Delightful Renovation

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Note to readers. This is the sequel to “Renovator’s Delight” yet can be read as a standalone story. Thank you.

All characters over 18.


“So what do you think Mom?” Ryan asked. “It’s nice isn’t it?”

Janice was joined by her son as she looked at the view out of the main bedroom window. “It is nice. It’s obviously just been renovated. You can smell the paint.” She turned and surveyed the room as another couple entered accompanied by a realtor. Raising a hand to cover her mouth she whispered to Ryan. “Looks like there’s a lot of interest, it won’t go cheap!”

“I spoke to one of the agents downstairs, they’ve set the reserve at $450 thousand. $500k is your limit, I think you’ve got a chance!” Ryan whispered back.

“The furniture in this room and the adjacent come with the property.” The agent told the other couple. Mother and son followed them and the realtor into the large door-less en-suite, hidden behind the wall at the head of the bed. The bathroom was immaculate. Black and white tiling, stylish fittings and the crowning glory, a large claw legged freestanding bath. Janice fell in love with it instantly. “Oh my god Ryan, can’t you just imagine me in this bath?”

The moment she said it she realized it came out wrong and she blushed at the implication.

“Well I’d rather not Mom!” Ryan laughed.

“Oh you know what I mean,” she touched him on the arm and Ryan instinctively flexed. “Let’s go downstairs.”

They walked into the kitchen and navigated among the other potential bidders. New appliances had been installed and as in the hallway, the floors were impeccably polished. Janice ran her hand across the large wooden table that sat in the middle of the kitchen/dining area.

“The table’s original, solid oak. It comes with the property!” A realtor in a too tight suit smiled at her and Ryan. “The appliances are all new. Energy rated. You’ll agree the previous owners have done an exceptional job on the renovation.”

Janice smiled politely and kept walking. “Yes it’s lovely,” she offered and hastened away from the salesman who was quick to besiege another couple.

They made their way to a doorway off the kitchen and descended the stairway into the basement. “I call this room!” Ryan proclaimed when they reached the bottom and assessed the space.

“You want to live in the cellar?” Janice asked. “Do I chain you up and feed you under the door as well?” She laughed and touched his chest momentarily before quickly drawing back her hand. The action wasn’t lost on Ryan. It wasn’t like her to touch him in the way she had. She’s just excited about the house, he thought.

* * * * *

“Do I hear an opening bid?” The auctioneer looked out on the decent sized crowd that had gathered. Most curious neighbors but many serious bidders. He would be glad to be done with the house. The couple that renovated had been nice enough he supposed but they gave off an air of unease. Brother and sister, yet they seemed a little too close for his liking.

“O.k Mom, this is it. Now remember you’ve got Dad’s 401k, he would’ve wanted you to buy something nice.” Ryan reassured her. Janice smiled at the reminder of her husband and put her arm through her son’s for support.

There was silence from the crowd and the auctioneer went into full sales mode.

“Now you’ve all seen the quality of this delightful renovation. I can assure you a lot of love went into the restoration of this beauty. Ladies, I’m sure all of you have noticed the upstairs bath. Now who here can say they can’t see themselves reclining in luxury, maybe with a glass of champagne at hand…”

The words caught Ryan off guard. His mind drifted upstairs and he saw himself walking into the bathroom, the air steamy. His mother was in the bath and she held a hand out to him as he advanced. Before he witnessed her nudity he was brought back into the real world.

“$350 thousand, do I hear an advance?”

Janice clung tightly on his arm. “Should we bid?”

Ryan looked at his mother and attempted to shake off the daydream he was having. “What? Ah, no not yet.” He looked back at the auctioneer and the house looming behind him. Jesus, he thought, I’ve got an erection!

Ryan raised his hand when the price reached the reserve. The auctioneer declared the house to be on the market and would be sold today. The bidding crept up incrementally and reached $465 thousand. One other bidder seemed to be interested and Ryan decided to make a bold move. “Do you love it Mom?” Ryan whispered in her ear.

His warm breath sent a shiver down her spine and sent goosebumps across her sweaty back, pleasant on the hot day.

“I love it baby.” She replied.

“How badly do you want it Mom?”

Janice clutched tighter to Ryan’s arm. She expelled the breath she’d been holding. “I want it so bad baby!”

