Catching Her

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I’ve always had this fantasy about “catching” a woman masturbate. I could be a guy at an apt on a maintenance call and you could be there not knowing I was going to show up, or you could be well aware that I am going to be there.


I let myself in thinking you aren’t home and start looking for the problem in the bathroom as there was supposed to be a leak or some kind. As I near the bathroom I notice some soft noises that could be coming from the neighbors or the bedroom. Since the room is right next to the bathroom I walk very quietly so as not to disturb anyone just in case.

At first I’m not sure what the sounds are but as I get closer I get the impression that someone is having sex, low moans and breathing out very quickly. I can’t help to look as I notice the door is open just slightly. As I look in I can see you lying on the bed with your legs facing me and spread as your fingers are stroking over your sex. One of your hands is moving over your breast, pinching a nipple as you lick your lips. The site makes me instantly hard. I’m pretty sure you can’t see me but in a split second, your eyes open and you are looking at me. Instead of yelling at me you tuzla escort keep moving your hands over and in your body, only now you are looking at me and licking your lips.

Even if it costs me my job, I can’t help myself and I slowly move the door open, carefully watching your reaction to see if you are going to stop or scream out. Slowly I walk towards your bed with my now rock hard dick straining against my pants. As I get closer and stand next to you, one of your hands reaches out and starts to rub me through my pants as your other hand moves a bit faster and your breathing gets a bit faster and more ragged.

I decide to put my hand on top of yours and help you rub my dick before taking my zipper down and dropping my pants and removing my boxers, letting loose my cock. I take my other hand as I stand over you and move it down over your breasts, squeezing along the way before moving down to join your always moving hand in between your legs but I don’t stop. I just keep moving my hand further over your thighs, over your calves to your feet and back again. Each leg gets some attention and this time when my hand comes back up between your legs it does stop and moves pendik escort over your hand helping add some pressure and heat to your effort. While I’m doing that your other hand is now pumping me sometimes quickly sometimes slowly, playing gently with my balls, lightly stroking them before moving your hand over my dick again. I notice you shifting your position and suddenly I feel wet warmth all along the length of my cock as your tongue trails over it. Now I’m bucking my hips, thrusting into your mouth, which your hips are matching as I start pushing fingers into your wet pussy.

First one, then another, then another as you keep moving your hips up and down with my fingers plunging in and out of you. You start to inhale me know frantically pushing your mouth further over my huge straining cock. Your hips start to shudder and I can feel you tightening up on my fingers and notice your fingers circling your clit faster and faster as your cock filled mouth starts to moan and your thighs begin to shake.

I’m close too but I want you to cum first and take myself out of your mouth to concentrate on your pleasure. With my extra and I lick my fingers and move them over aydınlı escort your nipples pushing you over the edge. Now you are moaning out loud, swearing, fucking my fingers hard, you grab my hand from your breast and put it in your mouth gently biting down as you finally cum. I can feel my fingers get drenched as you slowly begin breathing normally again and unclamp my fingers from your pussy. Seeing my still rigid cock next to your flushed face you reach over and grab it stroking it with a mixture of your saliva and my precum making it very slick after watching you have your orgasm I can’t hold out for long. Reaching down I caress your breasts as you flick the underside of my dick with your tongue, pumping me with your hand and rubbing under my balls with the other, suddenly I start moaning out loud, feeling my balls tighten up, letting you know I’m about to cum so you aren’t surprised. You take me and aim my cock right at your tits as I start launching huge amounts of cum, one shot after another as you pump me. As I’m almost done but still contracting you place your lips over my head and suck to get the every drop of it out.

After I can stand up straight again I look you in the eyes and kiss your lips, before pulling my pants and underwear back on and walking out back to the front. I decide to leave you a business card just in case you want to do this again sometime, and I fully suspect you will.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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