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Two simple rules.

My hands shook as I was preparing the test tubes, marking them and putting them in the rack. Something was off tonight. I knew it, and Aaron knew it too. It was like electricity, making the fine hairs on my arms stand on end and causing my nipples to harden. My heartbeat reverberated throughout my torso. I put one hand firmly on the cool stone surface of the lab table and took a deep breath, intending to steady myself but accomplishing nothing of the sort. On the other end of the table, I could feel more than see Aaron look up at me. He seemed distracted, and I knew that he felt it too.

I had spoken my mind at the beginning of the semester, when he had set off the alarm bells inside my head for the first time. He had leaned over my shoulder while I was starting the burner, and as soon as I had felt his breath on my cheek, I had turned and set my hand against his chest, pushing him away from me rather firmly.

“Okay, Buster. Two rules. You’re not gonna freeload, and you’re not getting my pussy. Understood?”

Blunt, of course. But I wasn’t one to waste words on someone like him, and I wanted to make myself perfectly clear. To be honest, what I really wanted was for him to die on the spot when we had been assigned lab partners. I’d had some occasions before, on which I’d had to deal with jocks in a classroom setting. It was usually exasperating. They were hoping just to slide by, while I was set on an A. Since I absolutely refused to do all the work for partner or group projects, I usually ended up bullying them into doing their share of the work and having to distance myself from whatever they screwed up in the process. I figured it would be just the same with Aaron, and I got nauseous at the thought of enduring him for the entire semester.

I jumped and could hear the small snap when he accidentally touched my arm.

“Damn,” he said, then leaned forward to grasp one of the tubes I had just marked. “I’m sorry.” At least I wasn’t imagining the electricity, I thought while rubbing the spot where the spark had passed. His arm brushed mine again, only slightly, when he pulled back. This time, there was no spark, but my reaction was much the same. He didn’t comment, but went back to the hot plate on which the water had finally started to boil.

Somehow, miraculously, it had worked out. He had surprised me by taking the first rule rather seriously. While he didn’t know the first thing about chemistry, he did what I told him to in class and was present at the times we had agreed upon when we had out-of-class work to do. He had ceased the flirting and the “accidental” brush-ups as well, after I had treated him with nothing but icy contempt over the first few weeks of our partnership. After he had learned, we worked rather well together, neither of us talking much, both with our eyes and mind on our work. I had even offered to go over his lab reports for him, returning them with dozens of pencil marks every time.

“The simple passages have typos, and the chemicals, misspellings,” I told him every time I returned a paper. He would simply shrug and look it over quickly.

“I need the second vial.”


I jumped when I realized that I hadn’t been paying attention. What the hell was wrong with me tonight? Aaron was suddenly close behind me again and I felt his chest brush up against my back through the material of our clothes and labcoats.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t hear…” My eyes frantically searched the rack for the vial in question.

“It’s okay.” He reached around me and plucked the vial from my grasp. I expected him to pull back and return to the hot plate then, but he lingered.

Just a little too long.

I could feel his eyes on me when he finally did pull away. Lowering my head, I blinked rapidly several times and rubbed my arms, feeling goosebumps. Just get this lab done, I told myself, just get it over with. You need to go to bed. We had left the simplest lab of the four final ones for last, deciding to take care of it in the same night we compiled our final report. The report was done, and the lab was so easy that it should have been as well, if it wasn’t for my lack of concentration.

I read the instructions again, for the fourth time now. Iodine. Right. I reached for the bottle of orange-brownish liquid and dispensed three drops into each of the test tubes. Two of them immediately turned a dark blue, the third one remained clear. All according to textbook.

I heard something thundering beyond the walls of the lab and turned towards the door. Aaron had turned as well, but then he simply nodded as if realizing what had caused the sound.

“Thunderstorm,” he explained shortly, and turned back to the beaker of boiling water in which his vial was suspended.

“I didn’t know. I’ve been in the science building all day.” Why the hell was I suddenly so chatty?

We both turned back to our work after this short exchange, and I watched the liquids inside the tubes. One was lightening up very slowly; the others remained canlı bahis the way they were. Still textbook. I occupied myself with shaking the tubes occasionally, but otherwise there was nothing to do until Aaron finally pulled the remaining test tube out of the boiling water and came over to the table. He gently shook the tube to help it cool down, then placed it next to the others in the rack I was standing by.

