Chef’s Special

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“Put a little more elbow grease into that.”

Lily smirked to herself as she scraped the grill again, clearing it after a busy night at the restaurant. The crowd had been pleased, and the evening had gone well, considering two of the line cooks had called in sick. But hearing Travis joke with her told her he, too, had a sense of pride and accomplishment as they worked in tandem with the rest of the staff on the nightly cleanup.

She didn’t look up, too hard at work to bother. And besides, the last thing she needed right now was to see the prominent dimple in Travis’ left cheek as he grinned at her in amusement. The man was devastating as it was, and she’d felt such a strong, instant attraction to his deep brown eyes and blond tipped, mussy brown hair that she’d almost decided not to take the job as sous chef under him. But she was an adult who could control her urges, and working in a fine dining establishment like this one with one of the most noted up and coming chefs in New York had been too good of an opportunity to turn down just because she fantasized about her boss.

So, now, as she’d done for the last four months, she buckled down and focused on her work. Almost everything had been done, and the last of the last waitress called out a goodbye, Travis walking her to the parking garage. He was definitely a gentleman, always making sure the girls were safe on their way out. Lily didn’t need protection; she carried pepper spray and took the train, as she had all her life. She couldn’t understand why anyone drove in the city.

Finished with the grill, she tossed the scraper in the sink to soak while she made sure the last of the plates were in the dishwasher. She and Travis kept an immaculate kitchen, one above reproach, and she would leave nothing undone, no matter how exhausted she was. Cleanliness could be a make or break for a restaurant and a career in this city.

Satisfied, she turned back to the sink to clean the scraper and jumped, startled at the sound of the door closing. This time, she did look up and found Travis leaning back against it, his arms crossed over his chest and a large grin on his face. His dark eyes sparkled in the dim light, and there was mischief written all over his expression. “I didn’t mean to scare you. I just didn’t want to sneak up on you, either.”

Lily shrugged, feigning indifference, despite her heart racing. Was it the startle or the view that had her so worked up? She wasn’t sure. “It’s no big deal.”

“Are you still working?” he asked, tilting his head and seeming to study her.

She couldn’t watch him watch her like that, so she turned back to look down at her hands in the soapy water, where she held the scraper in one hand and the steel wool in the other. “You know me. I can’t leave anything unfinished.”

“That’s a great rule of thumb. In fact, I have some unfinished business myself that I need to take care of.” Lily frowned, finding the vague statement odd. Travis always spoke his mind, and he tended to be a joker, sarcastic humor his specialty. Was he making fun of her? For some reason, the idea that he might be was mortifying, and it made her angry. Sure, she had a crush on him, and she always wanted to impress him, but this was personal, and it stabbed deep into her confidence.

She considered ducking further into her work versus turning and reading him the riot act for being such a jerk, but neither option seemed viable. She didn’t want to make waves, and she didn’t want to give away just how much his approval meant to her on more than a professional level. Instead, she lifted the items in her hand and started scrubbing off the caked on grease and other leftovers from the night. She could handle this like an adult. It wasn’t high school, and she wouldn’t act like some sad little rejected girl who had a crush on the varsity quarterback.

So focused on her scrubbing, Lily didn’t see Travis move, and she gasped as hands curled around her wrists, halting her movement. His fingers were cool and light but firm, and she could feel his presence directly behind her. What was he doing, other than making her wonder if she’d get charged with sexual harassment and fired if she moaned güngören escort and leaned back to see if his chest was as hard and muscled as it looked?

“Why don’t you put those down for a minute?” It was a question, spoken more like a command, and Lily found herself following his direction. Something in his tone heated her blood more than usual, and her skin burned and tingled where he touched her.

Travis dipped their hands into the soapy water and used his to rinse hers, gently and smoothly. Then, he pulled them out and dried them on the towel hanging from the rack next to the counter. As he moved with her, Lily felt his breath on her neck, blowing the wisps of hair that had come loose from her messy bun so they tickled, and she shivered slightly, trying to control her breathing. This was far too intimate, and she couldn’t imagine what he was thinking.

She felt his lips on her ear an instant before he whispered, “I’ve wanted to bend you over and fuck you since the day you walked through that door.”

A strangled noise escaped her, and Lily fell back against him, melting…and discovered that his cock was at attention at the small of her back. From the way the salute felt, he was certainly as well endowed in that department as he was with his culinary gift, and it made things ache low in her gut. “And what makes you think I’m going to let you do that?” she asked, but her voice was so low and raspy she barely recognized it.

