Cubicle Fun

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~I’m a long time reader and first time writer. For my first submission I thought I’d try something simple and vanilla. Constructive criticism is invited.~

I’m a guy, and well like all guys I get what are most commonly referred to as, “unintentional erections”. Now every guy reading this knows exactly what I’m talking about; when that gorgeous co-worker slides past you in a tight space, and her skirt clad ass slides right past your crotch, and you immediately have to find a place to sit down and calm down. It’s not our fault, it just happens, and usually it goes without consequence.

That is until she notices

It was roughly 1 o’ clock aka lunch hour and the whole floor was empty. I worked as what I liked to call a “sales monkey”. Basically, I spent all day in a cubicle calling random people that were unfortunate enough to have put their email into the wrong survey on their way to a “free” movie, or forgot to uncheck that last box when installing that new taskbar. It was dull monotonous work for most of my co workers but I’d been blessed with a mellifluous voice that as my ex said “would be better served as a phone sex operator”, so I made enough sales to keep myself in relative comfort.

My fellow sales monkeys preferred to go across the street to fast food places for lunch, but I liked to use the spare alone time to relax and think. I was so used to having the place to myself that you can imagine my surprise when I heard typing from the other row.

Feeling like Neo, I climbed up on my desk and crouched there so I was only visible from the eyes up. I almost lost my precarious perch when I saw it was none other than the office dream Serah at her desk.

Serah was every one in the office’s secret crush. Her slightly wavy blonde locks framed a slim model face, highlighted by piercing blue eyes. She was of middling height, and with full 36C cup breasts, and and ass to match; I could already feel the unintentional erection stirring, and that was before she sighed, looked around; and unbuttoned enough of her shirt that I could see the lacy white bra underneath.

I was entranced. Captivated as I lost myself in those few inches of glorious cleavage. So lost was I in my reverie that I almost didn’t notice her head turn; straight towards me.

“Shit.” I mumbled beneath my breath, and as her gorgeous cerulean eyes widened in recognition I unceremoniously dropped to the floor and returned to my seat hoping against hope that I would be lucky enough that somehow she would assume she was imagining things and return to her work.

I never was very lucky.

I heard her three inch designer heels muffled by the carpet as she made her way to my cubicle. She moved maddeningly slowly down the row, taking her time, and I tried to no avail esenyurt otele gelen escort to will my now obviously hard cock to calm down.

“Hey Mike, I didn’t know you were still here.” She said with a smile, peering over the top of my cubicle.

“Yeah,” I said trying my best to sound casual “just getting some last minute paper work filed.” I steeled myself and looked her in the face intending to meet those bright blue eyes, but to my surprise she wasn’t looking at me but instead, slightly downward. I froze like a deer in headlights when the realization hit me. She was staring dead at my crotch.

I tried to play it off, by quickly sliding my rolling chair under the desk to hide my straining arousal, but in my haste the wheel of the chair caught on the phone cord, and I tumbled out and onto the floor. I landed, if somewhat ungracefullly, on my hands and feet in an awkward leap-frog like position as she rushed in to help.

“Oh my gosh are you okay?” Serah said in a concerned tone as I got myself up.

“I’m fine.” I responded, hugely embarrassed at my own clumsiness, “Nothing hurt but my pride.”I laughed good naturedly and rubbed the back of my head hoping to turn the awkward moment into a jovial one but the gorgeous blonde from the next row had other ideas.

My effected laughter died in my already dry throat as she closed the gap between us in two smooth strides, placing her left hand on my crotch making me inhale sharply in surprise, she leaned in close. So close I could smell her shampoo wafting off of those luxurious curls. Apples and some thing else I couldn’t quite place. I felt my cock jump in my pants.

With her lips so close to my ear that I could feel her breath she said in a husky voice “You sure? You didn’t hurt him did you?”

I stuttered in my shock and barely forced out a soft “No” in response.

She smiled.

“Good,” she drew a single manicured fingernail up the length of my dick, and even through the material of my pants it was enough to make me shudder all over, “Cause I wanna play with him.” With that dick hardening remark and a sultry grin she pushed me back onto my desk right where I had been standing only moments earlier.

Serah licked her full lips hungrily, and looked me dead in the eyes as she began to strip. First, she ran her hands through those perfect blonde tresses serving the double purpose of exposing her full model like face, and at the same time raising her simple white blouse to reveal just a slice of her smooth, alluring midriff.

As her hands slowly slid down her flawless neck to the buttons of her blouse I found my self nearly drooling in anticipation. She popped each button slowly, decisively, and with each new inch of her glorious body esenyurt rus escort revealed to me I felt my cock jump in my pants. She noticed around the last three and smiled playfully as she undid those even slower.

