Co-Ed Makes Ends Meet Ch. 02

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Dean Dawson kept to his word and didn’t mention a thing about the fact that I – one of his students- was working in a massage parlor across town.

I guess he could have mentioned something to someone, but then he’d have to admit he had been at that same establishment. So like countries aiming rockets at each other, nothing could happen without the other doing the same.

My grades remained merely okay as I still worked my part-time job at school and part-time job at Crystal’s massage parlor. My friend Tiffany and I would car pool over a couple days a week and work a few hours and made some nice money performing massages and creating a fantasy environment for the guys.

Tiffany revealed that every once in a while if they guy was very hot and persuasive she’d massage his love muscle, but I continued to work the edges of decency and was a sexy massage girl but not a hooker. I mean, there’s a loose definition there, as I had shown my breasts to a few guys before turning 20 at school, I had spanked a couple of them and of course I had, with Professor Dawson, masturbated myself to orgasm while he did the same while watching me.

That had happened on two occasions after the first chance meeting at the massage parlor. On both occasions he’d asked for me, waited while I worked on another customer, then came back for his massage. Each time was a replay of the first, with my fingers working on my pussy and tits while he jerked his cock off. And on each occasion each of us got to orgasm…within the 30 minute time limit for the massage!

Working at Crystal’s establishment wasn’t terrible work. Once over the embarrassment, it was a job, maybe like a hair dresser or whatever. I mean, people make good money as trained massage therapists. While not trained, the guys liked my handiwork, and while it skirted the edges of being morally wrong I thought at least as long as no real sex was involved I could look myself in the mirror and smile.

Toward the end of the semester I learned there was a scholarship available for upperclassmen that would totally take care of tuition. And there were a couple available. Wow.

My grades were good, a solid B average with A grades in two of my five subjects. I was still deep in debt, but dealing with it, so getting the scholarship would be a godsend. I started studying more, working less at the massage parlor as I cut down to once a week. Fate had it that I hadn’t seen Dean Dawson for several weeks but on one afternoon he was waiting for me and we repaired to the back room.

The massage was uneventful and as we got near the end of our time he hadn’t done his normal request for special services. That surprised me, but the customer is always right!

After the massage he went to get dressed and spoke with me from behind the curtain.

“I hear you’re are in the running for the Rogers Scholarship, there are several of you after it,” said the Dean. “You’ve got a shot, but to put it bluntly you aren’t in the top five. You will have to ace the finals and hope the others don’t. I’m not sure that will happen.”

We spoke about the competitiveness for the scholarship, the hard work it meant for the whole year and not just recent months. “If you’d have done better earlier in the year you really would have had a chance. But it might be too late.”

After the Dean left I sulked for a few minutes, knowing he was right. Too many parties earlier in the year, too little time studying.

The more I thought about it, the more I wanted that scholarship. I studied like crazy, but with just a week before the end of the semester I realized Dean Dawson was correct. Too little, too late.

He confirmed my impression that afternoon at Crystal’s place, saying I was doing great but I was still at the bottom of the list. I was disappointed twice that afternoon, first from his words and second in that again he didn’t ask for any extras at the end of his massage. Damn, I was getting used to getting off in front of the man!

The following day I saw Dean Dawson in the hallway near the library. We walked outside and toward the Student Union and saw under a tall oak tree and talking about this and that. Then the bombshell hit.

“So Robyn, Professor Chen and I were talking about those in the running for the Rogers Scholarship. You just aren’t going to make it, sorry. I know you are trying hard, and have worked extra, but those months of slouching off hurt you. There is no way you’re going to get it, as you are just too far behind the others.”

Nodding my head, I expressed my regret. Told him he was correct, I’d not worked hard enough. I gave the excuse of having to work a couple jobs, that debts were too high, and all the other reasons why I hadn’t done better.

He nodded bahis firmaları back. Smiling, he said he really did enjoy our sessions at Crystal’s place, the first time he had mentioned anything about them outside of the massage parlor itself.

