Cure for My Ass Addiction Ch. 05

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Having spent the whole of Saturday in bed by evening Maria was in a good mood. So much so we decided to go out for a movie and then dinner.

Unfortunately, as for me, I simply couldn’t get the thought of Priya out of my head. All through the movie my mind kept on replaying the events that unfolded in the toilet earlier on. Due to this reason I literally had a massive hard-on throughout the movie. Maria came in to contact with my strained pants a couple of times and just smiled at me as the poor thing thought it was for her.

Oh God!! Just when things were going so well with Maria, Priya had raised the bar and showed me how deep my ass fetish actually goes (pardon the pun).

Thinking about Priya was not the best thing when Maria was being particularly chatty after the movie as I kept on missing part of the conversation.

“What’s up? You seem a bit distracted tonight” Maria asked during dinner after I had asked her an umpteenth time to repeat her question.

“Oh nothing much, just a bit tired. Woke up a bit too early and couldn’t go back to bed.”

I wasn’t too sure if she believed my lame excuse but I was grateful she did not persist.

After dinner we walked around the town centre holding hands like most couples. Only issue was my mind was full of my girlfriend’s roommate’s tight dirty anus!!

As I kissed Maria good night she invited me back to her place again but I shot her down saying I had to do the laundry for the week. I felt like a right bastard as I looked at her crestfallen face but I was simply too confused at the moment to be with Maria.

My walk back to my apartment was torture as I was in a state of constant arousal and I had to pinch my hard-on through my pants a couple of times to control myself as I rushed back to my flat.

As soon as I got to my room I stripped down to my boxers and hit the bed; however, I was so aroused I could not sleep. Lying on my back I closed my eyes and the image of Priya’s cute brown ass appeared immediately. I moaned as I stroked my hard-on trying to imagine the smell and the taste of her beautiful pucker hole. I stuck my tongue out in the air pretending to taste her poop chute as I came hard soaking my fingers with my hot cum. I jerked off twice more that night thinking of Priya’s asshole before eventually sleep took over.

I woke up late morning on the Sunday feeling super fresh and energised. I decided I had to stay away from both the girls until my thoughts cleared up. With this in mind I hit the gym just after lunch before going for a long run. By dinner time I was tired but felt so much better.

With a clear mind I sat down and thought of everything that had happened in the past two weeks.

Since trying to break up with Maria, she was opening up a lot more with me and may be with the right kind of motivation I may be able to push her boundaries further.

On the other hand watching all our fucking was making Priya incredibly horny and this meant she was happy for me to experiment with her asshole when possible. If I play on her jealousy correctly I may get to put more than a few fingers up her bum hole.

I decided I shouldn’t feel guilty for the things I had done with Priya as I had not fucked her pussy and which meant technically I had not cheated on Maria.

Yes it was a fucking lame excuse! but I was barely twenty and I was not going to let this amazing opportunity go to waste.

I decided to hang out with my lousy roommates for a change and just chill in our apartment with a couple of beers.

On Monday morning I hit the gym again and by the afternoon I was ready to face the girls again. I went straight to Maria’s flat and let myself in and decided to surprise her. By the time she came home I had hot dinner in the oven and bath running for her with a bottle of wine next to it.

She looked like she was almost in tears when she saw me.

“Oh I was worried you were ignoring me,” she nearly sobbed as I pulled her in for a kiss.

“Don’t be silly I just wanted to sort some stuff out at my flat, besides my flat mates were complaining that I was never hanging out with them.”

She beamed at me as I grabbed her by her hand and took her to the bathroom.

“Ooh whats the occasion?”

“Do I need an occasion to do something nice for my gorgeous girlfriend? This is nothing compared to what you’ve done for me in the past few days”.

She literally melted in my hands as I got hold of her beautiful face and kissed her again.

“Go on undress and hop in there I want to massage your shoulders as you tell me about your day,” I told her enthusiastically as I showed her the prepared bath.

“I would love that but I had a lot of coffee and I need the bathroom urgently,” she looked embarrassed.

“We are in the bathroom silly,” her embarrassment was arousing me as usual.

“Umm I know that! Would you mind popping out just until I finish and then I’ll call you in?”

I quickly thought of what’s the best way to approach this without illegal bahis sounding too enthusiastic.

