Crushed Pt. 01

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I was in town only for a short time but, fortunately, some friends were able to plan a get-together at a local bar and spread the word on social media. It ended up being a fairly large gathering and an opportunity to see a lot of friends I’d grown up with but who I hadn’t seen in quite a while, aside from online. We were all in our forties and, as you’d expect, some of us had aged well and some of us had not. Carmen had not only aged well but I would have said that she’d improved with age; I’m sure there were very few in attendance who wouldn’t have agreed. She was Latina so she’d always had dark hair back in the day but now her hair was long and blonde and her body was looking pretty fine. We hadn’t been close friends back in school, just acquaintances really, so I was surprised by the hug I received when she saw me. I didn’t think any more of it than she was being social, at least until later that night.

I caught up with a lot of old friends that night and downed a few beers as well. When things were winding down and only the die-hard drinkers were still trying to keep the party going, I said my good-byes and paid my tab then summoned a ride-share to take me back to my hotel. I had stepped outside and was checking the status of my ride when Carmen joined me.

“Hey,” she said, “waiting for a ride?”

“Yup,” I replied, “cheaper than renting a car and I don’t have to worry about drinking.”

“Wise,” she said, “can I catch a ride with you?”

“Uh, sure,” I replied, “Where are you heading?”

“I was kind of hoping back to your hotel with you,” she said. I was speechless for a moment. I’d done my fair share of checking her out that night but I hadn’t caught any hint that she was interested in me. I recovered fairly quickly, though.

“Sure, absolutely,” I replied, probably not very smoothly.

“Cool,” she said, with a big smile.

My ride pulled up and I opened the door for Carmen then climbed in myself. It was less than ten minutes later that we were climbing out at the front door of the hotel. We’d chatted a little along the way, mostly with the driver, who was amicable and chatty. We didn’t talk about what was going to happen in my hotel room and we didn’t get frisky during the drive, but it did feel like anticipation was in the air. I’d kind of hoped that I wouldn’t be returning alone to my king size hotel bed but, of all the potential partners I’d encountered that night, I was really glad that Carmen hadn’t been shy about hooking up.

I took her hand as we passed through the lobby then, once we were in the elevator and heading up, I slipped my arms around her and we kissed. I could feel my cock stiffening and hoped that she was also getting wet. I briefly wondered whether, to mix a few metaphors, the carpet would match the drapes or whether I’d find that the lawn was mowed given that her blonde hair was obviously not her natural color. As our tongues explored each other’s mouths, I was confident that I’d find out pretty soon. When the elevator arrived on my floor, we parted and I led her down the hall to my room. I unlocked the door and held it open for her then locked it behind us and followed her in. She was standing at the foot of my bed and, before I could take her in my arms again, she gestured for me to sit. I slipped my phone from the pocket of my jeans and sat on the end of the bed. She was standing before me wearing a sweater, jeans and boots.

“Help me with these,” she said, raising her booted foot. I grasped her boot and helped her slip her foot out of it, then did the same with the other. She raised her sweater over her head, exposing the light brown skin of her flat stomach followed by a sexy and colorful bra that barely contained her big tits. I cast my mind back trying to remember if she’d had such a nice rack back in high school but just couldn’t recall. I watched intently as she unbuttoned her jeans and shimmied out of them, causing her boobs to bounce enticingly. As she leaned forward to push her jeans down farther, her cleavage looked outstanding. Straightening up again, I realized that her bikini panties matched her bra and she looked so fantastic that I fumbled for my phone.

“Do you mind if I take a few photos?” I asked, “You look amazing.”

She looked a little bashful but she indulged me and, as I took a few shots from the front and from the back, I wondered if she’d worn such sexy lingerie with the expectation that someone would be seeing it. She let me know that she was done posing by taking my phone out of my hand and tossing it aside, then kneeling in front of me and going to work on my belt and my jeans. My cock could not have gotten any harder after watching her strip down to her bra and panties so I was almost afraid it would knock her over when it was freed. She flinched a little as she got my jeans and underwear down far enough for it to pop out but she finished removing them completely before taking it in her hand. She gently slid her hand esenyurt anal yapan escort up and down then held the base as she wrapped her lips around it. I moaned as her hot mouth engulfed my throbbing cock and she slid her lips down as far as she could.

