Dark Night

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It was a dark and starless night, moonlight spilled across the king size bed and it’s only occupant. She was curled up in the middle under the light top sheet. As he stood in the doorway of the large bedroom he could feel himself stir at the sight of her. He grinned slyly and wondered to himself just how long she’d be able to stay impervious to his touch.

He silently made his way over to the edge of the bed and settled himself lightly on the edge. She stirred slightly under the sheet, most likely dreaming. He ran his hand lightly over the curve of her hip and thigh, feeling the strong muscle and soft skin. She moaned softly and stretched her hands over her head, in doing so the sheet slipped down and showed her ample chest under the sheer nightgown she wore. He caught his breath as he noticed her nipples hardening in the cool air.

She whimpered softly as she felt them harden in her sleep, her lips parted and her pink tongue slipped out and moistened her full, lush lips. Her legs moved sinuously against each other under the smooth sheet as she groaned softly, her hips thrusting against an imaginary lover. He watched her and felt himself grow to rock hardness in an instant. He wondered if she was already wet, it seemed so by the dream she was having. He reached out slowly and slid his finger against her hard nipple. She gasped, catching her lower lip between her teeth and still not waking as her heels dug into the mattress beneath her.

He slowly reached over and pulled the top sheet away from her delectable body. He could see that the sheer nightgown had ridden up in her sleep and was bunched around her waist. She didn’t halkalı eve gelen escort wear any panties to bed, never had. Her eyes flashed open as she felt the cool night air on her almost bare body. A flash of panic came across her eyes, and then she realized whom it was. She smiled up at him and beckoned him to join her on the bed.

He complied eagerly and willingly. He caught her mouth with his and moved her to lie on her back once again. His hands trailed slowly from her shoulders, down to her chest to cup the generous breasts he found there. His thumbs circled the hard pebbled nipples as she groaned into his mouth. Her hips moved against his eagerly as his mouth moved away from hers and trailed along her jaw and down her neck. His hands slid down her body and held on to her hips, keeping them still. He trailed his mouth along her collarbone and down to her breasts. He looked up at her as he licked the nipple that was straining against the material of her gown. She caught his gaze and ran her fingers through his hair and brought his mouth back to hers for a hard, deep kiss.

He caught hold of her nightgown by the front and ripped it open, exposing her breasts to the cool air. Her breath hissed through her teeth as he pushed her back onto the bed and tore the gown away from her body, tossing it to the floor. He then ripped his own shirt open, not caring where the buttons went. Her eager hands ran up his chest to flick and gently pinch his nipples. She raised up off of the bed and ran her tongue around first one and then the other, then blowing on them to harden them just as much halkalı grup yapan escort as hers were. His hands fisted in her hair as he bent her back and latched onto one of her nipples. Teasing it with his tongue and nibbling on it. He moved back and forth between the two until she was begging him to finish.

He ran his hand down her flat stomach to the juncture between her thighs. He ran one finger up and down her slit, pausing with each upstroke to circle her tight little clit. She moaned loudly, her head thrashing from side to side on the bed. Her hands moved up to cup her breasts, her fingers squeezing and pinching her nipples. His other hand moved to unbutton and unzip his jeans. He shoved them off of his hips and told her to spread her legs wider. He cupped her hips in his hands and lowered his head to her. She shouted out with pleasure as his tongue speared her. He flicked his tongue against her clit several times and smiled up at her. She was thrashing wildly now; he had to hold onto her hips to keep her still.

Suddenly, he flipped onto his back and brought her astride him. She gasped at the sudden change then smiled as she circled her hand around his shaft. First she teased him, like he had teased her. She ran the head of him against her soft, wet lips, not ever letting him gain entrance. Then she slowly let just the tip of him slide inside her hot, tight body. Slowly, inch by excruciating inch she impaled herself on his shaft. He was gritting his teeth trying not to grab her hips and slam into her. She was so tight, and wet! As she slid down to the hilt she sat motionless halkalı masöz escort for a few moments. Then she reached back and propped her hands on his thighs, slowly she started to lean back. He groaned loudly in pleasure as he felt her squeeze him even tighter. He gripped her hips hard, and slid out of her, then back in.

Growling, knowing he can’t take any more, he rolls her onto her back and slides into her all the way. She gasps at the depth of his thrust; he slows asking if she’s ok. She nods and wraps her legs around him, urging him to go faster and deeper. He reaches between them and circles his fingers around her clit, gently tugging on it the way that he knows she likes. This sends her over the edge; she grips his shoulders and screams as her orgasm crashes over her. He slows letting her enjoy her orgasm, when he feels she’s almost done he starts thrusting, each thrust getting deeper, going faster. He rises up on his knees and grips her thighs, pulling her on to him, watching himself slide in and out of her hot, wet sheath. She watches him, still writhing from her orgasm.

He slides both hands down to where her thigh meets with her hips, and presses both thumbs gently against her clit. He begins moving them in circles, one going one way and one going the other. She quivers beneath him and tightens around him. He bends over her and takes a nipple into his mouth, he begins to pump into her furiously, and his thumbs stilled as he gripped her hips hard and sucked her nipple to a hard peak. The intensity of her moans grows as does his. He stiffens above her, thrusts into her hard once more, just as her sheath tightens in her second orgasm, he screams in pleasure as he pours himself into her.

She slides her arms around his neck and wraps her legs around his waist keeping him inside of her. He moans as he collapses to his back bringing her with him. She laid her head on his chest and listened to him breath as he fell asleep, thinking of the many ways she could wake him up.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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