Coffee Date

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Hitting an immense pothole snapped her back to reality. Becoming lost in fantasy seemed to be a common occurrence these days. Madeline smiled, riding the coattails of a fond memory. She quickly checked herself in the rear-view mirror, fluffed her dark brown curls and thought confidently that her hazel eyes (one of her best features) looked especially bright today.

Feeling a familiar flutter in the pit of her stomach, she turned the steering wheel and deliberately found herself on Spruce St., where her former lover rented an apartment. Madeline knew that he wasn’t home, but secretly she hoped one day to catch him outside so she would have an excuse to stop and say hello. Seeing no sign of him, and feeling a little silly, she turned the next corner and continued on her way home. Wiggling in her seat, she smiled discovering that even just the memory left her moist.

Fingering the precious jewelry on her left ring finger, routine thoughts of housework and kids consumed her on the drive home. Her husband, Stan, was a wonderful man and she loved him deeply. He was her best friend, her husband, and a wonderful father to their young children. Recent years, though, had proven to be especially challenging.

Up to a few months ago, she would have never thought that she would be involved in a sultry, steamy affair. If you asked anyone who knew her the consensus would be that she was honest, hardworking, and had a sensible head on her shoulders. Sensibility went right out the window when she started talking to Carter.

It all started one lonely night with a simple online instant message. Things had become very complicated in her marriage and her level of frustration was at its highest. Stan had gone to bed after yet another fight between the two of them. On the verge of tears and contemplating the options ahead of her, she decided to calm down and check the flood of e-mails that came in from work. With nothing grabbing her attention, she turned her attention to the popular friends network with which she used to keep in touch with her closest buddies.

Many months before, an old acquaintance of hers from school wanted to know how she was doing. Carter and Madeline had eyes for each other since junior high, but neither of them knew the other was interested. They ran in different circles and never had the opportunity for anything more than just a casual conversation. When he contacted her, she couldn’t help but smile. She flirted with the idea of writing back, but hadn’t followed through until tonight.

Who knew the importance of what would come as she clicked the send button. Carter immediately contacted her back. Their online conversation started off very typical of friends getting to know one another. They chatted about everything from past experiences, their children, to future hopes and dreams. It felt as though they had been close friends forever. There was no denying that a definite connection existed between the two. Before she knew it, hours had passed effortlessly. As time marched on, each delicately teased the other with witty banter, placing a mischievous smile on Madeline’s face. After each of them confessed their private crush for each other, the subject matter became much more intimate. With butterflies in her stomach, Madeline felt like a schoolgirl again; if only to be eighteen again.

She recalled they had shared a P.E. class their senior year. She confessed to eyeing him regularly. Those hot days when classes were outside and he would take his shirt off were her favorite. The sight of his gorgeous body stirred a desire within her that just wouldn’t cease. After hearing this, taking his cue, Carter began describing how in gym class he used to check out her perfectly round ass and amazing tits concealed behind a short and sexy gym outfit. He wondered what it would be like to steal her away to the locker illegal bahis room, even if only for a few moments. He proceeded to indulge Madeline in one of his fantasies:

They were both standing near the entrance to the boys’ locker room when he caught her eye and made a gesture towards the doorway. Feeling extremely adventurous, Madeline took the opportunity and followed his lead. They both knew it was only a matter of time before they would be missed, so Carter quickly led her to the furthest set of lockers hidden in the back corner.

With her back against the cold metal lockers, his warm hands made their way underneath her clothing. His soft lips kissed her neck while his hands cupped and fondled both soft and supple tits. His fingers brushed over her stiff nipples, then lifting her shirt, used his tongue to gently tease and tantalize, generating a quiet moan, letting him know she wanted more…much more.

She reached into his gym shorts and felt how impossibly rigid he was. She wanted it so incredibly bad. She stroked and manipulated him under the soft cloth of his shorts. Her mouth longed for the taste of him. She knelt in front of him and took his stiff hard cock in her mouth. Watching his manhood sliding in and out of her beautiful lips, and her tongue gently gliding over the head of his dick, made his knees want to buckle. She was growing wet with excitement.