We saw there, quietly, for a bit. It seemed he wanted to say something, but nothing was coming out. He simply had the look of something being on his mind.

It seemed like an eternity, but was probably only a minute.

“I know you are a good girl, and that your time over at Crystal’s was not anything, well, untoward. There are a couple girls there that, well, uh, perform other duties for great tips. But I am positive you are not one of those girls. I’ve enjoyed our time there, and am positive you haven’t mentioned anything to anyone.”

“No sir I haven’t, like you say that was our little secret,” I said, smiling. “And it has been very sensual and erotic for me. I know that some of the guys I’ve dated maybe got a little further than they should have because I was thinking of Crystal’s place.”

The Professor looked at me. “You mean you had sex with a guy because of our, well, getting together there?”

We were being honest, so I gave a true answer. “Well, not really. I’ve not had intercourse with any of them, but I have, well, you know….used my head so to speak.”

“Robyn you are such a hot girl, and that’s exciting knowing you’ve blown a guy after being with me. I’ve often thought of you at night myself, and even when on a date. We are alike that way.”

We spoke a couple more minutes, discussing our desires more than a professor-student conversation should be for sure.

“So, Robyn, here’s the thing. I know you are a good girl. I know you are a good student. And I know Professor Chen and I could go to bat for you and get you the scholarship. We can do it.”

I looked at the man knowing there was something else he was leading to, and I kind of knew what it would involve given our conversation.

“What would I have to do?” was all I said.

Professor Dawson looked around, and seeing the coast was clear, laid out the plan.

“It would be nothing you haven’t done on a date. Nothing that anyone but Professor Chen and I would ever know about. It would be a one-time thing that would happen, one night only, and I can assure you that you would be awarded a Rogers Scholarship. We’d have fun, you’d get what you want, and nobody would be the wiser.”

Looking at the man, I nodded. But to be sure, I knew the deal I stated it.

“I will get the scholarship if I, well, if I blow both of you guys? Just one time. One night?”


We looked at each other. Trust was involved, obviously. But it wasn’t a hard decision for me. Hell, I’d blown eight guys over the last year, what is two more?

“Okay, when? And how do I know Professor Chen will agree?”

He simply said Friday night, and that there was no problem with the two Profs working together to make it all happen just as I’d do my part to make it happen.

# # # #

Okay, over the next 48 hours I argued with myself about the wisdom of giving blow jobs to a pair of professors to get the scholarship. I mean, I know a few of my girlfriends at school had according to them blown a professor or graduate assistant to ensure they’d get an A in a subject, but I often thought that was merely BS.

Still, there was a proposition on the table I’d agreed to, and if I was in the affirmative on something as untoward as that I’m positive some of my friends or acquaintances at school would have gotten onto their knees for a great grade.

In the end the scholarship opportunity was too much to pass up. I had said yes, I thought long and hard about it and still thought yes, so Friday night would be in fact the night that I sucked cock for it. I was okay with that.

When I arrived at Professor Chen’s stately home on an acre of land outside the hustle and bustle of downtown I was impressed. It was a beautiful place. Both men were there when I arrived, and Professor Chen informed me that his wife, another Professor, was away at a conference. The coast was clear and we shared drinks – me a soft drink because I was under 21 they said – and they white wine.

The Chen’s were a visible couple on campus, always attending the biggest fundraising events and having their photo taken on the red carpet. His wife was beautiful, a slim woman with a great figure. They made a photographic pair, as he was in great shape as well and the reigning paddle ball champion who also was a scratch golfer.

In a way I was taken back that he and Professor Dawson would be the recipient of my oral expertise, because it was clearly cheating on his part and I really liked his wife for all she had done. kaçak iddaa But, well, I thought about the scholarship and how I’d be on great financial terms and figured, well, if nobody knew what was the harm in the act? Nobody would be getting hurt.

