Debbie Does Daddy Ch. 03

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We’re done with the role-play. We’re starting to find out who Debbie is these days. We’re going to frolic with her roommate, too. What could be better?

Everybody’s over eighteen. Please don’t steal this unless you say you did and mention my name.


“Hi, Vickey,” Debbie said. “Daddy, this is my roommate, Vickey; we work for the same company.”

Sitting all crouched together, trying to pull my pants up and cover myself, I somehow focused on one thing. “Debbie, PLEASE stop calling me ‘Daddy’,” I said.

Standing up in the wreckage of her cheerleader outfit, apparently not minding that her tits were hanging out in front of me and her roommate, or that cum was dribbling down her thighs from her pussy and ass, she stretched languidly, then shrugged the top completely off and pulled the ties from her hair, shaking her head till it fell in a single shining auburn cascade to her shoulders. As she did, the coed persona dropped away, and she seemed to magically change from an awkward, coltish nineteen-year-old to a tall, slender young woman in her mid-twenties.

With cum dribbling down her thighs from her pussy and ass.

“Vickey,” she said, “this is my Uncle Jimmy.”

The blonde looked at me with interest, which I couldn’t help returning. Several inches taller than Debbie – maybe even six feet plus in her stocking feet, but wearing high spikes that would have made her taller than me if I were standing up instead of carefully re-zipping my pants, trying not to catch something important in the zipper – she looked like a princess out of a Russian fairy tale.

Her pale, smooth white skin made her generous crimson lips, surprisingly dark eyebrows and huge blue eyes even more striking, and her white-blonde hair was piled on top of her head in an elaborate knot. She wore a simple but elegant midnight-blue gown in what looked like real silk, cut so low in the back that it just missed revealing the top of her rear cleavage, and in the front so low that virtually the entire upper slopes of her large, perfectly-shaped breasts showed. A slit from her right ankle most of the way to the hip showed flashes, as she walked, of thigh-high ice-blue sheer hose that I realised were held up by an old-fashioned garter belt. Her shoes were a shade of blue that matched the gown, and she had a small wrap that looked as it if might actually be sable draped around her.

It should have looked ridiculous, maybe even a little tawdry, but it didn’t; on her it looked right. As I said, she looked so much like a princess that it worked; that one almost expected to see a coronet of some sort holding her hair in place.

Irrelevantly, I found myself seeing the princess resemblance – I was thinking “If Diana had looked like THAT, Charles wouldn’t have married that cow, Camilla…”

She looked at me with interest, then, with an impish urchin grin, she looked over at Debbie and said “Uncle Jimmy? You mean the one who…?” and she held up her hands, about eighteen inches apart. I felt myself huddling even more embarrassedly in the chair where I sat, and looked over to Debbie for… what? Help? Reassurance? Protection?

Not hardly.

Debbie looked embarrassed herself, and, looking a bit shamefacedly downward, she shook her head slowly and said “No… I was wrong…”

Vickey looked at her, then at me, and raised an eyebrow, still holding her hands a foot and a half apart in the air.

“No,” Debbie mumbled. “You know I was only about fifteen, and I only got a short look, and I wasn’t able to judge accurately…”

“You mean it’s NOT…?” Vickey said, still holding her hands up, even gesturing to draw the eye to where they still measured off that length in the air.

“No,” she answered. “I was wrong… It’s…” and with a sudden evil grin, she held up her own hands, almost TWO FEET apart.

Both women reacted to my strangled blurt of embarrassed outrage by bursting into laughter, and Debbie took a couple of steps my way and, with a neat little hop, plopped her hot naked bottom right in my lap and flung her arms around my neck.

“Oh, Uncle Jimmy, I love you. You were my favourite of Mom’s boyfriends, and you always made time to joke and play with me as if you really cared about who I was, not just as if being nice to me was going to help you fuck my mother.

“But you were an awful teaser, and you used to make me so MAD at the same time I loved you, so when I got the chance to embarrass you a little, I decided to take it.”

“You mean… all of that was just to embarrass me?” I choked out.

“What? Oh. no! No – I’ve wanted to fuck your brains out since I was about fifteen, and tonight just gave me a chance to do that.”

Another quick snort of suppressed laughter from Vickey brought my eyes back to the tall blonde, who didn’t seem the slightest put out or embarrassed to find her roommate fucking a total stranger in their living room.