The whistle in the gym reminded them that time was not on their side. She quickly stripped off her shorts revealing the all too perfect ass in which he had daydreams of. With Madeline bent over the slim locker room bench, Carter slowly entered her from behind. Her pussy was so hot and wet, the drive to fuck her as hard as he could was overpowering. A long moan escaped her lips and she begged him to fuck her faster. He grabbed her hips and pulled her ass forcefully against him, making her feel every rock hard inch of his shaft.

He felt her fingers lightly brushing against his balls while she pleasured herself. On the verge of cumming, she let out a series of moans. Sliding in and out, with each thrust his excitement built until ecstasy consumed every part of him. She tried to hold back, for fear of being caught by a teacher, but couldn’t. She let out a cry of pure pleasure and then flipped herself over. He pulled out and stood over her while she held her mouth open. An incredible load exploded into her mouth as he moaned in satisfaction. Another mischievous look was exchanged and they realized another round would have been easily achieved, but class was almost over.

Carter’s recount of this high school fantasy surprised and delighted Madeline. A mixed batch of emotions shortly followed, sending her mind into a whirlwind. All of a sudden, she longed to fulfill that missing piece of her life and wanted to make this fantasy a reality. She felt guilty, about to betray her husband, Stan, but couldn’t help the strong connection drawing her towards Carter. She expressed these feelings to him, and they agreed meeting each other was inevitable. There were sparks already flying between them. A date was set for the following week at the local coffee house.

Keeping a poker face was the hardest thing to do throughout the week. Her mind kept wandering off. She felt shameful knowing Stan didn’t deserve this impending betrayal. If he hadn’t been so busy this week, he might have caught on something was going on with her. For the first time in her marriage, she was caught in the biggest moral dilemma. With the marriage in its current state, she wondered what else might be out there for her. Choosing to meet with Carter made her feel liberated and passionate. Not meeting with him, she felt, would be a mistake. Besides, it was just for coffee.

When the day finally came, Madeline felt like a bundle of nerves. The kids were at a friend’s, and her husband illegal bahis siteleri was out of town for the weekend. She went through about five outfits until finally deciding on a nice pair of dark jeans, a brown sweater showing just enough cleavage and a pair of brown leather boots. She had a few minutes before leaving to check her messages. Sure enough, Carter had left one just a few minutes before simply stating, “Can’t wait to see you.” The butterflies quickly returned, but she just couldn’t wipe the smile off her face. She grabbed her keys, closed the door behind her, and headed out to meet her whim.

The coffee shop was only a few minutes drive from her house, but it seemed to last forever. She checked and rechecked her makeup and hair in the mirror to be sure everything was perfect. She pulled into a parking space just as another car pulled in beside her. She turned to her left, and her heart skipped a beat…it was Carter!

He gave her a huge smile when he recognized her. It seemed that neither of them could get out of their car fast enough. They indulged in a long overdue hug in the parking lot. Deliberately during the hug, he slipped his hands between her jacket and sweater resting them right on her hips. His touch sent shivers up and down her body. Their eyes met after pulling away and she saw the same mischievous twinkle in them. He looked so sexy. She took a good long look at her coffee date. He hadn’t changed much since high school. His eyes were so warm and she caught him glancing at her cleavage. Her whole body felt as if it were blushing. The chemistry between them was amazing. He put his arms around her once more and whispered in her ear: An immediate invitation to his place.

His voice was truly intoxicating; mixed with his breath in her ear made her legs turn to Jell-O. During their second embrace they had pulled each other a little closer than before. The bulge already growing in his pants made her wet with excitement. She accepted and they decided to take his car.

They hopped into his green SUV and headed towards his apartment, only a few blocks away. They chatted idly for a few minutes, but Madeline felt too horny for casual conversation. Her hand reached over and gently, but forcefully, grabbed his crotch. She repositioned herself onto her knees and leaned into him. This time she whispered in his ear how much she wanted this. Keeping one hand on the wheel, his other hand came up to slip underneath her sweater. She unzipped his jeans and with his assistance, pulled them down half way. Through her bra, he felt how incredibly hard her nipples were. He couldn’t wait to get home and rip her clothes off. She bent down to give him just a sample of what would continue behind closed doors. As soon as his cock slid into her hot, wet mouth, he pulled the car into his parking space. He let out a groan and didn’t want to stop, but longed to get his hands on her as soon as possible. They both scrambled to get inside as soon as they could.

