Case of Frustrated Analyst Ch. 04

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Four A Darker Side to My Mania

I was lost to myself. Everything I believed about my sexual being was torn from me. With the second violent ass rape I could no longer pretend to ignore the disease eating at me and began to wonder where it had all begun. Thinking of my past I remembered a time in my early 20’s.

One night I was pumping away in a woman’s cunt, getting close to coming, when she pulled away. She was close to her period and we weren’t using birth control. I was shaking with the effort to hold in my jiz, hoping that she would suck me to a finish.

Instead she got on her knees and spread her cheeks and asked me if I would like to finish up in her ass. Still fighting to hold back my cum I moved up behind her and put the head of my pulsing pole tight up against her pucker. I shoved. She screamed and fell to her stomach on the bed with me falling on top of her, the head of my dick caught in her spasming sphincter. My weight crammed the rest of my vibrating shaft to the hilt in her shithole. She screamed again and I spurted deep in her, shaking with the agonizing pleasure. I pumped into her until my dick softened and we came apart. She said nothing about my performance and I thought everything was OK.

A week later I attempted to get some more of her sweet, tight bunghole, but she stopped me. Then she told me that I had made her bleed that first time and I learned of the pain and mistrust that abusing a woman’s ass could bring. I never did fuck her ass again, but I did get it into another woman I was seeing at the same time.

Even then ass fucking wasn’t a prime concern. I could take it or leave it.

That had all changed.

The night before I barely stopped myself from ramming my dry hard pucker splitter into Alicia’s tender butt.

Here we go again.

Her fat boobs pushed together made twin peaked mountains of white flesh, a mushy tunnel for my thrusting dick. With my legs straddling her neck I slid my oil soaked rod into her boobs. On the backward thrust my spread cheeks slammed into her face, her stiff tongue swabbing into my leaking shithole. I leaned far enough forward, resting on one arm, to reach into her cunt. illegal bahis All four fingers reamed into her box and her clit rubbed into my palm. The heel of my hand ground into her pussy hair, strands of it coming out at the roots.

She was heavy. Folds of fat creased her stomach, heavy breasts, balanced against a sagging, chunky ass. Not my usual turn on.

I sat back hard with her tongue deep in my asshole, grinding her nose into the crack above. I jerked my hand from her soaking cunt and rubbed the juice onto my throbbing pole. Her tits were so big that I leaned over them and put my dick down through the length of them. Her nipples rubbed down the sides of my pecker and my cockhead pushed into the fat between those monstrous mounds. I used my hands to twist and kneed her flesh around my dick until I felt the cum boiling up from my balls and burn it’s way out the tip, splashing out from between her tits. I turned and crammed my dripping dick down her throat. She choked and sputtered, raking her teeth down the length of me as I pulled out and slammed in again. She swallowed compulsively as she gagged on my twitching dong and her throat muscles squeezed tight on my dickhead. Her eyes were watering and she was heaving up from the floor when I jerked out of her mouth.

I got down between her legs and strained to lift the massive members up. For her weight she was still limber. I pushed her legs over until she could wrap her own arms around them, holding her huge ass up off the floor. She pushed her legs out as far as they would go and I still couldn’t see the shithole hiding inside that cavernous crack. I grabbed at the cheeks that mounded up with wrinkles of flesh jiggling at every move. Making a wild guess I stabbed my stiff cock at where I thought the hole that drew me would be. I slammed into the patch of flesh just above her asshole, almost bending my pole in half. She screamed with the pain and I screamed with frustration as I reared back, lowered my aim and crashed back into that heaving flesh. This time my aim was good and the tip of my aching cock drove through the fat to plow into her tightly clenched pucker.

The size of a woman has nothing to illegal bahis siteleri do with the size of her orifices. This was the tightest butt I’d ever fought my way into. She knew I was going to do this, it was the deal I had made with a desperate woman. Her love life was not doing very well and her needs were just as strong as any woman’s. She had been giving me her shy come ons for years whenever I had business in the office where she worked. This afternoon I stopped in for lunch at a place around the corner from her office. She was sitting alone at a table, eating the kind of lunch that wasn’t going to improve things for her one bit. Out of politeness I sat with her and during the course of conversation she broke down and confessed her desire and loneliness.

Still, the reality of her virgin bung being busted by the biggest dick she’d seen appalled her. I had been anything but gentle with her, simply using her for what I could get and hoping that would be enough for her. She clenched tighter and I could see the strain in her face and shaking legs. I was not going to be stopped. Ramming with everything I had got my fat cockhead inside her ass ring and she screamed with agony. I could feel the blood from her stretched pucker dripping down onto my shaft and it drove me wild. I threw my entire weight against her fat cheeks and my throbbing dick slammed into her bowels. I jerked out only to cram hard into that tight sphincter. The pressure of her anal wall was like a vice. She seemed to have muscles of steel behind the flesh. There was hardly any give to accommodate my ravaging cock. The pressure was too much and I jerked out of her so hard I thought I would leave my dickhead behind. She was sobbing with pain and shame as I forced her over to her knees and found her anus with the head of my dick. It was slick with blood and sweat, pulsing with her muscle’s response to the violent invasion of my rampant dick.

I spread her cheeks as wide as they would go and lowered my hips in order to lay my dick along her crack. With her cheeks shoved together my dick was encased and I moved up and down letting the friction clean her juice from my dick. She got off on canlı bahis siteleri the rubbig in her crack and moaned with pleasure and relief that I was leaving her tortured asshole alone. Of course, that was the furthest thing from my mind as I spread her cheeks wide once more and placed my dry dickhead at her quivering shithole and stabbed deep into her. My hot flesh dragged at her hole as I thrust harder and harder at her. In fits and jerks my red swollen cock disappeared into her. The tender skin of my dickhead was stretched back from my pisshole with an agonizing burn. Finally in to the hilt I rested against her fat cheeks while her spasming bowels settled down to the presence of my pole.

When her breathing slowed I began to withdraw and the tight muscles tensed up again, dragging at my dick in the tightest embrace I could imagine. I pulled back against the suction of her sphincter until I was all the way out. My rod was slimy from the stuff inside her. I pushed back into her slick bunghole. I began a rhythmic pumping, each thrust bringing more brown slime out of her, lubing my strokes. She had stopped moving and crying out. I think she had passed out. That was fine with me. As long as she was unaware nothing was impossible for my disgusting lust. I rammed and twisted into her.

I pulled my dick out of that reeking hole and shoved it into her pussy. Sloshing around in her cunt cleaned my cock so I plowed back into her anus. Over and over I pumped her hole. I was insatiable, knowing that she was beyond any pain I could cause. Then the cum started that slow boil in my sack, working up to the burning head of my dick. Shit had packed into the tip of my cock and the jiz built up behind the plug until the crap and cum shot out of me like a cannon. I went berserk then and jerked my straining dick out of her ass and slammed it’s still spurting length into her cunt. I clawed her shit hole with the nails of two fingers twisting into her. She came awake with a shriek as the last of the cum spurted into the back of her cunt. All of a sudden she went stiff as a board, then started to shake from her toes to her head. All that flesh was jiggling with the contraction of her orgasm. I held my spent dong just inside her cunt lips, smeared with her shit. I put a third finger in her crap soaked hole and she threw her huge ass back onto my hand. Her spasms subsided. I wiped my dick off in her massive ass crack and left her there.

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