Then I remembered that Debbie had said that Vickey worked for the same company, and I halkalı eve gelen escort thought back to how I’d encountered Debbie for the first time in almost eight years, earlier this evening, and my conclusions must have shown on my face, because Vickey grinned evilly at me and said “Yep – I am – I do – and I’m just back from a weekend with a client and we did – several times a day. And now I want to put on grubbies and go out for a drink.”

And with a challenging grin in my direction, she shrugged the dress’s from her shoulders and let it fall in a shining blue puddle at her feet.

She stood there for a moment, like a statue of perfection made from snow, and I realised that under the dress she had been braless; her high, large breasts didn’t need support yet, standing proud and high on her chest. She did, indeed, wear a simple white lace garter belt to support the ice-blue sheer thigh high hose she wore. The only other undergarment she wore was a black velvet g-string that contrasted strikingly with the milky whiteness of her skin and her white-blonde hair.

I couldn’t help but stare, and, despite the weirdness of the situation, I felt the beginnings of a stirring in my crotch.

Stepping out of the fallen dress, she turned, then glanced back over her shoulder, and said “When you get tired of Little Debbie and want something a little more solid, my room’s right over here, Uncle Jimmy…”, and, with a stripper’s strut, leaving the fallen dress where it lay, she crossed to the door, looked back once, stepped inside and shut it behind her.

“Well, that bitch,” Debbie laughed. “She’s still upset that she came in and caught her last boyfriend sneaking out of my room one time too many.”

She picked up the blue dress, stepped over to Vickey’s door, opened it and tossed the crumpled material inside, saying “Take care of this or Josie’ll take it out of your end of the action!”

Then she turned to me, reached out and grabbed my hand, and pulled me toward the other bedroom door.

“C’mon, let’s get a shower, and then Vickey and I can show you around town!”

Debbie’s bedroom resembled what I remembered of her bedroom when she’d been fifteen, back in Atlanta, except that the girl-junk scattered around was at least partly adult girl-junk. Sure, there were stuffed animals – “Is that Mr. Muffles?” I asked, pointing at a rather battered rabbit. “Oh, yeah – he’s my favourite; you gave him to me when I was thirteen and I’ve had him ever since,” she said – and posters of movie stars and pop singers on the wall, but there were also bras and thongs among the litter of jeans and dresses and blouses that waited for laundry between the bed and the wall, and I noticed a rather large vibrator sitting on the makeup table with her cosmetics and music boxes.

She shed the remains of her cheer outfit as she crossed to another door, tossing the garments more or less toward the laundry pile, and, standing there nude, tall and slender and incredibly sensual, turned to me and said “Well, c’mon – get undressed and let’s shower.”

I was still suffering from partial brainlock; the events of this evening since the knock on my hotel door a couple of hours ago were just too surreal to process. She “tsk”‘d impatiently, stepped up to me, and, in two expert passes, had my shirt off and into the laundry pile, and my pants and shorts down around my ankles.

And then she reached down, grabbed me firmly by my half-erect cock, and began pulling me gently but irresistibly toward the bathroom door; in self-defence I had to step out of my shorts and pants and follow.

Once in the bathroom, she pointed to the closed toilet lid next to the huge tub, and said “Sit”, as if I were a puppy. I sat, trying to figure out just when this girl half my age had taken over the evening. Kneeling in front of me, she whipped my socks off my feet, and then, as she stood, leaned forward and briefly pressed my face between her grapefruit-sized tits.

Then she stood, exaggeratedly leaning toward the huge tub to adjust the water temperature, and pushed her fine ass cheeks into my face, looking back over her shoulder with a giggle, saying “See anything you like?”, then, with a frankly evil grin, continued “Oh, yeah – you liked all of that, didn’t you?” and she cocked one leg so as to flash her pouty pussy lips at me.

Water temp right, she turned on the shower heads, and then stepped behind the translucent white curtain. All I could see through the curtain was her vague outline, and I relaxed a bit, feeling that I’d be able to catch my breath while she showered.

Or I thought so until a slim, wet arm suddenly shot out through the quick-rising steam, and two fingers took a vice-like grip on my left ear.

“C’mon – get in here!” she said. “I’m not tired yet, and I bet you’re not really tired, either.”

“Help,” I said, conversationally, “Rape.” But I stepped over the high edge and down into the huge semi-sunken tub, where streams of hot, steaming halkalı grup yapan escort water shot in from three directions, and Debbie stood in the middle like a statue of a naiad in a Greek fountain.

