had been fucked unconscious just a few minutes earlier. I had her stand away from me and bend over.

“You’re ass is cute when you bend over.”

“Thank you sir, it’s all yours.” I got the keys from Rose and with Mercedes on my arm, walked out to the Expedition. I helped Mercedes in to the passenger seat catching a glimpse of her blue lace panties, they looked wet. When I opened the back door for Rose I slid my hand up her thigh rubbing it over her slit and asshole. I could feel the moisture and heat as she gave a soft moan.

“Mine only, no one else.”

For the first time she answered softly “Yes, Master.” I drove to the restaurant and just before we arrived I put the vibrator remote on 1 and pushed power I heard a sharp intake of breath from the back seat. Mercedes looked back and laughed as Rose jumped.

“Just a reminder.” We pulled up to valet parking. I stepped out and opened the door for Rose. She looked a bit flushed as she turned and slid out. Under the guise of hugging her I lowered her skirt that had caught on the seat. We walked around to collect Mercedes just as she was lowering her dress where it had slid up exposing her stocking tops. The valet that had helped her out was grinning until he saw me. With Mercedes on my right arm and Rose on the left we entered the restaurant.

While we waited to be seated Rose pulled my head down and whispered in my ear “Thank you for fixing my skirt. You really do care about me, master.” Then she kissed my lips. I knew she was mine to do with as I wished.

Until we are back in the SUV to go home you do not have to call me sir or master.”

“Thank you, mast…….. I mean thank you lover.” We got a table on the outer edge of a deck with a grand view for the coming sunset. We ordered rinks and dinner then waited for the sun to set. I was facing the sunset. Mercedes and Rose slid their chairs closer to me so they could rest one hand on my thigh. Mercedes hand was actually resting on my dick and she gently squeezed it every few minutes to keep my attention. During dinner I asked questions to find out more about these women.

I learned that Mercedes was two semesters from a BS in Applied Learning and Development. She wanted to be an elementary school teacher. She had taken a semester off to work full time and save enough to pay rent while she went to school full time. She had a grant that paid tuition and books and as long as she took a position in the local district and stayed for 3 yrs did not have to pay it back.

Rose was half way thru getting a BS in Nutrition then she wanted to work in elder care. She had student loans for her education and worked part time to pay for books and rent that her parents helped with. After we ate and were waiting for dessert I decided to have some fun. I took the remote out of my pocket keeping it hidden. I set it on 2 and every time Mercedes squeezed my dick I gave Rose a two second shot of the vibrator. Every time I hit the remote she would jerk, push one hand into her lap and give me a lusty look once it stopped. She had a difficult time eating dessert because every time she put a bite to her mouth Mercedes gave my dick a squeeze. I think she had figured out my game.

I leaned over to Rose like I was going to kiss her cheek. I put my hand on her leg and moved it up until I could feel her sopping wet slit. “Do you think you should go dry yourself before we go?”

Her voice trembled “Yess……Mas……Yes …..Bill.” She rose on rubbery legs and turned to go the restroom. I took the remote, set it on one and pushed the power button. She stumbled as she walked, looked back over her shoulder at me then continued on holding her abdomen. I turned to Mercedes and stroked her leg with one hand. She had a contented look when she turned to me.

“I want you to do a couple of things for me. First take this remote and take care of it for me. It belongs to you now.” Her eyes lit up. “Be careful how you use it. I have another set at home for you and if you abuse it, I will give your control to Rose. Tonight I want you to give two weeks’ notice at work. As long as you stay with me I will take care of you.” She jumped out of her chair, landed in my lap and threw her arms around me.

Oh thank you, thank you. I will make you so happy.” People at the tables around us were looking at us when Mercedes looked around at them.

“He loves me, he really does.” The people around us smiled and some applauded. 5 minute later a waiter appeared with a bottle of wine. When I said we hadn’t ordered it he told us a couple on their way out paid for it and said to congratulate us. We were on our second glass of wine when Rose wobbled back. She pulled her chair nect to mine and laid her head on my shoulder.

In a soft trembling voice she said “Turn it off. Please turn it off. I can’t wipe fast enough to keep my legs dry. I can hardly walk. Please turn it off at least until we get to the SUV. Please?”

“I don’t have it anymore. Mercedes owns it.” She turned to Mercedes.

“Please, I’ll do whatever you want just turn it off before I pass out.” Mercedes pulled out the remote and turned it off.

“You owe me.” Rose laid her head back down on my shoulder.

“Give me a few minutes to recuperate.”

Twenty minutes later we were in the SUV headed home. I was in the back seat with Mercedes. I was leaning back against the side panels with one leg stretch on the seat. Mercedes was sitting between my legs leaning back against me. I had her raise up enough that I could run the zipper on her dress down. She raised her him so we could slide it off of her, leaving her in panties and her half bra. She leaned back as I put my arms around her and cupped her breasts. She laid her head back on my shoulder and moaned as I rubbed them and rolled her nipples between my fingers.

