Dave and Gina

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Dave, a man in his late twenties is getting a break from his parents, whom he lives with, for a three-day weekend. He is slightly overweight, mostly in the gut, for his six-foot frame. The reason he lives with his parents was because he moved back from college. He had planned on moving to Las Vegas, but debt caused his plans to change.

He fell into a depressed state from constant rejections for work and that he wasn’t where he wanted to be. Because of this state he started eating too much and staying up late. Then finally in late September, more that nine months after moving back with his BA in marketing, he started the job he was still in at the time of this story. That’s when he realized how bad he looked, and started working out again.

On his first day of work he met the rest of the department and his team, then went to work. By the end of the week a young woman in the building had caught his eye. She was about five foot seven and almost always wore one and a half to two inch heels, clunky to stiletto. He figured that she had to weigh around one twenty-five or maybe one thirty. That weight was very well proportioned with large tits, just over a handful, a slender waist, and nice hips and ass capping her graceful legs. She had light brown hair that stopped at her jaw in a bob cut that framed her oval face with big pouty lips, cute button nose and deep ocean blue eyes.

By the end of his second week he approached her and found out her name was Gina. It took him almost a month more before he approached her to ask her out. He was denied. Then the next week she transferred into the marketing department. Dave and Gina were working in different groups inside the department.

Occasionally their groups had to work together. He acted like an ass to her. This went on for a while before his lead, Simon, talked to him and their manager alluded to it in a meeting by saying something about inefficient work.

Once he got over his ego, they developed a good working relationship, which by the time of this story had developed into a good friendship. Also by the time of this story Dave had lost seventy pounds. He had gained close to one hundred while he was unemployed making him about two hundred eighty, but now he was at two ten and he thought he was better muscled now. Even with the small amount of flab around his middle.

During the week before this weekend he talked with Gina as a friend. On Wednesday their boss gave the two of them a job that had a deadline of June first. Memorial Day weekend was the twenty-sixth, twenty-seventh, and twenty-eighth. They got to work on their parts, but hadn’t got far by the end of the day Friday.

“Hey, Gina, how about we meet up some time this weekend to work on this?” he said at about four o’clock. He had just walked to her desk, trying to catch her before she left for the weekend.

“I can’t, Dave. I’ve already got plans,” she said apologetically. “Enjoy the weekend. I’ll see you on Tuesday.” She grabbed her purse and left.

He went back to his desk grumbling. “This is going to take us past the deadline. This weekend is screwing up the job.”

“Knock it off, Dave. You’re just pissed that you couldn’t talk Gina into meeting you for work over the weekend,” said Simon, sagely.

“That’s partly true. Why the hell am I trying to work on this weekend anyway? My parents are in Vegas until Tuesday.” He grinned and laughed. “I ain’t doing shit this weekend besides relaxing.” He finished the last half hour of work then headed home, stopping for some beer on the way.

That evening he watched TV, played video games and drank beer. He stayed up until one in the morning before falling asleep in the buff, not something he would do if his parents were there. The next morning he woke at ten and repeated the night before without the alcohol and without dressing.

At about noon his mom called. “Hi, honey. We made it safely. Can you be a dear and pick up the new blouse I bought on back order from Nordstrom’s, today?”

“Hi, mom. Sure. I could always walk the mall. I’ll shower and go.”

“Thanks, baby. Have fun and be safe this weekend. Remember, we’ll be home at ten in the evening on Tuesday. Love you,” she said and hung up.

He showered and pulled on a pair of loose green camouflage shorts and a plain army green t-shirt. On his feet was a pair of Sketcher sandals. He drove to the mall and strolled the entire thing, checking out the lovely young women who were in their skirts and tight shorts, before picking up the blouse. He went home and laid the garment on mom’s side of his parents’ bed. While in their bedroom he saw a bottle of suntan lotion. This sight triggered an idea.

Leaving the room he grabbed the bottle. He went to his room and stripped, put the lotion over his entire body. Once he was done he grabbed his radio/CD player, a CD and headed to the free standing forty-eight inch tall, eighteen foot diameter pool in the back corner of the back yard. He lounged in the water until the disc stopped, about eighty minutes. The whole beylikdüzü ucuz escort time he was in, he felt nervous that the neighbors would see him, but also excited. He was especially nervous when he was climbing in and out of the pool.

