Dale’s Special Family Ch. 10

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Bettie meets Melissa and Josh at the door. The new couple is Native American. Both are bronze skinned and gorgeous.

Hello,” the young wife greets giving a big kiss to Melissa, “I’m Bettie.” Then a kiss is given to Josh.

Taking Melissa by the hand they are escorted into the front room. Dale and Lynda are waiting. The sexy sister is wearing only a light dress and a pair of thong panties.

“This is my husband and his sister, Lynda,” Bettie introduces.

Melissa kisses Dale and then Lynda. The two men shake hands.

“I didn’t know there is a brother/sister thing here,” Josh comments staring at sexy blond’s cleavage.

The exotic dancer squeezes a big bicep asking, “Would’ve made a difference?

“No,” Josh says with a large smile, “I didn’t realize I would meet anyone kinkier than me an’ my cuz.” He adds with a larger grin, “It makes things easier.”

“Well, I’m glad to hear that.” Bettie confesses, “We’re a little concerned since we normally don’t invited people into our home on the first date.”

Lynda guides Josh by the hand to the couch. As they sit down a small hand is immediately placed on the inside of the big Indian’s leg. It is midway between the knee and crotch.

“Oh, there ain’t no reason to be uptight, Baby,” Melissa assures, “We all know what we’re here for.”

“That’s the point. We’re all horny people here,” Bettie snickers nervously, “Ya says on the phone you like Martinis.” She holds up the pitcher. “Cold as January in Alaska an’ dry as Death Valley in July.”

“Sounds perfect,” Josh approves, eying the beautiful Latina’ s ready body.

Dale notices Melissa giving the visual inspection. A pair of sparkling dark brown eyes reveals this woman is hot and ready to go. The husband wonders what type of invitation his wife is giving to the sculptured beauty.

“Mind if I sit on your lap?’ the sexy Indian maiden asks huskily.

“My cousin is very direct,’ Josh states with a deep chuckle.

“I don’t mind at all,’ Dale answers, directing her to a ready lap, “What better way to get acquainted?”

A short shirt is hiked. A fit, brown set of ass cheeks are exposed. She straddles face first. The radiant Dark eyes reveal ready anticipation.

Bettie serves drinks then joins Josh and Lynda on the couch. A soft hand is placed on the inside of the big man’s other leg.

Melissa wasn’t wearing any panties. All on the couch could see a hot, dark pink slit. Dale could smell her. The woman is ready for a dick.

“Melissa,” Bettie asks, “how did you an’ your cousin end up fuckin’?”

“It happened when he move here last year,” Melissa tells running hands through Dale’s hair. “I always knew he’s a hottie. So I had to seduced ‘im into my bed.”

She glances over at the other three. Both Lynda and Bettie’s hands are closer to the cousin’s large cock. He is petting the long tresses.

She picks up Dale’s hand and places it on a rounded large tit. The big hand is pumped to indicate what is wanted. No more encouragement is needed. The firm mound is fondled gently.

“I use to peek at Josh off jackin’ off when we were kids.” She gives a wide grin. “Even back then his dick looked nice.” He shows embarrassment. “I just knew it is the cock for me.”

“At first,” Josh adds, “When she came at me, I thought of leavin’.”

“But I changed his mind,” Melissa proudly states, “I wanted that big cock more than ever. So I went for it.”

“An’ before I knew it,” Josh competes with a sigh, “My sweet, sexy cousin’s mouth is over my rod.”

“Wow,” Lynda asks enviously, “An’ you two been at it since then?”

“At every possible chance,” Melissa states rubbing a full tit in Dale’s face, “An’ we’ve been fuckin’ everyday since then.”

Melissa glances over to see Lynda unzip Josh’s pants. The hot sister searches inside for the big man’s cock.

“Ohhhhhhhh!” Melissa coos approvingly.

She suddenly pulls off the shirt top to expose a set of big breasts to Dale. The tittles are brown, round and solid. Mocha nipples harden. Tasting the large twins would be a pleasure!

