Daisy Price Ch. 03

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Chapter Three “The Interview”

Mr. Craftsman was sitting in his office doing some work on recent sales figures, when the fax machine came on and printed out a fax for him. Wondering what it could possibly be he got up, and went over to the machine to take out the fax. It read:

(A Top Secret Fax)

(To the new boss, from the old boss.)

To: Mr. Craftsman

From: Mr. Goldstein

Topic: Re: About new secretarial services.

Name: Daisy Price

Age: 32 years old

Marital Status: Single, no kids.

Height: 5′ 8″

Weight: 121 lbs.

Eyes: Blue (Wears glasses, but only when reading, writing, or typing.)

Hair: Shoulder Length Curly Red

Bust: 36 DDD

Waist: 24″

Hips: 34″

Notes: Very gorgeous. Comes very highly recommended.

Skills: Very fast typist (90 wpm), takes fast shorthand (always accurate, never asks you to repeat yourself), makes great coffee and cakes, always ten minutes early and never calls in sick or missed a scheduled day of work unless giving time off or vacation, keeps everything clean, neat, well organized, and filed greatly. Also, has an innate ability to get any task given to her accomplished, it’s uncanny really how devoted she is to accomplishing things.

Top Secret Talents: (Keep Under Hat) (Knows how to sexually please both men and women, can infiltrate enemy corporations, and find their most deepest secrets.)

Final Notes: You take care of her, and she will take care of you in more ways than one. She had been a very valuable asset to me and my company for several years. She really doesn’t have any family or outside interests, so she doesn’t mind one bit working any over time hours, and while she worked for us was used to spy on enemy corporations. Due to unfortunate market drops, our company felt that we had to let her go, but most of the higher ups didn’t know, and probably wouldn’t have approved of, about how often her “special” talents had pulled their thankless butts out of the old proverbial fire on numerous occasions. I personally regret very dearly of being forced into letting her go, but I didn’t have any say or choice in the matter. Take very good care of her, she’s a good asset to your company.

Mr. Craftsman quickly looked over the top of the fax, before he remembered that he had requested information about Daisy from her former employee over the phone. By the time he was finished reading the fax all the way through though, he was indeed very excited about having Daisy aboard his team here at ABC Shipping Company.

Truthfully, Mr. Craftsman had wanted his own personal secretary for a long time now, but the higher ups didn’t think it was necessary until here recently, when business started booming. Things were definitely looking up for Mr. Craftsman.

* * * * *

Daisy’s alarm woke her up, but she was about to fall back to sleep thinking that she did not have a job anymore, when she suddenly remembered the interview she had today. She looked at the shiny red lighted numbers on the radio alarm clock, and said aloud, “Oh, shit! I’m going to be late!”

She jumped out of bed, and hurried to take a shower. As she showered, she thought to herself, “I probably won’t be able to have all the perks of my old job, like the wonderful sex.” With this thought she rubbed her breasts and cunt, but knowing she didn’t have time for that now continued thinking, “I think it’s actually against the law, or something anyways. Oh, well, at least I’ll have a job. I wonder how the pay will be. Probably nothing even close to what I was making before.”

She quickly dried off, and got dressed in a long skirted elegant dress. After this it took her several minutes to fix up her hair, apply her make up, and get ready to leave. Being a little nervous about the interview, she left the house and was about to get into her car when she realized that she had forgotten her purse inside the house. Luckily, she had placed the key back in its spot yesterday, and was able to get esenyurt otele gelen escort back in. She ran inside to grab her purse, and was about to leave again, when she also remembered that she hadn’t ate anything yet. It simply wouldn’t do to have a growling hungry stomach during the interview.

She went into the kitchen where a fresh pot of coffee was waiting for her, and she remembered that there was a pie in the refrigerator, which Mr. & Mrs. Fieldsman had left for her the night before. She thought about the fun she had last night, and the flavors of both Fred’s cock and Thelma’s cunt, along with their individuals touches and smells, but couldn’t waste much time on those sorts of thoughts. She grabbed the food, thinking she would eat it on the way, and went back outside to her car, but she had forgotten to grab her purse still, and had laid the outside key down on the table.

“Oh, shit!” She thought, but luckily she had placed one by the back door as well. This wasn’t the first time these sorts of things happened to her, and the key was there for just these type of circumstances. She quickly set the pie and coffee on top of the car, and ran around to the back of the house. With the utmost speed she could muster, she ran around back, and unlocked the back door, this time making sure to replace the key back. She went inside, locking the back door, and grabbed her purse and the outside key, placing it back under the welcome mat, as she again locked the front door.