“Listen it’s no big deal. The fact that you’ve opened up so much to me seeing you in the loo is just another stage in our relationship. Just relax and do what you got to do.”

I did not give her a chance to protest as I got hold of her jeans and started unbuckling them.

“Oh God, I don’t know if I’m ready for you to see me like this,” she looked mortified.

“I’ve had a tongue up your ass and loved it. How can this be any different?”

Not sure if that was the classiest thing I could say to her when she was this vulnerable but her nervousness and embarrassment was feeding the perverted sadist in me.

I gave a quick peck on her quivering lips before I crouched down and tugged her pants down. I gently lifted her legs up one at a time as I discarded her pants. I gave her panty covered groin a quick kiss before I removed her cute white panties too.

It was unbearably erotic seeing Maria standing there butt naked in front of me with just a top on.

“You look so super cute like this,” I told her as I grabbed her by her naked butt and pulled her towards me.

“Is me wanting to use the toilet turning you on?” She looked shocked as she felt my hard-on through my pants pushing on her midriff.

“No silly, it’s not the deed but the fact that you trust me enough to do it while I’m here is what’s turning me on .” I just wasn’t too sure if she was ready for the truth. To be perfectly honest I myself did not know what was turning me on.

She looked like she did not completely believe me but my excuse probably was easier to digest and comprehend as compared to the alternative!

I gently moved her on to the toilet seat and pushed her on to the toilet seat. She sighed before plopping her plumb ass on to the toilet.

“Oh God, I really don’t know if I can go while you are standing next to me like this .” She looked like she was about to cry.

“Listen it really is no big deal but do you want me to turn around?” I asked her in a tone that showed her I was disappointed in her.

There was deafening silence as she thought it over. Suddenly the silence was broken as I heard urine hitting the toilet bowl. Bless her she really must have had to go badly as the sound simply got louder and louder as Maria emptied her bladder.

“See that wasn’t hard was it? I’m so touched you let me watch you,” I told her truthfully as I crouched before her and gave her a kiss as she finished peeing.

“Once I started it was ok I guess,” she smiled at me and kissed me back.

I tore a piece of toilet tissue and looked at her “Can I?”

Instead of answering my question she simply opened her legs wide.

A quick peak in to the bowl revealed the yellow liquid. I neatly folded the tissue and wiped her glistening pussy a couple of times front to back.

“You can be my official wiper,” she giggled as I took my time making sure her pussy was dry.

“It would be my honour,” I did a mock bow as I laughed with her. If only she knew what else I wanted to wipe.

As she stood up and was about to flush the toilet I held her hands to stop her.

“I need to go too. Might as well do it at the same time so we don’t waste water.”

Without waiting for an answer I pulled my pants down and popped it next to her discarded jeans.

Yes, I know I could have simply unzipped my pants but I wanted to sexualise this intimate private moment.

I lifted the toilet seat and stood on top of the toilet bowl with my semi erect cock in my hand as I concentrated hard to pee.

I must have looked like a right idiot standing there with my naked butt facing her as I focused on peeing; but it looked like my original thought was working as I felt her tiny fingers on my naked hips as she hugged me from behind as she peaked over to have a look.

I gritted my teeth to stop myself from having an erection as her naked pussy was pushing on my ass as she stood close to me trying to get a good look at my cock.

Finally the stream of urine jetted out of my cock and started hitting the toilet bowl. Now she was really interested as she hugged me tighter as her hand wandered perilously close to my pecker.

“You want to hold it and finish it off?” I asked her with a grin.

“Will that be ok?”

“Only fair!”

She shrieked like a little girl as she grabbed my cock and pointed it towards the bowl.

“This is fun! I wish I had one. Better this than just sitting and going,” she giggled as she moved my cock around the bowl having fun seeing my piss hit the bowl all over.

I simply grinned at her and let her enjoy her moment. As I started to come towards the end of it I moved right over the bowl so the pee did not miss the bowl.

“Now give it a couple of shakes and that’s that.”

“Um shouldn’t I use a tissue to wipe it dry?”

“Men don’t wipe our cocks Maria,” I smirked at her innocence.

“Well illegal bahis siteleri tough! I am going to wipe you dry,” she said it in a very business-like manner as she tore a piece of toilet paper and proceeded to dry my cock, which was getting erect in record time.