“Mmmmm I love it when you have your hands on my bare skin. It makes me tingle all over.” I slid one hand down across her flat stomach and found she already had one of her hands in her panties. As she rubbed her clit I slipped a finger into her slit and rubbed the length of it causing her to shiver. After several minutes of rubbing I slipped two fingers into her hole and stroked as deep as they would reach. She tensed and her juices flowed. She pulled my head down so she could kiss me.

“Oh baby, that was so good. Will you make love to me in our bed before we have to leave for work? I can be a little late and I want you so much.” Rose was pulling up in front of the house.

“Its 8:30, we have time.” As soon as the truck stopped Mercedes opened the door, stepped out and pulled me after her. I was being led to bed by a vision of beauty wearing only Panties, a half bra and 4” heels. All she wanted from me was sex. I was happy to fill her needs. When we entered the bedroom Mercedes turned to me and removed my shirt, lowered herself to her knees and removed my shoes and pants. When my shaft sprung free in front of her face she flicked her tongue out to catch the drop of pre-cum forming on the tip. Holding it steady with one hand she licked all around the head then antalya escort kissed it, sucking on the pee slit.

I watched her lips stretch as she pushed her mouth over the head. She stopped with only the head in her mouth. She sucked on the head like a straw, trying to get more of the pre-cum, while continuing to push the tip of her tongue into the small hole. She moved her tongue under my dick and licked it as she began stroking her mouth on it. The head hit the back of her throat and she gagged a little. She put her hands on my hips and on the next thrust pulled me into her throat. Her blow jobs were fantastic. I could feel her throat massaging my dick trying to swallow it deeper. I could tell I was getting close.

“Do you want me to cum in your throat?” she pulled my dick from her mouth and stood up. I could feel the cool air on my shaft with her mouth was gone.

“Nooo, I want all of your seed in my womb.” She laid back on the edge of the bed, grabbed her ankles then pulled them back and apart. Put your cock in my pussy and fill it with your seed.” I looked down at her partially open slit. Her outer lips looked like flower petals. I laid my dick on her slit and humped it thru for a minute. I lined the tip up with her hole and entered her, plunging in until my balls slapped her ass.

”Oh baby, fill me with your cock and shoot your seed in me. I want to feel your hot cum in my womb.” I was holding her breasts, using them to pull me hard into her hot, grasping sleeve. I was forcing my shaft as deep as I could. She smiled at me, thru her head back and yelled. “Damn, damn, damn, it feels so good fill me with your cum.” Her contractions on my shaft send me over the top. I was spewing gobs of cum against the back of her uterus and into her cervix. She released her ankles and wrapped her legs around my waist holding me tight to her. “I wish we could stay like this forever.”

“Would you settle for a few hours tomorrow morning when we get home?”

“I will take everything you will give me lover.” We stayed like that for a few minutes until she released me form her grasp.

“Get up gorgeous. Let’s get in the shower and rub each other clean.” Twenty minutes later we were finally dry and got dressed for work. I found Rose and asked when she had to be at work.
“Not tonight Bil….I mean master. I’m off until Monday.”

“Good, I have something I want you to do tonight.” I took a sheet of paper and wrote instructions on it and handed it to Rose. “Can you do this?”

“Oh yes sir, gladly. You can depend on me master.” Mercedes and I put on our gear and left for work. We pulled up at the Denny’s where she worked. She got off and pressed her lips to mine.

I’m so happy. Thank you, see you in the morning.”

“Don’t forget to give notice.”

“That will be the first think I do when I get inside.” I went on to work and the evening was quiet. Being Friday not much was going on so it was a good time for training. At 2am I was on the print side of the facility. My phone rang it was the receiving desk in the warehouse.

“Hey boss, there a really good looking blonde out her. She says she brought your lunch.”

“I’ll be right there.” When I got to the warehouse Rose was standing by the door smiling and talking with the entire night shift. She was wearing the same outfit she had worn earlier, a short black skirt, a small black bikini top, mesh shirt and 5” heels. When I walked up she put her arm thru mine and squeezed.

“Hi sweetie, I brought lunch.” I looked at the guys on the shift.

It takes all you guys to make sure one young lady doesn’t get lost in the warehouse? This is Rose, she lives with me. I’ve got her now. She won’t get away.” The looks on their faces was definitely a Kodak moment. I walked Rose to my office and closed the door behind us. She had gone to see Mercedes and picked up a couple of takeout meals for us. I was sitting at my desk and Rose was sitting across from me. she had kicked off her heels and propped her fet on my desk, giving me a view of her slit and the puffy lips peeking out. We had been eating and talking when there was a knock on my door.

“Come in.” the door opened and it was Donna. She supervised one of the other departments and was known for sticking her nose in other departments business. She looked surprised to see both of us eating with Rose on the other side of my desk. “What can I do for you this morning?”

“I was, uumm, looking for some paper stock and I was thinking you might know where it was.”

“This is my girlfriend Rose and we’re having lunch right now, can you check with me in about an hour?”

“Oh, yeah, of course, I’ll be back then.” She left and closed the door.