However, she was surprised to find that when she got back to her car that a neighborhood cat had jumped up there to eat her pie, and knocked over her coffee onto the ground. Not having time to get more, she shooed the cat away, placed the pie on the ground, and picked up her coffee mug, dumping the rest of the liquid out on the ground, so that it was empty to take with her. She got into the car, and drove away. Later that evening, Thelma and John would bring her another pie, and tell her that the postman had returned about ten minutes after she had left, and they had told him about her new job. He left embarrassed, but Daisy knew that the lady on tenth street would be his fix today. Daisy had a little trouble with all of the traffic, and remembering where exactly ABC Shipping Company had been, but she finally made it, and walked in the doors exactly ten minutes early, keeping her record intact.

Daisy walked in and met the front receptionist, who was Susan, and had been the one who had called her about the interview the night before. Susan, Daisy was surprised to find, was a blond that looked to be somewhere in her middle twenties, and wore a simple pink flower designed dress. Susan said, “Mr. Craftsman will be delighted to see you in a few moments. Please, have a seat over there, while you wait.”

Susan used the phone to call up Mr. Craftsman, and tell him that Daisy was waiting to see him. He told her to wait a few moments, and he would have her sent back. While Daisy waited, a small group of men in business suits went out the door, arguing about who made up the sales figures for a certain project. Finally, Daisy was told to go on back to Mr. Craftsman’s office.

“Have a seat, Daisy.” Mr. Craftsman said as Daisy walked into his office. “I’m glad you could make it. Just like your old boss said too. Ten minutes early. I’m impressed.”

“Thank you, Mr. Craftsman, I try my best.” Daisy casually replied back. She took in what Mr. Craftsman actually looked like as she sat down in the chair in front of his desk. He was quite a handsome boss to work for. Her mind quickly compared him to her old boss, and she briefly wondered who her loyalties would be with if her old boss could get her back. She sighed inwardly, and guessed that it would depend on how this interview went.

“Here’s a fax from your former employer. Look at it, and tell me if it’s totally true or not.” Mr. Craftsman replied as he handed over the fax to Daisy.

Daisy quickly skimmed through the fax, and esenyurt rus escort her heart sank down into her stomach giving her slight butterflies in her already slightly rumbling belly, as she read the bottom. “Oh, well,” she thought to herself , “here goes this job.”

“Yes, Mr. Craftsman, it’s all true.” Daisy replied reluctantly.

“Great!” Mr. Craftsman said as he got up, and locked his office door. “It’s been a frustrating morning for me, so could you show me how you relieve the employers tensions?”

Daisy was overjoyed to hear this. She would have her old perks back after all, but what about the pay she wondered. Oh, well, first things first.

Daisy got up out of her chair, and ushered Mr. Craftsman into his. When Mr. Craftsman was seated, Daisy leaned into him rubbing her breasts into his chest, and kissing him passionately on the lips. Their tongues went in and out of each others mouths. Daisy continued to kiss her way down his body, unbuttoning his shirt as she worked her way down. First, his lips, then, his chin, his neck, his muscular chest, and his rather firm stomach. When she got to his stomach, kissing and licking her way down, she had his shirt all the way unbuttoned, and began to unbuckle his belt, and unbutton his pants. She unzipped his zipper and yanked his pants and underwear down to his knees.

Before her quivering and eager lips rested a luscious hard twelve-inch cock. Mr. Craftsman was well endowed for sure. Daisy began to lick the sides of it with her tongue racing up and down it and in circles around the top of the cock. Daisy then plunged the rock hard cock deep into her throat swallowing every inch of it, and slowly, at first, pulled it out, but then she went faster and faster plunging it in and out of her mouth.

While Daisy was working his penis, Mr. Craftsman worked on unbuttoning her blouse, and removing it along with her bra. With his hands he played with and massaged her bountiful breasts, and squeezed and pinched her hardening nipples. Her breasts were some of the biggest he had ever seen on such a gorgeous woman like her. Her luscious breasts felt smooth and silky in his hands, and he enjoyed playing with them immensely.

Daisy stopped sucking on Mr. Craftsman’s cock, and stood up removing her skirt and panties. She sat on the edge of Mr. Craftsman’s desk, and forced his head towards her spread out legs and already juicy cunt saying, “I have something else I want you to play with Mr. Craftsman.”

Mr. Craftsman shoved two fingers up Daisy’s cunt, and began to lick her clitoris up and down causing Daisy to moan softly as the sexual excitement began to make her whole body begin to tingle all over.

Mr. Craftsman worked her pussy in this way for quite a while, before finally stopping to turn her over his desk. He plunged his rock hard cock up her tight little cunt, in and out, faster and faster, as he slapped her ass softly. “Is that how you want daddy to give it to you, baby?”

“Oh, yes, Mr. Craftsman! Don’t stop!” Daisy moaned softly.

