Danielle’s Weekend Ch. 02

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My drive home from the Poconos was like two separate and distinct days. The first half was spent reliving the time spent with Rocky and trying to understand what Dianne was up to with the photographs. As I crossed the halfway mark my thoughts turned to home and stupidly wondering if the sex I ‘s had this weekend, not with my husband, somehow showed on me and my husband and kids would know as soon as I walked through the door that I was a scarlet woman.

As silly as it sounds, I had until this weekend been a loyal and faithful wife, never straying, rarely even considering it. Yet over the past few years my dissatisfaction with my husband had grown and then I met Rocky among others on line etc. His surprising me at the Lodge, the evening of drinks and dinner, then the long walk in the moonlight and I just jumped the poor man, made him fuck me in the woods, naked like two teenagers. Later we went to my room and preceded to mate for the night and all the next day, I am surprised that I am not sore. Rocky left early Sunday morning with a good-bye blowjob and I wandered around the Fugi show till mid afternoon. Just before I left, Dianne, the Fugi representative cornered me outside and handed me what turned out to be an envelope full of photos that Dianne had taken of Rocky and I fucking in the woods Friday night. She also gave me the memory stick and the digital camera she took the photos with.

It wasn’t until I got home, worked my way back to normal around the house and family that I had time to review the photos, the memory stick and the camera. That’s when I realized that not all of the photos of Rocky and I on the camera were on the memory stick or developed. She may have kept a few, all of them naked shots of yours truly, legs spread, hand reaching out for a cock. While I did not worry about it I did wonder.

I have exchanged e-mails with Rocky a number of times since retuning and he agrees that to try to hide an all out affair would be silly and dangerous. So we talk and we share photos, but we do not meet and we do not fuck.

I had been home for about a month, when I decided I needed a day alone with my camera, and made the arrangements with my family to watch the kids and I headed out early on Friday for my favorite location, the beach.

The ride to the beach was the longest I had driven alone since going to the Pocono and it allowed me to fully remember the intimate details of Rocky’s body. I could remember the feel of his cock in my mouth and in my pussy, his hands on my back or caressing my breasts. I was in such a dream state that I arrived at the beach in no time at all.

Not wanting to lose precious sun time, I quickly gathered my pack of cameras, and equipment and started at the northern tip of the beach and strolled to the southern end, a distance of about 4 miles. I got great shots of the surf, the gulls and the dune grasses. I love this place there is always a good picture somewhere here, I just have to let me eyes find it.

I was almost to the southern end of the beach, when I noticed a solitary surfer riding the waves. This could be my shot, I said as I lifted a camera and began to shoot the surfer as he rode the wave in towards the beach. He must have come in about half way a dozen times before paddling back out and waiting for another wave. I noticed through the lens that the ocean was starting to churn some larger waves and he managed to catch a large one and ride it all the way to the shore. I got some wonderful action shots of him as he maneuvered through the wave. I had turned to put my camera back in my bag when I felt eve gelen escort a presence behind me. I stood and turned and there he was, dripping wet, surfboard in his hands and he said.

“Hi, I’m Kyle. You know there are cultures in this world who believe that taking a persons picture is robbing him of a part of his life?”

I just looked at him, wondering what all that rubbish was about when he broke out in laughter, causing me to join in.

“I’m Danielle, and I come here often. I am a photographer and this is a great place to chill out and take shots”

As we settled down he asked me to sit and show him some of the digital shots I had taken. I don’t know how long we chatted, but talking to Kyle was easy. He was very interested in the shots I had taken both of him and of the wildlife earlier in the day. He seemed to know a bit about the art and I was impressed.

Kyle stood and asked me.

“How far away is your car, Danni? You don’t mind me calling you Danni do you?”

“Danni is fine and my car is at the northern end of the beach about three and a half miles from here.”

“Well there is squall coming and you are not going to make your car dry. Come with me, I have a house right here on the beach. We can wait out the squall, and in fact you can get some great shots form the house when it hits. OK?”

