Dear Diary #01

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Big Dick

Dear Diary.


Today was an ordinary day I suppose. I went to work (a little late since I am the boss). Now you need to understand that I am 46, and curvy with graying waist length hair that I wear in a single braid down my back. I prefer to wear short sleeve blouses that only hint of the 36D breasts underneath.

During the workday my husband and I often do not even see each other. But if I have to go into his office I am often clasped into a very inappropriate embrace with a firm fondle of those breast. Sometimes he even snakes his hands under my blouse to touch those breasts of down my pants to slide a finger into my hot pussy. When he does I am instantly tingling and wet.

And so today went. I returned home from work only briefly as I wanted to attend a presentation that evening. But all evening all I could think of what his fingers in my pussy. The presentation was interesting, but my thoughts went back to his fingers during the short ride home.

He was sleeping by the time that I arrived home so I striped and slid into bed next to him. Even asleep he snuggled up to me with a hand holding a breast. I often think that he could be endlessly entertained with a box of breasts or nipples. I have large “pepperoni” nipples. Large, and often hard, like pencil erasers.


Work again. The day felt long and there was very little interaction with my husband at work today. When I got home from work we had supper and then an early bedtime. We are like two bunnies, always looking for a time to have sex. I stripped and got into bed. I usually get in and roll on my side to present my naked ass to his gaze. And it worked. Soon enough we were no longer talking, but I felt his hand on my ass and reaching over me to grasp a breast and tweak illegal bahis a nipple.

Soon enough his hand slid between my ass cheeks to stroke my pussy from behind. I was wet! So wet and so fast. Funny, I never got this wet with my first husband…

Soon he rolled me onto my back and mounted me. His hard dick pushing itself inside me to pound me hard, over and over…..ooooh. We are both wiped from the work day so we finished and were quickly asleep. Curled together with his hand on my breast.


No work today, and I had most of the day to myself as my husband went to the office in the morning and when he came home he was working on his homework. Of course my pussy was missing him and when he returned home I was wet for him.

Now it did not help the situation that I had spent part of the day reading stories on I can’t remember the specific story…but I tend to go to either the first time or anal categories. I am not sure why since it has been 20 years since my fist time and I am usually hesitant with anal sex. It is a once in a while event for me, but I love to read about other engaging in it. It just seems to dangerous and hot!

So there I am all hot and bothered. So when he finished writing his paper it was time for me to swap places with him at the computer to submit his homework. He is studying for a Doctorate in Business Administration in and on-line setting. So once I submitted the paper, what did I do…I went to and did some more readying. And by 11pm when I though my eyes would fall out of my head I was do hot and wet and all I could think about was his big hot dick in my ass..I went to bed.

Now I made sure to complete my nighttime routine in the bathroom and when I went into bed I left my jeans illegal bahis siteleri and panties in the was. So from his vantage point on the bed he could see that my bottom was naked. I did not face him and actually had to bed over to pick up my cell phone off the floor, so now he could get a good view of my steaming pussy.

I took off my blouse and bra and got into bed naked. I took up my position on my side facing away from him and he immediately snuggles up to my back, spooning. I love the feel of his soft hand brush across my naked bottom. It made me sot languid and warm.

He put his arms around me so he could fondle my breasts and teak my nipples. He likes how large my nipples are and how hard they get. But my pussy was o hot and I needed him there. He must have heard my thoughts because soon enough I could feel his hand sliding between my butt cheeks and into my pussy. I like him reading into me from behind because then I can feel his hand on my ass while his fingers are in me.

This wend on for a time until he tried to push a finger in my ass…nope..and I rolled over onto my back.

He caressed me all over. My breasts, my belly, my inner thighs and finally came to rest on my pussy mound. And then I could feel him rubbing me, with the flat of his hand, like I would do to myself. It made me hotter and I let out a soft moan of delight.

He rubbed and rubbed and started sliding his fingers along my slit, and I got wetter and wetter. In and out his fingers went. Wetter and wetter I got. My moaning got louder (thank god my very hot 17 year old step son had not gotten home, but that is another story), louder than I have been in some time.

His hand was still stroking and rubbing my mound and reaching into my ass. In and out…

I had to canlı bahis siteleri have him, I could not wait so I pushed him off onto his back and mounted him. Deep into my pussy I pushed him and this time he moaned. He could reach to caress my ass and my back and my breasts, his hands were everywhere!

I needed him in my ass!! I got off and lubed his tool, but in my position I could not pop the head in.

So I got off and took the doggy style position with him kneeling behind me. I know he likes this because he likes to see my ass as he is pounding me, and I like to be pounded!

He move to stick his dick in my wet pussy, but I moaned “not there”, and he knew what I wanted. SO he added some lube to him and to me and pushed his dick into me. In and out over and over he pounded…a half hour later we were still at it until he finally shot his wad and filled me. I thought that we were all set for the night, but while he was till in my ass he started grinding into me again and quickly shot his second load of the night.

It was nearly 1am when we finally separated and flopped flat on the bed. I could not rest longs since this always makes me need to take a shit. So I went into the bathroom to attend to that and clean myself up. When I came back my husband did the same and almost as soon as he came back to bed my stepson came him.

We just snuggled under the covers and did not make a sound so he would think we were asleep.

I could end it here, but my ass was burning and my pussy was wet, not having gotten any real attention, tired as I was I slept, that is until about 4am when I felt a hand in my pussy and lips on my nipples. I was instantly awake and enjoyed and early morning fuck.

Quickies are good in the early morning and we went back to sleep.

And really it would have been enough but we woke again at 6 or 7amd for another round. Him on top, me on top, doggies style…no ass fucking this time. My poor bottom hole was too raw.

Next time I will have to tell you about my step son.

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