Cupid’s Midnight Call

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Cupid opened his eyes, glad that the vortex had dissipated. He found himself hovering just below the ceiling in a spacious bedroom that was cozily lit with soft, dimmed amber light. The large waterbed that dominated the room was covered in dark satin sheets that accentuated the sleeping woman who lay uncovered upon them. He knew her. Rebecca was her name. His job as the ‘God of Love’ had brought him invisibly into her presence on a few occasions as she interacted with the men she liked.

Tonight she wore nothing and lay, limbs akimbo, upon the bed so that he could not help but gaze upon her large tits and the thumb-sized nipples that mounted them. They were at rest now, just like she was. Her pussy, too was partly open, a smiling mouth in its own warm nest of dark and curly hair.

Somewhere in her dream she had reached down to that warm and delicious spot for her index finger lay lightly on her clit. Probably it had rubbed that sensuous little button for a while as she romped with her dream lover, but now her hand relaxed in sleep. A small dewdrop of cum beaded from the pink slit of her pussy and trickled slowly down into the crack of her ass.

He felt his own cock rising as he looked upon her form as she lay, her breast rising and falling slowly in sleep. How he would just love to ravage her as she lay there. Slowly he drifted down until he was only a foot or so above her, twisting himself into a sitting position in the air. He watched the trickle of cum as it worked its way down and his right hand sought esenyurt ucuz escort the hardness of his shaft. Slowly he began to stroke his erection, letting his hand travel the entire length of his generous shaft from his knob to his balls. He reveled in the tingling feeling as he watched her.

She moaned and rearranged herself on the bed, her legs opening wider. It was as if she knew there was a man in the room with a huge erection. Her pussy gaped and another rill of sweet pussy juice made its way down towards her asshole that was now also exposed. Eyes bulging at this new erotic scene, he moved his hand faster and licked his lips.

I wonder if I could get away with a little lick, he thought to himself. Adjusting his position in the air, he tumbled so that his head was down and his ass was up and, still hand-fucking his big cock, he gingerly extended his long tongue until it touched the trickling drop. Oh, what sweetness! The exotic flavor bust upon his tongue as the dewdrop spread across his taste buds. Slowly he lapped at the juices as he flogged his huge erection. Excitement built, and he sought her warm depths, his tongue sliding between her pussy lips, the flicking tip teasing at her clit.

Rebecca moaned in her sleep and her hips rose up off the bed to give him better access.

“Hmmmm. Brandon” she murmured.

Cupid smiled and slipped his tongue into her wet love tunnel, licking deeper at the juices. He couldn’t resist using his magic and soon that esenyurt üniversiteli escort wet, wonderfully prehensile tongue of his extended itself to nearly 12″ long as it burrowed deep inside her.

“Ooooh! Brandon!” This time it wasn’t a murmur, and her eyes opened wide as his tongue reached depths that even a good cock couldn’t match. Due to the position Cupid was in, her first view was a huge, erect upside down cock being stroked for all it was worth. She parted her legs even more, gasping at the wild sensation her visitor was vesting upon her.

“You’re not Brandon.” She managed to say through her gasps. “But I know you somehow.”

Cupid grinned and offered his cock to her, thrusting it towards her mouth. His tongue had moved from her pussy and now traveled in the crack, downwards, towards her tight asshole. No one had ever done that to her before, and she squealed at the feel of that squirming organ as it reached her puckered rim. She gasped at just the moment that his cock reached her lips. It was huge! At least 9 inches long with a big, ripe plum for a knob and the eye of the cock gaped like a miniature cunt. It slid into her mouth and her tongue sought the little slit, licking into it and around the rim of the head. She felt him licking and kissing her pussy and ass as she began to suck on the huge organ in her mouth.

“Hmmmmm….” Cupid murmured as he managed to remove his mouth from her pussy for a moment. “I have wanted to do this for a etiler escort long time, Rebecca. I have watched you fuck with guys and always I have known I can do better.”

She reached up and grabbed his balls gently in her hand, squeezing them as her other hand went around his shaft. Her mouth was like a vacuum cleaner as she sucked at him while her tongue stroked and probed him excitedly.

“Ooooh…Wow.” Cupid gasped. Please, take me. Let me cum in your mouth. Hmmmmmmm….”

And he went back to work with his tongue, probing her, licking the most sensitive places and drilling deep into her pussy. Her hips rose and fell as he brought her to climax and, as if prearranged, she gushed her juices onto his tongue just as he shot a huge load of sweet cum into her mouth. She felt the jets of jizm as they splashed the roof of her mouth and she swallowed as the lovely cream washed like a tide down her throat.

“Ooooh…..That was sooooo wonderful.” Cupid moaned, but his magic was fading and he could not sustain his corporeal presence any more. Slowly he began to fade to his ethereal self, but not before he had twisted himself around so that he could look deeply into her eyes. She was smiling and cum was dribbling from the corner of her mouth, but Cupid only saw her eyes. They glowed with excitement and joy as she watched him fading.

“Thank you so much, Rebecca.” He said, his voice fading with the rest of him, “I really enjoyed that.”

“Will you be back?” She asked in a dreamy voice.

“You betcha!” he replied, and his image faded away back to the nether world from where he came.

Rebecca closed her legs and sighed deeply, turning onto her side. Her arms sought the depths of her pillow and she smiled as sleep overtook her again. I hope it was not just a dream, she thought just before sleep claimed her.


(c) 2002 RogTom

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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