“I don’t want to be…”

“Come on Danni, your no trouble and it will only be a half hour or so, even I can be stood for that long.

I laughingly agreed and we gathered our stuff, me the cameras and equipment and Kyle his surfboard. I was stunned when he took me into one of the newer, larger homes on the beach.

“Good golly Kyle this house is fabulous, it must have been expensive to rent, even now in the off season!”

“It my house Danni, I don’t rent nor do I rent it out.”

All I could do was say.


Kyle took me on a tour of the house and then set out some lunch. We continued our discussions over lunch, and then the squall hit. We both ran to the window and watched the rain and wind roaring in from the ocean, the waves were spectacular, I went for my camera. I was busy taking picture after picture not paying attention to anything else. I got some magnificent shots. I turned and saw Kyle sitting in a chair watching me.

“So, nothing better to watch then some old married lady?”

I jokingly asked him.

“Don’t see any of those here, just see a remarkable, tall beautiful lady so engrossed in her art that she probably does not realize she had been taking pictures for an hour!”

“You lying on both counts, I am not all that beautiful and it couldn’t have been an hour.”

He got up then and as he approached me he had his arm out and he was showing me his watch.

“See, its been a little over and hour.”

He said.

“And since I am right on both counts I am claiming a present”

With that he gathered me in his arms and kissed me. Oh good lord could this kid kiss, I felt like I was going to pass out, it was wonderful, but I fought for control and pushed him back.

“Come on Kyle, you don’t want to be kissing me. I am a married woman, I have kids, come on, me?”

“I can only say that I find you attractive. You are tall, well built, nice ass, great legs, pretty smile and your lips work great”

He again wrapped me up in his arms and smothered me with kisses, his tongue was everywhere and I realized real quick that I was going to be unfaithful again, and I hate to admit it, I relished the thought. As Kyle fatih escort lips lowered to my neck, I lowered my hand to his groin and searched out his cock. I felt it though his bathing suit and was I shocked it felt huge. I was torn between running in fear of it and rushing forward to feel it spear me. Kyle must have sensed my debate as he said to me.

“Danni, I know it’s a little big, but I have learned how to use it and trust me, you will enjoy it”

Somehow relived I resumed groping at his now massive cock. I decided I had to see it in the flesh and used both hands to push his bathing suit to the floor, all the while enjoying his lips on my neck, behind my ears and his hands caressing my breasts. Good lord why doesn’t he get rid of my clothes and touch me?

Once freed from its constraints I realized how big it was, I could not get one hand to circle the circumference of it, and it was as long as it was thick, I had serious doubts as to how I would accommodate it, I had never in my life seen anything like it.

Kyle had managed to remove all but my panties and he was using his left hand to do that while his right hand was stroking my clit and a finger was gliding in and out of me. Oh god I was hot, but still too afraid to become too aggressive. Once we were both nude, I got up on my tiptoes and asked Kyle where the bed was.

“Danni, I want you standing for this first time, we can se the bed later.”

First time? I’d forgotten how resilient young men could be and a shiver of excitement rippled through me and straight into my pussy as I thought of enjoying Kyle more then once. As I was in this reverie, Kyle bent down and placed a hand behind each of my thighs and pulled me up wrapping my legs around his waist.

“OK Danni, I am going to slowly lower you until my cock is positioned at the opening to your pussy, just be calm.”

I tried to remain ‘calm’ as I was lowered by this man to rest atop his cock. As the head of his cock pushed against the lips of my opening my heart skipped a beat and my breath became ragged. As he slowly lowered me further onto his hard shaft I could not believe how incredible it was to have my pussy so filled with cock. So mesmerized by the feeling of his cock entering me, I was not as aware of how hot my own body was and since my face was buried into Kyle’s chest I began to kiss, suck and lick his nipples as he filled me.