The apartment was on the lower level and he fumbled with his keys. Madeline’s mouth was watering; she wanted to finish what she had started. He opened the door and they rushed inside. The dark apartment consisted of an open floor plan with the bed sitting directly in front, almost beckoning.

They fervently pulled each other close and kissed passionately for the first time. Their lips joined together like pieces of a puzzle and their hands explored each other, finally for the first time. She received his kiss with feelings of enormous passion; lust she had never known. His tongue skillfully interlaced with hers while her fingernails slid down his silky smooth back. Eagerly they tore their clothes off, everything except her pair of brown leather boots.

Madeline took his already erect cock and knelt in front of him. She devoured his entire shaft and innocently canlı bahis siteleri looked up at him with captivating eyes. Her tongue slowly encircled each ball and then ran up to meet the head of his dick, where her mouth teasingly sucked and slid with precision. She reaches beneath her to touch her already dripping sex. Carter thought he might not be able to hold back much longer, and he wanted to taste her so bad. He pulled her to her feet and guided her to the bed.

She lay on the cool sheets, looking up at him with a naughty twinkle in her eye. He kisses her once more tasting her sweet lips. Tearing himself away, he kisses her neck and makes his way to her outstanding tits. He stops at each nipple, swirling his tongue around each one. She arched her back and uttered a small gasp. Arousal was heightening as he kissed his way down her belly. She knows where he’s headed and is completely willing.

She starts to tremble as he begins kissing her thighs. He can smell her sweetness at this point. Spreading her lips, he gently blows on her clit. Groaning with anticipation, it’s evident what she wants. He tastes her for the first time licking her pussy from the bottom of her lips to the top. Next, taking her swollen clit into his mouth, he uses a battery of techniques, which transform her trembles into quakes. He knows she’s close as she places her hands on the back of his head and grinds into his face.

Something takes over her and she pushes him back forcefully to sit on his face. She vigorously grinds her pussy while his tongue worked it’s magic into convulsions. He felt the floodgates open as she came with what seemed like buckets into his willing mouth.

As her trembling subsided she flipped herself around the other way to take hold of Carter’s now rigid cock. Still on his face, he continued to lap up her sweet nectar. The cold leather of her boots intermittently rubbing the side of his face, proved to be a major turn on. At this point, he feels his cock engulfed by her warm, wet mouth. He felt her lips and tongue, seemingly everywhere at once. She demonstrated such an erotic talent; this was by far the best blowjob he has ever had. Her lips worked their magic sliding up and down slowly at first, then with increased speed and skill. She placed a hand around the base of his throbbing cock and applied just the right amount of pressure to make him cry out in pleasure and desperation. With every stroke she could feel his pressure building. Once again her excitement was mounting as well and her hips continued to gyrate. Carter’s sticky sweet orgasm came in like a freight train, exploding into her mouth. Simultaneously, waves of gratification raged through every part of her being until she finally collapsed next to him, her body completely spent.

For the next few minutes they exchanged quiet small talk and shared an amazement of their attraction for each other. Throughout their conversation each couldn’t keep their hands from touching the other. Their magnetism drew them closer together again. Passion was building and their desire once again had to be quenched. Once more they pleasured each other with reckless abandon.

She had to tear herself away to get dressed and get ready to go. They longed for a night together, but knew it was impossible. The ride back to her car was a quiet one, taking on a sober tone. Many different emotions welled up inside of her. She wanted to see Carter again, but knew it would only be exclusively for sex. Carter surprised her when he verbally expressed exactly what she was thinking. He wanted to continue seeing her, but knew the reality she faced. She confirmed his thoughts in the next breath as they pulled up next to her car. They shared one last amazing goodbye kiss before she finally got in her car. He smiled and waved as he drove off, but she caught a glimpse of languish in his face.

Madeline stayed in her car collecting her thoughts for a few moments. The time she just spent with Carter was the craziest thing she had ever done, but knew it could not happen ever again. She just couldn’t exchange love for lust.

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