“How do they look?” he asked, while going back to turn off the hot plate and empty the beaker.

“So far all is good,” I replied. I grasped the iodine bottle again and added three drops to the fourth tube, watching as the still hot mixture turned a dark blue. “We’re supposed to observe them for a few more minutes.”

“Right.” He came back over, placing the beaker on the table. While I kept staring at the tubes, knowing exactly what was supposed to happen – namely nothing – Aaron busied himself rinsing out some of the vials we had used for mixing the solutions. He placed them on the table when he was done and stepped over to where I was fixating the tubes with narrow eyes.

“What’s wrong?” His voice was close to my ear, and I tensed as this time, the hair at the back of my neck stood on end.

“It’s getting lighter.”

“It’s not supposed to?”


I lowered myself until I the tubes were on eye-level and my chin propped on the edge of the table, cushioned by my hands. Aaron remained behind me. He placed his hands on either side of me and lowered his head close to mine.

“So what do we do now?”

I put a few more drops of iodine into the fourth tube and watched the liquid darken again. “We observe.”

“Right.” He moved even closer to me, and I became suddenly aware of the fact that my breath was going in shallow, rapid bursts. His body was hovering directly over mine now, and I could only just keep myself from making a sound when he closed the gap between us slowly, his chest touching my back.

I was aroused. I recognized the musky scent and tingling feeling between my legs with somewhat of a shock, and my mouth went dry when I realized that I wanted to arch back against him. It took some strength of will to keep my eyes on the test tubes.

Then, I could feel him shifting behind me, and his bulge rubbed slowly against my ass. I couldn’t help but respond to the slight pressure with some of my own, and next thing I knew he had pushed his hips forward and I could now feel him pressing hard against me. I could feel his quickened breath on my cheek and barely suppressed a pleasant shudder. The liquid in the test tube had lightened again, likely not having been boiled long enough.

Fuck this. I finally tore my gaze away from the tubes and turned my head in Aaron’s direction. He took the unspoken invitation, and a second later his lips had captured mine, just as I could hear another rumbling of thunder from outside.

It wasn’t a tender kiss, but a hard, aggressive lip lock that resulted in Aaron spinning me around and trapping me between himself and the table. He pressed against me so hard it hurt. We were literally panting into each other’s mouths while we unbuttoned our labcoats, him still rubbing up against me. It felt so damn good I was compelled to mimic his movements.

As soon as we had freed ourselves from the coats, he buried his hands in my hair and continued the kiss while pulling slightly. My mind, still frantically trying to figure out what was going on, screamed that I shouldn’t be doing this with someone like Aaron. But that, I noticed, was the oddity – I wanted him. Suddenly, I had the urge to open my legs to him that I’d never once had before in the past five months, and I actually did move my knees further apart so he could rub against me more effectively. At the same time, I hoped he wouldn’t notice my action.

He did though, and suddenly I felt his hands on my ass, lifting me. Before I could help it, I was sitting on the table, next to the test tubes, with his tongue still in my mouth and his hands now roaming under my blouse. I pushed him inches away from me with some effort.

“We’re in a lab,” I reminded him. “You can’t just-“

“I don’t give a shit!” His hand swept the rack aside in one angry motion, and it landed against the far right wall in an explosion of glass and blue liquid. While I was frozen, shocked at this display of aggression, he attacked my mouth once more. His hands wandered to the button of my pants and opened it before I could prevent it, and he had pulled them halfway down my hips before I grabbed his wrists.


“Shut up!” With one giant, angry yank he succeeded in freeing me from my pants and went to work on my blouse. When I continued to push his hands away, he grabbed a fistful of the silk material and pulled me close, choking me.

“Stop fucking struggling! I’ve put up with you this entire goddamn semester. You know what got me through this lab? You did! You were so fucking condescending that it made my blood boil, and I fought my way through just because I didn’t want to see the damn bahis siteleri smugness on your face when I failed! I’ve fucking had it with you!”

I sat frozen while he removed the rest of my clothes, no longer fumbling with buttons and clasps, but simply tearing my blouse and underwear off my body. I’d had no idea he felt this way about me, and hearing him scream at me was just one further shock to my system.