“Josh suggests one night we find more people like us.” She looks back at the trio on the couch. Her cousin is enjoying Lynda’s hand. “So we searched an’ found ’em.” She Dale hunches the brown globs closer to Dale’s face. One is inhaled deeply. “My lust takes off from there an’ has never quit!”

An erect brown nipple is hungrily sucked. The turned on native maiden pushes forward to accommodate the greedy mouth. There is a desire to shove the entire lobe deep.

“I have to admit,” Bettie says, ogling Melissa’s hairless pink-lipped cunt, “I thought a darker girl’s pussy would be dark inside.” The Latina’s panties’ crotch is wet with anticipation.

“I’ve been with Indian an’ Black girls who were darker on the inside.” Melissa says.

She hops off Dale’s lap and opens a pair of fine legs wider. Bending over the pink slit becomes more visible. The young wife’s leering eyes take in the view entirely.

“Would’ya like to see mine up close?” Melissa kartal escort gives an offering wiggle.

“I think our party has begun,” Lynda giggles.

The dancer’s hand pulls out of Josh’s pants.

“Don’t go away, honey,” she promises with a kiss, “We’ve got business to take care of.” Lynda says, “I just wanna look too.”

Lynda and Bettie strip off Melissa’s skirt. The Native American body is now nude. All thinks the sight is magnificent!

Bettie wedges between Dale and Melissa. The young husband knows the beautiful spouse well. He allows the lust fills wife to barge in.

Lynda moves up behind Melissa feeling the large tits and nibbling on the long neck. She leans into the other girl passion-filled.

Melissa moans. A pair of puffy cunt lips and swollen breasts tells the brown beauty is in heat. The sexy body is ready for fun.

Bettie kisses Melissa on the mouth. They swap spit as tongues swirls fervently. Hands move up to play with one of the big titties. The dark haired wife then shifts to one of the large mounds and sucks a dark brown nipple in.

Lynda and Melissa kiss deeply and passionately.

Melissa breaks the kiss hotly noting, “You two like pussy lovin’. Doncha?”

“Every chance we get,” Lynda answers stepping around in front.

The sisters-in-law each play with the pair of large tits. Thumbs skim over the dark nipples. The two nubs are teased into full erection.

“Your boobs are beautiful,” Lynda compliments.

Pleased by the words, Melissa arches to give more access. The hot Native American invites lesbian lust to take over. Lynda and Bettie’s hands massage the large breasts tenderly.

“I love the way you two play with my tits,” Melissa sighs.

“They beg to be touched,” Bettie coos.

“We love playin’ with gorgeous titties,” Lynda says.

The sexy blond moves a hand from the Indian girl’s tit to a wet crotch, commenting, “We like playin’ with pussy, too,”

“Good,” Melissa coos, “I get real crazy when my cunt is touched by girls.”

“My ol’ man says girls fuck better when they’re crazy,” Bettie says now fondling both titties.

“Josh says the same thing.” Melissa snickers, “An’ I like to stay a little crazy all the time,” she adds huskily, “’cause I like to fuck all the time.”

Bettie’s hand slides to the hot pussy entrance. A middle finger joins her sister-in-law’s. Glistening, fleshy lips are caressed. They are separated and an engorged clit is tickled.

Lynda drops to knees. She fingers all the pretty pink flesh on the inside. A teasing tip of a hot tongue touches the clit.

Bettie joins Lynda. She also plays with the hot, wet pussy. The crotch becomes soaked with juices.

Lynda and Bettie take turns on the beautiful Indian girl’s pussy. Each sister-in-law alternatively fingers fucks the brown cunt gently.

“Ahhhhhhhhhh!” Melissa moans, “You bitches are gonna make me cum hard?” She groans loudly, “Oooooooooooooh sweet jezzus! You’re gonna make me hotter than I’ve ever been.”