Ryan’s cock was hard in his pants and he wondered if anyone had noticed. “$490 thousand!” Ryan called out and a murmur went around the throng.

“$490 from the gentleman antalya escort and madam, do I hear an advance?”

Ryan looked to the other bidder and they shook their head.

“$490 going once. $490 going twice. No further bids? $490 thousand, going three times.” He brought the brochure he was holding down onto his hand with a slap. “Sold at $490 thousand dollars.” There was a spontaneous applause from the crowd and Janice turned to Ryan and placed her hands on his hips. Ryan in turn held her upper arms and they locked eyes, smiling.

“Ladies and gentleman thank you for coming out on this fine day and would you join with me in congratulating the happy couple.” The realtor concluded and there was another short round of applause.

“We did it.” Janice beamed.

“You did it Mom, it’s your money.”

“It’s our house though honey.” Janice remarked. Before the realtor approached they hugged and Ryan made sure he didn’t press his erection against his mother. He thought of the almost sexual way they’d just been talking and wondered why, ultimately dismissing it as just being caught up in the moment. The realtor shook his hand and kissed Janice. Strangely, Ryan felt a tinge of jealousy. The pleasantries out of the way it signaled the beginning of the paperwork and Ryan and Janice walked hand in hand into the house.

* * * * *

They had trouble filling the rooms. The home they had come from was smaller and when all their furniture was in it still left two rooms empty. Ryan kept to his word and set up residence in the basement. He figured it would be private and when he had girls stay over his mother wouldn’t overhear any of the goings on. At 26, he’d been living out of home since his late teens but when his father contracted an aggressive cancer he moved back in with his parents to help out. He lay on his bed and looked up at the sky through the high windows. A perfect blue. Not unlike Mom’s eyes, he thought. He closed his own and saw her. She’d looked so happy the day of the auction. The smile on her mouth. Her lips, so red. Her tongue. Without thinking Ryan let a hand drift to his crotch and he felt the swelling. He opened his eyelids suddenly and sat up with a jolt. “What the fuck am I doing?”

Upstairs almost directly above Ryan, Janice was inspecting one of the few pieces of furniture that came with the house. The cabinet was at least seven foot in height and similar lengthwise. It was obviously antique although not of great value considering it’s inclusion with the property. Mirrored glass covered the front of each of the four cupboard doors and it was into one of these she caught her reflection.

When her husband died she decided to change a few things about herself, the sale of her home one of them but the first and easiest was her hair. Her entire life she’d been a dirty blonde or a “bronde” as her hairdresser called it. A week after his funeral she went to the salon and asked them to dye it black. She at first hadn’t changed the style but as of this morning that was no longer the case. She hardly recognized the woman in the reflection, the crop bob reminiscent of the 1920’s, a portrait of someone else, framed by the wood of the cabinet. She couldn’t deny it, she loved how she looked and best of all, Ryan liked it too.

Breaking the spell of her own reflection she attempted to move the cabinet and failed dismally in the act. She opened each of the drawers and found them and the cupboards empty, the weight was the cabinet alone. With her hands on hips she called out to Ryan. “Honey can you come and help me up here?”

Ryan had been half way up the stairs examining an uneven part of the roof of the basement when she called and was quick to respond. “Coming Mom.”

When he entered the room her voice had come from he took a moment to admire his mother from behind. She wore a tight black workout shirt and grey leggings. He’d seen her wear it a hundred times and yet with her new hairdo she was a different woman. No, she was the same woman, she was his mother, he now saw her “as” a woman. The difference was stark. He could look at her shapely legs or the way her ass filled out the rear of her pants and feel the way another man would, he could feel desire. The desire to hold her from behind. To press himself against her rear, smell her hair. He felt himself harden and was shocked at the sudden rise in his libido. And due to his mother no less.

Janice turned her head and smiled. “Right, I hope all those weights you do has paid off. Come on Mister, I want that,” she pointed to the cabinet. “Over there,” pointing towards the opposite wall.

“Too easy.” Ryan bragged. Feeling enthusiastic about showing off his strength to her. Why? He didn’t know, he just wanted to impress her, to have her watch him. The cabinet was heavier than it looked but after removing the drawers and (unfortunately for Ryan) with the help of his mother, they positioned the wall unit in it’s new location.

“It looks great there darling, the light brings out the grain of the wood wonderfully.”

