Build It And She Will Come

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Julie was not the best looking girl at work, but she had a raw sex appeal. I had asked her out a couple of times. However, she would never say yes. We just settled in as work friends. It was about 2 years after she started that I heard rumors that she was into bondage. After that I just knew I had to get know her better.

A little checking turned up she was seen at a local water hole that treated toward B&D types. I had never been in the place. Nevertheless, I knew this might be the opening I was looking for. I started going to the bar on the nights she talked about going clubbing. On my third time there she showed up. When she took her coat off I knew that I had to find away to hook up with her. She was dressed in a short red leather skirt with a matching tank top. Her boots were black with 3-inch heels. She looked damn good and when she got closer you could just see under the tank top she had on nipple clips. For the next hour I stayed just out of sight and watch and listened. Than I left before being spotted.

Bondage was something I had never been able to explore much with any of my girlfriends. It was plain she was more into I had ever been so some planing was called for. As it turned out, she opened the door for me only a couple days later.

Ever since I had first heard the rumors, I had been going out of my way to see and talk her up at work. One day her car was in the shop and she needed a ride home from work. I had never been to her home but I knew there was woodworking store close by. I could use it as cover for offering a ride home. I told her I was going her direction so it was not a problem.

When I dropped her off she asked if wanted to come in for a bit. Once inside she asked if I wanted a beer and headed off to the kitchen. While she was gone I looked the place over. The place did not have any set theme just average middle class stuff. Except over in the corner there was a single wooden saw horse. It was the fact that there was only one that drew my attention. The top bar was a 2 X 6 on end with a rounded edge. The boards were sanded very smooth and had been varnished. On the underside of the top bar were eyebolts.

When she came back she caught me look at horse and started to blush. I just smiled and took the beer. Before she could say anything I asked if she wanted to grab supper with me since I was going to eat out anyway. I offered to come back for her after I ran to the store. She said if I would wait 5 min. she would ride along and we could just have Mexican at a place near the store.

When we got to the wood worker store she went in with me and looked around. She seemed interested in the large hardware section. At the restaurant she questioned me on what kind of stuff I build, was I any good? This was not the kind of dinner conversation I was expecting. Seeing an another opening I asked if she kurtköy escort wanted to come over Saturday for dinner and see my house and workshop. She said yes and we set a time. The rest of the meal was just small talk.

The rest of the week was all assholes and elbows getting the house clean. Nothing like a hot date to make a single guy clean house. Doing the whole cleaning frenzy the image of what she must look like naked straddling the horse filled my mind.

Julie is 5’11” about 170 lbs. built the way girls use to be. Wide hips with a matching chest. Her shoulder length auburn hair framed a soft oval face with green eyes. Just think Maureen O’Hare in Quiet Man or The Parent Trap. The thought of her bound with her pussy lips split by the rail of the horse made the cleaning go by very quickly.

We had agreed to make this a causal dinner date. So no candle light and soft music to woe this fair lady. I was going have find other avenues to slip the romance in.

Julie was right on time and dress in jeans and sweater with just a hint of makeup. The look was good on her. Dinner was just about done so I turned her loose on the stereo to pick some music. Her pick was a folk CD with an Irish theme. Dinner was much like the restaurant. She seem to be the one asking all the questions and me answering. She asked about the house. How much of the work I had done myself? After we had eaten I showed off the house and workshop. The grand tour ended with the rear deck and Jacuzzi hut. Now if she would only show half as much interest in me as she had showed in the house and furniture I had made.

As she ran her hand through the Jacuzzi I regretted not telling her to bring swimwear. “ I wish I had asked you to bring a suit this would have been a good night for a soak.

“Well if you can remain the gentleman I don’t see that as a problem.”

With that she striped to her underwear and climbed in. Thing were differently looking up. We made some more small talk and than she start to ask a question and stopped. She started to blush and started to ask her question again.

“Brian do you ever build things for other people?”

I said yes, I had done some custom work.

If I asked you to make something for me, would you keep it just between you and me? What do you know about bondage? I want something designed and built that is very personal.

Well I know what you had in the corner of you apt. Is it for sole play or with friends? At that her face went about two shades redder but than she smiled.

Well it looks like I have the right man for the job than. The horse is for sole play. I love it but I want more. I don’t have a lot of money and MORE costs money. Will you help me?

Now how many offers does a guy get like this? Half-naked girl in a Jacuzzi wants a sex machine built to order. “What did you have aydıntepe escort in mind?”

