Chubby Anal Banquet

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My girlfriend and I are truly a match made in fetish heaven. Even though our society is supposedly sexually liberated, it is difficult to broach the subject of licking ass, and although I can’t know this, it’s probably safe to assume that most people who do it aren’t open about it because so many people react prudishly, despite what their sexual appetites may be telling them. I haven’t met a straight/bi guy yet who can’t appreciate the beauty of a woman’s ass, but to say “I’d love to eat that for hours” is still something that I feel can only be said in select company, at least in my experience.

All that having been said, my lady’s ass is exquisite. She is short (5’4) and thick (155 lbs), and is considered fat by many I’m sure, but I am in lust as well as in love with her. She wears her weight well, with a nice tummy (not a pouch), nice tits (not too big and droopy), and an ass that magnetized me to her when I first met her. It is a perfect apple, with a wonderful crevice that has a circle of hairs peeking out from where they surround her anus. We get along well in most respects, and the physical chemistry is just perfect. I want to relate in detail how one particular afternoon experience of worshipping that gorgeous butt went down.

She had been out for the day shopping with her mother and had returned around four on a winter afternoon, that time of golden light creeping into dusk. She had showered that morning and just as she was walking out she said, “Damn, I gotta hit the bathroom before I go.” She took long enough so that I knew it was number two, and after five or so minutes I heard a flush and out she went, wearing leggings beneath her jeans as it was indeed a cold day. When she returned home about five hours later, I was relaxing on the couch reading. She set her bags down, gave me the rundown of her day, what she could and couldn’t find, yada, yada, yada, and how she just wanted to rest. I said I can help with that, and we exchanged that knowing look between us in which we non-vocally acknowledge the nature of my submissive need to worship her body. We are not a dom/sub couple, but our inclinations in that respect work well together.

“How about lying down on your belly, sweetie, and let me take care of you.”

“Mmmm, that sounds wonderful.”

She laid herself down on the couch, made vibrant in the late afternoon light. She had already taken off her coat and sweater, leaving a yellow cotton tee shirt and her jeans with all of her glory beneath. Her thick frame was so delicious in its appeal, just waiting for me to enjoy it. I gave a quiet thanks to the Divine and began rubbing her shoulders and back, eventually moving my hands under her shirt. She had taken her bra off before we started, illegal bahis so there wasn’t that uncomfortable bit of fabric in the way, just soft, smooth, chubby skin that electrified my senses. After kneading her back for a while I moved to the area just above her waistline, pushing my thumbs under her jeans, leggings, and panties, rubbing the top of her crack. She cooed and I hardened considerably. Reaching around I unbuttoned her jeans and peeled them off, which took some effort.

Finally they were off and her shapely body was there for the licking, framed well by the leggings, which went off right after the jeans. This is the moment when I fight with myself, my instinct being to rip her panties off and go at it, but I do have a fetish for panties, and I just had to enjoy them on her for a bit more. They were cotton tangas, light blue with a dark blue border. I love this style of panties on her, how her ass stretches them, pulling the back into her crack. I rubbed and kissed my way slowly up her legs, sitting on the floor leaning across her. My kisses were alternating thigh to thigh, close to her treasure, when I climbed onto the couch. I was comfy in pajamas and a cotton shirt, which I took off to feel my chest against her legs. A similar situation, in the beginning of our relationship, would cause her to pause and to wash up, as she was conscious about having “gone” earlier and being sweaty. Her skin was indeed a little moist, from the layers of clothing, but not really wet. I could tell, however, that her panties had soaked up some sweat throughout the day, and as my face inched upward, her scent filled me. It was strong and lovely, that delicious ass smell that makes men (and many women) so primal in their lust. I continued to kiss upward, making it to her cheeks, and she let out a soft moan and said, “I love you.”

“I love you, and I love this.”

Kissing along the edge of her panties, I slanted along her right cheek and across her waist, then down her left cheek. They were soft, tentative kisses, as I learned long ago that good things are better when you take your time. When I got down to the bottom I was positioned just over her anus and, leaning my nose into her crack, pushing the fabric in further I took a light sniff. It was strong, i.e. oh so natural. I increased the pull into my lungs with my second inhale and was overwhelmed with lust for this woman, this chubby, sexy creature lying belly down, all curves and soft flesh. Her shirt was still on, which I like as it accentuates the fact that I am servicing her, although really we are servicing each other. Her panties had to go at this point as I could no longer prolong it. I snuck my fingers into the waistband at her hips, squeezing into the damp panties illegal bahis siteleri as she leaned up into that wanton arch signifying the pleasure to come. I pulled slowly as the panties dragged over her bottom, letting her scent permeate the air much more richly than before. Down her legs and over her feet, she was now bottomless.