Ryan alanya escort bent to pick up one of the drawers and as he did so an envelope fell heavily to the floor from the underside.

Landing between the two, Janice and Ryan looked at each other expectantly.

“It’s money!” Janice exclaimed.

Ryan was more measured. “It’s probably junk mail!”

He placed the drawer back down noting the thin slat of wood the envelope had obviously been secreted under. “I wonder how long it’s been there.” He picked up the faded yellow paper and immediately felt the weight. Looking up at Janice he smiled. “It’s heavy Mom, maybe it is money!”

Janice knelt down beside him and placed an arm around his shoulder. Ryan was more than aware of her breast pressing against his tricep, her thigh alongside his. “Open it, it’s so exciting!” She panted.

Ryan slipped his finger under the fold and opened the faded envelope. He reached inside and carefully pulled out the contents. Four large sepia colored photographs. Printed on a thick almost cardboard paper, they were undoubtedly old. The nature of the photos and therefore the reason for them to have been hidden was evident from the first image. A woman of indeterminate age reclined on a fainting lounge, her arm outstretched to a young man dressed as a paper boy, the leather satchel slung over his shoulder. A peak cap adorned his head and his look was completed with knee length shorts and high socks.

It however was the woman that caught Ryan’s eye. Her dress suggested the 1920’s flapper style, which dated the photo. She wore heels and a long line of pearls around her neck. The hairstyle was her defining feature. Ryan tore his eyes from the image and looked at his mother. “Had you already seen these?” He asked.

Janice, her face only inches from Ryan’s was taken aback. “No, why?”

“Your hair Mom. It’s exactly the same. What made you get that style today, of all days?”

“I don’t know? I just wanted a change.” She took her arm from around his shoulder and ran a finger through her hair to place it behind her ear. The action seemed almost a flirt to Ryan.

“Well it’s a pretty weird coincidence if that’s the case. It’s not a common style!”

Janice looked confused. “You said you liked it.”

“Oh I do. I just think it’s weird and all.” There was an awkward silence and they again both looked back at the photos.

The second image wasn’t so ambiguous. The woman was topless yet still wore her string of pearls. Her dress long gone, she wore loose fitting bloomers above her knee length stockings and heels. She remained in the reclining position, the back of one hand against her forehead. The third photo saw her completely naked, sprawled upon the lounge her leg cocked in a position to cover her groin.

The last image was the one that caught mother and son off guard. The layout had changed. No longer on the lounge the woman was bent forward against a cabinet, her legs spread. The paperboy had returned. Now completely naked bar his peak cap, his muscular body stood behind the woman with an erection proudly pointed at it’s inspiration and a switch in his right hand about to strike.

It was Janice who broke the silence. “Oh my god, I can see why they were hidden!”

Ryan was more circumspect and turned to look behind him. “You haven’t noticed Mom?”

“Noticed what?”

Ryan held up the final photo and directed her eyes to the wall behind. It took Janice a couple of seconds to realize what he was getting at. The cabinet loomed large behind the photo. The same cabinet that was in the photo.

“Oh my god, it’s. It’s the same.” She placed a hand over her mouth in shock. “It’s here!”

* * * * *

The photos were laid out in a series across the dining table. They were large prints, each measured 7×5 inches. The little information they had obtained from writing in pencil on the rear was two names, Delia and Jack and a date, 1926.

Ryan mounted the stairs from his room holding his ipad. For the second time that day he admired his mother from behind as she leaned over the table. As he neared the kitchen he noticed she was not so much leaning as mounting the table. Her legs either side of the corner and her elbows pressed to the surface. On her toes she was making the slightest of movement, almost imperceptibly swaying her butt back and forth.

Ryan cleared his throat as he entered the room and he noticed her cease the action, pulling back from the table slightly. He had the desire to ask what she was doing but stopped himself and saved them both the embarrassment. There was no doubt in his mind. His mother was masturbating.

“So what have you found out?” Janice asked excitedly.

“Hang on, I’ve only just turned it on.” He pulled out a chair and sat at the table. Janice did the same, choosing the one to his right and sat with a foot up on the chair. In the corner of his eye Ryan could see the bulge of her crotch and the small strip of wetness belek escort that had seeped through her dark tights. It could have been sweat, he thought but he knew better.

