College Karma

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The day had stretched on forever. There was another hour until the end of my shift before I could go home and lose myself in a video game. I had attended two classes that morning and then had to go straight to the dining hall to work.

I was in a rut and I resented it.

I looked up from making a pizza and saw a girl I had never noticed before; tall with loads of dark brown curly hair held off her face with a bright orange scarf. She was staring at me. A hot, knowing look flashed in her eyes. As she slid a plastic tray down the service line, she glanced back at me over her shoulder.

Jay, the other cook at our station, elbowed me in the ribs and said, “I think she likes you, dude.”

“Maybe, we’ll see. She is hot though.” That look of hers had my mind creating some wild pictures. The girl definitely appealed to my sex-starved body. I daydreamed about what she was wearing under her clothed and possible ways to get her out of them until Jay called me back to reality.

We closed down the serving line at 7:00 p.m. and grabbed some food for a quick dinner; the girl was sitting in the dining room near the long wall of picture windows, talking to another girl. Her friend got up from the table and walked towards us, dropping a folded piece of paper next to my plate.

I snatched it up quickly so that Jay wouldn’t grab it. He just laughed at his failed attempt.

“Come by my apartment after you get off work.” Her address was listed underneath and the note was signed “Lydia.”

“Lydia,” I tested the name. She seemed familiar, I imagined I had seen her around the campus, but I couldn’t place where.

“So. . . What’s illegal bahis in the note?” Jay asked teasingly. “Did she give you her phone number or something?”

“Or something, but definitely not news for this gossip mill. So if you don’t mind, I am going to clean up my work area and get out of here.”

Anticipation of meeting Lydia made my palms sweat. I sat in my car, unsure if I should go knock on her door or escape to the known universe of my dorm room. I was biting my bottom lip and chasing down the sudden panic in the pit of my stomach. “Hot, sexy girls never ask me out.” I thought to myself mystified. “This is really strange.”

Make no mistake; I am good looking as far as that goes. My eyes and hair are both very dark brown and I am well over six feet tall, but still I don’t rate in the super model category.

Gathering up my courage, I got out of my car and walked up the short flight of stairs to her apartment.

Lydia answered the door at the first knock. My jaw must have hit the floor when I saw that she was only wearing a thin silk robe tied at the waist.

“Come in Frank. Would you like something to drink?” Lydia asked, gliding towards a small kitchen.

I caught a glimpse of a heart-stopping body silhouetted against the sensual fabric of her robe. “Yeah, thanks.” I stammered out.

“Have a seat on the sofa. Do you like ice or in the can?” She bent to reach into the fridge, displaying a sweet little ass.

“With ice, thanks.” I tried to sound cool and in control.

“You don’t remember me, do you?” Lydia asked handing me a glass.

“You seem familiar, but I can’t place you.”

Her illegal bahis siteleri deep blue eyes laughed at me as she straddled my thighs. The robe parted to reveal her softly scented body. I quickly put down the glass on the end table and wrapped my fingers around her waist.

“I’m the girl who sat in the back of your calculus class. The one with the mousy brown hair and big glasses.”

The memory came back to me then; I had hardly noticed her in class. “Wow, you sure have changed. I hardly know what to say.”

“Don’t say anything, just kiss me.” Lydia leaned into me and started nibbling on my lips, slowly pushing her tongue into my mouth.

All thought fled as I threw myself into kissing her. I slid my hands under her robe and up to cup her perfect, full breasts. I gently kneaded and tugged her nipples. Lydia moaned softly into my mouth.

I pulled her closer to me and licked her nipples, flicking them with my tongue before sucking on first one then the other.

Carefully, turning us around, I laid her down on the couch and sharply pulled open the tie on her robe.

Sitting up, I threw off my shirt, wanting to feel her skin on mine.

Attacking her lips, I thrust my tongue into her mouth. With tantalizing slowness, I worked one of my hands down her body; reveling in the feel of her satin-smooth skin before gently delving into her moist treasure.

Lydia bucked gently against my fingers seeking more that the soft caress I was using on her delicate, sensitive flesh.

Trailing my tongue down her neck and over her collarbone, I circled her lush breasts. I could feel Lydia’s excitement building. canlı bahis siteleri I was ignoring my body’s own demands, losing myself in pleasuring her. Tracing the wet trail with my other hand, I rolled her rigid nipple between my thumb and finger.

“Oh, Frank, I want you to suck on my pussy. Please.” Lydia gasped.

Quickly compiling, I buried my face between her thighs, jabbing and licking her hidden nub with my tongue. She tasted like a ripe peach. With steady manipulation and extra help from my fingers, I sent Lydia into a rushing orgasm. Her whole body tightened up and her wet hole clamped down on my fingers as she writhed in ecstasy.

“God, Frank! I need to feel you inside me! Fuck me now!”

Her words released the strangle hold I had kept on my raging desire. I dragged off my jeans with lightning speed and buried my dick deep inside her.

“That feels so good! Fuck me fast and hard!”

I thrust into her hot, tight sheath wanting to savor the moment but her urgency spurred me on. I could feel her body tighten into another burning climax and my own rushed to meet her.

We collapsed together hanging in a mutual euphoria.

After a few moments, I propped up my head with my hand and asked the question that had been on my mind all evening; “So why me? You are absolutely gorgeous and I know a lot of girls find me attractive but this is nuts.”

Lydia looked at me and smiled. “Even when I looked like a little. Dowdy mouse, you were always nice to me. Plus, I think you are very sexy, especially when you wear those mirrored sunglasses that you seem to carry all the time.”

I spent the night in her bed, enjoying her sensual body and left the next morning. We still see each other occasionally, but her social calendar is quite full these days. She has mentioned getting an apartment together after graduation. I would be a fool to pass up the offer.

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