Denny as The Handyman Ch. 1

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Author’s Note: This is a continuation of the Denny chronicles. Thanks to those readers who have continued to support me through your votes and e-mails. Keep ’em coming. I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions.

* * * * *

I watched the rounded buns of the stunning redhead straining against the tight confines of the beige skirt and immediately started to follow her. I had been sitting in the local coffee shop having my second cup. I was lonely and feeling sorry for myself having to spend my summer vacation here in this strange city of Toronto when she had walked in. Everyone in the place noticed her. She had a habit of shaking her long and straight hair away from the front of her face. Her green eyes sparkled as she placed her order and the young, pimple-faced geek behind the counter was mesmerized by her beauty.

Once she had her coffee she stood at one of the side counters and read the newspaper that she had been carrying. She placed one of her high-heeled ankles up on the rung of the empty stool. This accentuated the curved calf muscle and caused her already short skirt to rise higher up her muscular thigh. My cock stirred and I had to readjust it for comfort.

She seemed to be perusing the classifieds as she had circled several ads in bright red ink. I wondered if she was job hunting or room hunting. I hoped it was the latter as I was the spending the summer helping my 50 year old aunt look after her local rooming house while my no-good uncle spent the next 6 months in jail on an assault charge. My aunt had placed an ad advertising 2 new vacancies which were available right away but so far there had been no takers. But perhaps I should go back to the beginning to explain how I came to be here in a strange city lusting after a complete stranger.

I had moved back home after a brief spell of dormitory living at the local college. The reasons were obvious. Free rent. Free laundry service. Free food and more importantly all the sex my mother and I could sneak in when my father wasn’t around.

In addition, my mom and I had an arrangement with her best friend and my former teacher and godmother, Barbara Hoey, which allowed us to use Barbara’s apartment any time we wanted. The only catch was that she got to bed either or both of us whenever she was there.

One afternoon before Dad came home from work, Mom and I were going at it in the master bedroom. I had already gotten her off orally and she had just brought me to the brink with her experienced tongue when she caught me off-guard just as I was about to stick my dick into her hot cunt.

Out of the blue, my mother, while holding my stiff organ, blew my concentration by bringing up my dad’s sister, Beverley, and the troubles she was having because of her jailed husband.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I love my Aunt Bev. I even liked Uncle Bob although he was one tough son-of-a-bitch. More than once he had scared the beejesus out of me with his irrational behaviour and his temper. I knew that he had been sent off to jail for another one of his bar room fights and that Aunt Bev was trying to operate their rooming house in Toronto all by herself but surely now was not the time to discuss her marital troubles. After all, there’s a time to talk and a time to fuck. Even my hardened shaft knew what time it was now.

Unfortunately my Mother was for some unseen reason denying me access to her promised land until I had agreed to go to Toronto to help Aunt Bev survive the summer without ‘that bastard’, Uncle Bob. She said all I had to do was look after all the handyman stuff and since I would be home from college for the summer, the timing of the jail sentence worked out perfectly. Aunt Bev needed help if she was going to keep all the rooms occupied so that she could stay ahead of the mortgage company. She couldn’t quit her salaried job and couldn’t afford to hire a professional landlord. Family help was needed.

I was in no position to really argue as my mom held my rod, already leaking pre-cum, with one hand while her other hand had a firm grasp of my testes.

“Please Mom! Let me fuck you and then we’ll talk, okay?”

“I want your word that you’ll go, Dennis, ” she demanded.

“But Mom. What about us?” I countered to no avail as my mother had obviously already planned this out.

“Don’t you see, son. We’re taking a big risk here. If your Dad ever found out, he’d kill us. The only difference between your Dad and his older brother is that your uncle keeps getting caught. Your Dad has always been able to buy his way out of trouble. Besides that, if you’re in Toronto, I can come up to visit you every couple of weeks without raising any suspicion. ” All the while she was saying this, she was pulling on my rod.

I knew that I wasn’t going to win this argument and I was almost ready to explode in her hand when I finally acquiesced. At that stage I would have agreed to anything just to find release. No sooner had I agreed when she pulled my quivering manhood deep into her cunt and güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri wrapped her legs around my hips drawing me even deeper into her.

