Costume Shopping

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So this is what dying of mortification felt like. Actually, if I COULD die right now, I’d happily welcome that option. I’m certainly never going to live this down.

I’m standing in the change room at a boutique costume shop a few blocks down from the office. In front of me is my coworker, Damien. As always, he’s dressed impeccably. And he looks perfect. And he’s staring at me, eyes wide in what looks like surprised amusement. I’m sure he’s memorizing this sight to make fun of me over for years to come. I feel a blush creeping slowly over my entire body, from my fuzzy pink ears right down to the tops of my shiny, four inch high, fuck-me boots…

Let’s rewind a bit and explain just how I got myself into this embarrassing situation.

Six months ago I was hired as a senior associate at Zeidler & Barryson law firm. It’s a big honor, they usually never hire seniors from outside, always promoting from within. As such, I was thrilled. And truly, I love almost everything about my job. It’s challenging, exciting, and a great experience.

Except for one thing. Damien. Although he is my age, he’s a junior associate, so technically lower than me on the company ladder. However, he also happens to be the boss’s son. And apparently, he was not thrilled with daddy giving the senior associate position to “this random bitch” as opposed to him.

As you may have guessed, we don’t get along. Explosive doesn’t even begin to describe our relationship. Barely a day has passed in six months without us breaking out into yet another petty squabble. I don’t even know how Damien gets any work done, with his penchant for showing up wherever I am and picking fights with me.

Something about Damien just seems to bring out this incredibly unprofessional side of me. Of course, it doesn’t help that he’s incredibly attractive. At 6’2”, he dwarfs my much smaller frame. He has broad shoulders, messy blond hair, and these wicked gray eyes. When I first laid eyes on him, all I remember is having to stoop to pick my jaw off the floor.

That was, of course, until I first heard him speak. So now I pass my days in screaming matches with the boss’s son, and at night in my dreams we’re screaming again… but for very different reasons.

And as for why I’m in a bunny costume? Well, a month ago Zeidler announced that we were going to have a company Halloween party, costumes mandatory. Being the workaholic I am, I completely forgot about it until today. October 30th. So I dragged my friend and coworker Macy out with me during our lunch hour to the nearest costume shop to try to find a last minute costume. And somehow Damien heard and stated that he needed a costume too, charming Macy into inviting him to tag along.

Unfortunately, this close to Halloween all of the good costumes were already gone. As I browsed down the aisles I realized that there was going to be very little choice left in my size. Damien didn’t exactly make things easy, either. He followed me around the entire store, making snide comments about the outfits, and laughing at me under his breath. Finally, I snapped and all but ordered him away to find his own costume. At my wits end, I grabbed the first thing I saw in my size before storming to the change room.

It was a fuzzy, pink, playboy bunny outfit. Complete with ears, boots, and furry tail. A tight, almost see through, pink corset barely covered my breasts and revealed large expanse of my flat stomach above the matching pink undies. The underwear bunched up in the back underneath the pouf tail, leaving half of my ass cheeks hanging out. And that was it for coverage on my lower half until you reached the tops of my shiny stiletto boots.

All in all, the outfit screamed “sex”. There was no way I could wear this to a work function. I would just have to find something else. I hear a rustle on the other side of the change room curtain. It must be Macy, coming in with something of her own to try. I reach for the curtain, intending to ask her if she found something that might fit me, and see Damien’s shocked figure on the other side.

He obviously hasn’t found a costume because he’s still dressed in his work clothes. His attire emphasizes how naked I feel in this outfit. I know that it leaves nothing to the imagination. I feel myself flush as I realize that Damien’s eyes are travelling freely up and down my figure.

Embarrassed, I try to yank the curtain closed again but Damien’s hand comes up, blocking me.

His gaze roams hungrily over my exposed skin. Pathetically, I feel my body begin to respond to his attention. My heart begins to beat faster, my breathing picks up. I feel my stomach muscles tighten and my nipples begin to harden. Liquid heat pools in my center as I realize that I am standing inches from the man that’s haunted my dreams for months as his eyes devour my flesh.