“Naw,” Bettie remarks, “we’re gonna leave that to my husband.” She licks at the juices, “We just like to tease pretty pussies into a frenzy.”

Josh, while enjoying the lesbian scene involving his cousin, is slowly undressing and stroking a long cock. The only question on the big man’s mind was which one to fuck first. The brown stud does know all would be getting as much dick as they could handle.

“Let’s see what Josh is up to,” Bettie suggests.

The sisters-in-law stand up. Both give Melissa deep kisses. Then turns back to Josh. They undress sexily. A long brown member becomes very hard.

Bettie leans over and wraps a fist around Josh’s big rod. Another man’s cock in her hand feels good. The hot wife really likes it.

Josh reaches up and begins to fondle the hot Latina’s titty. He could tell she really likes that. Cunt juices are seeping onto the curvy upper legs.

Melissa glues lips on Dale. Excited fingers unbutton a silk shirt. A pair of firm brown ass cheeks is caress. The large dangling breasts are cupped gently.

Dale’s fingers play with the full globes. The hot skin is squeeze smoothly. Tongues danced lustfully. The sensation adds to the sexual passions building in them.

The Indian maiden tugs down the pants zipper and extracts a hard cock. She pulls him to feet. Dale quickly unfastens the trousers letting them drop.

“Josh never wears underpants when we go partyin’,” Melissa says, “I think it’s so sexy!”

“I didn’t want to have them on tonight,” Dale responds stepping out of the discarded pants, “I didn’t want them in the way.”

He returns to the massaging the fine breasts. An erect cock is stroke slowly. A second hand cups wobbling balls lovingly.

“Do’ya always go without a panties an’ a bra?” Dale asks kissing the nipples.

“I haven’t wore a bra since Josh and I got serious,” she tells, “My cuz just don’t like ’em.” She adds stroking the stiff rod, “I didn’t wear panties tonight because I wanted to be ready for ya.” She encourages maltepe escort bayan with a grin, “If ya feel my cunt, you’ll see how ready I am.”

Dale pets a hairless mound. A middle finger inserts into the moist slit. It is tight, warm and ready.

“If I leave it there too long,” Dale whistles softly, “the damn thing will melt.”

Melissa holds Dale’s wrist to keep the digit stationary. The finger wiggles to stimulate the hot Indian pussy. She glances at her cousin and the girls.

“Don’t they look sexy?” Melissa sighs lustfully.

Josh’s tongue is laving Bettie’s tit. The sexy Latina hunches so rounded breasts dangle, inviting the big man’s caresses. She is ready for whatever he wants to do.

“Watchin’ my wife with another man is a little weird,” Dale admits.

“You’ll get uses to it,” Melissa promises.

His head lowers to lick the large, brown mounds. An anxious finger continues exploring of the hot cunt. Suddenly everything seems so right and in place.

Melissa lifts Lynda’s tit and places a nipple in Josh’s mouth. She then places a hand over Bettie’s. Together they jack the long brown pole.

Dale nuzzles Melissa’s neck and nips on an ear. A wet tongue sticks in the orifice and licks around. She giggles and squeezes the hard dick.

Josh places a hand under Lynda’s tit pulling the hot blond closer. It is inhaled in as much as possible. He then does the same thing to Bettie.

The sisters-in-law chuckle anxiously taking turns placing erect nipples in a hungry mouth. Lynda replaces Melissa’s hand over Bettie’s. The two women continue pulling on the big shaft.

“If his dick gets any bigger,” Bettie admires, “I won’t be able to get it in.”

“Speak for yourself, Darlin’,” a wide eyes Lynda predicts, “I might hav’a uses a shoehorn but I’m gotta get that dick in me.”

“Maybe I’d better suck it now,” Bettie says, “before it gets any bigger.”

“I don’t think that’s gonna happen,” Lynda encourages in a husky voice, “Open wide and say ‘Aaahhh’.”

Bettie pushes Josh’s legs apart. Knelling between large thighs, a pair of hot hands captures a big cock. A pink tongue licks the head.