“Urgh go easy on the head,” I gritted my teeth as she pulled my foreskin down and patted on the mushroom head.

“There all done!” she announced happily as she threw the toilet paper down the loo and flushed it.

“Good now we can do this every day and wipe each other,” I smiled at her as I pulled her towards me and placed my hands on her buttocks.

“That sounds like fun,” she smiled at me shyly as she cheekily pressed her midriff on my erect cock and rubbed it on her belly.

“Mmmm if you continue this movement you will be needing those toilet tissues again,” I moaned as the friction caused by Maria’s navel around my mushroom head was making me super sensitive.

“Poor baby. No fun for two days. Must be hard for you,” she giggled at her own pun as she teased me mercilessly by working her ab muscles on to my cock.

I really was beginning to like this new Maria!

I simply grabbed her by her ass cheeks and pulled her forcefully on to my body as I kissed her hard on her lips.

She squealed in response to my sudden aggression before kissing me back and literally jumped into my arms with her legs round me. Our kissing became more feverish as my cock was right between her legs searching for her vaginal opening. I slammed her back on to the wall of the bathroom as I felt my cock touch her pussy lips.

She was so wet by now just a simply push and I was buried all the way inside her.

“Urgh ugh ugh,” she held on to my neck and moaned as I pushed my cock harder and harder inside her as we mated standing up for the first time.

I brought my hands from her ass cheeks to under her buttocks to support her weight as I started humping her with long strokes. She attacked my lips like a possessed woman as I felt her grip on my neck tighten.

“Aaahhhhhh!!” she groaned loudly as her orgasm took over her body. She was so horny her nails were digging in to the back of my neck and I had no doubt drawing blood too; but I wanted her to enjoy the moment so I kept my mouth shut and focused on stimulating her G-spot with my cock.

“I am so close but I want to cum in your mouth,” I whispered to her as I felt her coming down from her orgasm and I was starting to reach mine.

Her dilated pupils stared in to my eyes before she slowly nodded her head. I pushed my cock a couple more times inside her pussy before pulling out and pushed her down.

Maria quickly got on to her knees and opened her mouth as I pushed my painfully erect cock inside her sexy lips. By the time her hands grabbed the base of my cock I held on to the wall behind her, as by now my knees were threatening to give up as cum started to shoot out of my cock. Two days of pent up cum was way too much for her to swallow but she definitely got an A for trying as she swallowed as much as she could before coughing some out.

“Phew that was intense and I can’t feel my legs now,” I moaned as I calmed down.

“One more position to tick off the list though,” she smiled at me happily as she stood up proudly with cum dripping from her face.

I couldn’t believe how far she had come in the past few weeks as I simply smiled back at her.

“Yeow! that’s cold,” Maria yelped as she dipped her legs on to the bath I had run for her.

“Well I ran it almost an hour ago. So don’t blame me,” I told her as I checked the temperature and unplugged it to drain the cold water.

“Oh fuck it. I’ll just wipe my face and drink the wine instead,” she said in a matter of fact tone and grabbed the bottle and glass and walked out of the bathroom.

I shook my head admiring her naked butt as she wiggled it on purpose as she passed me.

We both changed to something comfortable and were chilling in the lounge with a glass of wine each as Priya walked in.

“Oh good you are here. We were waiting for you to come so we can have dinner .” Maria walked towards her roommate with a smile.

“Ooh dinner ready and a bottle of wine already open. What’s the special occasion?” asked Priya with raised eyebrows.

“I have no bloody idea. You have to ask this chap here. He ignores me for a whole day and then surprises me with cooked dinner,” Maria shrugged her shoulders and pointed towards me.

“Hey why does a boyfriend need an occasion to cook some food for his lovely girlfriend and her awesome roommate?” I smirked at them both.

“God, he is such a charmer isn’t he?” said Priya as both girls shook their heads and rolled their eyes in unison as they looked at me.

Maria and I patiently waited until Priya used the bathroom and changed. As she walked out of the bathroom I knew she had dressed to tease me with a summer dress that barely came down to her knees.