The three of us spoke like friends for the next hour or so, and I almost thought it was like an interview of some kind, or a test. Of course I knew it would be an oral exam.

Finally, Professor Chen laid out the deal. I was to go into the bedroom and change into the clothing there for me to wear. At first I thought what was wrong with my current attire, but then I remembered the customer was always right.

Arriving at the bedroom the garments were laid out for me. Off came all my duds as I surveyed the items on the bed for me to wear.

First I rolled up the sheer red stockings and pulled them tight on my thighs. I secured the garter belt and then slipped up the dainty red thong. Then came a slinky push up bra which left little to the imagination. Finally came the short black dress that was probably a size too small for me but I maneuvered into it as best I could. I retreated to the bathroom where I brushed my hair. Voila, looking in the mirror I almost didn’t recognize myself!

Being totally honest I did have a fleeting thought about being a whore, but I quickly remembered the circumstances, and that these two professional men were upstanding citizens and, well, men in need. It was like a date, and there were many times when dates ended with me performing orally.

When I went back down the stairs the two men were staring at each of my steps, and I could hear the gasps as they nodded at my appearance.

Professor Chen broke the ice. “I have to tell you I don’t think my wife ever looked as beautiful as you do right now!”

Blushing, I shushed him. “Your wife is more than beautiful, must more beautiful than I could ever be, but thank you for the compliment.”

The men each held one of my hands as we went back into the living room. Each guy sat as they wanted me to get them a drink. But really I think there merely wanted to watch me walk around the room in the slinky, sexy outfit. I know I was getting hotter my the minute, knowing what was going to happen and spurred on my knowing I was wearing the professor’s wife’s clothing. Damn.

Finally I asked where we’d be going to and who was going to be first.

The men surprised me with their response. “Right here is fine, and I will be first,” said Professor Dawson.

I had never imagined that the three of us would be together in the same room when my oral talents were exposed. I mean, I thought there would be two private sessions. I stared back and forth at the two men, who were sitting about 10 feet apart, and merely said, “Okay.”

Professor Dawson ordered me onto my knees and I complied. Professor Chen asked me to look at him, which I did, and he simply nodded and told me to get to work. I felt sort of stupid, kneeing on the floor, but Professor Dawson merely directed me to walk on my knees over to his chair and get between his legs,

I did, feeling a little self-conscious, but knelt before him and reach over to unzip his trousers. Down came the zipper and I undid his belt. I began a move toward pulling down his pants but he directed me to kiss his cock. I started to reach into his boxers, but he directed me to kiss it through the boxers.

There I was, on my knees, breathing hot breaths on his boxers before maneuvering my mouth over his hardness all the while remembering Professor Chen was lurking nearby. I was getting more excited by the minute, especially as the professor’s cock grew in his underwear. It was very erotic sucking on the fabric that protected his manhood. I’d never done such a thing, but it was extremely hot and erotic.

It wasn’t long before he pushed me back onto my haunches and he stood, his cock tenting out his underwear. I reached to the waistband and slipped down the cotton undies, hit cock popping out fully and nipping my cheek. Down came the underwear and the man simply stood there as I got to work.

I kissed his cock head then bent down to lick his ball sack. Damn, he was hot and the heat was felt on my face as I am sure I was blushing as I put on a bit of exhibition. I licked the man meat all over, balls and all, working my way back to the tip.

Finally I took the tip into my mouth and slowly started nodding my head up and down, bringing gasps not only from the man but from deep inside of me. It was so hot sucking his dick, and when I heard Professor Chen from behind urging me on I tingled with excitement.

Working hard on the cock, I grasp the base and began jerking it while sucking the tip and right below. My head was a whirl as kaçak bahis I moved according to the moans and groans from Professor Dawson’s lips. It was especially hot knowing we had an audience, and that made me drop a hand between my legs where I played with my soaking wet pussy.

