Dark Movie Hall The Rewrite

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Hi Friends,

At last the time has come to reveal my first experience of reaching ecstasy. Let me first tell about my self. I am a mature, caring, well built 26year old guy from Karnataka but now working in Delhi. I have a good body which is possible by working at the gym atleast 4 times a week. I have a good horny rod which makes a girl satisfied beyond expectation. You can imagine me as the protagonist of the movie “What Women Want”.

Let me start with how it all started. I was basically a shy guy before this amazing thing happened to me. It was very normal for me to mix up with girls, but I never dared to ask any girl for a date.

It was in the month of December that I had to travel to my native from Bangalore. The distance is around 350Km with around 8hrs of journey. I was compelled to leave in the morning as I had to reach my native by the same night. I took an ordinary bus at 10am from Bangalore. Even though we were only 3 people in the bus, it had to leave because of time compulsion. The bus had hardly moved 50mts., it was stopped. I was sitting at the window of a 3 seater. There was no one on my seat. A dream girl walked into the bus. I was expecting that she sat beside me. But that didn’t happen. She sat 2 seats in front of me. She was nothing less than a SEXGODDESS. She was wearing a sari with a black blouse and a white bra trying to conceal her voluptuous boobs. Friends you believe it or not, my rod became hyperactive as soon as I saw her. It was as if it was trying to tear the ZIP and come out. She had a perfect 36-24-36 body and a warm and inviting smile. It was around 3 hours after we h ad left Bangalore that the bus stopped for lunch.

I went to her and asked her whether she wants to accompany me for lunch. She accepted with a warm smile. She was a school teacher. She insisted that she would pay the bill, but I resisted and paid the bill. While there was lot of “I will pay” competition, accidentally my elbow touched her milk white, soft left boob. This made her a bit hesitant to compete to pay the bill. She was bit ashamed after I accidentally touched illegal bahis her boobs.

I told her that I want to sit beside her as I was feeling the journey boring. She readily agreed. I sat beside her such that our outer laps touched each other. I started noticing that she was enjoying the touch. I asked her about her hobbies. She replied by saying that she liked to read and watch movie. I readily asked whether she can take me to a movie after she comes back to Bangalore. I was happy to find the answer positive.

After coming back to Bangalore, she called me up on Dec 31 whether I can join her for the new year party. As I had fixed up the evening with my friends, I had to reject her offer. But however I asked her whether she can accompany me to a movie on Jan 2nd. She told that she would confirm later which she promptly did in a positive way.

We went to a English scary movie. As you know even an “U” rated English movie has kissing scene stuffed in between. On top of it had a terrific devil story line. As soon as the devil showed its ugly face, my luck clicked. She held my hand out of fear. I was aroused. I extended my hands around her shoulder and convinced that its just a movie and not a reality. The movie ended. We decided to watch a local language movie in a near by hall. As the movie was old, there was not much rush in the hall. We chose the last seat. I asked her whether I can hold her hand. She agreed. I asked whether can I put my hands over her shoulders. She agreed. Now I wanted to squeeze her boobs. But did not dare to ask her. So when I saw that she was totally immersed in the movie, I slowly touched her right boob. She did not notice that. Thinking it as consent I started messaging it. As soon as she felt it, she was terribly excited. She told that It was first time in her life that she was experiencing a man touching her private part. As it was also my first time, I was also excited. As it was totally dark in the hall, I put my hands into her blouse to feel the magic of first time touching milky white and soft boobs. She enjoyed it. She noticed my rod bulging. illegal bahis siteleri She asked me whether she can see it. I told that I would show it if she agrees to come to my house the next day. As all my family members had gone to my cousins marriage, the house was empty.

When the bell rang, it was dream come true for me. I was waiting for this moment since my adolescence. I lifted her I my arms as if she was a small girl. I took her to my bed room and slowly laid her on the soft bed. She asked me what I was up to. I convinced that I would do nothing against her will. I asked whether I can touch her pink, flowery lips with that of mine. She was shy. I took initiative and kissed her lips. She thoroughly enjoyed it and wished that I do it vigorously as they do it in English movie. I was more than happy to do it.

I had read it in Kamasutra that the more time one spends in foreplay, the more pleasure you derive. I had also known through my friends that it takes a bit more time for a girl to get aroused than a boy. So I was determined not to make first move to enter her.

I told her that I was good at massaging and whether she wanted to try it out. She was reluctant to begin with as she had to remove her clothes, but she agreed. Now it was a really golden moment of my life when I was watching a nude girls body “LIVE” in front of me. She asked me to close my eyes till she removes all her clothes. When I opened my eyes I felt as if a bull was left to enter a lush green garden after being kept hungry for 26years. But I reminded my self of not making the first move of entering her. I applied coconut oil to my hands and asked her to lay down on the bed. I started with her bare back. It was a totally a different experience to touch a girls naked body. Then I started messaging her legs, neck, forehead, cheeks and finally her tummy. She insisted that I continue coming down from the tummy to her pussy. I asked whether she wants a inside massage of her pussy. She told “THAT IS WHAT I AM WAITING FOR”. So there was the green signal to enter her puss y. I first inserted canlı bahis siteleri my finger in to her pussy. She asked for one more finger. So now there were two fingers in her pussy. She told that she wants the REAL THING.

I asked her to help me in wearing the condom. As this was for the first time, I was very much scared. But the Kohinoor condom fitted well onto my bulged rod. There was nothing in between us except for the pink kohinoor condom. I slowly induced my fully grown rod into her pussy. In the beginning it wasn’t able to enter a virgins’ pussy. But upon applying little force, it slided in. As it was the first time in my life, I reached the orgasm with 2-3 to-fro motion. So I had to bring my rod out. It had shrinked in size. I had to take out that condom and use a new one.

Now being a FRESHLY EXPERIENCED guy I was able to wear the condom without reading the instructions. I inserted my penis in a perfectly professional way. She complemented that my penis entered her pussy as if it was butter. I smiled at her comparison of hard penis and soft butter. I had made it a point to stop doing it whenever she complains of pain. I was very sure that the act of sex is not for the satisfaction of your self but for that of your partner. In this way your partner will be happy and would return back to you for a repeat show. I am also a firm believer that a condom is a must. I am happy that I entirely followed the above principal. She told that she wanted it hard and fast. I did as per her request. She moaned out of satisfaction and complimented that I would have been an apt hero for the movie “WHAT WOMEN WANT”. I thanked her for her cooperation and satisfying me without using my fist. We dressed ourselves and I dropped near her house.

We repeated this task the next a week. But after that she got transferred to a remote village. I haven’t met her since then and have not been able to communicate with her. It’s a tragedy that I have to satisfy my self with those nice memories.

Now that I have got a good job in Delhi, have not gone back to Bangalore for a long time. I miss her very much. I am looking for a female friend who wishes to have a “NO STRING ATTACHED FRIENDSHIP”. I have gained mastery over body massaging. I can help girls and women who are looking for a secret relationship with no compulsions from my end.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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