“Well I was thinking, —- never mind” She was turning very red and started to get up. I slide over and pulled her back down and give her my most winning smile. Please don’t go. Anything we say does not leave this house. Besides the cats out now and it’s in polite to eat and run. I slide back to my side so she didn’t feel pressured. She sat back down and looked at me for a long while. “Brian I like you as a friend and I don’t want you to get the wrong idea. If we do this it’s only between us and sex is not involved.”

“ OK I can live with that, but lets be on the same page to start with. I found you very attractive before tonight and want to know you even better. If you will keep an open mind and let things go where they may I’m game.

These seem to be the right words because she slides my way and said “ I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

Part Two

I put an end to the subject for the evening and we set up second dinner date next weekend to talk about the project. We just relaxed in the tub and we ended the evening on the sofa like a couple of teenagers.

When Saturday came around we sat down with pizzas and started to flesh out what she wanted. She had some ideas from self-bondage stories she had read. She was long on ideas but did not have a real plan. I told her I would work up some plans and than we would go from there. Julie wanted to know what this was going to cost. I told her I would work at cost as long as we were honesty with one and other.

The next couple weeks went very quickly. We had dinner a couple times, but I never let her in the workshop. After three weeks I told her I had a prototype almost ready. We set the coming weekend for a trial fitting of the Machine. I told her to be at my house at 8 on Friday and to bring a bag for the weekend.

Friday night she was right on time. We had a late dinner and decided to wait until tomorrow morning to begin. I don’t think ether of us slept that night. I heard her get up and sneak down stairs to the workshop about 3 o’clock. It did not do her any good because I had added a lock to the door. She was asleep in her room when I brought her breakfast in bed. After we ate I told her she had 30 minuets to shower and than we would start.

When I heard her returning from the bathroom, I was ready to catch her before she could get dressed. Julie I have a present for you. I want you to put these on and come down to the workshop. I waited as she opened the box and looked at her gifts. Now Julie you have to trust me and remember this is for you. Put these on and meet me in the workshop.

When she walked into the workshop I almost died. Her 42-D breasts were framed perfectly by the open front bra. The matching open crotch panties did as much for her pussy

When tuzla içmeler escort she reached me, I told her to hold out her hands and I attached waistbands and hooked them. I could see her pussy was already getting damp as I pulled the cover off her new toy.

The machine was in the shape of an upside down T. At the bottom was a track with footpads that rolled. In the center was an adjustable pole for mounting toys. At the top was a spreader bar for the hands. Before she could change her mind, I had her step on to the platform. Than her feet were attached to the footpads and her hands to the hand bar. Once she was in place, I had her pull her legs together. This released the stops on the pads. Now when she let her legs spread the pads would roll along the track. Once we had found how far she could spread, stops were put on the track as a safety. Than the hand bar was raised so she was fully stretched out. Once this was done she pulled herself back up and I relocked the pads. With her legs about 18” apart the toy-mounting pole was attached and a small 7” dildo added. She was so wet by now no lubricant was needed when the pole was raised. The height of the pole was set so the only the first inch of the dildo was in her. “ Ok Julie release and lower your self slowly. Once she was all the way down, she was still not fully spread. So I placed a second set of stops on the tracks. Once we had the limits set, I let her enjoy herself for a couple minutes.

The basic design was her idea but I had added several things with out telling her. Ok now the fun begins. Time to work on the options.

“What options?”

Don’t worry I added a few ideas of my own. First off, let move you into something more your size. Your legs look good stretched out so why not you pussy. So out with the small and in with the new. The new dildo was about 2” round and 10” long. Once she was firmly sited the second set of stops were removed. Once her arms got tired, her weight forced the entire dildo into to her. By now she was really started to get into it. “O” almost forgot. I than reached down and turned the dildo on. She damn near launched herself clear off the machine. She started to work her self up and down on the dildo until she had her first orgasm. She could barely raise herself off the dildo as the vibrating drove her toward a second orgasm. The smell of fresh pussy juice was almost over powering. After less than a minute her arms got tired and her weight force her back down again. This time she started to come almost right away. When the orgasm started, she did not have the strength to pull herself up. She could only move up about a 1 or 2 before falling back. You could see her belly and thigh muscle flexing, as she was force to have multiple orgasms.

Final she pleaded for me to turn it off. She was like a rag doll and I had to lift her down from the machine. I carried her to the hot tub and put her in. When I slipped in with her, she was on me in a second. She had her tongue down my throat and her hand on my penis. The next two hours were the hottest sex I had ever had.

To be continued

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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