Rose asked “What was that about?”

“She is the company busybody. She heard there was a woman in my office and had to stick her nose in.” while we finished eating I gave her instructions like I had Mercedes at dinner. “The next time you work, give them two weeks’ notice. Call your parents and tell them, Mercedes is moving to her boyfriend’s house and they offered you a room and run of the house, pool and everything else for the same amount you’re paying now. When they give you the money put in the bank in your name. It’s for you to use. Where do your parents live?”

“Savannah, Georgia.”

“Tell them we have an extra room and they are welcome here any time. Make sure you are set up for full time classes starting the fall semester in August. Like I told Mercedes, as long as you stay with me I will take care of you.”

When we finished eating Rose put her heels back on and stood up as I came around the desk. She held me close, pulled one of my hands down under her skirt and placed it on her wet slit.“You caused this. You called me your girlfriend in public, twice and then said you would take care of me. Hurry home.” I moved my hand and lowered her skirt then we walked to the exit door. We hugged and she gave me a long passionate kiss. I watched her until she drove away and turned back inside.

“Boss, you serious, that’s your girlfriend?” That was the shipping lead Jim.

“One of them.”

“Damn how many are there?”

“Just two, number one is working. I’ll pick her up on the way home.”

“No wonder you always seem so happy.”

“It helps.” The rest of the shift was quiet. I picked up Mercedes at 7 and we went home. we found Rose on the couch asleep. T shook her.
“Come on sweetie, it’s time to go to bed.”

“Groggily she said “I’m sorry baby, I tried to wait up for you. I wanted to thank you for this morning.”

Mercedes asked “What happened this morning.” I told her about Rose bringing lunch and me telling everyone at work she was my girl friend.

“When do I get a turn?”

“As soon as I go back to days.” We helped Rose to bed then climbed in next to her. Mercedes lay down with her head on my chest and placed her hand around my shaft.

“I was thinking about you a lot last night. I realized how much I want to be with you. I want you to love me, not just sex. I want you to make love to me. I want you inside me loving me.” I pulled her on top of me and kissed her. I felt her reach between us and grab my shaft again. She raised enough to slide the head thru her wet slit then place it at the entrance to her pussy. She pushed back until it I was fully engulfed in her hot velvety grasp.

“This is what I want, your cock filling me gently. You can have me in any way as long as it is for love.” She began sliding me in and out. Moving until the tip was barely inside then pushing until I could feel the head bumping her uterus. Her vagina was contracting around my shaft bring me quickly bringing me to a boiling point. Her back arched as she threw her head back.

“Oh damn, I’m cummminng. Fill me with your seed. Cum with me NNNOOOWWWW!” Her body shuddered and her pussy clamped down on my shaft as she pushed down for the last time. I shot gobs of cum deep into her womb. This was the best sex I had experience with her since we had met. Her pussy milked the last drops from my shaft and Mercedes collapse on my chest. “Thank you lover, I feel so warm inside now.” I started to roll her to one side. “Don’t, leave it in and let me sleep this way for a while. If feels good as I pulses in me.” she rocked on my shaft some more and the motion made me hard again.

“Do you want more?”

“No I just want to lay here and enjoy the full feeling you give me.” Two minutes later she was breathing softly and sound asleep.

I woke up 5 hours later at 1 in the afternoon. Mercedes was still asleep laying half on me. Rose was on the other side of her on her back with the covers half off. I laid there taking in the view. Thinking how many times I had seen something like this in a movie and wished it was me. I carefully slipped from under Mercedes. All she did was moan a little and turn facing Rose. She never opened an eye. I stepped around the bed to where Rose was laying and looked at her. Her legs were spread letting her outer lips peek out of her slit like flower petals. Her 34B breasts were smaller than Mercedes but looked wonderful on her.

I couldn’t resist, I bent down and hissed each of the dime sized nipples. She took a deep breath but did not wake up. I moved down to her mound and slid a finger thru her slit and brought it to my lips. She had a sweet musky taste. I moved between her legs, kissed her lips and sucked on them. She moaned and raised her hips to my mouth. I slid my tongue thru her slit one more time then got up and left these to beauties to their slumbers.

I went out to the pool. It was hot out and the water was really refreshing. After doing a few laps and just floating on my back for a while I got out and laid back in one of the loungers. I was daydreaming about all of the great sex I was having, and would have with, Mercedes and Rose. I had let my hand drift to my dick and was stroking it absent mindedly.

“Need some help with that?” I opened my eyes and there was Mercedes standing at the foot of the lounger rubbing her mound. I took my hand away and she sat down between my legs. “Let me return last night’s favor.” She put her hand on my dick and started stroking slowly. She was wiping pre-cum over it, making it slick as she rotated her hand and stoked. She used her other hand to cup and caress my ball sack. She seemed to sense when I was close and would slow or stop stroking. She looked at me smiling. “Do you want me to make you cum?” When I nodded my head she took her hands away and leaned down. She blew on my dick, making it jump. She put her lips on the head and stabbed her tongue at the pee hole as she sucked on it.

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