Computer Fun

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It had been a long time coming. We had been married for 4 yrs and the old spice had started to dissipate. So that being said, one night I grabbed tessa and made her come d0own to the computer with me. We had watched porn once before, but never really got her in the mood to do it again so I was going to just make her get on the comp with me and see where it led. Surprisingly enough we went right to an erotica sight where I had been reading stories lately. “How do you know about this?” she asked a little PO’d

“I stumbled onto it the other day and they really have some erotic stories that you would like.” I replied.

She soon stumbled onto a genre that she liked and we both started to read the story. It was about a young girl and her girlfriend in a scene where she had her first experimental lesbian experience. It didn’t take long ‘til I heard her breathing get deep and saw that her face was flushed. I knew it was time to make my move so I scooted my chair in behind her. She was wearing a sheer silk robe that just barely passed her ass and stopped at her thigh. The area over her breasts was lace and I could just make out her nipples through the white material. I slowly put my hands just centimeters above the material and lightly went in for the touch.

“Oh, MY GOD, that feels great” she sighed into my ear. She always likes it when I just barely manipulate her nipples. As opposed to the normal mauling they usually get. I felt the nipples start to grow as the sensations really got to her.

“Do you like that sweetie?” I replied. “OH yes you know I love it when you take your time.” She said

“What do you think about the website?” I asked

“You must have known me in another life. I never would have come to this site myself, but ataköy escort you have me so hot right now. My pussy is so wet.” She replied as she began to nibble and tongue my ear.

I began to start to pinch and twist her nipples as I felt the heat growing between us. I also felt my own excitement starting to rise into the back of the chair she was sitting in.

“What do you think of it?” She asked.

“If you turn around and look you’ll see that the story, and definitely you have me enjoying things rather well”

With that she reached her right hand behind her and put her hand down the front of my shorts. The heat of the moment had not yet gone to her hands and the drink she was sipping on had turned her hand into ice. Instead of grabbing my cock with her cold hand and sending it south for the winter she began to use her fingertips and finger nails to give me the most erotic hand job I had ever had. After what seemed like forever with her hand on my cock and her continuing to read the story on the screen she turned to me and said “You better not finish with that thing before I get what I really want.” She said as she stood u and pointed at her chair, wanting me to sit down so she could get down to business.

“What do you think about the story?” She asked as she poised her pussy just inches above my cock. “Would you want me to do that with another woman? I might be talked into it if you find me a hot little thing.”

“OH god sweetie, your gonna make this hard for me to last very long” I replied

“What would you think if you came in and saw my face buried in another woman’s pussy?” Tessa asked.

“You don’t have the guts to do it. You wouldn’t even know what to do with a pussy right in your ataköy eve gelen escort face.” I replied as she continued to gyrate on me with my cock just barely touching her pussy and finding her rock hard clit.

“Women know what women want. Besides I’ve watched you go down on me for years and there is no one better than you.” She always told me this knowing that I prided myself on my abilities.

She then decided it was time to really have fun with me.

“Put your hands under your ass and don’t even think about moving them. This is going to be for my pleasure right now.” She snarled. I always liked it when she took control, but she is usually so timid. This really did the trick of getting us bothe worked up.

Tes reached down and picked out an ice cube from her drink.

“Wait until you see what I’ve planned for you now” she panted as she began to lower her pussy lips gently over my cock just barely to the bottom of the head and back up.

Tes took the ice cube and began rubbing it onto her breasts. Using large circles not going near her nipples. The cold had its effect and her nipples stood at full attention. The heat we were sharing also had an effect and the ice began to melt over her breasts.

Suck me she said as I stuck my tongue out and gently massaged her right nipple.

“Oh its so cold, but so hot at the same time” she screamed as I engulfed her nipple in my mouth and sucked hard.

“OW!” she screamed. I knew her nipples would be overly tender when hard from the cold.

“You think your so sneaky, I’m gonna get you back. And remember NO HANDS. Or you’ll finish by yourself tonight.” She puffed as I sat back snickering in my chair. I liked it when ataköy grup yapan escort she took control, but she always needs to know who is boss.

Tes then began running her hands up and down the cold sweat on the outside of her drink. I could tell the cold was getting to her as her face began to contort. She then did something I was never expecting. On one of her upward thrusts on my cock she jumped off me and grabbed it with her frozen hands.

“Don’t even think of moving” she yelled playfully. She sat there and watched and felt as my cock got to the frozen point. Then with her hands still around my cock she got up and straddled me again.

“This is gonna hurt me more than you!” she said as she began lowering herself back onto my cock. The sensation of utter cold being engulfed by such a loving heat had its desired effect on the both of us.

“OH FUCKING GOD I’M CUMMMMM….MM…MMM…ING” she screamed into my mouth as we began tonguing for the first time that night.

I could feel the spasms of her orgasm around my cock as I continued to thrust in and out of her scorching cunt. The heat was just too much and I too began to have an earth shattering orgasm.

After the orgasms had subsided she began to wiggle again on my cock.

“I hope you’re ready for more. I’m just getting started.”

I had to stop for a minute the tingling in my cock had not yet subsided.

She looked into my eyes and asked “What is the contact button for next to the authors name?”

“You can e-mail them and correspond about their story and find out what kind of people have been writing stores?” I answered.

“Ever done it?” she asked inquisitively.

“As a matter of fact I just wrote that author today about her story.”

“Maybe the computer isn’t so bad. Why don’t we write her tonight and see if she would be up for some cybering? The girls at work say its very erotic.”

I turned back to the screen and began typing to the author. I just hoped she’d be up for it. With a smile on my face I knew this would be a long night.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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