I had leaned back as she’d been removing my jeans and underwear, so I was propped up on my elbows, watching as my cock disappeared repeatedly into her mouth. She glanced up and smiled but didn’t look remotely unsure and never asked if she was doing okay. She was definitely a skilled cocksucker and perhaps she knew it. I appreciated that she had taken charge when it came to sucking my cock just as she had regarding joining me for the ride back to my hotel. I had no intention of stopping her prior to blowing my load down her throat, either; I had no worries about her getting me stiff again looking the way she did and I planned to spend some time exploring her tight body. My orgasm had begun building up the moment she’d wrapped her lips around my tool and, though the pleasure was extreme, she had been doing an outstanding job of drawing it out. I was savoring this amazing blowjob.

All good things must come to an end, however, but they rarely do so with such an amazingly high level of pleasure. My cock grew even thicker as I was on the verge of cumming but she remained committed to sucking me off. When I finally exploded into her mouth, she swallowed my load without so much as a pause and continued sucking until I was fully spent. She let my cock fall from her mouth and smiled up at me once more.

“That was outstanding,” I said, sitting up and helping her to stand so I could admire her body some more.

“Thank you,” she replied, then seemed about to say something else but decided against. I stood and took her in my arms, bringing my lips to hers as my hands moved down to caress her ass through her panties.

“Come on,” I said as I got onto my knees on the bed and pulled her along. We made it to the middle on our knees where we made out a little more as I fondled her big titties. I reached back and unfastened her bra, sliding it down between us as I continued exploring her mouth with my tongue then fondling the bare flesh of her tits. Her nipples were hard so I ended up kissing my way down along her neck then lowered my head to lick and suck her nipples while continuing to caress her tits. She started moaning and running her fingers through my hair so I was happy for the feedback that she was enjoying it as much as I was. While my lips and tongue continued working on her nipples, my hands dropped down to caress her ass and I brought one around front to caress her pussy through her panties. She moaned even more and subtly gyrated her hips toward my hand. I didn’t feel any coarse texture above her pussy to indicate that she had a bush so it seemed as though my earlier wondering had been answered. This was further confirmed when I slipped my hand into her panties and found smooth, bare flesh above her dripping pussy.

My cock was already trying to recover as I determined that her pussy was waxed, very recently by the feel of it, and incredibly hot and wet. I was sliding a finger in and out alternately with lightly caressing her clit. I knew I could probably make her cum like this, but I wanted to get a look at her smooth pussy and a taste of the juices that were flowing so abundantly. I straightened up, slipped my hand from her panties and laid her down. Then, as I admired her body, I slid her panties down. She looked so awesome laying there with her legs spread, her tits pointing skyward and her pussy completely free of fur. I got down on my stomach between her legs and just dove in, lapping at her pussy, slurping up her nectar and making her moan even louder. Her smooth skin felt awesome against my tongue and, based on the noises she was making and the way she was moving, my tongue must have felt pretty good against her pussy.

When I slipped a finger into her hot, slippery pussy and focused my tongue on her clit, she practically cried out and reached down to grip my head. I glanced up and noted her big tits squeezed between her arms, just begging to be fucked. There was no doubt that would be happening before she left the hotel. In the meantime, I was relishing the opportunity to eat her pussy and was putting all of my experience into making it as pleasurable as possible for her. When she suddenly started shaking as her pussy was flooded with even more lubrication, I was taken by surprise because I didn’t realize she was that close to cumming already. I continued eating her as she was cumming and, when she made no move to have me stop, I just kept going once she’d finished. As much as I was looking forward to fucking her, my cock wasn’t quite ready yet and I just wanted to enjoy eating her pussy for a bit more, anyway.