The hot water began to revive me almost immediately, and I couldn’t avoid a fresh showing of what is known as “the gallant reflex”. Looking down, Debbie grinned, then reached out with the soap in one hand and a cloth in the other and began to lather and stroke my cock and balls.

Within seconds, she had me as hard and hot as ever I could recall being, and then handed me the soap and cloth and turned a bit, putting her shoulders back, pushing her fine breasts toward me.

Resigned now to Fate(s) Worse Than Death, I carefully lathered and then rinsed every inch of her tits and her torso, then put the soap in the rack and bent forward to gently lip and then suckle and nip her fine pink nipples as they became more erect. At her moan of pleasure, I raised my head and pressed forward, at the same time placing my right hand on her hip and the other on the small of her back, pulling her more firmly against me. (Not that it took a lot of pulling.)

She pushed up against me, my cock trapped between us, and rolled her hips from side to side against it. One of her hands came up and pressed against the back of my neck, bringing my head down so that my lips met hers. Her tongue tapped flickeringly at my lips, then slipped between, and her other hand slid in between us and grasped my shaft, pumping gently but firmly up and down.

My own right hand had slipped from her hip to her ass, first cupping, then fondling the firm round cheek, and now, as she rose on tiptoes under the hot spray of the shower, my finger tips slipped down and between her legs and caressed her little brown star and then the lips of her hot, pouting cunt. She gave a gasp of pleasure, and her knees sagged a bit, impaling her more firmly on my fingertips.

Grateful in a vague way that the big tub had a non-skid bottom, I pushed her gently away, ignoring her sigh of disappointment, looked hungrily at her, from head to toes, taking careful note of the fine breasts and her neatly-trimmed pussy, then turned her around, urging her to grab hold of the lower towel bar, just above waist height, near the foot of the tub.

As she did, I pushed her feet just a bit further apart and pressed down on her shoulders gently until she took just the position I wanted.

Stepping close behind her, I placed my left hand on her hip, grasped my rigid cock near its base, and then rubbed the swollen red head up and down along her pussy lips, teasing her, picking up a little lubrication from her sopping cunt, and slipping just a bit further in between them with every stroke. I tickled her clit with the tip of my cock, making her moan and gasp out “Come on, dammit. Fuck me! Fuck me hard!”

With the head lodged between her hot wet lips, poised at her opening, I drew back just a bit, then, grabbing her hips with both hands and pulling her backward, I plunged my full length into her hot ready cunt in a single stroke.

I could feel her trying to thrust back against me, to rock back and forth and speed up the pace, but I held her hips firmly, and set a slow, deep rhythm, thrusting almost my full length in and out of her hot, tight pussy. At the deepest point of penetration, I rocked my hips a bit, side to side, causing my cock to change its angles, almost as if I were stirring her insides with a wooden spoon. Then I would slowly pull back till only the head remained inside her, and then push slowly and smoothly forward again.

Standing there as the hot water cascaded over us, washing away the sweat from our bodies as we pleasured each other, I wasn’t sure just how long I could bear this slow pace, myself, but I was determined to make this a fuck she would remember forever, even though she was a prostitute these days, servicing multiple clients on a regular basis. And I was just as set that it would be one I would remember for a long time, even if I never saw her again.

“Jesus, Uncle Jimmy! Faster… please… Fuck me hard and fast… please!” she moaned, clutching the towel rack. I could tell that her legs were wobbly with lust – that my hands on her hips and her grip on that metal bar were all that were keeping her on her feet as I stroked her hot pussy relentlessly.

“What did you say?” I asked.

“Fuck me hard, please!” she gasped out.

“You want it hard and fast, huh?”


“Then beg me for it like a good little slut,” I said.

“Oh, please – fuck my pussy harder… fuck me faster… please please! Make me cum like a dog… please fuck me, Uncle Jimmy!”

“Like a dog? Like a bitch?”

“God, yes – fuck me like a dog… make me your bitch… make me cum, PLEASE!” she gasped out.

“All right, then,” I said. “Here it comes!” And with that i drew back my full length one more time, then suddenly slammed forward, and began pumping halkalı masöz escort her with all my strength, as deeply and as hard as I could. She gasped at the first thrust, then began a steady moaning that peaked every time I crammed her hot cunt full. I couldn’t really manage full length strokes at the speed I was pumping, but neither of us really minded.