As I felt the inside of my thighs ground against the tops of Kyle’s legs I realized I had taken the whole rod. Kyle stood still not moving as I adjusted to the feel of his hard meat deep inside me. I never knew I was that deep, but sweet Jesus it felt so good. My body was on fire building towards orgasm as Kyle moved towards the living room wall and pinned me to it. He then lowered his hip, withdrawing his cock about half way and then sending it back in a gain. Oh lord it felt good and my pussy was ready to explode, but he kept going up and down, his cock sliding in and out, oh man it was fine, I came long before he did, in fact I came twice before he erupted and deposited and huge load of hot cum deeper inside me then anyone ever had.

I hung to his neck and he carried me through the house and laid me gently on his bed. He was down beside me moments after his arms embracing my body, the final tremors of my orgasm working their way thought me. I bought my hand to my pussy and felt his somewhat soft cock lying across my thigh and I wanted to thank it. So I twisted myself so my head was now in Kyle’s lap and I gently kissed and licked that wonderful piece halkalı anal yapan escort of meat that had plowed into me and did all those wonderful things.

I knew I could never get his cock into my mouth so I settled in to lick and kiss every inch of it. It was not long before his was hard again and he asked me.

“Ok Danni, your time to pick the position and the target, though I will warn you that unless your well practiced in anal sex, you might want to skip it.”

Until he mentioned it, I had not given that any consideration. Yes I had taken a man in my ass before and when done right it is pleasant. But today, with that cock, I would not want to rush it. If and when I take that cock in my ass, I want to take my time so I can enjoy the feel of it as if pushes my ass to the limit and just a bit farther.

“Kyle, if we ever meet again, I promise you I will get this cock in my ass, but today, I would like to ride it. OK?”

“Anything you like Danni.”

So I climbed onto Kyle facing him, squatting onto his cock. As he held it steady for me, I placed the entrance to my pussy just above the head of his cock. I allowed the head to penetrate slowly, then to my and Kyle’s surprise I allowed my body to just drop, impaling myself on his hard cock.

“OH Shit, Kyle, it is so fucking big, OH man its filling me up completely”

I was babbling incoherently as I tried to establish a rhythm. I would pull my pussy up and feel as his cock would pull the sides of me as he withdrew, and then slide back down again feeling every inch of him as he filled me. I could not help but increase the pace and I was soon slamming myself down on him over and over again, fucking him like crazy. As before, my body rocked with orgasm on top of orgasm, once again I cried.

“I’m cuming Kyle, I’m fucking cuming, cum with me, fill me with your hot white juices, cum in my Kyle cum now, ahhahhhhhhh.”

He and I came and my body rocked and shook and his cock pulsed in me shooting stream after stream of cum deep inside me. We rested for a bit and I told Kyle I had to go, it was a long walk back to my car and I would have to be home soon.

“Danni, you know if I drive you we might have time for one more fuck, you up for it?”

“Kyle, don’t tease me, I would love it, even if I am a bit sore from the pounding you’ve already given me, but what the hell yes, come fuck me.”

“Ok, lets finish with you on your hands and knees and I will take you from behind. While I am there I will explore that ass you promise to give me later.”

Once in position Kyle wasted no time spearing me and pounding his hot cock in and out of me. His hands stayed on my ass, occasionally spanking my left or right cheek and ultimately he buried at least one finger in my ass. It’s hard to say how many because his cock had gotten me started on my fifth or sixth orgasm of the day and as I was about to blow, that’s when he inserted his fingers in my ass. That feeling of my ass being invaded set me off and I used those pussy muscles of mine to milk his cock and he came too.

I took a quick shower, knowing all his cum would not come out but cleaning what I could. Once dressed Kyle drove me to my car. He asked when I might be back and I told him in three or four weeks, again on a Friday. He slipped me his phone number and as he kissed me good-bye, asked me to call him when I came back, saying I had promised him my ass, and he was looking forward to it.

I drove home once again in bliss, recalling Kyle’s cock and how it had felt. I was deep into remembering it sliding in and out of me, that I almost did not hear my cell phone ring. I answered.

“Danielle, its Dianne from Fugi. I lied about the pictures, Danielle I kept some of them. I am sure thought that you and I can come to some agreement. I know you will not want these to accidentally get out on the net, now would you?”

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