Daddy’s Sundae

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He tells me to strip. I do so quickly and he guides me over to the small air mattress on the floor. He has me position myself so that my pussy is at the edge of the mattress. The room is slightly chilly, and my quarter sized nipples are sticking up on full display.

I complain about being cold and he tells me things are about to get a lot colder. He busies himself getting some things ready in the kitchen. He comes and kneels at the edge of the mattress and tells me to spread my legs wide and slightly elevate my hips.

He quickly spoons two large scoops of ice cream into my pussy and uses the scoop to pack it in. The ice cream causes my pussy to freeze and my entire body starts twitching from the temperature change. Then, he carefully peels a large banana. He breaks it in half and sticks it in my pussy. It is holding the ice cream in my pussy and also lewdly sticking out, like an erect cock.

Now, he says it’s time for some hot fudge. He retrieves a bowl from the microwave and tells me to hold still as he drizzles the steamy fudge onto bahis firmaları my mound, lips and clit. The warm fudge is dripping down onto my cold pussy opening and the banana.

He tops my pussy off with whipped cream and then adds more whipped cream to my hard nipples. A cherry and sprinkles are added to the whipped cream on my mound. He then positions a pan below my pussy to catch any of the dripping sundae.

He pulls out his phone and says it’s time for a photo shoot. He takes several close ups of my pussy and then several pics that show off my entire body. He tells me to smile like the sundae slut that I am. He says he knows I’m enjoying this and he can’t wait to add these pics to his online library.

After the photo session, he carefully licks the whipped cream off each nipple. Then, he pulls the banana out of my twat and discards it in the pan. The ice cream starts slowly dripping into the pan, oozing out of my warm pussy. He tells me I look like a slut leaking cum all over the kitchen and snaps a few more pics.

The pan is kaçak iddaa filling with the melting ice cream, fudge and whipped cream, the entire mess dripping out of my spread pussy. He calls me sloppy and then commands me to start pushing the rest of the ice cream out. I bear down and use the muscles in my pussy to push the cream out. He tells me to think of it at pushing out an ice cream baby.

I am beyond humiliated at this point. He takes a spoon and dips it in the melted goo in the pan. He tells me to sit up and he feeds me a spoonful. I swallow it down and he says he hopes I enjoy the taste of my pussy sundae.

He gives me some paper towels to quickly clean myself and then tells me to run to the shower; he doesn’t want an ice cream mess all over the house. He tells me to be sure to clean everything well and then go into the bedroom and stand naked in the corner with my nose to the wall.

I shower quickly, making sure to clean my pussy thoroughly. I towel off, comb my hair, and go to the corner. He enters shortly after and says that kaçak bahis I’m a naughty girl with her nose in the corner. He tells me to go to the bed. I go over to the bed and he tells me to lay on my tummy. He positions a pillow under my hips.

He says it’s time for a spanking because a naughty girl like me needs a red bottom so everyone will know I’m naughty. He pulls out a small leather paddle and starts whacking my naughty bottom. I cry and kick, so he positions his legs over mine so I have to keep my bottom in place.

I endure my spanking, tears streaming down my face, muffling my cries in a pillow. When he deems my bottom red enough, he pulls out his phone for a few more pics. Then he tells me to spread my thighs and sticks a finger in my pussy. To my embarrassment, I am very wet.

He tells me to turn over and spread my legs. He wants to fuck my pussy hard and rub that sore bottom into the sheets. I roll over, spread wide, and he wastes no time sticking his entire cock in my pussy. He pounds me hard and fast, my sore bottom hurting more and more with every thrust. He finally fills me with cum and has me thank him for filling me like a slut.

I curl into him and we fall asleep, while my pussy slowly drips, leaving a wet spot between us on the sheets.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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