Shock freezes my reactions as I stare down at the scantily clad girl in front of me. When I wheedled my way into an invitation to join Victoria and Macy avcılar rus escort costume shopping, I had no intention of doing anything other than put in a few quips about her outfit choices and engage in some verbal sparring. I know I shouldn’t bait Victoria so much, but it’s so difficult to resist how sexy she is when she’s angry. Her eyes light up and her cheeks flush, her chest begins to heave. Oftentimes I have to run out in the middle of our arguments because watching her come alive like that gets me so hard I’m worried about giving myself away.

Victoria is hands down the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. She’s petite, with a slender figure, but still has plenty of curves. She has wavy black hair that I’m just itching to set free from the bun she usually wears it in. Ever since she started working at our company six months ago, I’ve spent my nights imagining how that messy mane would look spilled over my pillowcase.

My eyes drink in the sight before me, I hardly know where to look first. My gaze jumps from those plump, delicious looking breasts down to her toned, slender legs. My cock begins to harden in my pants. Vivid fantasies flash through my mind, of picking the petite girl up and palming those perfect breasts, of laying her back onto the tiny seat in the change room and tonguing her slit, of ripping off her skimpy undergarments and watching her writhe in ecstasy as I drive my cock deep into her pussy.

Victoria’s eyes darken as she watches me standing in front of her. Her small pink tongue darts out timidly and wets her full bottom lip. Without even thinking, I close the distance between us and capture her lips with my own. She opens up in an exclamation of surprise, and I use that opportunity to slip my tongue into her mouth, groaning with pleasure as I deepen the kiss.

When I finally draw back, Victoria’s lips are cherry red from my attentions and her breathing is ragged and uneven. She knits her forehead together in confusion, but her gaze burns like fire into my own. She presses her heaving breasts against my chest. Her tongue sweeps out once more to make a slow pass over her lip, as if savoring my taste.

Arousal coursing through my body, I step fully into the change room and yank the curtain closed behind us.


Without missing a beat Damien pushes me back against the change room wall. His hands roam freely over my scantily clad body. He brushes a few fingers gently over my nipples, which are straining through the fabric of the cheap costume. Each touch sends a forbidden jolt of electricity through my body.

My breasts feel heavy, sensitive nipples aching for his touch. My whole body is humming with excitement, even while I grapple to hold onto that little voice of reason inside me telling me that this is a very, very bad idea.

“Very, very bad idea…” I hear myself repeat that phrase out loud, but my voice is breathy and seductive, almost unrecognizable as my own. I don’t even believe my words myself. Especially as my hands sink into his hair, drawing him closer.

Damien’s lips are claiming a trail of fire down the side of my neck. I can feel his hips pin me firmly against the wall, all but holding me up. His masculine scent washes over me. Dazedly, I shift my hips the slightest bit and feel something hard slide over my panty-clad pussy.

Damien’s cock. I bite back a groan at the thought of it. As much as Damien infuriates me with his escapades in the office, I can’t deny that I’ve spent more time than I should these last few months thinking about his cock. And to feel it hard, pulsing, and pressing against me… my own pussy clenches in response.


Victoria throws her head back, her hair falling loose from its customary bun. Her hips buck against mine, a delicious friction as she rubs herself on my cock. It takes no small amount of effort to hold myself back, to stop myself from falling down onto her body, tearing off her panties, and just driving myself into her like a madman.

But no, I’ve wanted this too long to waste the opportunity when it presents itself. I need to enjoy every moment of this heaven. So I take my time getting to know the curves I’d been dreaming about. I sweep my eyes down her petite frame, memorizing the erotic site before me. Her normally bright, clear eyes are hooded with arousal. Her head is tilted back against the wall, giving me full access to the white column of her neck. Her wild black hair tangles around her slim shoulders. Her milky skin is tinged with an unmistakable blush of excitement.

Her slender body is rocking forward against me; she seems lost in the sensations. I bite back a groan of satisfaction at the contact. Her plump, perky breasts are heaving against the confines of the stupid bunny costume she’s wearing. I want — no, need — to feel their softness.

I plunge one hand into the top of her costume and cup the heavy mound of flesh underneath. avcılar türbanlı escort Victoria whimpers quietly beneath me and arches forwards into my hands. I take my time massaging first one breast, then the other, as I continue to angle my hips forwards in a rhythm to match her own.