She’d let out a sigh and had gone still when she’d finished cumming but it wasn’t esenyurt escort long before she was moaning and writhing once again. Her pussy was so hot and so wet that, while I was happily devouring it, my cock was also reviving as I considered how it would feel to slip it into her. Even given that, though, I wasn’t in a hurry to have her cum again just so I could start fucking her. I wanted to pleasure her as much as possible, partly because that’s just who I am but also because she’d made the first move and I thought that was worthy of reward. I also wanted to keep eating her pussy because I just enjoyed eating pussy, especially when it was one I’d never eaten before and even more especially when it had been waxed so nice and smooth. I may not have been experiencing as much pleasure as she was at that moment but she certainly wasn’t the only one enjoying herself.

The build-up to her second orgasm was a little bit longer but, when it hit her, I think it was even more intensely pleasurable than the first one had been. She was crying out and shaking like crazy but I remained focused and continued eating her right through this one just as I had with the first one. When she didn’t move to stop me this time, either, I think it may have been because she was a little out of it. By the time she fully recovered, she was already building up to number three and I imagine she saw no reason to stop me. She went right back to moaning and writhing while I continued to devour her. I ate her through number three and number four before my tongue was starting to wear out. I don’t think she was disappointed when I finally stopped and crawled up beside her but I also don’t believe she would have complained had I kept going.

“That was absolutely amazing,” she finally said, once she’d recovered enough and had caught her breath.

“This whole thing has been amazing,” I replied.

“Agreed,” she said, as she reached for my cock, “but you’re hard as a rock. What are we going to do about that?”

“I’m thinking you’re going to climb up on it,” I replied, “and ride me.”

“That sounds perfect,” she said, starting to get up, “and, just so you know, I can’t get pregnant.”

“Well, just so you know,” I replied, “I can’t get you pregnant.”

“All right then,” she said as she was straddling me. She reached for my cock and lowered herself onto it as I reached up to fondle her tits. We both moaned as my cock was engulfed in her hot, slippery pussy. She sat for a moment with it fully embedded as I continued to fondle her tits then she started to move slowly up and down. Her pussy felt outstanding as she rode my cock and her tits felt outstanding in my hands. I was pretty certain by this point that they were not natural, based on how they felt and how they moved, but they looked great and I was sure that they would feel great pressed against my cock. While my hands remained on her tits, at least for the moment, my gaze was alternating from her tits to her smooth pussy and up to her pretty face surrounded by her long, blonde hair. I was just trying to take it all in and hoping that it would make it into my long-term memory so I could recall this exact moment in the future.

I was pushing up into her each time she came down but she maintained the slow pace, apparently relishing the pleasurable feeling as much as I was. Her eyes were closed and she had a big smile on her face. She was sitting straight upright so, while I didn’t tire of fondling her tits, I wanted to see those beauties as much as I wanted feel them. I ended up reaching around to caress her sweet ass while watching as her tits bounced slightly. As she gradually increased her pace, she was dropping down harder on my cock, causing her tits to bounce even more. I was nearly hypnotized as I watched but, with her riding me harder, I was also pulling her down on my cock as I pushed up into her. Her pussy just kept getting hotter and wetter the longer we were fucking and I was grateful to have already spewed once. While I was hoping after her first few orgasms that the ensuing ones were easier for her to achieve, it was the opposite for me; after that first orgasm, my staying power always improved. My goal was to fuck her for a significant amount of time while she had even more orgasms.

I was glad that she remained sitting upright because, as she rode me harder, her tits were bouncing even more. I alternated between fondling them and caressing her ass and my gaze was still occasionally wandering down to her smooth pussy or up to her face. When she dropped down on my cock and just sat there, my attention was definitely on her face as the happy smile became a look of raw passion. She’d been moaning softly and steadily but, when she started to cum again, she let out a cry that left no doubt that she was experiencing intense pleasure. I watched her expression and fondled her tits but otherwise just lay there until she finished cumming. Even esenyurt eve gelen escort when her body had ceased shaking and her passionate cries had become just heavy breathing, she sat there for another few moments before opening her eyes and smiling down at me.

