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Big Cock

I think about him often, those soft brown eyes, I never touched him but I wanted to. I sat there most days watching him walk back and forth in his suit across the office as he presented his reports, made copies, and reported to our boss. We made eye contact so many times, I often caught myself biting my lip. Some of his suits were tighter than the others if you know what I mean and my goodness was he endowed. Sometimes it seemed like he stood in front of me on purpose. I visited his office from time to time, always wishing he’d take me. Not just in a casual way but in an aggressive I need you now sort of way.

I often fantasized about what he’d do to me. One day, I visited his office to ask for help on a report and I was so hot and bothered for him that I stumbled over my words.

I found myself daydreaming…

He put his hand behind my neck and slid it up my head grabbing a handful of hair as he pulled me esenyurt otele gelen escort close to him. He opened his mouth and slid his tongue into mine and took control. He kissed down my neck, first little pecks, then he bit; not hard but enough to catch my attention and make me moan. I wore a dress that day, with cute little panties; they were the cheeky black lace style, easy for him to grab a handful as he lifted my dress. He pushed himself against me, I knew that he knew I admired him in ways that were not appropriate in our specific setting, but it didn’t matter, the blinds were shut and the door was closed and locked. He put me on my knees, where I unbuttoned and unzipped those suit pants with a passion unlike any other. He was intact endowed, the suit pants did not trick me. And as he slid out of his boxers, I softly licked and slid him into my mouth.

I longed esenyurt rus escort for this, he knew what he was doing to my panties. I moaned as I took him in my mouth, he moaned as well and all I wanted was for him to make me gag. It wasn’t a hard task for him to do. He looked at me as I took him into the back of my throat, he closed his eyes and let out the most passionate moan I’ve ever heard. He stood me up and sat me on his desk. As he slid my dress up, he traced the seam in those lace panties until he found my sweet spot. He rubbed me as I moaned, he pulled my panties aside and slid his fingers in me as I let out the loudest moan I could ever imagine. He then pulled my panties off and set me back up on the desk. He unbuttoned the buttons at the top of my dress and unhooked my bra so my breasts would fall out. He placed one on his mouth and sucked and licked my nipple while he grabbed esenyurt türbanlı escort the other and pinched a little. He then pulled me to the edge of the desk and slid his big hard cock deep inside me as we both let out a passionate wanting moan.

I had wanted this for so long. He started slow, slowly pushing harder and harder with each thrust. I loved it. I moaned a little louder each time. I couldn’t get enough of it. He started thrusting harder and harder making me moan so loud. He pulled out and then bent me over the desk, oh my gosh how amazing this felt. He slid in from behind and with one hand he grabbed a hand full of hair and pulled with each thrust. With the other hand he played with my clit making me squirm as much as I could while he pounded me into submission. The harder he thrusted the closer we got. Then he kissed my back up to my neck and bit and we both finished so hard, moaning so loud, releasing so much held in tension. It was amazing. He turned me around and kissed me as we put our clothes back on.

“Morgan,” he said, “did you want to grab lunch to discuss this further?”

I woke up to my reality, “yea, that’s a good idea, I need to clear my head on the way over.”

Until he stands in front of me again in the conference room again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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