Captain of Her Heart Ch. 05

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She edged me off of the dance floor and I grabbed her shoulders as she maneuvered me into a dark corner, pushing the skirt up on my hips while I unzipped her pants. Her thick, plastic cock flopped out into my hand and I stroked it, trembling as she bent to kiss me, taking my breath away with her rough manner. A streak of adrenalin sliced through me and I gasped, sucking her tongue into my mouth as her hand grasped my leg, jerking it up. Without pretense, she shoved the dildo into me, stretching and pounding me at the same time.

I welcomed her into my wet hole, pushing back against her and trying to hump the pole she was shoving into me. It felt so good that I couldn’t help giving in to her rhythm, letting those short, hard strokes hammer me over the edge. I came, grabbing onto her as my leg gave way, shaking so hard that I looked like I was having a seizure. Alisa laughed, forcing me deeper into the darkness and taking my mouth again. My back hit the wall and her prick lodged deeper into me, making me groan güvenilir bahis into Alisa’s soft mouth.

She released my leg and placed both of her hands beneath my buttocks, lifting me slightly and drilled my aching cunt mercilessly until I was practically screaming her name again, cumming so hard that my teeth clicked. Now she set me down, guarding me as if I were a precious child and turned me so that I was facing the wall, placing wet kisses across the back of my neck and shoulders. I shuddered, gasping both from a lack of breath and the ferocious clenching of my still throbbing pussy.

Her hands pushed the skirt up again, caressing the soft cheeks of my ass and letting her finger hook under my thong and follow the cleft downward. I moaned when her finger stopped to gently rim my quivering asshole. I felt her step closer and the head of the dildo pressed against the sopping center of my panties. I reached down and moved it aside, arching my back out so that she could easily slide into me. When türkçe bahis she did, I gasped so hard that I nearly passed out. Not only did her cock thrust into my weeping pussy but her thumb found my asshole at the same time, shoving in hard and deep.

My head lolled back, my body quaking from sensory overload as her hips flexed up into me. Her thumb massaged my anal canal while she plugged my hole, ramming me like a rag doll. Every gasp came out as Yes!, increasing in volume until I was vibrating with the need to cum again. Her free hand slid over my belly and found my clit, pressing just as her teeth connected with my neck, biting hard enough to leave marks. I exploded in such a violent orgasm that I screamed. My entire body felt like one huge heartbeat, throbbing and pulsing, my pussy muscles straining against the dildo.

Alisa slowly pulled the cock out of me, along with her thumb and continued to rub my buried clit, sending me into violent aftershocks so strong that I had to lean back against her. güvenilir bahis siteleri After a few moments, she removed her hand and I vaguely remembered my skirt being pulled back down.

She turned me around, pressing a soft kiss onto my mouth. “I like it when you fight me, Tawnya. That was really hot.”

I couldn’t disagree with her. I had never cum that hard in my entire life and it was all I could do to keep myself from grabbing her. Her cocky smile told me that she knew my feelings and dared me to act on them. “I’ll always fight you, Captain. I’ll fight you every step of the way.”

When I came back from using the bathroom, she was gone, leaving me with the impression that the whole encounter had been nothing but a dream. My juicy pussy told me differently and I found myself absentmindedly squeezing my mound in the club, recalling our fuck. I searched the entire place for her but she was gone and I finished my drink and headed back to the hotel, intent on getting a few hours of sleep.

But sleep eluded me. When I closed my eyes, I felt her sweet breath on my neck and her fingers in my cunt. I couldn’t sleep until I’d made myself cum two more times, each time, whispering Alisa’s name. I only hoped that Christa hadn’t heard me.

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