Davie Ch. 03

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On a rainy Saturday morning, Davie arrived home from his night shift at the firehouse. It had been fairly quiet. His company had one abandoned house fire and an abandoned auto fire. His company was a pretty busy one and it was an honor to be assigned there.

Davie stepped out of his clothes that had an odor of smoke on them and slid naked into a robe. He went into the kitchen to pour himself a cup of coffee and read the headlines in the paper before he took a shower and a short snooze.

Just as he was getting into an article, his sister Bette walked into the kitchen. She was off work today and planned on going over to her girlfriend Debbi’s house and then for a swim at the beach. Bette had awoke early, slipped on a robe and was going into the bathroom to take a shower when she heard her brother making coffee. She was hesitant at first to go in because this was the first time she had encountered Davie since the event at Debbie’s house two nights earlier.

“Hi, Big Brother,” she said.

“Oh my god, if he only knew the double meaning of that remark,” she thought.

“Hey Sis.” he replied, “Sleep good?”

“Yea. Listen, I’m going to jump into the shower. Okay?” Bette said over her shoulder as she headed to the bathroom. She was not comfortable being in the kitchen with Davie. When she walked in and saw him sitting in his robe, her eyes went right to his lap hoping to see his cock sticking out.

“God, I am such a perv.” she thought to herself., But she knew she really did want to see it. Even suck it again.

Bette went into the bath, started the water running in the shower, stepped in and slid the glass doors closed. The water was hot and the steam began to open her pores up. The heat had a great massaging effect on her and she began to relax. Picking up the soap Bette held the bar in her right hand and ran it across her chest and belly. Looking down at her nipples, she remembered Debbi playing with them and how she had remarked how beautiful they were.

“Am I really that nice to look at,” she thought as she touched her nipples alternately one then the other with the slippery bar of soap. Her nipples started to respond to her touch and within a few minutes they were standing out a full inch and as wide as a cupcake. She was always embarrassed by their look but now she was thinking she might be blessed with a pair of jewels.

The steam was building up quite a bit by now so she opened the shower door, and leaning out from the enclosure, Bette opened the bathroom door to let some of the steam escape. Moving back under the water stream she resumed her erotic soaping to enjoy the feeling of her swollen nipples.

Meanwhile, Davie had poured another cup of coffee and headed back to his room to wait for his sister to finish her bath so he could clean up. Just as he turned the corner of the hallway and neared the bathroom he saw the steam emitting from it.

“I wonder if she knows the door in open,” he thought and was about to make a move to close it when he stopped dead in his tracks. There thru the opening of the shower enclosure he saw his sister’s full frame standing under the running water, washing herself. She wasn’t just washing herself, though, he noticed. She was rubbing a heavy lather of soap bubbles over her nipples with one hand and between her legs with the innovia escort other. Her blond hair, that was shoulder length, hung straight and wet across her back. He gazed at her body observing the arm and leg muscles. She had nice biceps and strong thighs. Her stomach was flat and her ass cheecks were like two round globes. Tight.

What really threw him was the sight of her nipples. He had never seen nipples stand out from small breasts like hers did. All the women he had been with, wether they were large or small, their nipples laid flat. For a moment something came to him. He remembered the touch of the girl the other night. Her nipples were really unusual. Actually he had jerked off thinking of them while he was at work in the privacy of the toilet.

Wanting to give his sister her privacy he made a move to turn away but looked at her again. She was really going at it now. Her hands were sliding all over her skin and she was covered in bubbles from the activity. What Davie didn’t know was she was thinking of him and his huge cock. She was remembering how his load of sperm shot in her mouth just like it hit the same tile that she was leaning against. Her legs opened and one finger then two slipped into her hole, pumping vigorously.

Davie stood there, his robe open with his prick full of blood by now. He wished he could be someone else and walk over to her and get in the shower. Bravely he pushed the door over wider to get a better view. He had set the cup on the floor and was holding onto the door jam with one hand and jacking off with the other. He watched his sister’s one hand squeeze and torment her protruding nipples, envied the other that slipped between her legs.

Suddenly he made a grunt sound and Bette stopped moving and looked in his direction. She saw him standing there holding his enormous cock. He stopped moving his hand and made a move to back away. He was really embarrassed. Bette’s hands went to cover her body.

“I’m sorry, Bette, I uh, I uh d-didn’t mean to,” his voice trailed off.

“Davie, that’s okay. It was my fault. I left the door open.”

Davie turned away to go to his room. He was thinking of all the shit that was going to hit the fan in this house when his sister told his parents about this.

Meanwhile Bette, turned on by seeing her brother jacking off in the doorway, but grappling with the repercussion of him finding out that it was her that he had sex with the other night decided to take a chance A crazy chance. The decision took all of two seconds.

“Davie, come here for a minute.” she called out to him.

“Shit. Now my little sister is going to bawl me out and I’m going to have to take it. Shit. Why did I do that!”, he thought.

“Okay, Bette, I’ll be right there.”

Davie walked into the bathroom to see the shower door closed so that only Bette’s head stuck out.

“Bette,” said Davie, “I’m sorry, I.”

His sister stopped him in mid sentence with her finger over her mouth to silence him.

“Davie, if I turn my back to you would you wash it for me?”

Davie didn’t think he heard right. He stood silent.

Bette didn’t repeat the request, instead she slid the shower door open and stood facing the tiled wall. Bending down she picked up the soap and handed it to Davie.

Davie istanbul escort stood there looking at his sister’s back and ass.

“Cripes,” he thought, “What a great ass.”

