Crystal Fun

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Tess got out of her car and walked up the creaky steps. It didn’t look like much – just a small shop on the first floor of a brick home – but it was a place of resonance. It was called The Rock Shop, and it strongly reminded Tess of a modern day witch haven. There were the most beautiful crystals, herbs, natural remedies, and ethereal gifts. Tess collected rocks. And she needed something strong. She had just dumped her boyfriend Steven.

Steve was a good guy. Unfortunately he had mommy issues. They had been dating for close to a year and every time they hung out, he had to check in with dear mom. Tess was sick of his weird attachment and knew she couldn’t seriously be with a guy that had to talk to his mom all the time. They broke up last week and Tess was looking for a crystal that would bring calmness and peace into her life.

She looked around the small shop. Every time she went, she found new and beautiful crystals that she couldn’t resist buying.

The owner recognized her. “Theresa! Can I help you find anything?”

“Oh, no – actually, I’m looking for something that will help me feel better. I just broke up with my boyfriend.”

The owner, an older woman, thought a minute. “I just got some beautiful blue apatite palm stones…Or perhaps you would consider Moldavite?”

“What is Moldavite?” Tess was intrigued.

“Come here.” The woman pulled out a plastic baggie canlı bahis şirketleri from behind the counter. Tess didn’t know much about energy but she knew her left hand was her receiving hand. She held it out and the woman shook the stone into her palm.

At first glance, Tess thought, hell no I’m not paying for this! Tess didn’t really care for the color green, and it was a dark, almost brownish green. It was sharp and bumpy on one side, smooth on the other, and quite small. Tess thought it was rather ugly.

Then her hand started to numb. The woman started talking about the origins of Moldavite and it’s magical powers of transformation, and as she talked, Tess felt her heart chakra open wide up. If someone had asked her before if she believed in chakras, Tess would have said, yeah sure, even thought she had never had any experience in trying to connect with her inner self. But when her hand got numb, the feeling travelled to her heart and she could feel the rise of energy in her heart. Despite the fact that several people were nearby, she pulled her shirt down and held the ugly stone over her heart. She felt a surge of warmth and started at the woman, dumbfounded.

“I think it likes you.” The woman remarked.

“Wow…Okay I will take it.”

Tess didn’t want to let it go, and reluctantly put it back in the baggie so she could bring it home.

She was amazed. canlı kaçak iddaa She bought beautiful rocks, not so much because of a feeling she got from them but just because they were fun to hold and look at. But this new crystal literally changed the energy in her body. She couldn’t believe how strong it was.

Tess got home and sat outside with the Moldavite in her left hand, and her book about stones in her lap. Moldavite was amazing. She didn’t want to put it down. Even when she started cooking dinner, she kept it in her pocket.

The next day was Sunday. She didn’t have anything to do, so she tried some meditation exercises with her new crystal. With all of her other rocks, she felt that she had to channel her energy and guide the rock and give it purpose to fit her life. But this was completely the other way. The entire time the Moldavite was in her hand, she felt a subtle current emanating from it, like the rock was trying to learn about her and decide how it could be most useful.

Later that night, Tess couldn’t fall asleep. A weird idea popped into her head. If Moldavite could influence energy, what would happen if she slipped it inside her panties? She immediately felt ashamed. No articles or books she had ever read described how rocks could enhance orgasm. It was a stupid idea.

But she kept thinking about it. And if there was one thing she missed about her boyfriend, canlı kaçak bahis it was his big cock. Especially when she was horny. Such as right now.

Tess sighed. This would be so embarrassing if anyone else knew.

She grabbed the Moldavite from her nightstand and pulled her underwear down. She breathed out, then put the Moldavite (smooth side down) on her clit. After a second, she could feel herself pulsating down there. She suddenly felt warm down there. “Oh wow.” She groaned. It was as good as her vibrator.

She grabbed her dildo out of the nightstand, turned it on and rushed to put it inside. She felt the pulsations strengthen. It felt so good to have the dildo inside her – something her muscles could push against. She pressed the Moldavite to her clit and started rubbing it in slow circular motions.

“Ohhhhh.” She breathed out. It was better than her vibrator. Better than Steven, too.

She rubbed harder and pushed the dildo in deep so that it rubbed against her cervix. She was almost there. She rubbed harder and felt herself crest. Her back arched slightly and she could feel her muscles squeeze the dildo. She cried out, working her toys until the waves slowed.

“Oh my.” She breathed out. A part of her was filled with shame. Crystals acted as guides on a spiritual journey and were for enhancing ones energy fields and here she had just used hers to get off. She felt like a dirty young woman.

But it felt so good. For a second Tess wondered how much a phallic shaped Moldavite would cost.

“I am so weird.” She said out loud, shaking her head at the thought.

But she kept on thinking about it…

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