Daisy was bent over the desk, and gripped the other side. Her breasts were fully pushed into the wooden desk top, and vibrated back and forth. Her feet were on the floor, and her ass was in the air behind the desk, as Mr. Craftsman plunged his twelve-inch rock hard cock in and out of her luscious tight little cunt, and occasionally slapped her soft smooth luscious ass with his right hand, while controlling her body motion with his left, making sure his dick didn’t actually slip free from her pussy’s embrace.

“Miss Price, have you ever been fucked up the ass?” Mr. Craftsman asked. “I am going to fuck you up the ass, Miss Price, just so you know that I am not kidding when I say I will shove something up your ass, or that I’m going to fuck you up the ass.”

“By all means, Mr. Craftsman, do what you like, I am your tool to do with as you please.” Daisy squealed in delight.

With this Mr. Craftsman pulled his cock out of her cunt, and worked it esenyurt türbanlı escort into her tight little asshole. He worked it in and out slow at first, and then got faster and faster. Daisy moaned in excitement. She loved getting it in the ass, especially with such a fine specimen of a cock.

After a few moments of this, Mr. Craftsman pulled out and flipped Daisy over on her back on the desk. Daisy rested her legs on his shoulders as he again began to shove his cock into her pussy hole. Mr. Craftsman squeezed her breasts and pinched her nipples, as he pumped his cock in and out of her cunt, until, finally, he couldn’t hold it in any more.

He pulled his cock out of her, and came all over her belly and breasts. His rock hard cock vibrating violently as white hot sperm shot onto her breasts and belly. Daisy rubbed her finger in it, and then licked the sperm off of her finger, savoring the flavor, as she Laid exhausted, spent, and wore out on the desk top. Mr. Craftsman collapsed into his chair and rested long enough to regain his composure.

He eventually got up, and went into his private washroom, and pissed into the toilet. His gorgeous rugged ass faced Daisy, who stared wistfully at it. After finishing pissing, he grabbed a washrag from a cabinet and wetted it. He then wiped off the cum juices from his penis, and went back to his chair, throwing the washrag on Daisy’s stomach. “You may clean yourself up in there, if you wish.” Mr. Craftsman said as he started putting his clothes back on.

Daisy lazily got up, and went into the bathroom to clean herself up, taking her clothes in there with her. With the door closed, which seemed kind of funny since he already saw everything while they fucked, she cleaned herself off, got dressed, reapplied some make up and deodorant, and combed her hair, while she was in there. When she came out again, Mr. Craftsman was dressed again as well.

Daisy sat down in the chair in front of Mr. Craftsman’s desk, and noticed that the desk had been wiped down, and everything put back into its proper place. Mr. Craftsman had been a busy beaver while she was in the washroom.

As soon as Daisy sat down, Mr. Craftsman spoke up saying, “My wife must never know of that.”

Daisy replied, “That’s the same thing Mr. Goldstein always said, and his wife never knew or even suspected anything.”

“This fax here will be kept secret between me and you. I think that you and I can agree that any of this isn’t actually fair and legal business practices. We should just keep all this to ourselves, and maybe have a repeat occasionally. In no way do I or anyone else here, expect you to do any corporate spying.” Mr. Craftsman said as he ran it through his personal paper shredder. “As long as you don’t mind these terms, you are hired. Can you start tomorrow morning, at eight o’clock?”

“You bet, Mr. Craftsman. I would be pleased to work for a wonderful boss like you. By the way, what is my pay going to be like?” Daisy spoke while searching for her notebook inside of her purse. Finally finding it, she fished it out of her purse along with a pen.

Mr. Craftsman told her about the benefits, and her new salary, which was double of what she had been getting from Mr. Goldstein, and she quickly scribbled it down into the notebook. She guessed her loyalties were now firmly with Mr. Craftsman, who was already giving her much better perks than Mr. Goldstein ever did.

“I’ll be here bright and early, Mr. Craftsman.” Daisy said as she got up to leave.

“Oh, one more thing, Miss Price. Your office space isn’t quite ready yet. It should be up and running perfectly by the end of the week though, because we have people coming in to fix it up for you. It might not be the greatest though, because the company can barely afford to supply you with an office of your own.” Mr. Craftsman said as Daisy got out of her chair to leave.

Daisy replied back, “That’s all right, Mr. Craftsman, I’ll make do with what I can get.”

“Daisy, it will be great having someone with your talents and qualifications aboard the ABC Shipping Company team, and at my side.” Mr. Craftsman said as he got up to open the door for her. “See you at eight o’clock tomorrow morning, Miss Price.”

“Thank you, Mr. Craftsman. I’ll be here. I can’t wait to start working for you.” Daisy Price replied as she exited his office and headed back home.

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