Coming 2 America Ch. 01

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Author’s Notes: This story is fictional erotica designed to be experienced strictly by adults over the age of eighteen. I disclaim all responsibility for the actions of anyone not lawfully allowed to read this material, as well as anyone that may be disturbed by this material.

“No, I’m not an ‘Ay-rab’, you dolt. I’m Iranian—Balochi.”

“Balochi… so where you from, bro?”

“I just told—forget it. See you next class…”

It’s difficult to conceive that even after only a few years in the United States, it seems that only about half the population understands English better than I do—forgive me; this is a gross exaggeration. Perhaps a quarter of the population understands English better than I do.

But perhaps I should rewind, a little, and explain things to you.

I’m John. John Baloch.

Well, not exactly—my real name’s Shajahan Baloch, but I adopted John as an alternative to a given name far, far more likely to be butchered by English “speakers”. I’m here to study, and I’m in my second year at a tech school. In another two years, I’ll have a degree in chemical engineering under my belt—I’m not sure if I want to head back to Iran, or stay here.

It’s not an easy decision, see. Granted, Americans suck at communicating in their own language—well, mostly—but, God damn are American chicks hot.

At home, I’ve seen women flogged for going around without a head covering on. Here, I can get all the eye candy I want—my school’s on the Floridian coast, see, so it’s more common than not to see girls heading to the beach, after class, wearing “clothes” that would get them shot anywhere in the Middle East.

There are other benefits to living in America, as well. Civil rights, variety in food, less pollution, a shot at a better life, and a generally better standard of living—but I’m a horny young guy. I don’t think about much besides girls.

Maybe that’s what’s keeping me from getting laid, because—not to be immodest—but I’m a decent looking dude, at least. I’m six-four, and 200 lbs—I guess I could stand to gain a few pounds, but I like my build. I’m pretty fit; I run and do pushups every day, so what body mass I do have is predominantly muscle.

My skin’s usually about the shade of white oak wood—just between nicely tanned, and fair—but after living in Florida for two years, I’m a little darker than that. My eyes are kind of weird—they sometimes look greenish, but mostly, they’re sort of blue-grey. It’s tough to describe.

My hair’s black, and I keep it short. Right now, it’s maybe an inch long and spiked in the front. As far as how I dress… it’s not too involved. Denim or cargo shorts, and graphic tees.

It’s been a tough day, so I’m looking forward to a nap before dinner as I head back to my dorm. My roomate’s got class for like two more hours—maybe I’ll rub one out; I got nothing better to do.

After getting into my room, the first thing I do is take my shirt off—damn AC’s broken again. As I do so, I can’t help but look at myself in a nearby mirror, flexing my biceps. I smirk.

“I look good…”

“Oh, yes Hell you do…”

What the fu—I’m supposed to be alone! I turn, on a dime, after jumping maybe ten feet into the air, then freeze.

“Oh… Christ, Julia, you almost gave me a heart attack…”

Julia’s my roommate’s girlfriend. I have a class or two with her—she’s a pretty decent chick, actually. Not too dumb, and probably the single hottest girl I regularly see, and, in coastal Florida, that’s saying something. Lemme describe her—she’s five-seven, with a nice hourglass frame—but it’s hard to guess her weight. See, she’s got massive—and I mean massive—knockers. If I had to guess, I’d say double or even triple Ds—yeah. That big.

Her ass is nice and thick, too. She’s on the volleyball team, too, so it’s nice and tight, too—what I’d give to take that thing for a ride…

Her skin’s about the shade of mine, and she’s got green eyes—unlike mine, hers don’t change color. Her hair is a really nice light brown, and about mid-back length—it’s wavy, too; I guess she takes a lot of care of it.

I don’t realize that I’ve been staring at her for maybe two minutes—she damn sure does, though, because her eyes are locked on my crotch area, and the visible bulge beneath my pants. Embarassed, I sort of fidget, and try to hide it behind my desk—fuck, I’m too tall, it’s not really working…

“Is that a gun in your pocket, or—heheheh… did I really do that to you just like that? Or are you that desperate and horny, John?”

“Of course you did it to me,” I say, shortly. “I mean, look at how you’re dressed,” I add, accusingly, pointing at her clothing—or lack thereof—with a finger.