This girl is driving me insane. The way she reacts to my touch, the symphony of noises she makes, the feel of her cunt pressed against my cock. I’m like a blind man being introduced to color for the first time in my life. I’m drowning in the experience.

I slide a hand down between our bodies and free my aching cock from the confines of my zipper. I wouldn’t have pictured our first time to be like this, in the change room of a kitschy costume shop during working hours, but at this point I’m too far gone to care. All I can think about is finally encasing myself inside this girl’s tight pussy. I grab the edge of Victoria’s flimsy costume undies and rip them off her body in one smooth motion, positioning myself at her entrance.


“Ow!” Reason finally penetrates through the lust filled haze of my mind as I feel the sharp snap of fabric pulling on my skin.

I can’t believe I let this escapade get so carried away. To be basically dry humping one of my coworkers on the company’s time! And not just anybody, Damien. The one man who drives me crazy on a daily basis.

I thump my fists against his chest, glaring, and attempt to push him away. Damien doesn’t move.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing??” I hiss, pitching my voice low so that it doesn’t carry outside where anyone might hear us.

Damien shrugs, a lazy smile playing over his lips as he glances down at me. “You seem to be enjoying it.”

That may be true, but I certainly wasn’t going to admit it. “I was not! In what world would I ever enjoy that with – yooou?”

The last word catches in my throat and comes out as a high pitched squeak as Damien lets his hips shift forwards just an inch. Just enough so that the head of his throbbing member grazes against my pussy lips. It feels so unbelievably good I nearly cum right there.

I gulp, almost hyperventilating in an effort to ignore my arousal. I feel the heat of embarrassment sweep over me as I notice Damien watching my rather pathetic struggle to control my body’s reactions.

“Get. Off. Me.” My voice is steel. Or at least I hope it is somewhat steel-like.

Damien chuckles and leans forward to whisper in my ear. “Are you sure you want me to do that, Victoria?”

But I don’t hear what he says. His motion caused his member to slide forwards even more, until he is pushing right against my entrance. I freeze, my breath caught in my lungs. I’m staring into Damien’s slate gray eyes in what I hope is an angry expression, but down where our bodies are semi-joined I can feel the walls of my vagina squeezing hungrily down on – nothing. The horrible, hollow, empty feeling is shooting tremors up and down my body. My legs shake beneath me.

Eyes pinned on my own, Damien pulls the top of my costume down an inch and exposes my nipples to the air. In one smooth motion, he bends over and takes one in his mouth. I almost melt as I feel his tongue flicker over the sensitive bud. All the while, his cockhead continues to slide up and down over my sensitive entrance.

The urge to simply give in, consequences and self-pride be damned, and feed Damien’s gigantic pulsing manhood inch by inch into my starving pussy is almost paralyzing in its fierceness. In that moment I wanted nothing more than to wrap my body around him and let him fuck me until I am a gooey, satisfied mess on the change room floor. But I can’t.

“This isn’t happening, Damien.” With a heroic effort, I push him away and turn to gather my things. “You’ve spent every day of the last six months finding ways to get on my nerves. You hate me, I know you do. So you’re cracked if you think I’m going to play your stupid little game.”

I straighten up and throw a glance in the mirror, fully prepared to meet Damien’s omnipresent smirk with a venomous glare of my own. Only he wasn’t smirking. For the first time since I’ve known him, Damien looks serious. Almost… repentant.

“I don’t hate you, Victoria.” He comes to stand behind me, eyes meeting my own I the mirror. “I swear. I apologize for teasing you in the past. I was stupid. I resented the fact that you got the position that I thought my father was going to give to me.” His hand reached up to sweep my hair off one shoulder, and he leaned down to press tentative kissed onto my skin. His expression in the reflection is earnest.

“I was mad at first, but I quickly realized that he was in the right. You are the sharpest associate we’ve ever had. And –” He cleared his throat noisily. “Once I got over my pigheadedness in the beginning, I’ve been kicking myself every day for how I treated you, because honestly I think you are amazing, and gorgeous, and sexy, and I might avcılar ucuz escort explode right now if you don’t let me fuck you.”


Silence hung between us, thick and heavy after my confession. I hold my breath, counting to seconds, watching for Victoria’s reaction in the mirror in front of us.

