Dear Diary Pt. 08-09

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Peter spent the next few days clearing the outhouse with little thought about much else during the day. Several skips and loads of images of filling and full skips, and an emptying and finally empty outhouse confirmed what he had thought, that the building had much more space than it seemed when full of rubbish, far more than he had expected. Now, he decided, he needed to take a break before the next phase. He got his phone out, making a mental note that it was about time he moved to a smart phone, and gave Jimmy a call.

“Hello Peter, what’s up today?”

“Fancy a beer?”

“As you know I never turn down beer.”

“OK, on me in the Ship in fifteen minutes then.”

“See you there.”

As Peter walked down the hill Jimmy’s words “knew his old man well, and his mother better” were running around in his head, time for a little chat he thought. Just as he was approaching the Ship he saw Jimmy going in. He walked through the door and up to the bar, putting his hand on Jimmy’s shoulder he said to the barman

“I’ll get that, and a pint of Wreckers for myself.”

“Ah, Peter lad, time we had a little chat I think.”

“I was thinking that as well,” replied Peter, “let’s go over in the corner where it’s quiet.”

They went and sat in the corner and sipped their beers in silence for a couple of minutes, neither really knowing where to begin. Peter decided that if he didn’t speak nothing would get said.

“When I came to see you about cameras”, he started “you said that you knew my old man well and my mother better, so…”

“Indeed lad, and that’s what we need to talk about. Secrets are all very well when they can hurt people, but I’m the only one left now and it can’t hurt me.”

“What secrets?”

“Well, you do know that your mother was pregnant when she got married don’t you?”

“Yes, I found their marriage certificate as a kid, they were married in the February and I was born in May. It didn’t take much genius to work out that she was going on six months when they married.”

“You were always a smart one” Jimmy said, “what you don’t know is that I had been seeing your mother for about a year before they got married.”

“Hang on a minute, she was twenty-five when they got married, that would have made you about what…”

“Yes, fifteen, there was ten years between us. As I said you were always quick.”

Peter’s mind was now rampant with impossible ideas. What he was thinking couldn’t possibly be true, but it would explain a lot about the tensions as he was growing up. Tensions that were always there right up until his parents died within six months of one another two years ago.

“So, are you saying what I think you’re saying?”

“Indeed lad, she hadn’t had sex with your father before they married. When she told me she was pregnant I offered to do the right thing, but your father had already asked her and she’d accepted, nothing I could do or say would change her mind.”

“So, I’m sitting here eve gelen escort drinking with…”

“Your father, yes lad indeed you are. You are the only other person in the village that knows it, and best kept that way I think.”

“But Claudet is going to have to know, I won’t be able keep this from her.”

“Of course you can’t, but I know she can be trusted not to spread it about.”

“No, of course she won’t, she knows things about me that the village would love to know, things that you will need to know in due course. Well bugger me, and don’t think I am going to start calling you dad, it’ll be Jimmy or nothing.”

“Of course, best way, one person hears you call me dad and the gossips will have a field day. I feel better now you know, while you were away it didn’t matter, but when you came back I knew that you would have to be told sooner or later. I’m only sorry that it took so long.”

Peter’s mind was a turmoil of emotions from this revelation. He had always known that his, supposed, father had had some hold over his mother, and that he hadn’t liked Peter very much either. Now he knew why that was, maybe another child would have been the answer, but it never happened, his mother had got pregnant twice more but both children had been still born.

Walking back up the hill Peter, still somewhat in shock, was trying to figure out how to tell Claudet. As it happened he wasn’t given a period of grace to collect his thoughts, Claudet was just coming back from her swim and they met at the gate.

“What’s up?” she asked, “you look awful.”

“Let’s get inside first.”

“Oh, bad news then, your off with someone else.”

“No, far from it, but what I have to say is not for other ears.”

They walked across the garden in silence and went into the living room, Peter sat whilst Claudet took her stuff to the bathroom. A few minutes later she came back and sat beside him. She was about to speak when Peter put a finger to her lips, she knew better and waited. Peter recounted all that Jimmy had told him, and what he had guessed, and Jimmy confirmed.

“I wish you had been there.”

“Me too, for your sake. But this does explain some of the snippets of conversation I overheard from my parents.”

“How do you mean?”

“Well, our mothers were best friends…”

“I didn’t know that.”

“Ssshh, let me finish. Your mother must at some point have confided in mine. I often heard her tell my father that there had been a younger man who got her pregnant, that was all I ever heard. I don’t think that they knew who it was. Your mum might have confided but I think kept the name to herself.”

“Hmm, it explains a lot about my family as well, I’m still not sure what I think about it all.”

“My advice is to treat Jimmy as Jimmy and in a few months you will look back and laugh at all this, it doesn’t really make any difference does it?”

“I suppose not, but I had got used to the idea fatih escort that my father was dead, and now to find that my actual father is alive and well and only sixteen years older than me, well, that’s a bit of a shock.”