As soon as she came over and sat at canlı bahis siteleri the sofa I excused myself and went to the bathroom. I was secretly hoping Priya had left her pants in the bathroom but my excitement went on overdrive as I walked in and saw her panties inside her pants on the hanger. That little tease definitely knew I would go to the bathroom and she had done it on purpose!

I quickly locked the door behind me and grabbed her white panties. It was just a simple set of cotton panties but for me they were the sexiest thing you could ever give me as I knew they were nestled against Priya’s tushy for the best part of the day.

With trembling hands I brought them to my face to inspect them. I nearly moaned out loud as I saw the slight wet spot on the front of her panties. I brought it to my nose and inhaled her beautiful intimate smell. Wasting no time I turned it around and located the crease spot. The slight brown stain on the white panties stood out beautifully and I nearly came as I brought it under my nostrils and inhaled her pheromones. I quickly opened my zipper and shoved Priya’s dirty panties inside my boxers before zipping my pants back up. As I walked back I smiled and gave Priya a quick wink almost as if to thank her for her little present before sitting down. The fact her dirty panties were touching my cock as I spoke to both the girls was proving to be a great turn on for me.

Dinner was great. It was almost like old times as all three of us sat together and ate and drank and joked. I say almost as unknown to Maria, Priya’s legs were constantly touching my ankles and I knew it was not all by accident.

Maria totally obvious to this was talking nonstop at both of us.

“God I missed this so much. Just the three of us again chatting and chilling.”

“Well why did you stop?” Priya’s question suddenly shut Maria up as she looked at me nervously.

“Well I guess I was embarrassed with the fact we were always in my room…” she came up with a week excuse.

“Look, you guys are a couple and couples have sex. It’s not rocket science, besides I enjoyed all the noises you guys were making in your room,” Priya continued with a smirk.

Maria turned bright red while I simply shrugged my shoulder and looked at each of them with interest.

Priya got up to give Maria a hug, but not before pressing her body against my back, mercilessly teasing me in the process. Just as she leaned forward for a hug I had the perfect opportunity to admire her toned legs and thighs. I had no idea how Maria could not see the sexual tension between her roommate and myself but I was not complaining.

“I’m so lucky I have such an understanding roommate,” Maria beamed after the hug.

“Well understanding and slightly selfish too, I do have my own fun listening to you both,” Priya was really stepping in to dangerous territory and I knew best to keep quiet and just see where she was going with this.

“Umm what do you mean?” Maria asked.

Ah bless I do forget how naive she is sometimes!

“Well it’s so much better listening to you guys then watching porn you silly,” Priya said as she burst out laughing.

“Oh God! Do you actually get turned on listening to us???” Maria looked mortified.

“Hey! you guys sometimes make so much noise I wouldn’t be shocked if our neighbours thought we were having a threesome here…”

Oh man this conversation sure was getting interesting.

“Well if we ever did want to have a threesome you will be the first person I will call .” I nearly creamed my pants when Maria said that.

Priya and I both looked a bit too eager as we tried digesting what Maria had implied.

I was so tempted to say I’ll be the luckiest man if that ever happened but then thought better and kept my mouth shut.

We all sat in silence for a while and nursed our wine glasses before Maria excused herself to run to the toilet. As soon as the toilet door closed I pulled Priya onto my lap and my lips founds hers.

“We shouldn’t,” she moaned in to my mouth as her hands betrayed her words as she reached between us and squeezed my hard cock.

“I know,” I replied as I my hands went straight to her tight ass and pulled her skirt up and squeezed her cheeks.

She unzipped my pants and squealed in delight as she felt her dirty panties around my erect cock.

“Naughty boy,” she whispered sexily as she used her panties to jerk my cock.

“Well I am guessing you didn’t leave them there by accident…besides finders keepers,” I teased her as I wetted my middle finger and pushed it inside her hot asshole.

We were both panting as I heard the flush go off and Priya quickly hopped out of my lap, took her panties out of my pants before sitting back on to her seat. I quickly zipped my pants up and took a couple of quick gulps of air and did my best to normalise my breath before Maria came back.

“I know what we should do. We need to cosy up on the sofa and watch a movie,” Maria announced as she finished her glass and walked towards the lounge.

With Priya’s intimate smell all over my fingers, last thing I wanted to do was watch a movie but if it meant I’ll have both the girls next to me for a couple of hours I was not going to protest.

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