“Please… don’t,” I said feebly while he cupped my bare ass and pulled me back against him, kissing me once more. The rough material of his jeans was rubbing up against my clit, and this time, I really did let out a moan, much to my own surprise.

“Slut,” he said in between kisses, while one of his hands wandered up to cup my breasts and pinch my nipple. I arched my back eagerly against him, wondering when I had made the decision not to get the hell away from him. He broke the kiss then, burying his hands once more in my hair while I busied my hands on his fly and button.

“Fucking whore,” he whispered in my ear, panting heavily when I brushed up against his cock with my fingers. “Bitch. Arrogant cunt!”

“Stupid idiot,” I hissed, my heart pounding wildly. “Just one goddamn time I’d like to see you actually look up a word instead of leaving it to me to point out your millions of mistakes!”

“Just one goddamn time I’d like to feel like an equal lab partner and not like your fucking clean-up boy!”

“You could have if you’d earned it!” I had finally freed his cock and wrapped both my hands around it, jerking it. Aaron moaned and kissed the area around my throat.

“There’s no way I could ever have proven to you that I’m capable of doing this, not with you being such a condescending, coldhearted bitch the entire time!”

“I didn’t have much of a choice with you acting like a horny fourteen year old!”

He gave a short laugh. “Now who’s the horny one?”

Indeed, I was moaning, furiously grinding against his thigh and massaging his cock at the same time. I gasped when he pinched my nipples again, then brought my lips closer to his ear.

“Any other frustrations you need to vent?”

I was grabbing his hand and trying to get it to cover my pussy, but he refused and pulled away.

“Plenty. But now I’ll need you on your knees.”

He lifted me off the table and onto the floor. I did kneel when he pushed down on my shoulders, then opened my mouth to his waiting cock. He pushed himself inside impatiently, moaning when I started to suck. It felt good, the lust and need I had for him temporarily quenched, but not for long.

“You don’t even know just how fucking satisfying it feels to have you on your knees right now,” he sighed. “I’ve been wanting to do this to you all damn semester.”

I wanted to reply to this badly but couldn’t, with my mouth full of cock and his hands urging me to continue. He didn’t let me please him for long, however, but pulled away from me and lifted me back onto the table. My hips shot impatiently forward when he bent to kiss the inside of my thigh. I tried to pull his head towards my pussy, but he pulled back, laughing.

“This is what you want, isn’t it? You want me to fuck your cunt?” I nodded, cheeks flushed, and he pushed me backwards. My upper body landed on the table, and another test tube hit the floor and shattered.

“You’re forgetting your own rules then.”

I nearly screamed in frustration when I realized what he was referring to, and he didn’t miss my facial expression. Without missing a beat, he let his hand wander between my thighs, and while I first thought he was having mercy on me, I flinched when I felt his index finger slowly push into my sphincter. He bent down and spit on me. I could feel the saliva run down the inner lips of my pussy, untouched until it slid lower. Aaron dipped his finger in it and used it to lubricate me, entering me once again. I closed my eyes when I felt the penetration.


I nodded despite myself. Aaron spat twice more and smeared the liquid liberally around my tiny rosebud, then I felt him attempting to enter me with two fingers. It hurt quite a bit, and I flinched under him.

“Can’t you just please…”

“No!” His jaw was set and he gave me an almost angry glare, pushing further. His blond hair was just long enough to fall into his eyes as he leaned forward.

“Stubborn bastard,” I whispered, then clenched my teeth. His fingers were fairly large, and it hurt despite him taking his time. I was holding my breath without realizing it, my clit throbbing longingly. I wished he would touch it, just once. Involuntarily, I groaned as his fingers slid deeper, and I raised my hips instinctively towards him.

A third finger. I whimpered in pain and pleasure equally, my entire body flushed and throbbing, eager and impatient. He stretched me out fast, and when the pain was threatening to take over, he took my hand with his and placed my fingers firmly between my legs. I was pinching and rubbing my clit furiously in a moment.

He used more spit to bahis şirketleri lubricate me. His fingers worked me faster now as well, making my ass and pussy throb in rhythm. I closed my eyes.

