Business in Vegas Ch. 02

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Day 3

I woke up early this morning, happy that you are still laying next to me. I’m glad you didn’t leave after we finished last night. I can’t explain why, but I am so comfortable around you, even though I’ve only known you barely a day. I quietly slide out of the bed, trying not to wake you. I need to get going this morning. I have a couple of early meetings (which I hate), but I’m done around 12:30 and have the afternoon to myself. I booked my flight for the following morning just in case other meetings came up, and to give me a little alone time with the warm sun. I’m looking forward to relaxing by the pool this afternoon.

I’m standing under the hot stream of water in the shower when I hear the door open. “Good morning,” I hear, your voice still husky being so early. “You really like hot showers, huh? It’s so steamy in here I can barely see the toilet.”

“It only got steamy when you walked in,” I reply.

A minute later, you open the glass door and join me in the shower. It’s a large shower, with a bench on one side. I hate to give up my super-hot shower, but I turn it down a little so it doesn’t scald you. We’re facing each other, our bodies inches apart. You put your hands on my hips and we turn together in the shower so you can get under the water. Your relaxed cock rubs against my hip, causing it to twitch with the touch. As you put your head under the water, I stand there in front of you admiring your body. The sculpted muscles in your chest, arms, abs, and your glorious cock. I want to grab your cock and stroke it, but I control myself.

My hands wander along your chest, down your sides to your hips and ass. I think to myself, Mmmmmm, I love your tight ass. Not the first thing I look for in a guy, but damn, yours is begging to be grabbed. I pull myself close to you, pressing your hardening cock against my pelvis. You smile as your hands glide up and down my back and hips.

I reach down with one hand and start stroking your cock, which is getting harder by the second. The look in your eyes change from just waking up to seductive, and your hand glides along the front my hip, lifting my leg up, just enough to expose my pussy, dipping your finger in. “So wet already,” you say.

“You seem to have that affect on me.” I move to the bench and sit down, guiding you to me with my hand on your cock. I lick your cock from your balls to the tip, circling your tip with my tongue. I draw your cock into my warm mouth, my hand around the base of it. I taste your precum, and continue to glide your cock in and out of my mouth. You moan with pleasure, and I adjust the speed and pressure with your feedback.

“I’m going to cum,” you say, warning me your cock is ready to explode. I look up into your eyes, letting you know it’s okay, without removing your cock from my mouth. I feel your body tense up as you release your sweet juices antalya escort into my mouth.

You start to kneel down in front of me, wanting to return the favor to my wet pussy. But I stop you, knowing I have to get ready for my meetings. “Later, when I can take the time to really enjoy it.”

We dry off, and you throw on your clothes from the night before, heading to your room to get ready. Before you leave, you come up behind me in the bathroom to say goodbye, kissing my neck. It sends shivers down my spine, right to my pussy. “What time are you done today?” you ask.

“Early afternoon. I’m heading to the pool for some sun, so you can find me there.”


Yeah! Meetings are finished and I’m back in the room at 2:00. Little later than I thought it would be, but who cares. I have the next 18 hours all to myself! I put on my bikini and head down to the pool. I find a lounge chair in the sun, away from the crowd of people, obviously here as a group. A nap in the sun is a perfect remedy for the lack of sleep the night before.

I turn on my iPod to tune out the noise of the crowds. I must have fallen asleep, because next thing I know, I feel someone touching my arm. I startle, just slightly, because I was deep in sleep. I hear someone sit in the chair next to me. As you speak, I recognize your voice and immediately perk up. “Hey Jennifer. You caught up on sleep yet?”

“Yes, I just had the best nap out here.”

“Good. You’ll be glad you did later,” the devilish grin returning to your face. “I’m heading up to my room to finish some work. How about I stop by your room at 7:00 and we’ll go somewhere and grab a bite to eat. The lunch here today wasn’t all that great, and I know a great place a couple blocks away.”

“Sounds great,” I reply.

I continue to relax by the pool for another hour, my mind drifting to sexual fantasies of you. I recall the 24 hours of eye contact flirting, your arousing sexual comments, then last night, yeaaaahhhh, last night….. the passionate kissing, touching, how great your cock felt when you first slid into my wet pussy. Then this morning, the tease of your finger in my pussy this morning in the shower. Ohhh, my pussy is getting wet just thinking about you. I can hardly wait to be with you again.

I head upstairs and take a shower. It’s 6:00, so I’ve got another hour before we meet for dinner. I’m so horny and excited to see you again. I look in the fridge and see there’s a bottle of wine in there. Dare I open it. I’m already sooo horny. Oh, what the hell. Celebration for the great meetings this week.

I hear a knock at the door, startled because the clock says 6:30. I didn’t call room service and wasn’t expecting anyone. I throw the robe on that’s in the closet and look out the peephole. Brian? What are you doing here now?