As the shirt slid down to puddle at her black heels, she slowly and seductively walked towards me. Her hips swaying gently with every step. When she reached me I couldn’t help it. The last few minutes of strip teasing, combined with months of hidden desire conflated into one raw, insatiable emotion: lust.

I grabbed her by those curvaceous, still covered hips and yanked her towards me, her crotch pressing against mine causing us to both groan in pleasure. As my hand worked the hook of her bra she whispered encouragingly into my ear.

“God I’ve wanted you so long. I felt your hard-on once in a hallway and I’ve been dying for a taste ever since.”

Her admission served to arouse me even further, and she leaned back slightly to accommodate the removal of her bra. As it fell to the ground her gorgeous tits wee bare to me for the first time after months of teasing, and she didn’t disappoint.

Her round full breasts sat perfectly on her chest. Smooth, enticing orbs of flesh capped with already hardening pink nipples surrounded by average sized aereolas that just begged to be licked and sucked.

I drank all this in for only a few seconds before I lost all semblance of self control and attacked them. Roughly squeezing one in each hand and flicking my thumbs over her sensitive nipples. She began to moan loudly, shocked by my sudden transformation from complacent voyeur to near sadist.

I pinched and rolled her right nipple between the index finger and thumb of my left hand, and sucked her left nipple into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around her hard little nub, and nibbled it hard enough between my teeth to elicit a loud groan of that beautiful combination of pleasure and pain.

She grabbed the back of my head, running her fingers through my hair she cried out her pleasure “O fuck yes. Right there.”

As I continued my assault I decided it was about time to check if she was ready, but apparently she was thinking along the same lines because I felt a hand leave the back of my head. Out of the corner of my eyes I could see her dropping her black skirt, revealing a matching set of lacy white panties which she then roughly shoved her free hand into.

As she moaned in the throes of self induced passion I leaned back to watch with a satisfied smirk on my face, but Serah wasn’t having that. She opened her eyes, and as her deep blues met my browns I could see the lust and desire behind them, coiling like a snake about to strike.

She drew her fingers from her dripping cunt and her visibly esenyurt türbanlı escort damp panties, and placed the first two digits against my lips. I could smell her excitement and couldn’t wait to taste it, but before I could even open my mouth she yanked her fingers back and slid them into her own mouth, moaning from the taste of her own pussy.

As I stared in awe at the incredibly sexy sight before me I realized I was gone. I grabbed her by the hips, and nowhere near gently pulled her into my lap earning a pleasantly surprised “oh” from Serah.

As I fumbled with my zipper she kissed me. Hard. So hard my head bumped loudly against the cubicle wall as she tried to practically shove her tongue down my throat. The passion and force behind that single kiss had me up the wall as I got my now throbbing erection free and it stood straight up towards the ceiling.

It was fully hard and shiny with my own pre-cum as she excitedly pulled her panties to the side for my entrance.

“O fuck it’s even bigger than I thought. Quit teasing me and just fuck me please.”

More than happy to oblige I shoved my hot, pulsing dick into her sopping wet pussy and moaned her name through gritted teeth as I slid home inside of her.

“O yes baby just like that.” She wrapped her arms aroud my head, crushing my face into those amazing boobs as we fucked. I did my best to lick and suck but the feelings were just so intense between our legs that neither of us cared very much at the moment.

Her pussy felt like a combination between a volcano and a ridiculously tight glove, the way her hot tunnel practically sucked me in when she slid down, and gripped me with a furious intensity when she pushed herself back up using my shoulders and her knees as leverage.

We grunted and moaned like animals as we fucked with a near violent intensity that filled the whole room with the wet smacking sounds of our love making.

Soon the combination of her tightness and screaming “YES. O YES. HARDER. HARDER.” were enough to push me over the edge.

“I’m cumming. Fuck I’m cumming” I managed to force out as I humped her drooling pussy furiously.

“O yes baby cum in me. Fill me up. I wanna feel your hot cum filling my pussy.”

Her encouraging grunts were more than enough to initiate my already encroaching orgasm, and I felt the familiar tingle in my balls that signified it was going to be huge, but before I could reach my own finish line she beat me to it.

“O FUCK YESSSSSS.” Her screams were so loud and piercing that had I not been entering my own orgasm I might’ve been worried the whole floor above and below us would hear. I felt her already tight walls contract and flutter around me spastically and she humped and bucked on my erupting cock. Her orgasm began before, and ended after mine, and when I calmed down I simply held her as she shook and quivered in my arms.The only thing going through my mind at that moment was that I had never seen anything more beautiful in my life.

When she finally came down, sweaty and hoarse she smiled a huge satisfied smile and winked at me.

“We should do this again sometime.”

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