When he got back in the house he decided to act on the excitement. He grabbed his favorite porn DVD and threw it in the player in the living room. Just the time outside made him start to get hard, the thought of watching the DVD took him halfway and as he started the best scene on the disc he became fully hard. He sat in his dad’s recliner and slowly started stroking himself as he watched the show.

On the TV, Misty Rain was acting like an office manager and she was interviewing a young woman in her only porn movie. They started talking and a knock came at his front door. He didn’t answer at first because he thought it was UPS delivering something, but the knock came again. Still thinking it was a delivery, but it needed a signature, he restarted the scene, grabbed a pair of his exercise shorts and put them on and answered the door.

On the other side was not a delivery person. It was Gina. Her hair was pulled into a tail and she was wearing a blue tube top and matching short skirt with two inch cork heels on her feet. She had a bright smile for him. He was shocked and dropped a hand down to try and cover the obvious bulge in his shorts.

She knew where his house was because a year earlier they had gone on a business trip together. She had picked him up and they split the cost of gas and parking at the airport.

She hadn’t noticed the bulge until he did that. She lost her smile and her lips formed an O as her eyebrows tried to become part of her hairline. She was expecting him to open the door dressed similarly to the way he dressed for work in t-shirt and shorts, instead of pants, not just thin shorts and large bulge in them.

“Hi, Dave. I thought you wanted to work on our project. My plans fell through,” she said, slightly breathless. She was forcing herself not to look down at his crotch, but into his face.

“Uh, yeah, uh,” he stammered. Then from inside she heard a murmur of voices.

“Whatcha doing?”

“Uh, nothing.” Still surprised he had lost his mind and his hard on.

“Can I come in? Or are we going to do it right here?” she said after a moment’s awkward silence. He blushed at the naughty thought that popped into his head when she said ‘do it’. Before he could answer her question they both plainly heard a deep sexual moan from the TV. The talking part of the interview was over and the interviewee was now eating Misty Rain’s pussy. The moan got both Dave and Gina a little aroused, but also made them panic.

She called as she left the door heading for her car, “I’ll wait ’til Tuesday. Later, Dave.” While she headed for her car he scrambled to hit the pause or stop on the remote that was lying on the couch across the room. After stopping the movie he went back to the door just in time to see Gina drive away.

“Damn!” he growled. He closed the door and sat down on the couch. From the door to the couch his eyes were downcast, but when he sat he looked up to see a woman’s ass on the screen. “Now I’m not in the mood.” He pulled the disc out and threw one of his favorite movies, The Matrix, in. He started the movie and started drinking. He drank quite a bit and passed out early, about eleven.

The next morning he didn’t wake until almost eleven. His first thought after dealing with the hangover, was to go to the pool for a couple hours. He grabbed another CD and headed out to the water. He set the CD to play through twice and climbed in. He laid back on a floating hammock and dozed off.

At noon, about a hundred minutes after he got into the pool, Gina pulled up in front of his house and approached the door. She was dressed in a tan t-shirt, gray mid-thigh length tight shorts and black strappy heels. She was nervous because she had changed her mind again in dealing with Dave and the project and because she wanted to find him aroused again. She had been surprised at how tented his shorts were and also how toned he looked.

She had liked Dave from the time he asked her out, but she couldn’t act on those feelings because she was in a relationship. About the time she broke up with the guy, she transferred into the marketing department and Dave started acting like an ass. She didn’t want to talk to him unless it was work related for about six months. That’s when he sent her a heartfelt and funny apology email. Soon after she met another guy, the guy she was supposed to be with this weekend. He dumped her on Friday because she refused to quit working. He believed his women were not supposed to work.

At the door she took a deep breath and knocked. She waited a few moments and when there was no answer she knocked again. She was starting to fidget from foot to foot with concern and nerves. She knew he should have been home; his car was parked right in front of hers. beylikdüzü üniversiteli escort Out of concern she went to and through the gate to the backyard thinking maybe he was out back or the back door was open. She was thinking she would sneak in and make sure he was ok and maybe she’d get to see all of him.