She’s not wearing too much—a pair of short shorts that are oh so tight—they’re stretched to the limit, showing off the shapeliness of her legs. Her shirt’s been cut, just below the breasts, so that her nice, flat midriff is showing… fucking Zach, this is his fault. He probably read the day wrong or something, and ataköy escort told her that they could get it on now, while I’m at class. Now I’m stuck looking like a jackass in front of a girl it takes conscious effort to not pin down and rape.

“Oh, these old things? Yeah, I was gonna put on a little show for Zach, but it looks like he’s not here… oh well. You’ll have to do instead.”


She must have pressed a button or something, ’cause just then, music came on. Jazz or R&B or something—the blinds shut, as well, so the room was pretty dark, but I can still see every single one of her giant curves no problem.

Her hands grabbed the fringes of her too-short shirt, and, in a series of lascivious motions, swaying her hips, started to pull it up—but she was just a tease. Just before I could really see those massive tits, she dropped her shirt back down, and turned around.

I’ve watched a few MTV videos and stuff—I’ve seen ghetto girls do things with ass that I didn’t know were possible. Seeing Julia replicate the gyrations of a hiphop dancer, though, was something really, really special. Her shorts are ridding up into her butt crack, purposefully, so as she shook that amazing ass in front of me, there was nothing that I didn’t see.

Needless to say, I’m surprised. Happy, and excited—but surprised. I clear my throat, a little, and laugh, nervously.

“Julia, what is this? Zach’s your boyfriend, not me—”

“Who cares?” she said, giving her hair a toss so that she can look over a shoulder at me, as she reaches down to give that big butt a smack. “I love cock, it doesn’t matter whose it is.”

That seems legit to me. Or maybe hormones are just overcoming my ability to think straight, but I don’t care. This is hot.

She hops onto the bed, and finally starts to take off her clothes. A minute later, she’s wearing only an incredibly skimpy pair of white lace lingerie—a thong, a bra that looks like it might snap off at any time. The enormous curves of her chest command my attention, as I take a step forward—the way that smooth, fair skin contrasts with her undergarment, which, in turn, bares the unmistakable pinkness of her nipples—it’s amazing. It really is.

Julia’s such a tease—she lays down on her belly, still looking back at me, and sticks that thick ass up into the air. Shaking the entire time, she reaches back, and pulls her panties down, just a little—then, she pulls then outwards and releases them, so that a red band of irritated skin lays directly across that huge ass.

“You’re a slut,” I say out loud—shit, that was an accident. I hold my ground, though, and look at her unapologetically—and, to my surprise, she just giggles, and nods.

“Yeah, you got it, big boy… mmm…”

During that brief exchange, she managed to pull her bra off. Now, she’s kneading her breast in her left hand, while the first two fingers of her right hand massage at her obviously damp pussy. Her eyes are shut, and she moans—to my surprise, my name, my real name—she even says it right!

She gives me an utterly desperate, begging expression—I know what she wants, and I know that it’s my decision how—and if—to give it to her. Julia’s on her back, as she plays with herself, as I make my decision.

I pass the distance between myself and her in three large steps, and stand there, for a minute, towering over her. By now, my cock’s hard enough to practically tear a hole in my shorts—when she sees how big it is, she can’t do anything but stop and stare for a minute.

“Ho… ly… shit…”

I smirk. She reaches forward, and starts to rub my cock through my clothes—I like this, of course, and reach down. With a single, deft motion, my belt’s gone, and, so, I don’t really have any reason to not do exactly as I want.

I reach down, and run my fingers through her hair, for just a few inches. Then, I take hold of the back of her head, and—not too gently at all—press it against the stiff rod in my shorts. She doesn’t resist at all, and, after being mashed against my rigid member, for a moment, just lets out a muffled moan of pleasure. Looking down, I see her soft, green eyes looking back up at me—that’s all the affirmation I need to bang my hips forward, a few times, pressing her face against my crotch, hard.

She’s had enough of that, by now, I figure, so I let her go. Julia’s gotten the message, though, and breathing quickly in excitement, lays belly down across the bed, hurrying to get my shorts down. My boxers follow, and a second later, my cock flops out into the open—neither of us stop it from smacking against her face as it does so.

For a minute, Julia just gapes, fingers wrapping around my tool—barely. I’m a big guy, I’ve always known it… but Julia must have been with at least fifty guys in her life, so far. If I’m big enough to make her react like that… I must be a monster.

“Holy shit, John… you’re… wow. I can barely fit it in my hand…”

Regardless of that, she pumps me fast, for a moment, ataköy eve gelen escort so I tense up in pleasure, looking down at her expectantly. She knows what I want—I want her to take my thick, 10″ cock into her mouth.