“Awesome,” was all she said, then she climbed off of my cock, helped me to sit up then positioned herself on all-fours beside me. I had no trouble interpreting her intent and was quickly behind her. Her ass looked amazing but, when I noted her smooth lips between her thighs, I had to lean down and lap at her pussy. She dropped her head down onto the bedspread while moaning so I was briefly tempted to eat her to another orgasm. Instead, I ended up running my tongue up between her ass cheeks and over her asshole, pausing to give her a quick rim job. She reacted positively so, as I straightened up, I considered potentially fucking her ass but figured it wouldn’t be a good idea to just go for it. I gripped my cock and guided it to her pussy, easily sliding in and causing both of us to moan.

I held her hips and started slowly sliding my cock in and out of her, once again savoring the pleasurable feel of her hot, wet pussy. Each time my hips tapped against her ass, it would jiggle just slightly so I was watching that as I enjoyed the feel of my cock embedded repeatedly in her pussy. It didn’t even occur to me immediately that, if her ass was jiggling, her tits were probably swinging. When it finally did occur to me, I slipped my hands forward from her hips until I was cupping those big beauties and caressing her hard nipples. Her face was still down on the bedspread and it appeared as though she’d reached down under herself to stroke her clit. I thought this was great, especially if it meant she’d have more orgasms. My goal was to fuck her as long as possible for my benefit while she experienced the greatest amount of pleasure that she could.

She ended up taking control of the pace when she started pushing back against my thrusting. I had trouble matching her rhythm so I stopped thrusting except for a little extra penetration each time her ass hit my hips. I continued fondling her tits, hoping that she was at least getting something out of it and it wasn’t just me enjoying it. Whether it was that or the additional thrust or the pace she was setting, her pussy was feeling even hotter and wetter and she was starting to moan louder and more steadily. I ended up releasing her boobs and straightening up again, holding her hips, just to keep up with her pace. I went back to watching her ass jiggle while still savoring the feel of her increasingly hotter and wetter pussy sliding up and down my throbbing tool. I could feel the first stirrings of my orgasm and would have been content to keep going and blow my load into her from behind. Of course I still wanted to fuck her tits but there was also apparently something else she wanted to do, as well.

When she pushed back against me one last time and just held there, she went silent for a moment then let out a cry as her body started shaking. I just knelt there, holding her hips as she as cumming. Once again, her orgasm was long and appeared to be intensely pleasurable but, when she’d apparently finished cumming, she pulled away from me. My cock slipped out of her but, before I even moved, she’d flipped onto her back and spread her legs. I was looking down over her naked body, taking it all in, as she beckoned me to join her. I had to take a moment to stare, my eyes going from her smooth pussy up to her gravity-defying breasts to her smiling face. Finally, I moved forward, lowering myself over her and guiding my cock back into her hot, slippery pussy.

We both moaned then our lips met and we started making out as I resumed fucking her. Obviously I couldn’t admire her body in this position as I had been but feeling it below me wasn’t so bad and being able to make out was a bonus. She was raising her hips to accept each of my thrusts but I was trying to maintain a slow pace to savor how good it felt. I was supporting myself over her on my forearms and could feel her tits brushing my chest while our abdomens slid against each other. I wouldn’t have said that this was less fucking and more making love in this position because the passion was still evident. Plus, the slow pace didn’t last long as I couldn’t resist fucking her harder and faster and she seemed to be totally into it with me. It didn’t take long before my orgasm was building again and I never even considered pulling out to fuck her tits; it just felt too damn good to consider stopping.

The bed was squeaking just a bit as I was getting closer to cumming but not enough that my neighbors would likely be bothered by it. We stopped making out as it got more difficult to continue but she was moaning softly in my ear. I wasn’t sure if she was close to cumming again but, since she’d already had multiple orgasms, I doubted she’d be put out if she didn’t have another. My cock was swelling even more as I savored the pleasure that continued to build. Finally, with a grunt, I started spewing into her. She gasped but didn’t start cumming. I continued thrusting with each spurt until I was completely spent. I remained over her with my softening cock inside her as I recovered, then rolled off next to her.

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