Daughter-In-Law Full of Surprises

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First off, let tell you this story is purely fictional. Although it is something I think about all the time.

My son [Bob] and his wife [ Lori] have just purchased their first home. A nice 2 story house in the outlying county. They asked me to come over and help with some work my son needed to do. I don’t mind, I like working with my hands. It was early Saturday morning when I pulled up in the drive way. It was pretty quiet considering they have 5 kids. I got out of my truck and went in through the garage. No body was up, so I made some coffee and had a seat at the kitchen table.

After a few minutes my daughter-in-law came in. Her usual routine was to get a cold soda from the fridge as she didn’t drink coffee. She came over and sat by me at the table. Lori was dressed a little different than normal. She was wearing nothing but a long tee shirt. Usually she is wearing a tee shirt and sweat pants. I have to say that I liked her dressed like she is. I asked her how come it was so quiet and was everyone still sleeping? She looked at me and grinned, saying that Bob had taken them over to her parents about a half hour ago. [Her parents lived about an hour away]. Then he was going to stop by the home improvement store and pick up a few things.

It was just about that time that I noticed Lori’s tee had climbed up her thighs too reveal just a hint of her naked body.

Lori proceeded to tell me that it would be at least a couple of hours before Bob got back home and that she was going to take a shower. I just sat there and said ok. Lori got up and headed for her bedroom. After a couple of minutes antalya escort I heard the shower going. I had just got up to get me another cup of coffee when I heard Lori holler at me to come here. I went to the bathroom door and asked what she wanted. She replied, don’t be bashful and come in here. I am not bashful at all, so I went into the bathroom and again said what do you need? [she was standing behind the shower curtain] She laughingly said ” what I need and what I want are 2 different things”. I laughed and said ok then what do you want? She wanted me to check the hot tub and make sure it was on and working. As I was leaving the bathroom I told her I would.

After I got me another cup of coffee I went out to the hot tub and checked it out for her. It seemed to be working fine. I was sitting on the side of it when I just about choked on my coffee. She came out of the house not wearing anything but a towel. Man did she look hot. Lori came over by me and sat down. We started talking about the weather. How nice it was out side this morning and stuff like that. I was sporting quite a woody by this time, hoping she didn’t notice. Her towel was hanging low on her breasts and I couldn’t help but look, actually staring. She brought me back to reality, asking me if I liked what I saw? All I could do was apologize for staring. To my surprise she asked if I was sorry for the hard-on I had. Damn, I thought. I was pretty much speechless at that point. She asked me again if I liked what I saw? Well Lori, I am human and yes I do like what I see. I never realized your breasts were so good looking considering alanya escort what you usually wear. I found myself feeling pretty comfortable talking to her this way.

Then she said that Bob still wouldn’t be home for quite some time and wanted to know if I wanted to spend a little time in the hot tub with her. I don’t have any trunks with me, so I guess I will pass. Thanks anyway Lori. She stood up and dropped her towel to the ground. I was in total shock. Lori was very good looking naked. She looked at me and said, you don’t need any trunks and proceeded to get in the hot tub. I have to say I felt pretty strange at that point. I really didn’t know what to do. After all she is my daughter-in-law and family.

Lori stood up, looked me in the eye and said, “get your ass in here right now.” After about ten seconds of thought, I started getting undressed. My cock was harder than it has ever been at that point. After I got undressed she leaned over the edge and put my cock in her mouth. I was stunned to say the least. She sucked until I erupted in her mouth and down her throat. She finally let go of it and I got in the hot tub. I sat her pretty little ass down and started licking and sucking her clit under the water. In no time she came with a mighty climax. Lori pulled my head up and shoved her tongue as for down my throat as it would go and we kissed like that for what seemed minutes. Lori just lay on me for a few minutes not saying a word, when she suddenly went down on me again. She is very talented with her tongue, I have to say. After what seemed like an hour, she alanya rus escort came up and slid her sweet pussy on my cock and started riding me like horse. It was a very short time until she started moaning and really getting into fucking me. She came shortly after that and went limp while still on my hard cock.

I figured it was my turn to fuck her hard as my cock was still wanting more relief. I stood up and picked her up and spun her around so her sweet tight ass was facing me. Lori said no don’t do that. She was whimpering a little as I pressed my cock to her ass cheeks. And again she said no. I was way to horny at this point to pay any attention to her. I bent her over as far as I could and started to slide my cock into that virgin asshole. Man was she tight there. She started to cry and asking me to quit. But, I wasn’t having any of that. I pushed inside her a little bit more not quite half way. Her crying turned into low groans and she actually started moving her ass around.

That really got me going and without thinking about I buried all 9 inches in her at one time. Lori let out scream and then went limp. I was steadily pounding her ass now and she was responding with some great ass moving action. She was really getting into it now. She started screaming, fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard.

I fucked her ass hard for a long time. When I finally started to cum she jumped up and put my whole cock in her mouth and started fucking me with her mouth, deep throating me like I have never been sucked before. I blew my load really hard then.

We both just sat there in the hot tub for awhile. Lori got up and gave me a big wet kiss. She said she had never been fucked like that before and wanted it again sometime in the near future, very near future. Of course I was more than willing.

As I was getting dressed, I couldn’t help but think what a lucky guy my son was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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