I plowed into her body like a ravenous man attacks a hamburger. In and out I drove my pride and joy. Minutes later Mom started to scream my name over and over.

“Denny!!! Oh!!! Oh!! Denny!!! Fuck me!!! Fuck your mommy!!! Holy. . fuck!! Stick that fucking cock into your momma little boy!!! Show your momma what a man you are!!! I’mmm…cummmminnnngggg!! Denny!! I’m … oh…. oh…Cum in me you…motherfucker! Oh. . oh…fuckkkkk!!!!” With these words she bucked her hips up off the bed she shared with my Dad until my drives smashed her back down on to her back. Spasm after spasm jerked through her body as she orgasmed over and over.

While my Mom was having her multiple orgasms I was still driving towards my own impending explosion. I grabbed her legs and threw them over my shoulders so that I could bury my staff even deeper into her pussy. All pretense of trying to please her was gone now. I pushed deeper and deeper into her striving for that tumultuous release that I needed. The teasing had forced me to hold off longer and now I needed to make her pay. I was a man on fire and I started to feel the cum building up in my balls which amazingly she was still grasping.

“I’m…cummmiiiiinnnngggg!!! Mommy!!!! I’mmmm…gonna…. shoot…oh. . shit!! Here…ittttt…cumssss…Mom!!! Take…it…. all…you…fucking…slut!!!”

Before I had even stopped spurting, my schoolteacher mother had pushed me over onto my back and had attacked my glistening knob with her mouth, swallowing the last few spasms of seed. She used her tongue to clean my now deflating organ and smiled up at me through her sparkling eyes.

“Don’t worry Denny. Toronto’s a big town and there will be plenty of women there that will want to feast on this lovely morsel. Just don’t forget that when I come down to see you that you have to save some juice for your mom. “

The day after college ended I was on a bus to Toronto and after five days of not finding anyone to share my ‘lovely morsel’, I was hornier than a teenager. Well I guess that wasn’t too surprising since I was still a teenager and would be for another two months. Which brings us back to my ogling of the young beauty in the coffee shop.

I hadn’t seen much of my aunt that first week as she was working at her real job in the fashion industry so when I had my daily chores done, I would head down to the local coffee shop to scope out the local talent. That’s where I was when this vision had walked into my life.

Finally she wiped her pretty little chin and strode out of the shop with me not far behind. The swaying of her hips from side to side was in concert with the clicking of her high heels. Following her, I realized that she was headed in the direction of my aunt’s place and I wondered if we could be lucky enough to have her as a tenant She stood about 5’8″ tall and from my teenage years as an expert at ogling girls and women, I pegged her measurements to be a voluptuous 38C-24-34 and she appeared to be around 30 years old.

Incredibly she stopped in front of my building and after looking around she climbed the front stairs of the 3 storied brownstone. My heart rate increased with the sight of her long legs climbing the stairs. I raced up the steps so that I arrived at the front entrance just as she was about to open the door.

Ever the gentlemen I held the heavy wooden door open for her and introduced myself as the handyman of the building. Hoping to hear the answer that I was praying for I asked her if she was here to visit someone in the building. Her alluring, sensuous voice oozed sheer sex appeal and raw sensuality when she asked if there was still had an apartment available. And that, my friends, was how Maggie Martin, showgirl, came to be a resident in my aunt’s humble abode.

After she moved in I would see her only briefly as she left the building to go to work around 7 p. m. and then return around 3 or 4 in the morning. She kept to herself and seemed to be quite the loner. When I tried to engage her in conversation she would ooze sex but then would skidaddle away. The only sign outside of her room that she was even a resident was the time that she left behind some of her silk underwear in the laundry room. Needless to say I felt the return of such an item was deserving of my personal prompt attention. Hoping to be invited in, I was sadly disappointed when she thanked me and quietly closed the door in my face.

Never had I been rebuffed so obviously and it irked me that I wasn’t able to get anywhere with her. Back home, ever since losing my cherry to my best friend’s mother, I had always been successful at finding a willing sex partner – some old and thankful, others young and teachable.

I started to fantasize about her but she was oblivious to me. One night I followed her to work and was astounded when she entered the Fantasia Club a notorious strip bar in the area. güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri When she said on her rental agreement that she was a showgirl I had assumed that she was a chorus girl in the legitimate theater. She carried herself more like a Broadway dancer than a stripper.