Claudet got up and went to the kitchen, and after a little rattling came back with two glasses, handing one to Peter she said

“Gin and tonic, good for shocks like this.”

This made Peter laugh out loud.

“Trust you to have the answer.” he replied.

“Oh, yes, I have all sorts of answers from this to physical recreational therapy as a last resort.”

Peter could see full well where this was leading, but wasn’t sure that he would be up to it right now. He needed time to assimilate all of this new information, but he would play along if that was what it took.

“Horny then are we?”

“Well, I don’t know about the ‘we’, but in my case no less than usual.”

“So, no bloke in the village is safe then?”

“Well you certainly aren’t, and you know full well that you are all I want.”

“Ah, but that’s only for a certain appendage.”

“Well, that’s true, but the rest of the package is ok as well.”

Peter knew that he would never win this verbal teasing, he also knew that there was only one way to shut her up. He picked up his glass, downed the remaining half of his gin in one, noticing Claudet’s wide eyed appreciation, then pulled her to him and kissed her. In these situations he always thought that he would catch her off guard, but he never did, she always responded with passion and vigour.

Even whilst glued to his mouth, her tongue wrestling for supremacy with his, she had started undoing buttons, his belt, anything she could get her hands on. Before long they were both pretty much stripped and ready for action, Claudet on her knees taking his cock in her mouth, working it to ensure that it was hard. She kept this up for a couple of minutes to make sure he was hard enough, at the same time getting something out of her bag. She stopped and handing Peter a tube lay face down across the sofa saying

“I want you in my arse, good and deep in my arse.”

Peter knew that she was quite new to anal having only first tried it about a year ago, and after the initial discomfort had taken to it like a duck to water. He knelt behind he and squeezed some lube onto her rosebud of an anus, then started to work it deep inside with two fingers. As soon as she felt his fingers she relaxed her arsehole allowing easy passage for his fingers, giving a deep moan of pleasure as they worked more and more lube deep into her.

Once Peter thought that she was ready he smeared some of the lube over the length of his cock, putting the tube aside he brought the tip of his cock to her anus rubbing around it teasing her, hearing her moans of frustration at being made to wait. After about a minute of this he pushed gently, watching her sphincter stretch open allowing the tip of his cock access. halkalı anal yapan escort She gave a moan, and he noticed her hand fly between her legs seeking out her clit. He pushed slowly watching as inch by inch his cock disappeared into her willing arse, to the point where his groin was tight against her buttocks and there was no more to go in.

“Oh, fuck, I can feel every inch” she cried, “now fuck me, fuck that arse good.”

Peter started out with long slow strokes to get her arse used to its invader, knowing full well that this would end up as Claudet liked, with her arse fucked hard, fast and furious. He could feel her fingers working away at her clit as only she knew how, and increased his pace significantly, trying to match the rhythm of her fingers.

He knew from experience that he couldn’t last long buried in Claudet’s tight arse, but also knew that she would give herself at least two orgasms to his one. He knew from her moans that her first orgasm was imminent, then he felt it hit her, her rectum contracting and gripping his cock was his signal that she wanted more. He began to increase the pace of his thrusts.

“Oh, yes, fill my arse, give me that cock hard and deep, c’mon pound it, fill it with your spunk, give my tight hole what it needs.”

Peter gripped her hips and started to pound his cock into her arse pushing and pulling at her hips to match his stroking. Suddenly he felt her second orgasm hit her hard

“Oh fuck” she screamed out, “pound that arse lover, make me cum again, fuck me deep and hard.”

He was surprised that he had held out so long given his long, hard, fast and deep strokes into her willing arsehole. He gave her exactly what she wanted and began to pound her arse for all he was worth, feeling the beginnings of his own orgasm tingling away nicely. Her moans by now were utterly incomprehensible, no longer words but primeval sounds that resonated somewhere deep within his brain making him fuck her arse harder an ever. He felt his cock swelling with his impending orgasm, he could see her sphincter stretching to accommodate his swelling cock. He knew that she was close to another orgasm, her arse was contracting rhythmically, milking his cock, pushing him closer and closer to ejaculation. Grunting now with the effort of waiting for Claudet to cum again he simply couldn’t hold out and with a mighty hard deep stroke rammed his cock deep into her as it exploded with cum juice pouring into her arse. This was enough to push her over the edge, and she came with a wail of pleasure surpassing anything he had heard before.

Peter collapsed onto Claudet exhausted, both with the conflicting emotions of the day and the sheer effort of fucking her arse. He managed to roll aside, his cock popping out of her arse with the sound of a cork from a wine bottle, with his juices also beginning to ooze out in a quite erotic manner. Claudet just stayed where she was, unable to move, still trembling from her last orgasm. She looked up at him, unable to speak and just shaking her head as if to say she didn’t believe what had just happened. He, still a bit shaky, went off and got a damp cloth to clean her up a bit, then helped her to her feet. Holding on she whispered

“Christ, that was just overwhelming, c’mon, let’s go get a shower.”

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