She rounded the corner to see the backyard. In the far corner stood a very big free standing pool, a tree was shading the back of the house on the other side of the yard and over the patio was a lattice shade. Over the lip of the pool she saw the top of Dave’s head and headed that way with a smile.

As she approached his head moved to the right to show that he appeared to be asleep behind the Raybans on his face. She finally heard the throbbing beat of the music he was listening to about halfway to the pool. Also at that time she saw his bare upper chest and as she reached the edge of the pool she saw that he was nude. She almost gasped in surprise, but stopped in time so as to not give herself away in her voyeurism.

She appraised him. When she met him he seemed embarrassed about his weight. He had done a good job of dropping it. He was soft at their first meeting, but now he was hard and sexy. He was lean but still with a little extra meat. His bare legs were toned and nicely defined, but what really captured her attention was the thing between his legs. His dick, which was hard, had to be about nine inches long, but slightly more narrow than she was used to seeing.

He was mumbling. At first she thought he was singing along, then realized that he was really asleep and dreaming. In the dream he was having a conversation with someone.

Finally deciding to announce her presence, she stepped back enough that she couldn’t see him and called out gently, “Dave.” He shifted a little, but nothing else. She called again raising her voice some. This time he rolled his head to face her, but still didn’t wake. She was able to hear a few words from his mumbling, but nothing of consequence. Getting a bit frustrated she yelled, “Dave.”

This time he woke saying, “Gee…” His eyes landed on Gina standing a few paces away. Having sat up while waking he upset the balance of the hammock and was dumped into the water. He didn’t try to stop himself from falling because in his shock he froze. He came up sputtering and used the float to cover his nudity. Gina had moved closer in concern. “Gina, what are you doing here?” He tried for a nonchalant smile and failed.

“I came to talk to you about yesterday and to see if you wanted to do some work on our project,” she answered then hurried on. “I knocked on the door and there was no answer. I was a little worried so I came around back to find you asleep here.” She gave him a weak smile.

“I thought you had plans for the weekend.” Dave’s dick had softened to half mast.

“They fell through,” she said, her voice cracking a little.

“Your boyfriend was an ass?” he asked with concern, hoping he didn’t just insult someone that just died. Then he thought he was right because she was here and not at or helping plan a funeral.

She confirmed it with a nod. “He wanted me to quit working, an idea that I don’t like.”

“OK. So you want to work?” He waited for her to nod again before continuing, “Can you grab me that towel and we’ll go inside.”

“I have a better idea,” Gina said with a big smile.

“What?” he asked dubiously.

“We don’t work right now. Instead we get some sun. I was supposed to be on a beach this weekend.” He was still giving her a dubious look, so she continued, “I climb in there with you and we sunbathe. Later we’ll work.”

“OK. You go get your suit and I’ll go get mine, then we’ll hang out.” He was happier that he had been since moving back home.

“I don’t have a suit here.”

“Then how are you …” he started to ask. As understanding dawned on him, she pulled her shirt over her head to show a nude colored bra. His jaw dropped and his softening dick started to get hard again as she tossed the shirt into a nearby chair and unhooked her bra. His eyes were lasered in on her pink puffy nipples that capped her luscious tits. As if she were by herself, or was she teasing him, she lifted each tit in her hands then let them go.

Her hands went to the waistband of her shorts and the fly. She undid the fly and practically had to roll them down her legs. Under the shorts was a pair of g-string panties. He couldn’t tell if they were a thong of not at the moment. She struggled a little getting her shorts over her shoes, but when she did she threw them with the rest of her clothes. He figured that was as far as she was going to go, but was very pleasantly surprised when she pulled the panties down too. The underwear was not a thong, but they weren’t full bottomed either. She squatted and hid her crotch from his view.

Only after she had the panties off and with the rest of her clothes did he get to see her crotch. She wore her pubic beyoğlu escort hair in a small triangle right above her treasure. He could see she had thick lips that barely closed to hide her inner lips.

