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The house is quite as you walk into the bedroom. You see me on the bed, already dressed in my flannel sleep pants and no shirt. Turning off the lights, you crawl into bed with me wearing only a T-shirt and panties. The air is cool, so you quickly jump into bed and pull the blanket over you. Facing away from me, you watch as the details of the room becomes clearer while your eyes adjust to the small amount of light coming in through the window’s curtains.

You begin to close your eyes when you feel my warm body move behind you. A slight smirk crosses your lips. You were hoping for this.

I kiss the back of your neck. The shiver that runs down your spine is interrupted only by the warm hand you feel on your hip. I kiss you again, moving each kiss slowly closer to your ear.

Your breathing gets deeper as you feel my lips begin to suck the bottom of your earlobe. You turn your head and look at me. Grabbing the back of my head with your free hand, you guide my lips to yours. Passionately, we kiss while my hand your hip moves up and under your shirt. You shiver slightly when my fingers touch your bare skin.

Arching your back, you can feel my hand continue moving up your stomach. My fingers gently brush past the bottom of your breast. Imagining what’s coming next, you break our kiss and let out a deep sigh. I continue kissing your neck while I cup your breast in my hand. Using my index and middle fingers, I tug on your nipple, making it erect.

I get onto my knees and grab the bottom of your shirt. Without hesitation, you sit up while I take your shirt of and drop it on the floor. The cool air hitting your bare breasts gives you goose bumps. I lay you onto your back. The chill from the air on your nipples is quickly replaced from the warm moisture of my lips while my free hand gently massages the other breast.

With your eyes closed, you kiss my forehead from time to time while you feel antalya escort yourself becoming ever more aroused by the flicking of my tongue over your erect nipple. You then become aware of my free hand slowly moving back along your stomach. Moving lower, you feel my fingers cross your navel until they reach the top of your panties. Stopping for only a moment, they continue moving down over your panties until reaching your clit. Through the cloth, I trace the outline of your pussy lips. You open your legs a little wider for me. I then grab the side of your panties and move the cloth material out of my way.

The feeling of my fingers on your bare skin causes you to drop your head back onto the bed and let out an audible sigh. You grab my head and pull me up towards you for another deep kiss. Taking advantage of the moment, I get onto my knees again and wrap my fingers around the top of your panties. Arching your hips up, I pull your panties off.

Before I can lie back down next to you, you sit up and pull me towards you for another kiss. Feeling my fingers on your clit again, you drop your hand under the waist band of my pants and begin stroking my cock.

You break our kiss and look me in the eyes. With your hand on my cock and mine in your pussy, we slowly masturbate each other, matching each other’s rhythm.

You stop stroking me and begin pulling my pants down. You see my cock spring up over the waistband. I roll onto my side and sit on the bed while you pull my pants completely off and throw them to the side.

Getting onto your knees, you crawl between my legs and place your lips over the head of my cock. Moving your head further down over my shaft, you begin to slowly move your head up and down.

I reach down and grab one of your legs and pull the bottom half of your body toward me. I wrap your legs around my head and begin licking the length of your lips. My tongue antalya rus escort starts to flick the top of your clit while you quicken the pace of your blowjob.

You lift your head and let out a sigh when you feel one of my fingers enter you. You find you’re having a hard time continuing your blowjob as my tongue and lips alternately play with your clit while my finger moves in and out of you.

The pleasure becomes too much. You spin around and straddle me, positioning yourself over my cock. Sitting down slowly, you guide me into you. Placing your hands on my chest for balance, you begin to grab my chest hair as you sit further down onto me. You stop briefly at the bottom before moving back up. When you start to sit again, you feel me moving my hips up toward you.

We match each other’s rhythm as we both quicken our pace. You can feel my hands applying slight pressure on your hips every time you move down onto me.

I sit up and begin kissing your breasts. Without breaking your rhythm, you wrap your arms around my neck while you continue grinding into me. I reach around you and start lifting you up, rotating you onto the bed without pulling out of you. Once I have you on your back, I begin thrusting into you. Deeper and harder, the sound of our hips smacking against each other becomes audible. You grab the back of the bed and wrap your legs tightly around me, pressing me deeper into you with every thrust.

Your breathing becomes quicker and shallower as you hear the sound of our humping become wetter. You can tell I know you’re getting close when I begin to quicken my pace.

Like the calm before the storm, you hold your breath as you feel every muscle in your body tense. With a quick release, you let out a loud moan while you feel the intensity of your orgasm spread throughout your body. You place your hand on my stomach, indicating you antalya ucuz escort want me to slow down so you can catch your breath.

Instead, I replace my cock with my tongue. Letting out another moan, you can feel a shiver run through your body.

You sit up and pull my head towards you, kissing me. It’s the only way to slow me down so you can catch your breath. You break the kiss while you try to slow down your heart beat. I barely let you calm down when I spin you onto your stomach. Pulling your hips toward mine, I push my cock into your pussy and push myself deep inside of you. My pace is a little fast at first but you manage to slow me down by starting a rhythm of your own.

You can feel my hand gliding along your back and around your side to find your breasts. Cupping your breasts, I kiss you on your back. You move your hand down between your legs and rub your clit while I continue pushing inside of you. You then move your fingers further down, gliding them along the underside of my cock until you find my balls. While you’re massaging them, I sit up, placing my hands on your hips and pulling you into me with every thrust.

I pull out and rotate you around, laying you on your back. Moving between your legs, I push myself into you again. Looking into my eyes, you watch me as I kiss you one more time before moving my head to the side of yours. Wrapping your arms around me, you match my pace. The sound of my breath quickens and you can tell I’m getting close. The thought of cumming together excites you. As my pace becomes slower but deeper, you can feel another orgasm coming on.

You hear my breathing stop as I bury myself deep inside of you and stay there. The feeling of my warm cum inside of you makes you orgasm again. You can feel the tingling sensation spread throughout your body, intensifying with every movement I make. We stay like this, frozen in each other’s arms for what feels like eternity.

Once we’re able to settle down, I give you another gentle kiss as I reach down for the covers. Pulling the sheets over us, I move to your side, wrapping my arms around you as you push your back into me. You fall asleep in my arms, hearing only the sounds of my breathing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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