“Okay,” he said nervously.

With the steam really built up creating a sauna effect, David placed his left hand on his sister’s left shoulder and began caressing her back with the bar of soap in his right hand. He could feel it glide across her muscles and curves. His movements caused her body to slowly sway as the massage began to stimulate her.

Bette placed both her palms on the wall and leaned forward, arching her back and jutting her ass out slightly. When Davie saw this he let got of her shoulder and lathering up both his hands with soap, then laid the bar in the tray and began washing her back. He slid his palms up to her shoulder blades and down to her waist. He made small circles on her back. He took his finger tips and pressed them into her back muscles. He never strayed from her back although his gaze devoured her ass. Bette needed more and gyrated her body. She was trying to give Davie the message to put his hands somewhere else but he wasn’t getting it.

“Davie, wash my whole body. Please Davie.”

It was the invitation he had been waiting for. His lathered hands swept slowly down to her ass and rolled around on her cheeks. he squeezed them a little causing Bette to giggle. He slid them down her legs washing one at a time feeling her muscles tense. He move his hands around the front of her torso. As they snake across her rib cage he moved them up so that each hand cupped a breast. Bette’s breath caught and then she moaned. As he did this she removed her right hand from the wall and felt behind her for her brothers cock. It was sticking out from his robe like an enormous pole.

“My god, your huge,” cried Bette softly as she gripped it in her small hand.

Davie groaned to the touch and almost lost his balance.

“Get in here with me.” she commanded.

Davie dropped his robe to the floor and stepped into the shower and replaced his hands on his sister’s hard breasts from behind. The soap on her back was like oil on their skin and Davie, pulling Bette to him, caressed his own body with hers. He was a good one foot taller than his sister and his prick stuck into her back. Bette moaned loudly and pushed into him. She reached around again and took hold of his cock, caressing her ass with it. She slid the head on her ass cheeks, against her tiny puckered ass hole, between her open legs and nearly entering her now lubricated pussy hole.

“You can’t fuck me without a rubber on, Davie. I want to fuck your cock but not without a rubber,” she hissed in his ear.

“I don’t have anything, Bette”, he pleaded. “Your driving me nuts. Your going to make me come. Let me stick it in your ass, Bette.”

Bette was getting hotter with the hardness of Davie’s prick on her butt. She really wanted to feel his load in her but she was a virgin and was afraid.

“Shit Davie, you’ll tear me up. I never did anything like that.”

Bette turned around and faced her brother. The soap had washed off her body and Davie looked down at her nipples. They were standing out from her body like two pink balls on little cones. He thought they looked like they would burst, kadıköy escort they were so swollen. He leaned over and sucked on one then the other. Back and forth slowly always squeezing one while the other was in his mouth. Bette could look down to see his blood engorged cock bobbing with each of his moves.

“Eat me,” she ordered and Davie dropped to his knees as she pushed his head into her slick mound.

Lifting one leg up and placing it on the ledge of the shower Davie was given ample room to place his mouth on Bette’s open slit. Her hole was small and tight and, before he put his tongue in, he eased a finger up into her. She fell down on to it and he knew this would be easy. A second then third finger was pushed into his sister’s hole and with each digit she cried out. Now he pumped them at a pace that caused her to respond in like manner.

Bette felt like she would faint from the ecstacy she was experiencing. Finally a wave came over her and she was jolted down hard onto Davie’s fingers. A gush of fluid poured out and Bette, thinking it was her urine, pulled away. Davie was shocked at the sight but pulled her back to him. Putting his mouth to her pussy he tasted a mixture of come and wetness. The heady odor drove him to lick her like mad because he had never had this experience and realized he had taken someone to new heights of emotions.

When Bette ceased bucking and jerking she pulled Davie to his feet.

“Let me get you off now,” she cooed and with that she dropped to her knees and gripped his fat cock in both her hands. Davie looked down to watch his little sister pump his dick, first slowly and then quicken her pace. She opened her mouth and shoved as much as she could into it attempting to deep throat him. His blue headed helmet would hit the back of her throat and there was still about three inches not in her mouth. Bette would gage a little, take it out of her mouth, spit saliva on it, lick it all over and return it in her mouth for another attempt to swallow it.

The veins on Davie’s prick were standing out and Bette could feel them in her small hands. She tugged on his balls with one hand and knew that he was ready to blow his load. Remembering the site of his explosion the other night she prepared herself for the deluge. Bette pulled her head away and looked up at her brother’s face.

“Shoot your load, Davie. I’ll eat as much as you serve,” blurted Bette opening her mouth to catch it.

Davie looked at her in shock but his load surged out beyond his control and his mind went back to the business at hand. The first load bursting out of him hit Bette straight into the back of her throat and her head fell backward. She continued to pump vigorously.

“Give me more, Davie Boy,” she cried and locked her lips around him, trying to suck the life out of him.

Again David looked at her bewildered, but again a surge of fluid coursed out of him and filled Bette’s mouth that was now closed around his flesh.

Davie’s final load was delivered onto Bette’s erect left nipple. The heat of the fluid sent a chill thru her and she yelped.

Her brother was spent as he sat down in the shower stall and Bette sat in his lap with her back to his chest. He wrapped his arms around her and lightly played with her soft puffy nipples.

“Bette, you said something to me a few moments ago.” said Davie.

“I know. It was me the other night at Debbi’s house. I didn’t want to let you know.”

“Holy shit, Bette. Now what. What are we going to do?”

“I don’t know Davie. Do it again?”

They both sat there under the running water laughing.

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