Following her in I found a seat near one of the walls and waited for her to come on stage to perform. I didn’t have to wait for long. The whole room seemed to grow quiet as she stepped on the stage in a long silver gown with 5 inch heels. I don’t know how she danced with such shoes on but she had us all hooked in the audience as she shook her ample boobs and wiggled her ass to Madonna’s song ‘Music’. By the end of the song she had slithered out of the dress and swayed seductively to Tina Turner’s ‘Private Dancer’ with just a G-string and her high heels on. Her breasts were awesome. They were perfect spheres and they jutted out and up proudly. It didn’t matter to me that they were probably manufactured as all I could do was salivate and hope that sometime soon I would have a chance to suck on them personally. The crowd went wild. Far too soon her number was over and she disappeared behind the curtain.

By this time my cock was trying to form a tent in my trousers and one of the girls moving from table to table, leaned over me and asked if I’d like a lap dance. The halter top that she wore flopped open exposing her white-skinned melons. She shook her golden mane and the dim lights revealed her heavily made up face. Without waiting for an invite she had plopped herself down beside me and was whispering in my ear as her hand landed in my lap. My dick was crying for release and she knew it.

“How old are you honey? You don’t look old enough to drink let alone come into a place like this. Why I’ve even got a son as young as you, ” she challenged smugly.

Hurt by her question and comments, I proudly displayed my college ID that pronounced me of age here in Ontario. “Besides that you don’t look old enough to have a 19 year old son. ” I hissed back.

“Relax, Baby – oops sorry about that! But I do have a 16 year old. Does that turn you off?”

“Hell no!” I countered. “In fact it just turns me on even more!”

Looking me up and down and then down again, she purred, “Okay then. I can dance for you here or we can get more comfortable in the VIP room upstairs, Sugar. Either way I promise you won’t be disappointed. ” With that she stuck her tongue in my ear and brought her breasts right up into my face. I didn’t have a chance.

Laughing she pulled me with her as she led me up the stairs and into the blue lit VIP room. As we passed by a couple of the booths I could vaguely make out the activities that were going on under the pretense of lap dancing. In one a black girl wearing a blonde wig was grinding her bare ass on some oriental guy’s lap while his hands were playing with her tits. In another, it appeared that a blonde was wiggling her ass in a black guy’s face while her head seemed to be in another black guy’s lap.

Pushing me down into a vacant booth, the strawberry-blonde vixen that had invited me started to gyrate to the rhythm of Britney Spears’ latest hit. My eyes followed her sweet ass as she raised the hem of the pale blue mini-skirt up to expose her pubic hair which had been clipped or shaved into a heart shape. As she turned and brought her heaving chest within inches of my face her hand again landed in my lap. This time while she gyrated she took my hand and brought it to the zipper.

“Make yourself comfortable, Sugar, “she cooed. Since my cock was trying to tear a hole through my trousers, it seemed like the most natural thing to do. Here I was exposing myself in a public place for the very first time.

As my penis was released from my underwear, I could feel the cool air caressing it but then was pleasantly surprised to see that it was actually the dancer who was blowing air onto it. I vaguely heard her saying something about a hundred dollars but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway. She knew she had a willing customer.

She turned her white buns to my face and bent over exposing her pink slit and brown hole to my probing eyes. I wanted to reach out and touch but was afraid that that might bring the bouncers. Being new to this I didn’t know what was allowed. The wanton young mother inched her rear back into my face until my nose touched her button-like clit. I inhaled her aroma and the now familiar smell assaulted my nostrils. She had had sex recently. Not caring, I hoped that I would be next.

She lowered her rotating ass on to my pelvis and my cock leaped up trying to find its way into her box. Playfully she allowed it to rest between her ass cheeks as she pretended to be fucking me by raising her behind up and then back down in time to the music.

After a few minutes of this erotica, the vixen rotated around until her now exposed breasts were hanging in front of my sweating face. She moved closer again and allowed me to press my güvenilir bahis şirketleri nose into the valley created between the two huge knockers. Each breast had a very large aureole and her nipples were standing out.

“You look a bit like my son, ” she purred.