Josh washes and laps on Lynda’s titties faster. A brown finger rubs against a pink anus. It slips easily into the hot hole.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh!” a cooing Lynda responds, “That’s nice!”

The big Indian’s tongue increases the lapping of the hard nubs. A long middle finger speeds up repetition movement in the ass. It is obvious the man had worked this combination before.

“Oh man,” the surprised Lynda announces, “I’m already to cum now!”

Josh increases the action on the titties and asshole. The sexy blonde just wasn’t ready for this type of climax. A firm body automatically gyrates to the movement.

“Ohmygod!” she moans, “I’m cummmin’ now!”

Lynda presses closer to Josh. She is not totality weak, but the sudden climax does make the former dancer slightly weak kneed. The sexy blonde is completely caught off guard by the mini-orgasm.

“Damn, Baby,” Josh remarks happily, “You’re as hot as a firecracker.”

“Look at my cuz’s big hard cock,” Melissa asks while stroking his member, “Do’ya know what your wife’s gonna do now?”

“Yes,” Dale murmurs.

“Hav’a ever watch her suck cock?” the girl quizzes lustfully.

“I’ve never seen her do anything with another man,” Dale answers enjoying the hand job.

“Good,” Melissa purrs moving them closer to the lovers on the couch, “The first time you watch your wife with another guy is very special.” She adds hotly, “A very exciting moment.”

Bettie licks the inside of Josh’s thighs. Gentle fingers tickle the heavy balls.

“I’m bettin’ his balls are real tight an’ hard,” Melissa remarks huskily, “they get that way when a girl plays with ’em.” She adds in a hiss, “An’ look at that cock. How hard it is. How it throbs.” The brown skinned beauty hotly states, “He can’t wait for Bettie to take it in her mouth.” The sexy Indian girl squeezes the harden rod telling, “Bettie, I’m holdin’ your husband’s cock.”

Bettie wraps a hand around Josh’s cock saying, “Like that?”

“Just like that,” Melissa promotes.

“What if I slide my fingers right to the end?” Bettie asks kneading the long shaft.

“I’ll do the same to your husband’s cock,” Melissa responds moving a lovely hand move along Dale’s rod.

“An’ if I squeeze your cousin’s?” Bettie challenges massaging Josh’s ball sac.

“Then I’ll squeeze your husband’s,” Melissa answers tickling Dale’s balls.

The hot Latina rubs the sensitive flesh between the big Indian’s balls and the anus. Then a fingertip plays with the asshole.

“His ass is very tight,” the sexy wife observes.

“So is your ol’ man’s,” Melissa then rubs Dale’s asshole, “But I think my finger will fit.”

A long finger slips pass the sphincter into his ass. Dale jerks. Then settles back on the probing digit.

“Yeah! It feels good,” Melissa, asks hotly, “Doesn’t it?”

“It seems,” Bettie, notes as an anxious escort pendik finger invades the tight asshole, “Josh likes it too.”

He feels the rummaging digit go deeper. She wiggles and twists the finger. It really feels good. Dale had never had such a sensation before. The horny husband had no doubts this was a practiced technique.

“I’m fuckin’ your husband’s ass with my finger,” Melissa states pressing the twin peaks against his chest, “an’ he’s trembling all over.” She feels Dale push back against a flat stomach. “An’ his cock is so hard again.”

From the look on Josh’s face, Bettie knew it is difficult for the big man not to climax. The pretty Latina smiles. She knew the mission tonight is cumming.

An anxious finger continues to ass fuck. The movements increase. A pink hot tongue flicks and licks the tip of the cock. The pearly drops of sweet pre-semen are quickly lapped up.

“Ummmmm,” she murmurs, “Your cock taste good, Josh.”

Bettie then purses brown lips inhaling the large cock into a warm mouth. A raven-haired head immediately nods on the shaft. Naturally tanned cheeks wiggle from the tongue action.