She only uses one hand to hold me at the base of my cock as she starts to kiss the tip of it; she’s busy fingering herself as well in the process. Julia looks up at me, stick out her tongue, and runs it all around my cockhead, over my foreskin. I start to glisten with her spit, a little, before she lets out a quiet moan.

“Oh my God, John… you taste so good…”

“Better than Zach?” I murmur, stroking her hair, once.

“Oh, fuck yeah…”

She proves that she’s being honest, then, by sliding her tongue underneath my foreskin, and then moving it around, slowly. I can see her blushing, as she keeps looking up at me, while she cleans out my foreskin with her tongue—she’s never done something like this before.

After a minute of that, she holds my cock up—the head reaches far past my lower abs and belly button—and starts to kiss at its girthy underside. Her soft, wet pink tongue slides all over it as she kisses me, lubricating me—but that’s not enough.

“Suck my balls, Julia… now.”

“Huh?” she says, surprised. “That’s kinda submissive, I dunno if I—”


The tone in my voice says that she’d better not say no. Somewhat afraid, she looks up at me… then nods. She doesn’t really have a choice here.

She’s not really sure how to do this, but feeling her figure things out is really something. Nervously, she runs the tip of her tongue over my balls a few times—they must taste good, or at least okay, because she nods to herself, then leans toward them, mouth slightly open.

Then, though, she sudden leans away, looking up at me pleadingly.

“No, John, I can’t—”

She doesn’t get farther and that—I make her gasp by shoving her hand off my fat cock, holding it myself, sneering down at her, I grab the back of her head through her silky hair, forcing her to look up at me. After that, I put her in her place by tapping the wet, fat underside of my big cock all over her face. She gasps, and starts to protest, but I completely demean her by rubbing it all over her forehead, cheeks… even her eyes. I give her a second to get used to the fact that she’ll have to submit to my cock… before grabbing the back of her head with both of my hands and pulling, hard, so that she’s roughly pressed against my balls and the underside of my cock.

Finally, Julia gives up, and takes both of my balls into her mouth. Looking down, I see her looking back up at me, beggingly, but I hold her there for another few minutes—just so she gets the message.

When I let her go, she breathes, deeply; maybe I was cutting off her airflow—so what? She’s obviously aroused, though, because she never stopped toying with her pussy the entire time.

“Wow, John, I’ve never met someone so dominant… this is gonna be fun…”

I have no reply to that. I just glare down at her until she sucks the head of my cock into her mouth.

At first, she can’t go much farther than that, due to the sheer thickness of my member. But she bobs up and down on me, or at least, the first four inches of me, lubricating the upper part of my cock with her spit.

With an excited gasp, she pulls off, and starts to kiss at the underside of my cock again. With her hand around the lower half of my member, she starts to suck me off again, pumping me out of sync with the motion of her lips.

It feels pretty damn good, so, a minute later, I reward the little slut with a hot spurt of thick, creamy precum. She pulls off my cock, for a minute, and looks up at me, opening her mouth—it’s full of the sticky love potion. She swallows, and, satisfied, I see her struggle to get it down.

“That… wasn’t all, was it, John? That was just pre…”

“Yeah. Why?” I asked, honestly curious—I’ve always precummed that much.

“Just… damn… that’s a lot of cum…”

I smile, and again cockslap her face, gently. This time, she seems to enjoy it, and moans, quietly, before taking my cock into both hands. She pumps for a second, then starts to bob up and down, not rapidly, but in sudden, quick thrusts—her eyes close as she concentrates, then forces her throat to relax.

After that, she presses, hard, and I feel my cock start to enter her throat. She spasms, a few times, but forces herself down, farther, and farther, and farther… and then, finally stops when her cute little nose taps my trimmed pubic hair. Almost out of air, she starts to pull back, but I’m not having any of that—I hold her down, as she gags, coughing, nearly choking on my thick cock. She pushes against my hips, looking up at me desperately—and, after I feel her start to weaken due to lack of oxygen, I let her.

She gasps, for a moment, coughing spit and precum, but strokes at my cock the entire time. After a moment of rest, she swallows ataköy grup yapan escort it back down, again, sucking rapidly—but I’m hungry for something more.

I reach down and toy with her bra strap. As she continues to bob her head up and down on me, making that soft brown hair fly everywhere, she reaches back and unhooks it, so that her massive tits are no longer hidden.

