Days of Passion

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I am Chetan 25 years old practicing lawyer from Bangalore. The incident that I am describing here took place 4 years back in the second year of my college. Our college was located on the outskirts of the city in the lap of the forests and surrounded by an artificial lake giving it the most scenic setting for college. Being a partially- residential university 70% of its students stayed on the campus itself.

It was the month of November when the early winter chill had just set in. I was making my way back to the boy’s hostel when I saw Anjali for the first time. A fourth year student she was pretty popular in college, and not just for her looks. A typical south Indian she was dark but with sharp features, big eyes, shoulder length hair, luscious lips and body to die for. 3 years in the college basketball team meant she did not have an ounce of fat on her body. About 5’7 in height her long slender legs and the perfect hourglass figure would have given any upcoming model a run for her money.

She approached me and asked if the exam dates for mid-sem had been put up in the library, I replied in negative. Just to keep the conversation going I started asking her about the strategy for exams, and she being a generous senior obliged with volumes of academic wisdom. I am pretty sure I ignored much of what she said that day, my attention fixed squarely on her radiant face, distracted only by intermittent glance of her cleavage visible through the deep neckline of her pink sweater. That was the day I was smitten by this southern beauty.

Over the next few months our interaction was restricted to the occasional chats on facebook, and the customary “hi”, “hello” when we met in college. I was waiting for a chance to get close to her and break the invisible barrier of junior-senior hierarchy, so that I could get to know her on a personal level. I got my chance a couple of months later. I was on my way to the football field for the evening practice, when I heard a familiar voice of sobbing from the bushes adjacent to the football innovia escort field. When I went closer to the source. I saw Anjali crying. Cautiously I went closer to her and asked her why she was crying. She said her current boyfriend had cheated on her with her friend and hence they had broken up. I consoled her and asked to walk with her to her hostel which was about half a kilometer away. On the way I told her how great a girl she was and how unfortunate her bf was to cheat on her like that. By the time she reached hostel she was in a better mood. She thanked me for the support and just as I was about to take her leave she gave me a big hug. Sudden as this was it sent a wave of electricity through my body. I could smell the fragrance of her wavy hair. Her warm body pressed against mine my hands on her smooth back, I could distinctly feel the knots of her bra over layers of clothes. I let go of her and made my way back to the field thinking about her all the way.

After this incident we became pretty close, would hang out a lot after college, have the occasional booze and discuss life and other things. But I wanted to have sex with her and get this built up sexual energy out of the system. I got my chance during the annual college fest. It was the second day of our fest and we had decided to watch the talent hunt competition together. I escorted her from her hostel. On our way to the auditorium we had a couple of cans of Carlsberg which I had brought to loosen things up. As we went into the auditorium we found that the only seats left were the upper tier balcony seats. As the show went on the crowd became thinner and when it was time for the enactment of Shakespeare’s play there were hardly any people left in the theatre. The two of us being alone on upper tier balcony. It was dark.The play was boring but she insisted to stay on till the end. I was annoyed and told her I am not her boyfriend who would sit through such plays and was done pretending I was merely her friend. She asked me what I meant istanbul escort by that to which I told her I like her lot. What happened next stunned me!!

She kissed me on my lips. To this day I still doubt if she was reciprocating my feelings or pacifying me. Or it was just the booze talking and I couldn’t care less coz I pulled her towards me tugging at her white shirt and kissed her back passionately. She put her arms around me and held me in a tight embrace. I took this as a sign from her and put my tongue in her mouth. After several minutes of tongue hockey we broke off as the sound of clatter on the stage below marked the interval of the play. I took her by the arm and led her to a secluded chamber behind projection room. The room was modest in furniture with a sofa and a few chairs and a center table. We went inside and locked the door behind us.

I pinned her to the wall and opened her shirt, soon I was unhooking her bra and unzipped her jeans, within moments she was standing buck naked in front of me. Pearls of sweat on her brown skin were glistening in the twilight of the room. I lifted her up in my arms and carefully lowered her on the leather sofa placed in the corner. I again started French kissing her. While I explored her mouth with my tongue I placed my palm on her mounds and started pinching her nipples. This got her aroused intensely and she ripped open my vest and scratched me all over my back with her nails. The pain of passionate wild lovemaking cannot be explained only experienced. In the meantime I parted her legs and put a finger on the small tuft of hair over her cunt. As I inserted a finger in her pussy she gave out a loud moan, a sign that she was still relatively new to this game. She asked me to go gentle on her. I split open her cunt with my two fingers and inserted my tongue licking furiously at her clitoris. She started moaning loudly and after a few minutes the intensity of pleasure made her shiver with excitement. She asked me to stop with her mouth but kadıköy escort her hands betrayed her pushing my head further into her. With a shrieking scream she had her first orgasm of the night. Small streams of fluid oozed out of her cunt and I knew she was ready for penetration.

Next I made her crouch on the edge of the sofa, she wanted me to go slow but I had other intentions. So I held her from behind, and then in one motion I rammed my 8 inch cock into her pussy, bit her softly on her neck and forcefully pressed her nipples with my hand. The action had an instant reaction and she let out a loud scream. Thankfully the noise was muzzled by the sound of loudspeakers playing out the opera of the play being staged below. We fucked furiously like long lost lovers, the passion knew no bounds and she kept pulling my hair with her hands. It was so intense that my hands left marks on her nipples every time I pinched. Her neck had 3-4 love bites in a short while whereas her ears were red. Her buttocks made sounds of “pach-pach” everytime it slapped against my thighs as I thrust into her. We fucked in that position for well over 20 minutes before we were both spent.

She lay on top of me for a while after which she got up and started stroking my cock with her hands. Her touch was magic and my dick got rock hard within minutes. To my amazement she took the entire length of the cock in her mouth in one goes and started sucking my dick. The feeling of her tongue on my dick being bathed in her saliva and the excitement was simply amazing. Being sucked on by the girl of my dreams was too much of an excitement and I filled her mouth with my cum within minutes.

We fucked each other two more times before we were completely exhausted. She had look of satisfaction on her face. She said she’ll have to make up a good excuse for all the bruises on her boobs and her neck. We got dressed and gave each other one final kiss before we heard someone coming up the stairs. We rushed through the door and barely avoided the auditorium guard who was doing his final check before closing the gates. I dropped her off at her hostel that night and decided to discuss the status of our relationship. We dated and fucked each other for while before parting ways. She got married an year back and we have barely spoken since the last two years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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