Ryan typed in the address of their house into Google and looked for results that weren’t just location guides or realtor listings. The first hits were about a brother and sister that lived in the house. Local philanthropists, digitized newspaper articles from the last 50 or so years detailed their charitable endeavors and not much more. “Not the best looking family,” Ryan noted upon seeing their image.

“We have to go further back honey,” Janice proclaimed. She lowered her foot to the floor and placed a hand on his thigh. Not touching his groin but close enough, Ryan thought. Leaning into the screen, she continued. “Try putting in her name as well.”

Ryan did as told. Repeating the search of the address and adding, “Delia.” Her name came up in only a few articles ranging from 1908 to 1930. It was the 1908 story that caught Ryan and Janice by surprise. “Unwed socialite, Delia Caster gives birth.” But it was a photo from a 1924 newspaper cover that took their combined breath away. “Woman about town Delia Caster and son Jack, step out in style.” The boy was the man from their own photos, it was undeniable. At that very moment the Santa Ana wind chose to blow in through the open kitchen window, causing the curtains to flap and a bill to fall from a fridge-magnet.

The hot air passed through the house and exited the ajar front door. Leaving it’s presence in a coating of dust on every surface and goosebumps on mother and son’s flesh. Ryan noticed his mom’s hand had tightened it’s grip on his thigh. “Well that’s something!” He commented, referring to the article.

“Terrible isn’t it?”

“What?” He asked.

“That they would make such a big deal about her being unwed!”

“That’s what you took from this? Not the other thing?” Ryan asked astounded.


“Ah just the fact that mother and son were a bit closer than the average!”

“Oh,” she seemed to realize where her hand was and drew it away slowly, almost reluctantly. “I guess you can’t choose who you love, can you?”

The rest of the articles concerned social events and charity functions and didn’t provide further information about Delia or her son. “So what should we do with them, the photos?” Ryan asked.

“They’re so beautiful, I mean as artwork. It’s a shame they have to be hidden away. We’ll figure something out. Right now I want to get this dust and sweat off me. I might take a bath before dinner.” Janice rose from her seat and went to the fridge. Opening, she removed a bottle of champagne and turned to face Ryan. “Must be 6 o’clock somewhere!” She laughed and began to open the bottle. “I’m just following the auctioneers instructions remember, champagne in the bath.”

Ryan heard the bath filling upstairs as he placed the drawers back in the cabinet. Each time he looked at it he saw the woman he now knew as Delia bent before it. Her majestic ass on display waiting to be spanked by no less than her own son. The image brought a smile to his face and a swelling to his groin. He walked back to the kitchen and looked at the said photo. She was beautiful. He put her age about 40, her bare skin seemed flawless. That hair, he thought. She did look like his mother, of course he’d never seen her naked and she had ten years on this woman but the resemblance was now becoming more and more uncanny. He absently rubbed at his crotch and his cock responded through his jeans. He heard nothing from above and pictured his mother masturbating herself on the table not half an hour before. He opened his fly and allowed his now fully erect cock to unleash. Moving to the corner he pressed the very same edge between his legs and beneath his balls. His hand gripped his shaft and expertly maneuvered up and down along his length. He ground the area between his ass and balls against the table and felt his orgasm approaching. The sound of his mother calling from upstairs broke his concentration and he released his hold. “Yeah?” He yelled back.

“Can you bring the bottle please honey?”

It meant she was in the bath. She was in the bath, naked and needed another drink. He thought how quickly she must have downed her first glass, was she trying to get drunk? Ryan took the bottle from the fridge after tucking his erection back into his pants. He mounted the stairs and entered his mother’s bedroom. On her bed lay the black t-shirt and grey leggings, sitting next to them were a pair of white and blue checked panties and a matching bra. The carpet was long pile and his presence had as yet gone unnoticed. A week ago he would’ve passed by the items without noticing, walked into her bathroom, topped up her glass and left without a second thought. Now however with the way his mind had been working lately he was debating whether to fap into her underwear then and there or enter the bathroom with the hope of fucking his mother in the bath. He chose the latter.

Walking into the door-less en-suite, Ryan placed a hand over his eyes. “Don’t worry I can’t see anything Mom!” He was lying of course as he looked through the space between his fingers. Janice was indeed in the bath, her arm held out holding the empty glass.

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