Hissing in pleasure, I flip her over, easily, straddling her. She’s surprised by how easily I manhandle her, but smirks, juggling those fat tits in her hands, for a minute, to tease me. I grin back, lustily, and slap the head of my uncut cock against her nipples, making her moan in pleasure.

Her tits are huge, but my dick is bigger—I slide it between her boobs, groping her chest, and without needing to be told, she hungrily sucks at the head. This new position let’ me thrust, which I do so, hard and fast—she looks up at me, with those sexy green eyes, as I fuck her tits and mouth all at once.

A minute later, I take my cock out from between her tits, making her crane her head up, sucking, hard, sorry to see my dick go so soon. I pump myself hard, though, and she gets the message, moaning, provocatively pressing her breasts together, mouth open, tongue out—I’m going to paint her from the tits up with my cum, and she knows it.

Moaning in pleasure, I stroke faster, but it takes another minute for me to finish. Maybe a quarter cup of my spunk sprays out in thick, massive ropes—a few land across her tits, more get on her face, but I make sure to get plenty in her mouth, allowing her to have a sweet protein shake.

Panting, I stop stroking myself, letting her suck any remaining cum from my urethra. After she’s had it all, she looks up at me, and drinks down what I’ve given her, gently pumping me—she then proceeds to cockslap her own tits, a few times, before blinking, and smirking down at my cock, which is rigid and hard again.

“John… you are amazing—you know what, fuck Zach; he’s dumped. I can’t… get enough of this big fucking cock and cum. It’s great.”

“Don’t assume too much,” I murmur, even as I stop straddling her, flipping her over again. “Who said anything about a relationship? I’m just giving you some cock because you’re a desperate slut, that’s all.”

“Well, yeah, but—”

“Shut it.”

She’s on all fours, now, prostrated in front of me. I take a few seconds to enjoy her sleek, fair skin with my hands, before reaching around her chest, gently fondling at her tits—smacking them around, twice. She shakes her ass up at me, and I smack that, too, before getting on my knees.

Julia’s sopping wet, tight little sugary cunt is inches from my cock, and I spend a few seconds teasing her, rubbing my head against her entrance. She moans, and presses back against me, but I pull away—that is, until she begs.

“J-John… please… I need it… give it to me… please…”

I smirk. This is doing a lot for my ego.

Holding still, I grip that big ass, and watch it bounce, a little, as I slowly slide my massive cock into her. She gasps—damn, she’s tight. She’s clearly never had a cock as big as mine.

I smack her butt again, several times, until my reddened handprint is clearly visible on her pale skin. After that, I start to give it to her—I’m a virgin, but I can still do it hard and fast. It’s not long before wet, flapping sounds of flesh meeting flesh are heard, echoing through the room, along with her throaty moans.

One of my hands is rested on her hip, to control her, and the other alternates between pulling her hair, and squeezing at her neck. Mostly, I look down at her ass—the way it jiggles and gyrates when I bang her pussy is intoxicating.

She’s moaning pretty loudly, so I lean over her, planting my hands next to hers. Like this, my much larger form envelopes hers, and allows me to play with her tits, for a moment, as they bounce in the air.

“Do you like this, you little slut? Do you let getting on your fours, like an animal, for my cock?”

“Oh, Hell yes, John… just for your cock, though… just yours… mmmmnn!”

I let her suck on my finger, for a moment, then sit up on my knees, forced to stop thrusting, for a moment. This gives her a second to calm down, and catch her breath—before she almost screams in ecstasy when I take her a lot faster and harder than I can sustain for long.

“Oh my God, John! Shoot your cum in me, I don’t care about the risk! Oh, YES, baby! Cum in my pussy! Ohhh…”

I slow down, again, but this is just teasing—I speed up again, grunting with the exertion, and, a moment or two later, my massive cock is ready to fill her up. I consider pulling out, but then decide—fuck it.

Moaning myself, inaudibly under her cries of pleasure, I mash my hips forward, one last time, holding her tits in one hand so tight that my fingerprints will be bruised onto her skin for days. My cock pulsates, for just a second, then empties an absolutely massive load of cum into her sugary little cunt. The force of my ejaculation sprays my seed far, far into her, filling her pussy up completely.

Exhausted, I lean back, then collapse at the foot of the bed. Staring at the ceiling, for a minute, just panting, I let out a contented sigh… then, slowly, turn to look at Julia. Smirking, I reach over and give that ass a smack.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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