“She’s sucking your dick, she’s a great cocksucker,” said Professor Chen. “And she’s playing with her pussy the young hussy. I can’t believe she’s sucking you off in my wife’s attire. Damn. That’s picture perfect!”

From behind a heard several clicks accompanied by flashes. I didn’t need to be a detective to understand that my blow job exploits were being recorded for posterity. That wasn’t good but I trusted the guys to keep the shots private. In any event I continued to suck off my man and take all the pounding his could give my willing wet mouth.

I felt the man getting closer and closer to orgasm and awaited the tangy treat coming my way, but again the voice behind me was heard. “Don’t cum yet….get over here girl.”

Professor Dawson somehow disengaged me from his dick, and I could tell my his look he wanted to cum. But he listened to his partner. Crawling over to Professor Chen on my knees in his wife’s dress wasn’t hard but was very erotic as his eyes were riveted on my actions. Slowly I made my way across the floor.

My earlier exploits were repeated with the new subject. Down came the zipper before I licked and sucked his underwear covered cock. But Professor Chen was quicker to stand and unleash his manhood to my lips.

“Suck my cock, you little slut, suck my dick,” said the horny man, jerking is dick into my willing mouth. I sucked the guy as requested, and soon he got into the rhythm of my blow job. I sucked his dick slowly, and when I attempted to grab onto the base he quickly instructed, “No hands. Just suck it.”

His cock wasn’t as long as the first one I’d sucked that night, but it was a whole lot thicker. Yummy.

Following directions to the T I licked that fuck stick from stem to stern and then let it work its way into and out of my willing mouth. It was so hot knowing that every movement was observed by the other man. Even when I heard the tell-tale snaps from the camera I kept to task.

“Work for your scholarship, girl, work my cock,” said Professor Chen. “Eat the dick little girl.”

It must have been a sight, me on my knees sucking one professor while the other was snapping photos, but I know I was hot from the action.

Soon I felt a hand on my shoulder, and soon that hand turned me to the right. I was face to Professor Dawson’s dick again. What did I do? I sucked it.

And so it went, a minute or so sucking Professor Dawson’s cock before turning my head and sucking Professor Chen’s cock. Back and forth my head turned as the two horny men moaned at my ministrations.

What I didn’t expect happened next. The two men moved closer together and my alternating was faster between the men. Soon, though, to my surprise the men attempted to do the unthinkable. Both pushed their dicks into my mouth at the same time.

It wasn’t easy, and quite frankly, it couldn’t have felt as good as when I was licking and sucking the dicks individually. Still, they were in seventh heaven from the sounds coming from above as I did my best to be a double cock sucker. I licked, sucked and jerked when I could as the guys called me all kinds of names.

One thing is for sure, when Professor Dawson said he was going to cum it was only seconds ahead of Professor Chen’s cry. The two cocks erupted in my mouth, on my face and even into my hair as I couldn’t keep track of what one was spurting at which time.

Damn there was sticky stuff all over including Professor Chen’s wife’s dress, as I swallowed what I could and then worked residue cum into my mouth under the intense stares of the spent men.

Coming down from their high, I was so horny I leaned back and began playing with my pussy right in front of my professors. Soon I came at my fingers as the guys said unmentionable things to me. Damn, so very hot.

The three of us settled onto the floor, luxuriating over our mutual orgasmic session. On one hand I could not believe what I’d just done, but on the other I was so very hot from the actions I’d just completed. I’d sucked cock before, but this was unbelievably hot.

Professor Chen broke the ice: “Sorry if I was a little tough on you, but you were absolutely awesome Robyn. That was incredible. Simply incredible.”

I smiled at the man, blushing once again.

“We are so happy to support your scholarship,” said Professor Dawson. “You are a worthy recipient. Now, uh, how about cleaning our dicks again so you can get back to your dorm.

The two guys rose while I stayed on my knees. Immediately I wondered if I could get those two manly dicks back into my mouth.

Something told me this wouldn’t be the last time I worshiped these same two cocks. Smiling, I got back to work.

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