I open the door to let lara escort you know I’m not ready yet. You gently push me inside, saying, “I know I’m 30 minutes early. I just couldn’t wait any longer to see you.” You lean down and kiss me. I can taste beer on your tongue, guessing you had a couple as you were in your room. “I’ve been thinking about you since I left you at the pool.”

You press me against the wall, kissing me deeply and passionately. Leading me to the bed, you untie my robe and toss it aside. “You won’t be needing this.”

Laying me back, you lean down and kiss me on the lips. Softly at first, your tongue tracing my lips. Then you kiss me deeper, you hand tracing from my neck to my breast. Your lips move to my neck, sending shivers across my body. You kiss my breast, gently sucking the nipple. You tongue slides down my stomach. As I realize your destination, a shudder runs all through my body. Searing heat courses through me, settling between my legs at the moment you part my thighs and slip your fingers between them. You look up smirking, “Payback from this morning. Now it’s your turn to enjoy my full attention on your pussy.”

My head falls back on the bed and my hands run through your hair. Ohhh, I’ve been dreaming of this all day. You stroke me once, twice, then your mouth closes over my clit, causing me to gasp with pleasure. I feel your tongue slide up and down, raising my temperature by at least a hundred degrees. I can’t stop the moans coming from my mouth now.

Suddenly the tip of your tongue dips inside my pussy, sliding along the edge of my wet lips. You do it again, coupling it with a stroke above with one long finger. Then I feel you slide your fingers down and spread me open. Your tongue swirls around my clit and you push two fingers inside me. You slide them out a second later and then right back in. All the while, you suck on me, your hot breath making me quiver.

I can feel pressure building in my pussy. Oooohhhh, you’re working my beloved g-spot. My mind is clear of everything except the pleasure you are giving me. The noises coming from my mouth are primal, uncontrollable. You are taking my body to new heights. I’ve never known this level of pleasure and torture all at the same time.

I try to stop you, to pull you up to me, but you resist. You look up at me, lips still at my clit, and say “You taste sweet. I could eat you all night.”

You continue to suck my clit while you finger fuck my g-spot. Gradually I have the urge to pee, but I know it’s something greater. I’ve read about women squirting, but I’ve never done it, either with a partner or by myself.

The buildup of multiple orgasms overtakes me, gasping for air I manage to say, “I think I’m gonna squirt.”

You look up and grin, saying “That is so fucking hot. Relax, let it happen.” You don’t let manavgat escort up, rubbing my g-spot, sucking my clit, eager to push me over the edge.

I moan with pleasure as my body convulses, another orgasm sweeping through my body. As you feel me tense up, you remove your fingers just in time for me to squirt all over the bed.

My body goes limp, continuing to shudder involuntarily from the last orgasm. “Oh my God Brian. I can barely move. That was the most amazing orgasm I have ever had. Thank you.”

“You welcome. That was just as much a turn-on for me as it was for you. Now let’s get you dressed. I’m sure you’re starving by now.”

It wasn’t until that moment that I realized you never got undressed. I could have laid there all night. My body a limp rag doll. You pry me off of the bed, encouraging me to get dressed so we can go eat. My legs respond like a toddler just learning to walk.

I finally manage to get some clothes on and we head to dinner. While we’re eating, I ask you, “So why did you make that comment in the elevator to me two nights ago? Something you say to a lot of women?”

“No, actually I saw you in the airport and was watching you. When you looked my way and we made eye contact, I got really turned on. But being at the airport, I didn’t think I would ever see you again. Imagine my surprise as the hotel elevator doors opened and there you were. It was the first thing that came to my mind. As I walked down the hall to my room, I couldn’t believe I had said it.”

“Well, it worked. That comment, along with eye contact flirting, really got me going. I’m glad you did.”

We finish dinner and head back to the hotel. We can barely keep our hands off of each other on the elevator and in the hall going to my room. Once inside, I press you up against the wall, leaning my pelvis into your hardening cock. A quick break from kissing, you pull my shirt off and unhook my bra. I pull your shirt off as well. Seems we can’t get undressed fast enough, wanting, needing each other.

We make our way to the bed, continuing to kiss each other. I roll over on top of you. My pussy is so wet. I guide your cock to my pussy, taking you in slowly. Damn, you feel so good. I put my hands on your chest, giving me leverage to pound your cock with my pussy. I lean down and kiss you, working my way from your lips to your neck.

Your hands move to my ass, guiding the speed and thrusting. I sit up and lean back, giving you full view of my clit and pussy, your cock sliding in and out. With the change of position, I can feel your cock against my g-spot. You start playing with my clit, driving me to another orgasm. You thrust your pelvis against mine, driving yourself deeper into me over and over.

My body shudders as I feel another orgasm approach. Staring into your eyes I say, “I’m going to cum. Fuck me hard and let your cock explode deep inside me.”

With another couple of thrusts, I feel your warm cum shooting up inside me. We both go limp, and I lay on top of you. The heat from our bodies is so hot. I roll over onto the pillow, again sensing the beautiful quiet in the craziness of Vegas.

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