They smiled at each other as she moved to the ladder. He lost sight of her for a moment while she bent to remove her shoes. She came back up on the first rung of the ladder, and climbed up and over. She, like everyone else that used the pool, had to turn and climb down to get in, showing her bare ass to him for the first time. He grinned a goofy grin then noticed the tattoo on her right shoulder blade. It looked like a fairy in a very short and revealing green dress. It fit with Gina’s personality.

“How come I’ve never seen that?” he asked pointing at her shoulder as she got off the ladder.

“I’ve been told to cover it every time I wore something with very little to the back, so now I always just wear shirts or dresses with full backs,” she said with a shrug. Then she took a deep breath and dunked herself. While underwater she snuck a look at his crotch. She was grateful that she was in water, since she was starting to get aroused by him to the point of having her juices flowing. She came back up and wiped the water from her face. “So how about we lounge?” He nodded dumbly. He was still very confused but was getting used to it.

“You take this one,” he said pointing to the one he had been using, “and I’ll grab another.” He was a gentleman and slid the one in the water to her before turning to go to the side of the pool. There he grabbed a float that was more like a chair than a lounger. While his back was turned to Gina, he heard a small splash, indicating to him that she had climbed into the floating hammock. When he turned back to climb into his own float he was met with a view up her body from her toes to her head, and her legs were apart enough for him to see her aroused pussy.

“I’ve got to be careful because I don’t have any suntan lotion on,” she stated, watching Dave climb into the float he had chosen. She liked the way his back moved and the way his wide shoulders tapered to a moderate waist. She loved the way his dick bobbed as he settled into the float. She too was looking up his body. That’s when she noticed his balls were hairless. “Sorry to stare, but where’s your hair?” She pointed to his crotch.

“It’s been waxed off.” This brought a perplexed expression to her face. She was about to say something when he said, “Back in college, in my sophomore year, I made a very stupid and drunk bet over some girl in one of my classes. I lost the bet. The consequences were for me to have my balls to ass waxed then I had to wear just a pair of thong underwear that had been altered. The bottom of the front was cut away and elastic was sewn into the new bottom. This allowed my balls to hang out but my dick stayed hidden. I had to wear that at a party and answer only to, Little Boy.” He had reddened a little from the story.

“The only consolation to losing the bet was the blowjob I got from the winner’s girlfriend while she waxed me and the sex I was able to get with her on the DL for the next three years. She was the only one we knew that was willing to wax me. When she waxed me she took all the hair except a small strip that follows the way my dick lays when hard.” He pulled his hard member to the side just enough for her to see the small patch, no more than half an inch square, of hair near the base. “She continued to wax me and the sex was great. Even my two girlfriends during college loved the feel of my hairless balls.

“When I moved back home I found a salon and continued waxing. But the first time I went the attendant removed everything except what I just showed you. It pissed me off so much and I complained to the manager. I think her name was Amber. She was very kind and still wanted me to be a client there, so she gave me five free waxing sessions free. A couple days later I met up with my original waxer for the last time. Obviously we had sex and she loved the new layout. When I went back to the salon I had them take it to the same point.” He grinned and leaned back. She smiled and laid back too. About half an hour later she climbed off to turn over, something he couldn’t do. In that time he had relaxed and lost his hardness, but when she turned over she spread her legs more it seemed. He was able to see quite a bit between her legs, even though a good portion of her pussy was underwater, and his dick got hard again. Maybe ten minutes later the CD ended. He had set it as his mark for when it was time to get out of the sun.

“Gina, it’s time to get out, dry off and go inside,” he said, suiting action to word. With every step up the ladder his head swiveled to look into the neighbors’ yards. He didn’t want to be caught by one of the kids and scare them or by the adults for fear of them calling the cops. As he padded to the patio and his towel he remembered that there was only one towel. He turned to tell Gina that as she crested the ladder. Her wet body was glistening sensuously and he forgot what he was going to say. At the bottom of the ladder she stepped into her heels. This made her ass lift and her tits jut out as usual, but he had never seen her naked in heels before. She had been facing away from him while putting the shoes on, but after they were on she turned and walked to him, leaving her clothes where she had thrown them.

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