Change of Heart

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I see you standing there in the dim light. The shadows caress your form and highlight your jutting breasts and hard nipples. Your chest rises and falls slowly with each soft breath.

I wonder what has brought you here to my door. What purpose is on your mind? You had told me that we were never to see one another again. Never to touch each others skin or taste each others kiss, yet here you are.

You slowly cross the floor. The light from outside plays across your long, silky legs as you move with grace and determination.

My breath catches and starts again raggedly as I watch your hips slowly undulate. Your pants are like a second skin, leaving nothing, and yet everything, to the imagination.

I can smell your perfume as the air brings your scent to me. It is intoxicating. You smile as you see the expression across my face that your scent brings . Your eyes are like glittering diamonds in the low light. Your lips, dark and inviting as you slowly smile once again.

I can feel my pulse start to race as you move next to me. My skin is flushed with heat of your closeness. The smell of your perfume mixed with the scent of your sex is almost overpowering. I close my eyes as you raise your hand to touch my face.

Your hand is like a flame as you caress my cheek and slowly trace your fingers across my lips and down the side of my neck. I can feel your breath on my skin as you move your mouth to mine. You place your lips tenderly against mine as I reach my arms out to pull you into a tender embrace.

One of my hands pulls şişli escort you into me while the other slides down across your backside. I love the feel of your body beneath my hands and up against my own. Your breasts press hard against my chest and I know you can feel the hardness of my sex against your groin.

You kiss harder and more passionately. My tongue snakes into your mouth, entwining with yours. Our breath is coming fiercer now. Our hands are starting to grasp with more intensity as I feel you start to shake.

I reach up with both hands and grasp the back of your silk blouse. It pulls apart easily as I tear it straight down the back. You don’t have a bra on underneath and your skin glows with your inner heat. Your breasts bounce with the motion and your nipples stand out begging for my mouth.

I slide my lips down your neck, biting lightly as I lick your skin. Your skin is smooth beneath my tongue as I move to your breast. I place my mouth over your right nipple and suck in hard. You cry out and shiver as I start to alternate between the right and left nipple. Kissing, licking, sucking and biting. I can feel your hips start to shake and smell your wetness as you begin to orgasm. You cry out once, softly.

I keep my mouth on your nipple as I peel your pants off of you. You are so wet that it coats your thighs. You step out of your pants as I kneel in front of you. Your downy hairs seem to glow with your wetness in the soft light. I can smell your sex juices as I move in closer, your lips are soft suadiye escort and pink and you smell like heaven.

You grab the back of my hair and pull my face into your groin. I thrust my tongue up into you and taste you in my mouth. I suck your outer lips into my mouth and lightly nip at you. Your body bucks and you cry out again. I do this for what seems like an eternity to you and then I find your clitoris. I lightly brush my tongue across it, causing you to almost fall over as you cum again. Only my hands’ grasping your ass keeps you upright.

I start licking and nipping faster and faster. You scream out as the waves of orgasms overcome you. Again and again. You beg for me to stop. I don’t. Your breath is ragged and quick. Your body is shaking and tears of ecstasy fall from your eyes. I feel your body start to go limp and I slow my ministrations and lower your body to the floor, my mouth never leaving your sopping wet cunt.

Your head lolls loosely and a huge smile is across your face as I rise up above you. I step out of my clothes quickly, my hardness jutting out in front of me.

You are like a rag doll as I turn you over. I place one arm under your hips and pull you to your knees. Your backside is open to me, available for me to do anything I wish. You moan softly as I pull you into position. Your body is still shaking with the little aftershock orgasms. I lower my lips again to you, as you softly moan, “No… I can’t… can’t take any more!”

I smile and place my lips against your pussy. taksim escort You moan louder and try to pull away, gently. I thrust my tongue up inside of you and suck on your lips. You scream and fall into another orgasm. You slam your ass back into my face, rocking like a wild woman. I suck some more and trace my tongue over your lips and back over your exposed asshole. You buck again and again with the force of your cumming.

I get on my knees and kneel behind you. Your head is on the floor and saliva drips from your mouth as you are almost incoherent with pleasure. I thrust savagely into your cunt, burying my rod with one hard swift stroke. You yell out, “Fuck me! Hard!”

I comply with you request. You are so tight and so wet that it feels like I have dipped my cock in molten lava. Your hips buck and you twitch beneath my grasp. My cock slides free from your dripping pussy and spears into your asshole. You scream out and I grimace from the tightness and the momentary pain. You pull away from me, causing my dick to slide partly out from your ass. I fall forward with you and spear you again. You moan again and scream out in pain/pleasure. I pull out and thrust in again, and again, and again. You are rocking and moaning with the force of your orgasms.

I pull you back to your knees, still buried deep in your ass. I pull out and thrust back into your pussy. You moan again and again. I alternate between your ass on one stroke and your pussy on the next. Over and over. Your juices are everywhere, coating our groins and bodies. The smell drives me over the edge as I bury my cock deep into your pussy. I feel you orgasming again and shoot deep inside of you. My sperm is burning hot and your pussy pulls all I have out from me.

I fall over and you are pulled up on top of me, your ass facing me. You look back and smile. “When’s round two?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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