I was in full lust mode now. An extra-terrestrial invasion would’ve caused no alarm in me at this point. Light, passionate licks up and down her crack. The interruption of her hairs in the contact nearly made me cum, so pungent was their taste and scent. After a few passes up and down her crack they were matted against her skin. I placed my hands on her cheeks and with my thumbs slowly pulled them apart. The scent reached its apex as it wafted out, causing me to moan in sexual delirium. She made her own noises. Leaning forward, holding her open, I sniffed and stared. Her asshole is beautiful and certainly not a bleached pink starfish. It was brown and sticky with sweat and hair, many of the hairs sticking to each other in clumps that clearly indicated she had shit this morning. She is a thorough wiper, but sometimes it’s inevitable that traces get left behind when one doesn’t shave her ass. The scent was overpowering and no, it was not fecal, but pure butt, anal pheromones, and a day’s worth of sweat.

Moving back to the top of her crack I kissed downward, pausing to lightly lick, then resuming the kisses. Her anal hair begins just above her asshole and continues down to her pussy, which is another delight that I won’t get into here because at this moment, it was pure ass on my mind. I had no thoughts beyond her ass at this time, as it felt like we had merged together. When I was just above her anus I pulled my tongue back and placed my nose just over her asshole and sniffed very hard. Precum oozed from me into my boxers and on through into my pajamas. I pulled back and circled her anus, cleaning her hairs, watching them separate. The taste was bitter (a common note by those who indulge in this and convey it), like a cross between chocolate something like eighty-plus percent cacao with dark roast coffee, two things that I also love. My saliva in my mouth was getting pasty, and I relished the taste, closing my mouth for a moment and swirling around my spit mixed with her sweat and anal residue. As I swallowed she let out a noise that seemed to indicate, if it were words, something to the effect of me being a kinky bastard. Back into her crack, my tongue circled around and then into her hole, lightly moistening it. To really enjoy a rimming, and if one has no inhibitions, it is best to go very lightly, letting one’s saliva and gentle tongue caresses loosen up the anus allowing easy canlı bahis siteleri entry further. I would love to trade tongues with Gene Simmons at moments like these.

The gentle swirls went on for many minutes, as I became drunker by her ass’s taste and smell. When she felt ready, she pushed back, letting me know she was ready to accept me into her. How gratifying it is to feel my tongue go inside of her into that velvety softness. More traces of her delicious bitterness were hidden inside, and I dutifully and lovingly cleaned her further. The pasty texture accumulated again, and along with the sweat generated by the heat of my face in her ass, her asshole became buttery, causing me to suck in her juices and her to moan and begin to quiver. Her orgasm was coming (pun intended, of course). I felt the buildup as she steadily shook while rubbing her rubbery butt against my face and then it happened. There is nothing quite like a woman’s pause of her bodily movements just before she comes, as if she’s tensing while going over that first tall crest on a roller coaster. After that, a convulsion shook her and I with her, my mouth attached to her anus sucking hard. An increased viscosity dripped into my mouth and while I know it isn’t cum but rather anal mucus, I see it as a loving response to my oral attention.

While coming down from her anal orgasm I continued lightly kissing her anus and licking thoroughly around it, cleaning up excess saliva. After a few minutes I pulled out and rested my head on her nice fat butt, a most satisfying pillow. She reached back and stroked my hair, digging in to rub my scalp. I positioned my head sideways, left cheek on left cheek, inhaling the wonders of her ass that danced in the air invisibly. We just stayed like that for a half hour or more, then she put only her panties back on and got up with me to make dinner but I pushed her back down gently.

“Stay here, watch tv, read, whatever. I’ll turn the radio on if you like, and I’ll take care of dinner.”

“Mmm, but you’ve already done so much baby.”

I went to the kitchen and she stayed. My queen in her damp panties, her ass clean from my tongue. Later that evening as we lay in bed she got up, saying, “I gotta go again — you must’ve loosened me up pretty well with that tongue of yours.” She smiled and I blushed. After a few minutes she came back to bed, lying directly down on her stomach.

“I love those dumps when I wipe once and it’s nice and clean. Solid poops rock.”

I knew this was an invitation to explore uncharted territory: licking her right after she shit. I had secretly wanted to but didn’t feel comfortable saying, “Hey babe, let me know when you have a nice solid dump, I’d really like to lick you after that.” She must’ve read my mind. She hadn’t even bothered to put her panties back on, just her tee shirt that ended just above that sexy, thick butt. My face was drawn downward, and I knew my destiny was to lick her ass for the rest of my life.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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