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This is a true story.

After 5 long years of almost continuous studies and a grueling year of internship I was finally going to be a fully-fledged doctor. This made me both elated and got me thinking. I was tired to my bones of the same shit day after day. Don’t mistake me. I loved my college life which was full of friends, parties getaways. I enjoyed working hard but I needed a break from familiarity, and wanted to tone down my work from a 90 hour hectic tertiary care hospital to a more relaxed secondary hospital. The second thing I loved was greenery. I needed some mountain air. I decided to work in a hospital in the north east part of India. There were rolling hills covered in green, wide plains, so much water (I come from South India where it is dry and water is mostly dammed up) exotic food and most importantly the girls. Where I come from women wear sarees and various other clothes with the point to keep most body parts closed to the world (within the college we were quite casual but outside very modest). In my new place thighs and cleavage were a normal sight everywhere. I was quite happy to see India gradually becoming more open minded and because of the obvious visual treat.

After I settled into my new quarters I was introduced to my colleagues. Guess what! Unlike the usual story of how you would end up meeting an awesome sex kitten right on the first day, not one of them was unmarried & I don’t believe in breaking relationships. Thinking I’m gonna end up hitting a dry spell I just settled into my duties.

After about a week or so of getting used to things i was given night emergencies. Fortunately for me the antalya escort hospital was tied to a nursing college and students and interns from there would be training in the hospital. And they were all smoking hot. Most of them were petite, beautiful and had great hair. They wore the traditional nurse skirt uniform with hemlines not exactly traditional. To top it I heard that some of them had a crush on me. But nothing really happened… initially.

On the day of my second 24 hours duty, I finished the usual ward rounds and work and planned to stay in the duty room in case of emergencies at night. But I was not feel particularly sleepy as it was still a couple of hours earlier than my usual time to turn in. Eileen was the duty nurse that evening. While helping her wind up things and get ready for the night team we got chatting. 23 years old she was a middle daughter with an elder sister who was married away and a younger brother in high school. She was going to finish her internship in two months and was planning to further her studies elsewhere. She was about 5′ 3″, with a cute face, dark eyes, straight black hair, very chatty. Iam 5’9″ with regular features and build. She asked me about my home town, my family and while talking she says that she’s feeling sweaty from the work and knocks of two buttons from her shirt.

It’s not like I can see much but then my imaginations were working out the permutations. We kept taking about this and that, when she had a doubt about something in her subject. She came over to where I was sitting with a note and a pen so that I could explain better. Our knees were not touching, but kemer escort I could just feel the border of her red bra (C cups). After I finished explaining we kept sitting like that. Our hands brushed against each other quite normally. And as is very common among hospitals everywhere we started bitching about everyone. Her knees touched mine. She didn’t change her position and neither did she. Soon our thighs were touching (she was talking about the lousy hostel warden) I got a boner and we both had an inkling of where this was going.

Or that’s what I thought, for she suddenly said that she had forgotten to get signatures on something and walked off. I was in turmoil. Whether this could turn out bad, was she actually interested, or was she simply leading me! I walked up to her to say something rather than stew in silent contemplation when she turned and gave her first smile and a record which needed some signatures. She was holding the record while I fumbled for a pen in relief. I got the pen and started to sign when my elbow brushed her breasts. As I signed down the register my elbow was touching her breasts a lot. She pushed closer to me to show where else to sign and now my elbow was nestled softly on her right breast and I could feel her left mound gently press against my chest. I looked at her. I could see her bra and cleavage clearly. She had removed her third button too. She was looking at me carefully.

We still had some time to kill. I asked her if she wanted a cigarette. And we went out into the garden near the emergency. From here we could see if an ambulance was coming and it was secluded konyaaltı escort enough that nobody would be there at that time of the night. We started chatting as though nothing happened. We lit our cigarettes and started playing some footsie. She dropped the first two buttons (she had buttoned up again) and looked at me coolly. I slowly removed her third button. A puff of smoke. Legs interwined. I pushed down the shoulder of her shirt. I could see her bra covered breasts quite clearly. I removed her next button. She kept her left hand on my thigh and squeezed. I could feel her breasts as I removed the last button. Her shirt was open with only her bra on. I slowly kneaded her right breast with my arm around her. Her hands found my engorged penis and she started to massage roughly over the jeans. More smoke. Our cigarettes were half done.

I moved to her left breast squeezed it and lifted it out of the bra. I started to squeeze it, run my nails in circles over the areola. Her nipple was hardening. I started to pull & twist her nipple. She started to cough!! She took her hand away for a bit. I moved to her right breast again. Squeezing harder and rolling her hard nipple softly then firmly and then almost painfully. She started gasping. She chucked her cigarette and pushed her right hand under the belt and reached my penis and with her left turned my face to her and we started kissing. I chucked my cigarette. Started fondling both her breasts then slowly feeling her abdomen then her belly button further down i could feel her curly hair and then soft hot wetness. She unbuckled my jeans and belt and proceeded to free my erection. She rubbed the tip of the glans then held my penis and started to jerk me off. She was moaning into my mouth as my hand found her clitoris and I knew I was not far off. .

A high pitched bell shrieked across the silence. The next shift was about to start.

We went back.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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