“My god, ” I thought, “Is she pretending that she’s dancing suggestively for her own son or is she just aroused by her own dancing? What would she be like if my tongue or cock were giving her a workout?” It wouldn’t be long I hoped.

Oblivious to the fact that there were other people only feet away, the sexy dancer bent over even farther, looked up into my eyes and then touched the tip of my erection with her tongue., I almost blew my load right there.

Her lips were thin and wet and she slowly encased the head of my penis into her mouth. Encircling it with her lips there was no longer any pretense of dancing. She was there to get me off and she was obviously a cock-sucking expert.

Grasping my balls with one hand, her free hand stroked up and down my growing shaft. At this point I didn’t care what the protocol was. I needed to stick my cock into her awaiting mouth. Damn the consequences. I had five days of cum built up in me and she was going to be the recepticle whether she wanted to or not. She tried to control how much of my cock she took in but I was stronger and grabbing her by the hair and ears at the same time I started to force my shaft deeper into her throat She fought me at first but eventually relaxed enough to allow me to loosen my grip.

“Take…it…all. . bitch!” I grunted. “Make… me… cum…. you cock sucking whore!”

Faster and faster, deeper and deeper I pushed until I could feel her chin banging against my balls and I knew that the little slut had deep-throated me. That’s all it took. My balls demanded release. Driving my hips upward I released a flood of my semen into the pretty little dancer’s throat and watched her gag as she tried to swallow it all. The experienced cock-sucker handled jet after jet, spasm after spasm without flinching. Finally I was spent and she allowed my rapidly deflating cock to be released back into the cool night air. She took it and rubbed it across her massive tits and even was able to lick some of my cum off the boobs themselves.

“That’ll be a hundred dollars and by the way you didn’t have to be so rough, ” she demanded as she wiped some of the remaining cum from her lips and chin. Although surprised at the exorbitant cost, I knew that I had to pay it as I had heard from friends that bouncers in this type of club wouldn’t hesitate to beat up non-paying customers and I kind of liked the way I looked.

Leaving the VIP room on shaky legs I thought I detected our gorgeous tenant sitting with some fat oriental guy in a nearby booth. I decided then and there that I had to get to know her better either here professionally or at the rooming house.

Days later, I still hadn’t been able to get anywhere with Maggie and I couldn’t go back to the strip club until I had raised some more money. I was walking around with a permanent hard-on and I knew that I needed some release. I started to look at the other tenants in a different light now that I was so horny. Even Mrs. Johnston, the gray haired widow in 3B was looking good.

I had just finished carrying out the garbage when I heard her call my name from her third floor window. “Denny can you come up here for a minute and bring your tool…I mean. . bring your tools with you. The sink seems to be stopped up. “

As I gathered my tool kit and made my way up to her apartment I wondered if she had made an honest mistake or if she too was feeling horny this morning. Ringing the doorbell I was surprised to see her open the door in just a short silk robe. As I followed her down the hall towards her kitchen I took stock of the view that she presented. She was gray haired but still had a good figure. Her legs while showing some veins were still fairly well-toned and were accented by the heeled-slippers that she wore. Other than a few wrinkles there were no visible flaws in her face. She was still a very attractive woman and my trusty cock started to show its appreciation of her fine form.

While explaining the problem with the sink I detected her checking out my equipment and I don’t mean my wrench. Telling her that I was afraid of getting my t-shirt wet while working under her sink, I asked her if she minded if I took it off.

“Oh. . my. . oh. . no. . of course not…Dennis. Do what you have to do. “

As I took off the shirt I made sure to flex my muscles as I did and proceeded to lower myself down to the floor and stuck my head under the sink. Looking back up I could see right up under Mrs. Johnston’s robe and was flabbergasted to see that she wasn’t wearing anything – no underwear and no nightgown. I could see her gray pubic hair and if I was not mistaken I thought I detected moisture at the tip of her womanhood. Naturally my cock started to rise to the occasion.

I pretended to clunk away at the plumbing but my mind was trying to figure out how to get into the old lady’s honey pot. My loins didn’t seem to care that she was almost 3 times my age. Fortunately for me, Mrs. Johnston was a woman with a mind of her own and she moved closer to the sink until my body was lying between her spread legs.

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