Her legs grew even less steady, and I had to hold much of her weight, and her head almost banged the wall above the towel rod she supported the rest of her weight on, but she didn’t seem to care; her hips drove back to meet my every thrust, making sure that I plunged in as deeply as possible at every stroke.

As I slammed in and out of her grasping, hot cunt, her tits swung below her chest with every stroke, and the slapping sound of my hips against her ass was audible even above the rush of the three shower heads.

“Oh, my god!” she gasped out. “I… I’m… I’m cumming!”, and, with a scream like some sort of demented police siren, I felt her pussy’s muscles tighten and spasm, grasping at my cock, trying to milk my own orgasm out of me. But I wasn’t ready to cum, yet, so I held her almost limp body up with a firm grasp on her hips, and, even as orgasm after orgasm thundered through her, I kept on pounding at her grasping, convulsing pussy as she shuddered and moaned again and again, pushing her forward and backward, almost as if she were some sort of sex toy I was using to masturbate myself…

But, after several crashing orgasms, she finally went completely limp, and slumped forward, losing one hand’s grip on the metal bar, pulling her self away from me, my still hard shaft slipping reluctantly from her vagina’s warm grasp. I gasped as the shower’s sprays struck my over-sensitised flesh, washing the coating of her pussy juices from my cock and from between her legs where she slumped on her knees, legs splayed wide and her well-plowed pussy gaping open…

I was about to take things in hand for my own finish, as it were, when i felt a sudden cool draft, and a cooing voice said “Here, let ME take care of that for you,” as Vickey, in her white-fleshed nude glory, slipped into the big tub, and knelt quickly before me. taking a firm grasp on my cock with one hand.

She looked up at me with what my shocked brain realised was a truly evil grin, and then plunged my rigid, throbbing member into her hot wet mouth.

As Vickey worked enthusiastically at my cock, her cheeks hollowing and filling out again on the out and in strokes, her tongue swirled maddeningly along the length of my cock and around the rim of the head, her hand pumping the shaft as her other hand played erotically with my balls. While her skill at cocksucking was obviously a professional qualification, her obvious enjoyment of her task was quite personal. Now it was my turn to grab the towel bar and use it to hold myself up, leaning back against the tiled wall, as her lips, tongue and tight deep throat began to rob my knees of their strength.

I had my head thrown back, trying to hold back for even a few more seconds to prolong that incredible blowjob for as long as I could, when Vickey gave out a sudden moan that I felt along my cockshaft as well as hearing it. Looking downward, I saw that Debbie had recovered somewhat, and was pumping three fingers of one hand in and out of Vickey’s white-furred snatch, and two fingers of the other in her roommate’s fine ass.

That erotic sight was more than I could handle, and I felt my balls and cock twitch, and then huge masses of hot cum were rifling down the length of my shaft and into Vickey’s greedy, hot mouth. At the same time, apparently, Vickey came all over Debbie’s hand, her hips jerking and thrusting as she moaned again and again around her mouthful of my cock. Most of my cum went down Vickey’s throat as she swallowed frantically, but some ran out over her chin and dribbled on those high, firm breasts with their rigidly erect nipples.

Releasing her hold on my slowly-deflating cock and letting it slide out of her mouth, she slumped backward, winding up sitting in the bottom of the tub, leaning back against its rim. The shower began to wash away the driblets of cum on her tits, but Debbie quickly swooped in on them and licked every bit of it into her own mouth, not neglecting to suck and bite gently at Vickey’s large nipples, then turned to me and began cleaning the remnants of her own Vickey’s lipstick, her own juices and my cum from my cock with her tongue and lips.

Slowly the two women stood, and stepped toward me, snuggling to me on opposite sides, each reaching down a hand to gently stroke my soft cock as I put an arm around each and fondled their pretty tits, so different from each other, but both so sexy and perfect.

The shower continued to wash away the last traces of our recent encounters; eventually we relathered and rinsed each other’s bodies till we were all completely clean, then shut off the shower, stepped out of the big tub, and stood dripping on the bathmat as we took large thick towels and sensually dried each other off.

I was still dazed by the sheer intensity of the experience I had just undergone, and couldn’t think of anything to say as we all stepped out of the bathroom into Debbie’s room, and it seemed as if the girls were, too – both of them, with expressions I couldn’t read, seemed to be pondering deeply.

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