“Look, Baby,” Melissa says, still finger-fucking Dale, “Your wife has got my cousin’s cock deep in that whorish mouth.” She huskily orders, “Place your hand on her head to help her suck ‘im off!”

Dale reaches out placing a hand on Bettie’s head. A firm grip is on the back of the black mane. It makes the young husband excited.

“Press down,” Melissa hotly commands.

The warm mouth goes deeper on the brown long rod. Sucking sounds can be heard emitting from the young wife. The big dick hardens more.

“Let up,” Melissa again orders.

He follows the brown skinned beauty’s instructions. Bettie’s mouth slides back. Josh groans at the sensation.

“Continue assisting your bitch wife’s cocksuckin’,” Melissa orders the aroused husband.

Dark brown eyes glimmer with the action. She is enjoying commanding the novice swinger to do the immoral acts.

The sexy blonde sister is quivering with excitement. A wet cunt is quavering from a pair of darting fingers. The scene between Josh and Bettie is making the exotic dancer hotter. The feeling is the result that the action is involving her brother’s wife.

“Oh God!” Josh groans, “You’re woman’s mouth is hot!” He moans loudly, “I can’t hold off much longer!”

The big man twists and contorts to control the rising climax. Dale knows exactly what he is going through. His Latina wife was a cocksucker supreme.

“Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhhh!” Josh wails, “I’m cummmmmmmin’!”

He explodes in Bettie’s mouth. The sex driven woman gobbles and slurps noisily on the rushing sperm. The blowjob continues until the man is dry.

She stands up and gives the big Indian a deep kiss. She smiles and mouths ‘you’re good’. Suddenly Bettie give her husband a kiss. Dale is surprised but accepts it.

A martini is picked up and quickly gulped down. Brown lips smacks.

“Ah,” she says alluding to both the drink and the cum, “that really hits the spot!”

“You’re a real cunt,” Melissa cackles, “A girl after my own heart.”

Bettie captures Josh’s cock in warm hand and jerks it. The big man again groans loudly.

“Guess I really did a job on that thing,” she snickers proudly.

“You give good head,” Melissa complements, “The size of my cousin’s cock scares some girls.”

“My ol’ man helped me,” Bettie laughs.

Melissa places long bronze arms around Dale’s neck. The fit body presses tightly to his. Dale slides hands onto a lush ass and pulls a wet pussy next to a very hard cock.

“I like the way my titties feel against your bare chest.” Melissa whispers softly.

Dale glances at his wife and Josh. The sight of her naked body in another man’s arms is hot. The vision of his tongue in her cunt excites the voyageur husband.

“I’m here, lover,” Melissa reminds with a brown athletic body wrapping around him.

Bettie watches them. She smiles and pushes a hot crotch into Josh’s willing mouth. She looks down at the big man grinning.

“They make an attractive couple,” Bettie observes enjoying the probing tongue. “Then your cousin would make any one an attractive couple.” The sexy Latina sighs hotly, “She’s so lovely. Her attitude is so beautiful.”

“She’s a very sensuous woman,” Josh states, “In fact, lusty would be a better description.”

“Speakin’ of lust,” Lynda interrupts, “I’ve got enough for two women now!”

The sexy blond kneels in front of the big Indian. The limp cock is suddenly grasps. It is given a quick lick.

“I’m bettin’ I can bring this back to life,” she coos.

“Well,” Bettie says repositioning, “There’s nothing wrong with this tongue.”

She then steps up higher on the couch. A hot cunt straddles directly over his mouth. The pussy loving big man does what comes naturally. Bettie’s ass is cupped and the quivering wet lips are sucked. A quick tongue darts and flicks an exposed clit.

“Oh God, Baby,” the dark haired vixen moans, “Go to work on my love hole.”

Melissa steps back from Dale. The slight movement made a set of large mounds jiggle. The sexy Indian girl chuckles, noticing what has gotten his attention.

“They do bounce a lot when I move,” she states proudly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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