He chuckled, the rumble in his chest vibrating against her back delightfully. “I’ve seen the way you look at me. Come on, Lily, don’t play games with me. We owe it to each other to let the sparks fly.” Before she could answer, Travis spun her around and used his body to pin her against the counter, his mouth searing against hers, with his tongue pressing to part her lips. She gave a surprised cry that he swallowed, the counter gouging at her hips as he swept into her mouth and took control, making her body explode with need.

Lily all but threw herself at him, and he caught her, settling her on the freshly cleaned grill and stepping between her thighs so his erection pushed against her weeping core. It was too much, and yet not enough with all the cloth between them. She arched into him, threading her arms around his neck and into the silken brown hair at the base of his skull, enthralled in the way it curled around her fingers.

Travis’ hands worked at the buttons on her blouse, shoved it off her shoulders, and then reached behind her to unclasp her bra. Her breasts fell free, heavy with her desire, and he cupped them, massaging and then pinching and pulling at her nipples until her head fell back with a deep, needy moan. “God, you’re beautiful,” he muttered, his voice full of gravel and thick with desire. “I want to see all of you.”

She shook her head. “You first.” She reached for the hem of his shirt, but he beat her to it, yanking it over his head and leaving his broad chest bare. She ran her hands over the muscles and defining lines, devouring his body with hands and eyes, and he rocked his hips forward, rubbing his hard shaft against her, the friction of denim only arousing her further.

With a grunt, Travis pulled away and reached for her jeans. Lily lifted herself, her hands on his shoulders, and he pulled them down, along with her panties, leaving her bare. As her bare ass hit the grill, she hissed, glad it wasn’t completely cold yet, and watched with intense need as he knelt in front of her, his pupils dilated and his lips parted. She’d never been ashamed of her body, but she felt like a goddess as he stared into the juncture of her thighs, his hands pressing against the insides and parting her so he had a better view.

“You smell sweet and look sweeter,” he growled, and when he flicked his tongue over her clit, Lily came unglued. She nearly jumped off the grill, only Travis’ hands on her thighs holding her down as he licked and sucked at her swollen nub. He ran his tongue down her slit, stopping to thrust into her core, and the ecstasy overwhelmed her. She screamed, the orgasm flooding her system and pouring from her pussy, Travis still licking and sucking as though halkalı escort he was parched for her.

When Lily finally gained control of her body again, Travis stood, and she grabbed the front of his pants, pulling him toward her and kissing him deeply. She moaned at the taste of herself on his lips, and that seemed to fuel his fire. His mouth and tongue traveled down her neck, then to her nipple, taking it firmly between his teeth and pulling, and she nearly came again with the sensation shooting electrical sparks right to her center.

Her hands moved, working at the fly of Travis’ jeans, and she shoved them down over his hips, releasing his cock. With a glance down, her mouth went dry. He was perfect, large and smooth and hard as a rock. She stroked him none too gently, none of this experience tender and soft, and he bucked into her palm, groaning with his pleasure.

“I want to fuck you, Lily. Now.” It was the same commanding tone he’d used to get her to drop what she was doing, and she wouldn’t have argued even if she’d wanted to. She liked the way he took control and made her body respond, regardless of what her mind told her.

“Then fuck me,” she breathed, running her nails down his back and making him hiss. He didn’t waste time, pressing against her, rubbing his hard length over her wet folds, and then thrusting into her with one hard shove. “Oh my god!” she cried, the feel of being stretched to capacity making her shudder with delight.

“You like that?” Travis asked, triumph in his breathless tone.

“Yes, don’t stop!” she told him, hearing the plea in her own voice. She’d never needed something so badly, and she wasn’t afraid to ask for it now, when he’d told her he wanted her to have it.

He thrust into her again, harder, and she cried out wordlessly as another shockwave coursed through her. Clinging to his shoulders, she took him, over and over, letting the way he filled her drive her to the breaking point. She’d never been so hot and heavy, and this was beyond her wildest dreams. And just when she thought she’d had enough, he shoved a hand between him, his thumb rolling her clit in circles as he pumped into her frantically. “Come for me, Lily. Come again. I want to feel it.”

He didn’t have to ask twice, her body responding to his words as much as his touch. She snapped, and spasms of extreme bliss took over. She dug her nails into his back, and he moaned, long and loud, taking her higher and making her wonder if he could ever go too deep or too hard.

His body slammed into hers, and she tilted her head, slanting her lips over his and exploring his mouth with her tongue. He tangled with her, and she grew more desperate to feel how much he wanted her, to feel him explode inside. She moved her hips, leveraging her legs as she wrapped them around his waist, and met him thrust for thrust, her movements just as sharp and violent as his.

Travis broke the kiss, gasping for air, and Lily drew in a long, deep breath, panting and whimpering as she felt her body reaching for another pinnacle. “Are you going to come again?” Travis rasped, sounding both confident and amused.