Slowly, keeping her eyes locked on mine, the girl in front of me sweeps her thick mane of hair over one bare shoulder and leans forwards, steadying herself against the glass. Her slim hand reaches down between her legs and gentle fingers slide over my still hard cock. Carefully, she pumps her hand over my member a few times before bringing it poised against her entrance. She lets it slide languidly between her pussy lips until it is coated in her sweet juices.

My mouth is dry in anticipation. I can feel the wet heat of Victoria’s pussy wrapped around the tip of my cock; I can feel her juices dripping down my shaft. I am rock hard to the point of pain. Victoria withdraws her hand and braces herself firmly against he mirror. Her green eyes darken almost to black as she stares down at my cock. Her chin tilts as she gives me a small nod.

That was all the permission I needed. Grabbing Victoria’s hips in my hands, I begin to push myself forwards. I am rather large, so I force myself to move at a snail’s pace to give her body time to adjust to my girth. We both watch the mirror greedily as the purple head of my cock disappears, inch by inch, in between her pussy lips.

Ragged breathing filled the change room – my own. Victoria is giving off small, needy whimpers. Several long, agonizing, minutes pass before I’m fully sheathed inside of her. Her slick walls clamp down on me like a vice. She is so hot, so wet, so tight, that I almost blow my load right then and there.

I grit my teeth to maintain control over my own reactions. Slowly, I draw out and thrust back in again. And again. And again. With each unhurried filling of her pussy, Victoria lets out a needy moan. Her eyes drift closed in the mirror as she grinds her hips back against me, impaling herself completely on my hardness.

Just as I was about to thrust back in for the fourth time, voices sound. They’re loud and clear, obviously also in the change room. Likely just on the other side of the curtain. Macy and a store attendant.

Victoria’s eyes snap open in panic. She freezes, terrified, and makes silent, frantic gestures at me to stop my actions.

Damned if I was going to let those two ruin my fun.

Instead of pausing, I grin and bring a finger to my lips in a silent shushing motion; then I grab Victoria by the waist and skewer her forcefully down onto my cock.

Her mouth opens in a silent scream; her body tenses, rigid, against me. Her green eyes meet mine in the mirror in shock and then flutter back into her head in pleasure. Her pussy walls clamp down hard on my shaft as I continued to rock my hips against hers in steady, smooth, thrusts.

I reach around and push the rest of the flimsy corset down to bunch around her waist, freeing her breasts to my hungry gaze. The vision in the mirror is a veritable feast for the eyes. My strong frame towering over Victoria’s slender form. Her plump breasts bouncing wildly with each drive of my hips. All ten inches of my cock disappearing into her pussy again and again. I gently tilt Victoria’s head down so she could watch our bodies join together.

The girl in front of me begins to tremble, she bites down hard on her bottom lip as she struggles not to make a sound. Her slight figure convulses as I edge her closer and closer to orgasm. She shakes her head wildly in the mirror, warning me to stop, no, we were going to be overheard.

The only sound in the change room is the inane chatter Macy and the salesgirl, now moved into the stall next to us. Their cheery conversation continues and it’s obvious that they have no idea of the activity going on mere feet from them.


Damien’s cock is hard and hot, stretching my pussy to the max. Each delicious drive of his hips stokes the fire building in my core. Fear and excitement rip through my body in equal measure. I felt deliciously full, every nerve in my pussy tingling. My body tenses, preparing to fall over the edge into oblivion.

Silently, I gesture at Damien, begging him to stop. If I explode right now there’s no way I’ll be able keep quiet. We’re going to get caught right here in the middle of the store. And I’ll probably get fired for unprofessional behavior.

My silent pleas fall on deaf ears. If anything, Damien increases his pace. He was all but pistoning into me now; his rock hard cock invading my body again and again.

I screw my eyes shut, arms braced in front of me. My body is helpless against Damien’s power. I can’t even begin to resist his administrations, and deep down I know I don’t really want to. Instead, I focus every last ounce of willpower I had left on keeping the climax that was threatening to overtake me at bay. Deep in my pussy, I can feel the ripples of a powerful orgasm building, but I’m fighting that inevitable tide with everything I have. The feeling is so strong I feel like the air is solidifying in my lungs. I am silently gasping, crying, lost in oblivion. I can feel myself losing the battle.

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