“I need something in my pussy so badly,” I whispered, without hope. Indeed, my muscles were clenching greedily around nothing at all. I felt Aaron press something into my hand, and when I turned my head and looked I recognized one of the vials he had cleaned earlier.

“You’re kidding,” I said, but he clearly wasn’t.

“That’s all you get.”

I groaned. The frustration was getting too much, and he clearly knew it. I brought the vial between my legs, parting my labia with my fingers. Aaron was watching with interest as I pushed the vial inside me and moaned in enjoyment to find some relief from his teasing. I was so wet I had no trouble at all to get the vial all the way inside me, and I actually wished it was bigger.

Once I withdrew my hands, Aaron pushed my legs apart further and pulled me closer to him, so my ass was partially hanging off the table. He obviously meant business now, and I held my breath again when his hands spread my ass cheeks apart and he placed the tip of his cock against my sphincter.

“It’ll hurt,” he warned me, and I didn’t doubt him. I tried my best to relax when he started pushing, and to ignore the weird feelings his cock gave me at its chosen spot of entrance. It did hurt, rather badly, and my hands groped frantically for something to hold on to. It felt like I was a rubber band being pulled too far and on the verge of ripping apart. Finally, he just shoved, hard, and the painful pressure was relieved. I was breathing in short, shallow gasps, feeling myself stretch around him and moaning in unison with the thunder. I begged him for a few seconds to get used to his size, and he gave them to me. He towered over me, both hands now propped onto the lab table beneath my legs, patiently waiting. I brought one hand down and felt him, realizing with some shock that he was nowhere close to being all the way inside me. I could wrap my hand easily around the part of his shaft that was still between us, and he made a small sound when I did. He felt velvety and hot, quite the contrast to the cold, hard lab table I was laying on.

“Are you fucking done adjusting?” he asked. I lay back again, withdrawing my hand, and nodded. Aaron leaned forward once more, but this time his pushing didn’t hurt as much. I could feel how the vial inside me was pushed upwards as his cock forced room for itself, which was quite an arousing feeling. Finally, I could feel his hips pressing against my ass, grinding.

“Brace yourself,” he advised me, and I just managed to clench my hands to fists before he pulled away, abruptly. A sharp intake of breath on both our parts later, he was pushing again.

“Dear God,” I whispered. Now that the pain had become bearable, I was clenching around him in pleasure. Aaron answered with a groan, no longer paying much attention to me. He had his eyes closed and was now simply concentrating on fucking me, on the movement of his hips. He was fast in establishing a rhythm.

The friction made my ass throb, and while it was uncomfortable, it made the feeling of his cock inside me that much more immediate. He leaned forward, his upper body now almost lying on top of me as much as that was possible on the table. When I reached out for his shoulders with my hands, I could feel the slight film of moisture on his skin. He pushed inside me again, and leaned in to kiss me at the same time. I simply buried my hands in his hair while his tongue played with mine, him still steadily fucking me at a fast pace.

“Damn,” he finally gasped, lifting himself off me. “Your ass is way too tight for me to last any longer.”

He wiped his forehead with the back of his hand, then placed his hands beneath my legs again, pressing them apart further. My asshole tightened pleasurably when he used his entire weight to push back inside me hard. I groaned, locking my legs around him when he finally froze above me, and I could see and feel his entire body spasm as he spent himself inside my ass. I could feel his every movement, convulsing and throbbing, and when he finally pulled out of me, going limp, I felt more exhausted than I thought I could ever be.

“Worth the semester?” I asked, out of breath, and he nodded. He helped me sit up after a minute or so of resting, and while he simply stood there, looking towards the floor, I surveyed the room around me. There were pieces of shattered vials all over the floor, and the liquids we had worked with were staining the tiles. Aaron noticed my look and shrugged.

“I’ll sweep and mop before I leave.”

“And the lab?”

He snorted. “Come on, you know exactly what the result is supposed to be. Just write it up.”

“Fine.” I managed to get off the table with his help. A few drops of his cum had leaked out of me and left a wet smear on the surface of the table. I ignored it and reached for my blouse. Not even bothering with my bra, I put it on and then started to do the same with my pants. Aaron cleared his throat, but after failing to see any meaning behind it, I finished getting dressed and only then noticed the amused look on his face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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