“I think so,” she grated out, barely managing coherent thought, much less words.

“Do it, and I’ll come with you,” he demanded, speeding up his motions so the sound of their bodies slapping together mingled with their heavy pants and moans. She could have come right then, his words urging her almost irresistibly, but she held on, not quite ready for this to end. She wanted something epic, something to remember in case she never had another chance at this, with him.

But the tension in Travis’ shoulders grew beneath her touch, and she knew he was holding back, too. That gave her a sense of power that tripled her ecstasy, and it was all she could do not to spill over. “Don’t tease me,” Travis told her with a warning growl.

“I won’t,” she promised. “I’m almost there.” She said it as much for herself as for him, using the words to keep control for just a few more moments as he pounded her like a jackhammer. She closed her eyes and focused, holding back the waves as she imagined a dam ready to break. The içerenköy escort cracks were spreading, and she was losing the battle, but when she did, it was going to be worth it.

“Look at me.” Travis’ voice cut through the image, and she opened her eyes, meeting his intense gaze. He was sweating, his face pulled tight with his effort not to come. “I want you looking at me when you come this time.”

That did it. Her body caught fire, every nerve ending reacting, and she cried out and bucked wildly. She felt Travis stutter in his movement and then heard his roar as he slammed deep into her one more time, and she felt him come hard and hot into her as his body and his cock convulsed. This was intoxicating, addictive, a sensation she’d never had, like a drug, as she floated on the high. Travis held her tight against him as he spilled into her, and she clung to him as if her life depended on it.

What seemed like hours passed before the world around her stopped spinning and the kitchen came back into view. Reality struck Lily hard in the chest, and yet, she couldn’t find it in her to care. Her limbs and eyelids were heavy, her chest tight as she struggled to breathe, and her sexual appetite more satisfied than it had ever been. She wanted the afterglow to last, so she pushed away any thought of shame or regret.

Travis leaned his forehead against hers, and she smelled the peppermint and the remnants of her own juices on his breath. It was enough to make her stomach twist and her core clench again, like aftershocks of an earthquake. But her heart rate finally began to regulate, and the concerns of the aftermath of her actions began to haunt her.

She opened her mouth to speak, but Travis put a hand on either cheek, cupping her face as he reared back enough to meet her gaze. “That was amazing.” And to her utter disbelief, he kissed her softly, almost chastely, then leaned back and grinned at her.

Lily stared at him, not sure how to respond, her body and face still aflame. Clearing her throat and trying not to feel things she shouldn’t for a man who was her boss – or at least, had been until now – she nodded and replied, “Yeah, it was.”

Stroking her cheekbone with his thumb, he slid away from her and reached for her clothes, offering a hand to help her down before he started dressing himself. He didn’t speak, and neither did she, which only made Lily feel more awkward and nervous about the consequences she’d face. Finally, when she couldn’t stand the silence anymore, she said, “I’ll finish up here and lock up.”

Travis stiffened visibly and turned to her with a scowl. “So, you’re just going to use me for hot sex and send me on my way?” There was a teasing lilt to his tone, but she didn’t know what to think, so she didn’t respond. Nervous, she averted her gaze, but he took her chin in his hand and turned her back toward him, placing another one of those heart melting kisses on her lips. “Leave this for tomorrow. Come with me, and let me buy you a coffee.”

“What, like a date?” she asked, feeling stupid for even saying it. Of course, it wasn’t a date. It was probably just his way of saying, thanks for a good time, let’s not be weird.

But one corner of his mouth crooked up in the sexiest grin she’d ever seen, that dimple showing prominently in his cheek and his eyes shining above it. “Yes, like a date. You didn’t think I only wanted to get in your pants, did you?”

She shrugged sheepishly, not wanting to lie but not wanting to speak the words out loud, either. Travis sighed and ran a hand through that gorgeous hair of his. “I went about things the wrong way if that’s what you think, and I’m sorry. I just couldn’t stand it anymore.” Wrapping his arms around her waist, he asked, “Don’t you feel…something between us?”

“Yes,” she said before she could stop herself.

His laugh vibrated through her deliciously. “Then let’s see what it is, alright? Let’s have coffee and talk, outside of this place.” He glanced around the kitchen.

“What about cleanup?” she asked, knowing that at least they needed to assure the grill was devoid of any evidence of their lust driven coupling.

“Well, I think we still have some unfinished business,” he said suggestively. “So, let’s go have coffee, and I’ll take you back to my place. We’ll come in early tomorrow and knock it out together.”

Lily liked that idea and smiled back. “As long as the unfinished business involves naked, sweaty bodies, I’m game.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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